Old woman banged doggystyle on the couch

Old woman banged doggystyle on the couch
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As I drove the six blocks to the Holt's house, I found myself remembering the times Richard and I had spent together. We had been good friends after I had moved to the town at the age of ten, and started the fifth grade.

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While Richard was one grade ahead of me, he was over two years older than me. We had had a lot of good times together, some times where our relationship was of the hate/love variety, and then there had been those things I wish could be bloted out.

They were so far in the past I seldom thought of them any more. It was unreal to be remembeing them now, with my wife and children in the car. I tried to move my thoughts in a different direction and think about Richard's mother and dad. His father has died a few years ago. Today as we were visiting my folks, Mother informed me that Richard's mother had died the previous evening and her funeral would be held the next day.

Before we left town, I wanted to run by and express my condolences to Richard and his family. I tried to remember the name of his older sister and his brother and his wife. I could not recall any of them. "How long are we going to be here," my wife Pat, asked? "Surely not long," I answered.

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I just wanted to see him and express my condolences. You never know what will evolve when you walk into something like this, but I would imagine they are tired and not wanting to worry about long visits. I would guess 10 minutes, possibly 15. No longer than that I am sure." "I hope not.

You know how uncomfortable I feel stuck with a bunch of people I don't even know and I can imagine how much June and Roy are going to enjoy it. I know before you say anything, I didn't have to come, but your sister was getting on my nerves. I had to get out of that house." "I will try to make it brief," I said as I parked in front of the house. Soon, we were standing at the door, ringing the bell. The door was opened by someone I did not know, and when I told her we had come by to see Richy if he was there, she ushered us into the den while she went to tell him he had visitors.

After three or four minutes, Richard appeared in the doorway with that same beaming smile he always had growing up. I had not seen him in 23 years and might have passed right by him on the street. He had the same wavy hair, the same big smile and those same,"dreamy eyes," as all the girls used to say.

"Oh my god," if it's not Jim." His arms grabbed me in a big bear hug as I stood to greet him. When he released, me I introduced him to Pat and the kids. I couldn't help but notice that his presence had the same effect on Pat that he always had on the girls in school years ago. For June, it was even more oabvious. Even Roy was caught up in his charm. We visited a few minutes, before he asked us to excuse him just a moment.

I tried to use that as an opportunity to leave.


"No way in hell is that going to happen," he replied. Ten minutes after all these years is not going to cut it. I'll just be a minute." I looked helplessly at Pat, as we waited. "I tried," I whispered. She patted me on the leg understandingly. In two or three minutes he was back, visited just a couple of minutes and spoke directly to Pat.

"Can I borrow your husband a few minutes so we can speak in private," he asked with that big smile as he looked directly into her eyes. "Oh, no", I thought. "We have already been here almost 20 minutes. I waited for her to tell him we needed to get on the road. But instead, her face lighted up in a bright smile and I heard her say, "Of course, you can. We do need to get on the road, but we are not in that big of a hurry." Richard led me back to his bedroom and told me to take the chair as he sat down on the bed.

"I have really missed you. I was hoping I would get to see you while I was here. In fact if you didn't come by I was planning in driving over to your city," he said with one of his patented smiles. "I you have time before you have to be back on base, why don't you still do that. We would love to have you for a meal, or even spend a day or two with us if you could.

I just wanted to come by and tell you how sorry I was about your Mom. I knew you would all be busy and I didn't want to take up too much of your time," I replied, hoping we could cut this short. Pat seemed to have genuinely open the door for more time, but I knew just sitting there waiting was difficult for her as well as the kids, no matter how charming and winsome Richard had been. "My mother was a bitch. You know that," Richard said.

I was shocked at his words. "No, I always thought she seemed jolly and friendly," I said as I remembered this little rotund lady that had welcomed me many times into this big home. "There were a few times she got onto me, but most of the time she was plenty nice to me." "Well, we don't need to talk about that today.

I just wanted us to have some privacy today. And I will definetely be taking you up on your invitation to come to Coxsville. But you know, they say you never forget your first kiss. But you never forget your first blow job either." I felt my face flush and suddenly felt like the temperature had shot up to a 100. "I guess I've probably had Naughty Willie spew my sperm down 50.60.or maybe 75 different throats and there has never been anyone as fantastic at sucking cock as you.

