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Msog in japan let the slut make you cum and cum again tsubasa
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Sweet as moma's pie -Digimon lemon for ssjgokillo's contest by MISTER BIG T This is a place, where usually authors speak shit like something about not owning digimons.

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If you think I own digimons, it's your fault. I don't go around saying "Hey! Guess what? I own rights to cartoon where animals talk and go around looking retarded" Anyway, I did this in two days for a contest.

I hope you all like it. "Mmmmm… Kari…" Davis moaned, while rubbing his penis. He was daydreaming and fantasizing about the magnificent body of Kari. He was thinking, how he was sliding his hand under her panties, making her moan. Rubbing gently her sweet pussy and feeling how wet she was.


He gave her a kiss, while he continued rubbing her tits. Soon, he couldn't take it no more, he tore off his clothes, making his penis jump into sight. Kari was a little shocked by the sight and Davis noted this. He gently rubbed her shoulders saying "It is ok… I won't hurt you." Slowly, he inserted his penis into her pussy.

Davis jerked harder giving yet another moan, knowing he was getting near. Just then! The phone rang! "You have GOT to be kidding me…" Davis thought, giving a painful groan, he parted his hand from the throbbing member and picked up the phone. "Hello?" "It's me Kari." voice behind phone spoke.

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"OH! Kari! How are you?" Davis spoke, immediattly feeling better. "Well… Can I come to your place?" she quietly asked. "Uhh, sure…" he replied. As Davis hanged the phone up he realized that Kari's voice had been all scared. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Davis had just barely gotten himself cleaned and dressed up, when he already heard the doorbell ringing.

"It must be her." he thought, running to open the door. Just as he had expected, he was greeted by Kari, who was smiling. "Hey…" Davis panted.

"Oh, did you run all the way here? You seem kinda red." Kari asked. "I'm fine…" he said. "Umnmmm…Are your parents home?" she questioned him. "Ummm, no. Dad's working and Mom went to buy some snacks to us, when I told you would come." he replied. "How sweet of her! That also means, I can tell you the secret without worrying that anyone will hear it." she spoke up.

"Secret? What secret?" Davis asked dumbfounded. "Umm, aren't you going to invite me in first?" Kari joked. "Oh!

Sure! Sorry…" he replied, while blushing. They began walking up the stairs to the room of Davis. Suddenly, without understanding it himself, Davis looked up at Kari's butt. He could feel his cheecks getting more red as he remembered the dream.

Maybe even too well, since his penis was beginning to get erect. Trying his best to act normal so she wouldn't notice, he opened the door. It was kinda embarassing to bring her into his dirty room, but… "Tell me, did you see a dream about me?" Kari suddenly asked. "To tell you the truth, I saw. In the dream you called me by my name and asked me to&hellip." Davis spoke, when just then remembered how the dream ended. He has been rubbing Kari all over and then fucking her, how could he tell her that?

Blushing even more strongly Davis tried to lie "Yeah and then we ate some ice cream together!" "Is that so…" Kari spoke.

She looked down a little. Davis was just about to ask what's the matter, when she suddenly looked at him with a happy face again. "I'm glad you saw so nice dream." Kari spoke up. "Why you ask anyway? Did you dream about me too?" Davis asked. "Yes… But it wasn't a nice dream at all… We were both in some room with huge staircase. Suddenly, a huge trail of blood began coming down the stairs and we ran away, but when we tried to leave, the door didn't open.

The whole room was covered in the blood and just when the blood had gotten to point, where it was impossible to breath or see… I woke up." she told him. "Kari…" he quietly said. "I…I'm sorry Davis, that I came to tell you about a silly dream like this." Kari said, trying to laugh. Davis sighed and rubbed her cheek. He noticed, that his hand had became wet. Kari had cried during telling that story. Kari slowly leaned against the shoulder of Davis. "May I stay like this for awhile?" she asked looking sad.


Davis didn't really know what to do in this kind of situation, so he just nodded. Kari gave a sigh and wiped away her tears. "It must have been hard for you to tell about that kind of dream, but I'm glad that you did." he finally spoke up. "Davis… Even after I was awake, I was still crying… I could have sworn I felt the blood and the images wouldn't go away.

I was so scared, that it could have been real…" she whimpered. "I'm sorry to hear that Kari." saying this, Davis gave a kiss on her cheek. Kari faced him in an instant. "Was I too hasty?" he thought, getting ready for a slap.

However, Kari brought herself closer to Davis, giving him a kiss on the lips, hugging him strongly. They exchanged several kisses and Davis moved his arm across her back, rubbing it.

Slowly, he moved his hand over her belly and rubbed it. "That tickles!" Kari giggled. "I'm sorry, you want me to stop?" Davis asked. "No, please don't." she said. While he was giving Kari a tummy rub, she gently began removing the jacket and the shirt of Davis.

Rubbing and caressing each other, they exploited their naked bodies to each other. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kari had followed Davis untill now, but just when Davis was rubbing her exposed pussy… "N-no…" she whimpered. "What? Does it hurt?" he asked. "No, but… Please don't, I'm embarassed…" she spoke up. Not listening to her, Davis slowly inserted a finger inside her.

She gasped and arched her back, but she didn't reject it as strongly as she did with the words. Davis slowly spreaded her a little, showing her beautiful pussy.

Bringing his fingers away from it, he brough them as close to her face as possible, showing her own wet juices to her. "Oh, look how wet you are…" Davis told her. "Don't talk like that…" Kari whimpered, blushing. Davis began kissing under her armpits and along her tits, which made her begin breathing harderer. Slowly, he moved her hand over his erect penis.

