Cfnm femdoms teasing victim cock as friends watch

Cfnm femdoms teasing victim cock as friends watch
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"Hello, is this Mr. and or Mrs. Bailey?" "Yes, this is Mrs. Bailey, who is this?" "This is Dr. Phelps, from the UCSD Medical Center. Your son, Blane, was taken to our emergency room about five minutes ago.

He has overdosed on three kinds of substances, we think it's a mixture of cocaine, alcohol and another substance we haven't identified yet." "Oh good Lord!" Mrs. Bailey said, falling back into her bed as she put a hand over her heart, "Is he alright?" "He'll be fine, Ms. Bailey, the drugs spread through his body incredibly fast, but we have him hooked up to our machines, and he's in stable condition. However, at the moment he is in a comatose state." "Oh no.Dr.

When do you think he'll be awake?" "I can't say for sure, though he is in a stable condition, the whole situation is still touch and go" "I'll be there soon, Dr. Phelps, please, just keep him alive!" Mrs. Bailey yelled and ran from her bedroom and to her garage.

Will tossed and turned as he dreamed.

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Though it was late at night and he had literally passed out, he still turned and squirmed in his sheets. Will's dream was unusual, and something he had never had before. It was him, standing in his living room with Brook and Pierce. Though the dream seemed normal to Will at first, as he sat on the couch between his two closest friends, the three suddenly became naked. Will didn't seem to mind and the three laughed and joked and and playfully pushed each other.

Then, as his two friends laughed, both suddenly began to touch Will's dick and balls. "Ahhh." Will moaned as he felt both Brook and Pierce play with his balls, and simultaneously stroke his erect cock.

"Do you like it?" Brook asked, now bending over Will and licking his dick-head. "Ahhh.Yes." Will moaned as Brook began to suck on his cock. "What about this, Will?" Pierce asked, as he switched places with Brook, sucking and licking his dick.

"Yeah.Ahhhh." Will was amazed with the wonderful feeling on his dick. He leaned over to kiss Brook while Pierce continued to suck on his cock, now going up and down on his shaft. As Pierce sucked his cock, Will felt Brook's breasts, which in the dream were much larger than in person. Her nipples were hard and erect, and her skin was soft and smooth to the touch. He rubbed his hands on her breasts, feeling her nipples rub on the palms of his hands.

" love my tits.don't you, Will?" "Yeah, I love them, Brook." Will moaned. Pierce next stood from sucking Will's dick and switched places with Brook, letting her take Will's cock in her mouth.

Pierce leaned forward to kiss Will on the lips. Will, enjoying the feeling, let his hand gradually fall and touch Pierce's cock, as he began to gently stroke Pierce's dick. "Ahhhh.Will! Ahhh Yeah." Pierce moaned before continuing to tongue kiss Will. Pierce got back down to WIll's genitals and he and Brook both began to run their tongues up and down Will's throbbing cock.

"OOoooooohhhh.Brook.Pierce." Will moaned, closing his eyes and enjoying the orgasmic feeling of his girlfriend and best friend licking and sucking on his fourteen-year-old dick. He looked down but suddenly all he could see was Pierce, sucking and licking his dick. Will moaned, and put his hand on the back of Pierce's head as he pushed it up and down, like how he had done in countless porno's he had seen.

"You like me sucking your dick, Will?" "Ohhhhh." Will moaned, as he felt his dick twitch in his friends mouth, "Ooohhhh, Pier-" Suddenly the door of Will's bedroom swung open and a very irritated looking Maria stormed into the room, the door hitting the wall waking the hungover teens.

"Wake up kids!" Maria shouted, banging a spoon on a metal frying pan. She flicked on the lights and continued to bang the spoon against the pan, making a loud and annoying sound. "AH! Mom, stop it!" Will pleaded, covering his face with a pillow and curling up in a ball to hide his erection. "Wha-what the hell?" Lynn asked, closing her eyes and covering her ears as she could her the blood pulsing in her head, "What time is it?" "Nine in the morning, Lynn.

And for getting drunk and passing out at a party you shouldn't have gone to, you two need to work it off!" "Mom! Please! Just let us sleep-" "Sorry, Will. This is your punishment for drinking when your underage! Lynn, this is your punishment too, and don't worry I won't tell your parents. Now both of you get dressed and showered, breakfast is in thirty minutes!" Brook wore sunglasses and ear-muffs while sitting next to Maria on a lawn chair in the Reed's front lawn. Will and Lynn were both wearing sunglasses, but were cleaning Maria's green toyota camery parked in the Reed's small driveway.

"Mom, we've cleaned it like seven times! Can we stop already?" "No, Will. You've only cleaned it six times, and I said I want it done ten times, so pick up the pace!" Maria shouted back, sipping from her lemonade, as she and Brook watched Lynn and Will clean the car.

"Maria, why doesn't Brook have to clean? She has a hang over too" "I know, Lynn, but she had the intelligence to get you guys a ride home and get you too in bed. So she's fine." Brook looked down at her lemonade, tightening her grip on the glass she thought about what she had done with Mark.