I really mean that compliment sincerly, Jim." I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach. I struggled to catch my breath as my thoughts, and emotions swam around deep inside me. "Thank you," I stammered. "Oh God, I found myself thining I didn't really say that, did I?" Richard grinned.

"Take your clothes over and come over here and give me one of your famous blowjobs again." "Richy, I am not into that any more. I am a married man and a respectable man in my community. I even have two teenage children. That was a long time ago. I can't do that." "The name is Richard. 'Richy' has been gone a long time now. But you surprise me. You always enjoyed those times you spent sucking "Naughty Willie." You sucked my cock for almost 6 years.

You can't just walk away from that. Willie really misses you. Come on over and get acquainted with him again. You can have your 25th reunion today." "It hasn't been that long," I said, and then turned an even deeper shade of red. What is the matter with my brain?

Where are those idiotic responses coming from, I wondered. Richard laughed at my befuddlement, and said, "That's all right. You can have it a little early. You know, Jim, that you are the one who initiated all that. You bet me I couldn't do things you knew that I could do and offered to suck my dick if you lost. I purposely failed to shoot the five straight free throws.

When you bet me I couldn't hit the target three out of five time, I made sure that I hit it only twice. There were a couple of other things, but I don't remember now what they were. But finally when you told me I could not jack off Sparky (his dog)and make him cum, that I finally took you up on the blow job you kept wanting to give me. "Yes, I know," I whispered. I did not realize I had been so obvious. It was true. I was 11 years old and horney as they come.

I fantasied about the girls in school, but I was terribly shy. One shortlived girl friend dropped me because, as she told the girls, "he won't do anything." I wanted sex of some description.

Early on, when Richard and I would spend the night together, we would jack off together, play with each other's dicks, and even moved to what Richard called: "corn holeing" each other. Still I was wanting to be more daring. I had wanted to suck his cock one time to see what it was like. I guess I could have just asked, but I had to be in a situation where I "had to suck it," not where I had a choice.

I guess I thought I would not feel guilty about it then. "Do you remember how many times it took, before you paid you debt?" Yes, I remembered those times we spent the night together. The first time I lay with my head on his lower stomach, playing with his uncircumsized penis, trying to get up the nerve to take it in my mouth. I would stick out my tongue and touch the head, and go no farther. Finally, I opened my mouth, moved down on his stiffness and immediately pulled away.

"I don't have the guts to do it," I explained lamely. The next time we stayed together, it was a much similar story. However, that time I did lick his ball as I masterbated him to a climax.

It was five or six time before I finally delivered on my promise. That night when I took him in my mouth, he firmly laid his hand on my head.

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He didn't force me to continue, but that encouragement was enough. I lay there for a minute or two just holding it in my mouth. "Suck it," he said and i began to do so. I liked the feel of sucking on his cock that was at least 3 inches longer than mine at that time.

I felt my own dick begin to swell. I felt so proud that I could actually suck a cock. I sucked and I keep my tongue moving over his shaft. Then I began to pump my mouth up and down over his delicious shaft.

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Richard began to moan and meet my pumping with thrusts of his own. As the moment of climax came, he again placed his hand on top of my head. He stopped my pumping up and down and held me there. I knew what was coming next, but he did not need to hold me down. I was going all the way. There was nothing that was going to stop his coming in my mouth. I was ready and eager when the convulsions came.

I drank every drop of his sperm and continued to hold his penis in my mouth until it had returned to it's normal size. Then I carefully licked every inch of his cock to make sure I got every last little sperm that he had to offer. From that point on every time we spent the night with each other, I never failed to go to bed with full intentions of sucking out all the cum he could muster up.

But the last time I had done any of that kind of stuff was when he came back on leave fromthe navy duing the summer before my senior year. Another sailor came home with him and Richard had looked me up. I had a girl friend by then and was through with the funny stuff. At least I thought I was. When he told me what he and his friend were there for, I objected but it did not matter.

Four different nights during his leave, I was taken to the rodeo grounds where I surviced him and his sailor friend with both my mouth and my ass. It only made matters worse that his friend was black and had the biggest shaft I had ever seen.