Kari: "I… I'm not good with this…" Davis: "That's ok…" Guiding Kari's hand, Davis teached her how to give pleasure to a man. Jerking his erect dick, she got aroused from the warm feeling it was emiting. It was too much, she couldn't take it anymore. She lowered her head over his cock, taking it's tip completely into her mouth. Davis gave a soft moan of pleasure and rubbed her hair, wishing this moment woud last forever.

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Taking more of his penis inside her mouth, she was also massaging his balls and rubbing his erect dick's length. She began deepthroating him and jerking his dick fastly, like in try to get him shoot his load into her mouth already now. Kari took the dick outside her mouth, licking it's tip and looking at him with innocent eyes. "Please… Make love to me…" she whispered.

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After receiving the permission, Davis slowly decreased over her, inserting his hot erect member inside her waiting cunt. It probably did hurt very much, since Kari's face was filled with an expression of pain.

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Trying his best to be as gentle as possible, he tried rubbing her softly to make her stress less. He tried to rub her tits, her face and her tummy. However, the rubs did not work well enough and just when Davis was thinking that things can't go any worse… The Mother of Davis had entered his room, bag filled with snacks. As she had seen Davis on top of Kari, she had dropped the bad in shock, making few of it's content roll out.

The loud thud sound that was caused, made both Kari and Davis face at her and scream. Fearfully, she was going to back away, but stepped over a coke bottle.

And so, she tripped towards the staircase. "MOOOOOOOOOOOM!" Davis screamed. Davis, ran at her in an instant.

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It was a matter of seconds, but Davis was able to grab her hand, before she fell to a certain death. "Davis… " his mother gagged. "Ummm, mom I…" Davis tried to explain, but he was lost with words. "Davis, when two people like each other, sex is often result from it. I too consider it as a healthy reaction in a relationship. However, everything has time and place… Are you sure you two are really ready for it…This young?" she spoke in soft, yet stern voice.

"It felt like the best thing to do at that time… And I didn't even come." Davis tried to defend himself. Mother of Davis shook her head and gave a sigh. "You see, if you want to do that, you must first understand that you must be able to take the responsibility from your own actions. Can you take this girls virginity? What if Kari would get pregnant? Or worse?" she spoke to him. "Responsibility…" Davis thought to himself.

Mom: "Well, I'm sorry about the interruption, I really didn't mean to. However, if you two are gonna do it still…Think what I said. Even if…It would be hard with the blood going from your brains to somewhere else." she told him, with a joking tone in the last part of what she said. After saying this, she hurried off downstairs. "It hurts everytime you put it in… And she has a point&hellip. I'm not perhabs ready to lose my virginity." Kari told him.

"If it hurts so much in front…Maybe…Maybe we can use the back door?" Davis asked. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Davis gently rubbed his penis against Kari's beautiful anus, making sure it was lubricated enough to get in. Slowly, he inserted it inside her, taking hold of her hips. He began rubbing her pussy, as he continued pumping in and out of her ass.

Kari gave a small whimper, as she felt a whole newkind of pleasure. Davis began moving quicker, while fondling Kari's boobs. Kari gave a small Oooooo voice as she opened her mouth in a pleasure. Drips of her saliva dropped on the bed, making the sheets get some wet spots. Bending down, Davis went and kissed Kari on her neck, licking the sweat drops that were formed around it.

Rubbing her wonderful ass, he raised his hand and gave a small spanking to her ass, while fucking it.

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Kari layed against the bed with a dreamy eyes and murmurred something like "Harder…" Hearing this, Davis quickened the tempo of both slapping and fucking, causing her whimper again.

Pushing deeper inside and spreading her legs, so he could enter even better, he began fucking her rougher. Rubbing her pussy and fucking her ass, was more than enough any woman could take and so Kari came, with a cry.

Davis didn't probably understand that she came, since he just continued fucking her at the same tempo. "I'm getting close…" Davis, panted heavily.

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"No, stop… Don't come there…Not in my ass…" Kari whimpered. He slowed down and looked at her dumbfounded. "On my tits…Cum on my tits…" she murmured. Davis removed his erect dick and turned Kari around.

Rubbing it against her nipples and her tits, he felt the sudden urge to place it between her still growing boobs. Kari gave a smile, which was a silent accept to this wordless question.

Slowly placing his cock between her tits, he began rubbing them, while kissing Kari. Kari took hold of her tits, rubbing them alongside with his length and pinching her own nipples.

Giving a lustful moan she licked the tip of his penis. "I'm gonna CUM!!" Davis suddenly groaned. Nearly immediatly, he pulled his penis out and jerked it couple of times, sending his sperm all over her face and tits. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ LATER… "Davis…" Kari murmured.

"I…Uhhh… Did you cum?" Davis finally asked. "Mmmhm… Two times." she said. "Really?? When?" he questioned. "When you began kissing me… I had never been kissed before and the second time, when you fucked me into my ass…" Kari told him. "I see…" Davis replied. "Now that we have cleared that up…"she spoke up.

Kari came closer and kissed Davis on the lips. "I loved doing that… You made me feel happy." she told him. Davis gave a small grin and returned the kiss, rubbing her neck. "Anyway! Let's go get some of those snacks, I'm beginning to feel an empty stomach." Kari told him.

"Yes, that's a good idea." Davis replied. "Wait! Do you get that, if I wouldn't have come and we wouldn't have had sex, your mother would have slipped down the staircase and most likely broke her neck?


Maybe, that's what my dream meant…" she spoke to him. "Ummmm, I guess you are right. Are you saying this was a fate?" he asked. The End!!