Though it was only making out, and Will had done a lot worse with other girls, Brook still felt guilty of what she had done. "You okay, Brook?" Maria asked, putting her hand on Brook's shoulder. "Yeah, I'm fine, Maria. Just a little hungover." "Brook don't feel bad about what you did", Maria said to Brook quietly and in a motherly manner, "All relationships have their ups and downs, but I assure you Will won't be mad." "I know, Maria.

I'm just-I guess- disappointed in myself, and I just wish I had handled it a little better than how I did." "Your only fourteen, Brook!

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Right now, your life is about making mistakes and learning from those mistakes is how you grow up! Right now your doing just that." "Thanks.Maria" Brook though to herself, smiling. Rachel stood in the dark room of her parent's photo gallery. The pictures she had taken of Will and Pierce were now fully developed. "Yes." She said to herself softly. She looked at Will's face in one of the pictures.

He had a face full of confusion, it made him look childish, and young. Rachel's body shook as she starred into his eyes. She left her heart beat as she thought about Will's naked body rubbing up against her. Thinking back to when the two had had sex, she thought about the delight he had given her, the pure pleasure he pushed into her body.

Moaning, Rachel put a hand into her shorts and inserted a finger into her vagina. Squealing from pleasure, Rachel next began to quickly move her finger back and forth in a quick and almost electric motion as she rubbed her clitoris, moaning with pure delight.

"AHH!" She yelped in pure lust, as she felt herself getting closer to an orgasm. She imagined Will, just Will. He looked up at her and kissed her, and told her she was beautiful. She imagine that he kissed her, and with that signal image, Rachel brought herself to an orgasm, screaming as she did. "Wi-WILL! OHH! Fuck me! Oh fuck me Will! I want your dick inside me! Oh Will! OH! OH!" The thought of Will lingered in her mind as she lay in her bed, breathing heavily from her orgasm.

She thought about the sex they had had with him. In her mind, it was 100% consensual, even though in reality, Will was against it. She thought about how Will would laugh, and how he would smile. She even thought about how much he had grown in the past few month. But as she thought about her love, the thought of Brook wrapping herself around him burned in her mind.

Rachel thought about what the reverend had said in regards to disposing of Brook, "If you want her out of the way, think of it like this. A bridge needs pillars to support itself. Now if you want to take that bridge out, how would you do it the quickest way? You'd take you its pillars. Therefore, if yall want to get rid of that traitor Brook, take out what supports her ." As Rachel considered this advice, she suddenly thought of something wonderful.

She knew that Brook and Will were close, and that that bond between them was defiantly a support system for her sworn enemy. Though she had always intended to break them up, she was only now realizing the great potential she had to do just that, for not only could she possibly be pregnant from the unprotected sex she had had with Will, but she had taken the photo of Will and Pierce. "The photo." She thought to herself, "That bitch won't want to be with him if she knows he did something with another guy!" Quickly, Rachel stood from her bed and grabbed for the blackmail photos she had taken.

"Oh, Blane." Mrs. Bailey said, wiping a tear from her eye as she and her husband sat by their son's hospital bed. Blane was going to pull through, but he was still in a coma. Dr. Phelps walked into the room and greeted the Baileys, "Hello Mr. Bailey, Mrs. Bailey.


Don't worry your son will be just fine. You all can go home if you want, you must be exhausted, we can call you if anything comes up." "Thanks, Dr, Phelps, but we might stay a little bit longer", Mr. Bailey said, resting his hand on his wife's shoulder.

"That's perfectly fine. And don't worry, like I said earlier, your son in going to be 100% fine" "Thank you, Dr.", Mrs. Bailey responded, her voice shaky from crying. By lunch time Brook's hangover was completely gone, but Will and Lynn's had only slightly lightened up.

Maria, however, continued to punish the two teens, and turned on the lunch hour news at full volume. She also had turned on all the lights and had made sure to cook something that involved frying so as to make as much noise as possible.

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"Good thing you cleaned up the house too, you know Maggie will be staying with us for until tuesday!" Maria shouted over the many loud noises illuminating for the kitchen. "Maggie's coming!" Will said with excitement, though his hangover prevented to much of it.

"Yep. She had meeting of some sort in LA and will be arriving tomorrow morning." "I miss Maggie so much!" Brook said excitingly.

"Your cousin Maggie?" Lynn asked. "Yeah" "Good. I can finally meet her, you know I've heard she is so nice!" "She is, Lynn" Brook responded happily. At about four, as Will and Lynn were finally free from their handover, Maria prepared to take Lynn home.

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After waving good-bye to their friend, Will and Brook went to the TV room to relax. Both were quiet, as Will suddenly recalled the dream he had had earlier that day. "What was that dream about?" He thought to himself. Will had never had sexual tendencies towards another guy before, and the thought of doing anything with Pierce was just strange to him, "I've never even seen him naked, well, except for the showers. But even then, I never look or try to look?" Will thought back on him and Pierce's friendship.