It had to be over 10 inches long and it was asthick as the bottom of a styroform coffee cup. My ass hole hurt for over three weeks after they left. After that last time, why had I wanted to drop by and see Richard. I should have gotten out of town as soon as I heard he was back. "I told you to shed those clothes and come over here," Richard's voice intereupted my memories. "Rick.I mean, Richard, I am not going to do that. That time you came back on leave was my last time," I protested.

"Really," he exclaimed. You have never sucked another cock since that day?" "No, and I do not ever intend to again," I exclaimed firmly.

"Iv'e put that behind me and have no intentions to get into that again." If it has been that long then you are are certainly rested enought to give Naughty Willie a little head this afternoon," Richard said. "Let's get this party stated." "Richard, listen to me. I am not going to do that any more to anybody period. I am ashamed of that period in my life and am not about to go back to it." "Ashamed of it, are you?

I wonder was that pretty little wife of yours would think if I told her all about how close we really were and all the things you've done for me and Willie? What would that sweet little daughter of yours think of her dear ole Dad, if she knew what you did when you were her age.

Reckon, she would fight the boys off of her pussy if she knew how pure her Daddy was? It would be interesting to know how Roy would look up to his Dad if he only knew.?And what about all those honorable citizens would think of their reputable Jim's former life? "Ricard, don't! Please don't do anything like that. I would deny it and it would be your word against mine. I think my word would be more creditable among my family and associates than yours and you could not prove it, but it would cause all kinds of trouble anyway even when I was vindicated." "Oh, but I can prove it.

I have you on tape admitting to everything. I told you when we were visting in the den that my job in the Navy now is intelligence. When I came back earlier, I set up the room where it would record everything that was said. I don't think it would be hard to convince anyone that what I say is true. Now for the last time, shed all your clothes, come over here and make wild passionate love to Naughty Willie. Hurry up. Time is wasting." His announcement shattered me emotionally and sent me into a state of sheer panic.

The room seemed to swirl around me. I felt tears wetting my checks. I looked at Richard and pleaded,"I can't do this. Please don't." "You have 30 seconds to get out of every shread of clothing you have on. If you don't, I am going to have an interesting little conversation with Pat. Ok, time is ticking down," he said as he looked at his watch." No, Richard. No. Please don't. I just can't do this. For God's sake, no. Don't make me do that." He looked up from his watch.

Pleadingly I shook my head, "Please!" He looked back at his watch for a few seconds longer, then he stood up from his place on the bed and walked toward the door. "It didn't have to be this way, but since you insisted." His hand turned the knob and the door started to open. "No, Richard," I said in stark terror of the prospects that open door meant.

"I will do what ever you want. Come back." He stood motionless at the door as if trying to decide to come back or continue to the den. The longer he stood, the more desperate I became. "Please Richard, come back. I will suck your cock, I'll drink your cum, my ass is yours.

I will do anything, anything at all if you'll please just come back." "Anything? Anything at all?," he asked. "No limits, nothing is off the table? Even things we've never done before?" "Anything!" I nodded in total resignation. "Well get those clothes off then," he said as he softly closed the door.

In a few seconds everything I had worn into that room was on the floor, including my watch and my wedding ring. I stood there before him in complete humiliation. My face was burning up in embarrasment. My hands were shaking like someone with palsy Suddenly, I became aware that my penis was beginning to stiffen.I looked at it in disbelief. Never had I reacted that way when I had been humiliated. Richard saw it too, and chuckled. "Looks like you are more ready for Willie that you would admit. Come on.

You have got to set him free to enjoy your kisses again." Richard sat on the bed with one leg dangling down, the other was crossed underneath him. He offered no help.

I worked to get the belt free enough from his belly to unfasten it. Then I started on the jeans, straining to get the top button undone and the zipper pulled down. All the while, Richard smiled that smile that had driven the girls crazy years ago. But I knew it was not the "sweet little smile" they thought it was.


It was a malicious, evil smile. Finally, I dug into his jockey shorts and freed the bloated head of his manhood. I have to admit there had been a few times across those 20 plus years when I had wondered what it would be like to take this joint in my mouth again.

I was about to find out. I remembered the game. " Naughty Willie would like to request that you allow him more freedom so we can go do naughty things together, kind sir!" Richard laughed."Well, you are getting into this pretty good now. Permission is granted. He stood up while I slid the jeans down and then removed the shorts. He lay back on the bed with both legs dangling off the side. "You can start by licking my balls. I know you little bride is in a hurry to get home, but since you wasted so much time getting started, we are going to take our own sweet time about finishing up." I looked at the feast laid out for me.

They looked so strange and yet so comfortably familiar. I had tried my best to avoid this, but couldn't. I had just as well enjoy it if that were possible. I looked at that familiar uncircumcised cock. It was longer than I remembered it. It was definetely thicker. I was surprised there was that much difference, since mine had stayed the same since my junior high years. Then I knelt by the bed, lifted my head and started teasing his balls with my tongue.

He jerked like he had been hit by electricity. "Oh man you still know what to do after all these years you champion of the cock suckers, you." It was coming back to me. I guess one never does really forget after they have learned how. I set about to increase his pleasure. I licked, I gently took his balls, one by one into my mouth and sucked gently on them. Then I began to lick his shaft and watched as it jerked spasmodicaly under my knowing tongue.

Finally, I shifted positions and took it into my mouth again after a more than 20 year absence. I had no doubt that it had grown as it filled my mouth. "The more the better, I thought as I began that still familiar sucking and licking. Each time I would run my tongue over the head that peeped our from under his uncircumsised rod, he jerked over and over.

I had been told that the head of an uncircumcised dick is more sensitive than those of us who have been circumcised. I envied him that his had never been under the knife. "Can I lay on the bed with you and put my head on your stomach like we used to?," I asked. He mumbled something as he squirmed to reposition himself on the bed and made room for me.

I again took his tool into my mouth as I moved up and down his shaft. Soon his groaning increased in urgency, and I put my hand under his balls and begin to gently tickled them with my fingers.

He jerked widly, and in a shaky voice whispered, "Where did you learn that trick," and then he exploded. His gooey cum filled my mouth again. As I drank it down more was there to swallow. I did not remember his having so much cum back then. Heeemed to continued to ejaculate one burst after another.

Finally he lay still with only an occassional twitch. His cock began to shrink to its normal size. I began to lick it again to be sure his cock and balls and pubic hair was free of every drop of sperm. "OK, get back on your knees again and hold little Willie in your nice warm mouth for a few more minutes," Richard said.

We hadn't even done that before, but if he wanted me to hold it a little while longer it would be no problem. The line had been crossed anyway. I knelt and took it in my mouth again, and found Richard's eyes looking into mine as he placed both hands on the sides of my head.

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"You have more talent with that hot little mouth of yours than any 10 people combined. I am so glad you convinced me back in grade school to let you suck my Mr. Willie. I want you to come to the funeral tomorrow morning and then plan to stay around for the rest of the afternoon. We will find something to do. Since you added a new wrinkle to your routine.

I want to give you a little more too." And with that he wrapped his legs around my lower back. gripped my head firmly and I felt the warm piss begin to shoot in my mouth. "Swallow fast, because I don't want any of this to get on my bed." I did just that.

And he accomodated by not empting his bladder. When he could stop the flow, he let me go and looked down at me. He make a face and said, "I see that drinking piss doesn't excite you very much. Your little prick is hiding under the bushes." Sure enough, my erection was long gone.

I shook my head no, He smiled that big smile again and promised, "You will get used to it! Now go on and get dressed and lets go see mommy and the kids. I will see you at the funeral tomorrow and we will decide what days I will spend with you.

I really want to get better acquainted with that family of yours, as he flashed a knowing wink at me. Right now I've got to get rid of this piss you wouldn't take. Finish dressing and we will go see you hot little m o m m i e, when I get trough, he drawled. We had spent 45 minutes in the bedroom. Needless to say, there was not much conversation in the car as we made the journey home.

Everyone was mad and deservingly so. It gave me time to try to grasp what had happened and where we would go from here. I had to admit that once I had gotten into it, I had enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

I guess that was good, because it was obvious more of the same was ahead. I could only guess what he meant about getting better acquainted with the family. But I would not have to wait to long to find out.