He couldn't remember any time when he and or Pierce had done anything slightly sexual with each other, except for what Amy Lewis had made them do. He did remember when he and Pierce were in the seventh grade, and they had watched porn together, but even then, Will had gone up to his room to jack off while Pierce had stayed downstairs., "It's so damn confusing!" Will screamed in his head.

His thoughts transitioned from Pierce to Rachel. He still couldn't believe she was now allied with Ms. Lewis. Will suddenly felt dread run up his spine as he thought about the sex he and Rachel had had. He didn't use a condom, and she had taken every last drop of his cum. ".oh lord.if she got pregnant with my baby.I don't know what I would do." "You alright, Will?" Brook asked, hugging Will.

Will had so many things he wanted to tell Brook. He wanted to tell her about what Rachel had done, about what Ms. Lewis had made him and Pierce do, and also the dream he had had about her and Pierce. "Well.have you ever had a really strange dream?" Will stammered to say, blindly choosing a problem to address.

"Uh.kinda? Why?" "Well I had this dream, and you and me and Pierce were." Will couldn't tell Brook, he had no idea what she would think of him having a dream about getting head from both her and Pierce, especially at the same time! "Were what, Will?" "We were-uh-we were-uh sky diving! Yeah, we were doing that, and I don't know, it was just weird in my head is all" "Okay, whatever you say, Will." Brook said.

She knew something as up, Will was terrible at lying, and especially lying to Brook. "So what about you? You look like you have something to say?" Will asked. "Well.mines a little different. You see, after you and Lynn passed out at the party, I." Brook froze, she just couldn't do it, she just couldn't tell him the truth. "What is it?" "Well, it wasn't really anything.

It's okay, Will, don't worry about it." "That's fine, Brook", Will said, not picking up on Brook's uneasiness right away, "You can tell me anything you no." Will said, realizing his own hypocriticalness.


"Now are you sure that you had a dream about 'sky diving'? Cause you sounded kinda unsure about-" Brook said back, trying to put the spotlight back on Will. "No, it was sky diving", Will blurted out, realizing his sudden answer gave away his dishonesty about his dream. "It diving." he thought to himself, "just sky diving." Amy Lewis sat in her car smoking a cigarette and quietly crying to herself.

She wiped the tears from her eyes to avoid ruining her make-up, and then took another long drag on her cigarette. "Dammit!" She thought to herself. She looked through her windshield as the junior varsity football team practice in the park. She couldn't help but watch them practice, seeing those young teens run, laugh, and wrestle each other to the ground got her so worked up she couldn't help it.

Her addiction to young teenaged boys was slowly killing her from inside. "I have to learn self-control! Come one, Amy! You have two arrest warrants, you've been fired twice, and you haven't spoken to your parents in a decade! You need to get your life back in order, girl!" She thought angrily to herself, "But look at them.they're so-so-so innocent!

Yet they want sex, they crave sex, and dammit I want to give it to them so badly!" Amy sobbed and sucked more smoke from her cigarette, blowing the smoke slowly out of her car window, she took a deep breath.

"And now my addiction has made me the pawn of a 9th grader and a cult leader! Now I'm trapped! Completely trapped.", she said out loud, hitting her head on the steering wheel, "And now.if I even try to do something, those two think I'm controlling this, Rachel can get me fired, and I'll be away from.them."Amy said to herself as she looked at the teenage boys walked from the field and to their parking lot, awaiting their parents arrival.

The pedophile teacher started her car engine and reversed out of the parking lot. She decided to go home and plan for her next session with Will and Pierce, "I need to stop, I have to stop, but-but these two.they make me want it more than any boy ever before!

I have to-to have them!" "Dammit!", Rachel yelled to herself, "Will didn't do as good of a job as I thought he would." Rachel opened one of the cabinets to get a tampon for her unexpected period, "Next time.

next time he WILL get me pregnant.and then he can finally return to me." "Rach? Come out here?" Mrs. Phillips said in a concerned manner. Rachel quickly cleaned herself up and walked from the bathroom carrying her purse in one hand and her camera in the other.

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"What is it, mom?" "Th-these pictures, of these two boys, why, why do you-" Rachel quickly pulled a knife from her purse and in one fluid motion held it inches from her mother's throat.

"Put them down, mother", Rachel ordered her terrified parent, as she placed them gently back on the table. "Ra-Rachel! Calm down! Just tell me why you have a picture of Will and Pierce-" "I need them! Will is going to be mine, and I need them to get rid of that worthless bitch Brook!", Rachel shouted menacingly, still holding the knife only inches from her mother's neck, "And nothing happened! Got it!" "Ye-yes happened." Her mother quickly darted down stairs as Rachel drew the knife away from her throat.

"No one will get in my way!" She said angrily between her teeth as she gathered the pictures and put them into her purse. .TO BE CONTINUED. :)