First Sexual Experience for Little Pussy

First Sexual Experience for Little Pussy
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The fog had rolled in thick earlier that morning but cleared out into a pleasant afternoon on the central west coast, with a low sun spreading a soft array of dim yellow stars falling faintly like snowflakes, shattering through the forestry surrounding the house.

The car pulled up to the gate, and Freddie removed his hand from between Natalie's thighs, where it had rested teasingly the whole journey there, a faint pressure on her crotch which had made her squirm and quicken her heart rate to a rapid pitter-patter.

She gasped lightly beneath her breath as he squeezed tighter momentarily whilst they rolled to a stop, then got out of the car and walked round to open her door.

She smiled knowingly at him, lovingly, getting up to kiss him gently on his jawline and tell him she loved him. She needn't have, he knew of course, and so she didn't, she merely gave him his kiss and set her loving gaze deep into his eyes as the car drove away, becoming fainter in the distance until there was nothing but these two young lovers basked in the gentle storm of the sun falling through the trees.


"Come on then, beautiful", Freddie led her by the hand and through the gate of their weekend home. The front yard was curved, with a small patch of deep green grass outside the downstairs bedroom window and some gerbera daisies planted neatly where the driveway met the dirt. Trees lined the white fences that surrounded the roadside boarder, and a private golf course led up to the back decking, covered on both sides by forest.

They walked around to the side door of the house, where wooden furniture surrounded a small fire pit. A hot tub gurned and moaned against the fluttering of birds in the branches above. He turned the handle to open the door, and she grabbed his shoulder and turned him. "Hey," she said sweetly, "well! Kiss me!" she complained playfully; he hadn't noticed he'd spent too long just taking in her radiant beauty. She was half Chinese half Filipino, Hapa as she called it, Filipino on her mother's side, and draped in all her mother's stunning beauty, all its elegance and grandeur; a mane of thick dark hair flowed heavily around huge deep brown eyes, and a sharp jaw framed her plump lips and baby cheeks, spread at that moment into a loving grin with one small dimple on her left cheek.

She had done her makeup especially sexy, making her captivating eyes dark and mysterious and her lips plump, irresistible to kiss and play with. He snickered and smiled with his kind eyes, adoring her as always, and stepped up to take her in his arms. Giggling excitedly as his arm swept around her waist and pulled her body against his solid frame, she cradled his face in her hand and let her eyes melt into his, then her lips, a kiss that was firm and full and seemed to whisper a scream, a cry, a relentlessly soft yet defiantly affirmative declaration that within the gentle touch and strong hold of one another's embrace was where these souls belonged.

"I love you" she said. He smiled. They didn't need a million other ways to say it. They had them, and they said them too, but they didn't need them. "I love you too, sweetheart." The house was cold and quiet as they stepped inside, as if no one had used it for months. On most days it would rest in its place like an aged sleeping dog on the sidewalk, and others who lived nearby would walk past it and almost feel its emptiness, admire it nonetheless, and carry on their lives with no other passing thought.

It was only whenever the two young lovers returned at the weekend that this house would come alive, as if their very presence bought it a sense of meaning, made it a home which breathed and loved them as they did each other. As Freddie switched on the lights and dimmed them some, the house seemed to greet them like that old dog might, lifting its head and raising its dull, soft yellow eyes.

Natalie stood back a minute and took in his figure as he walked away from her towards the bedroom. His broad shoulders swayed gracefully when he walked, and his slim waist twisted with a slightly feminine affectation, hinting at a natural athleticism which Natalie loved about him, about the way it made him move.

He turned, noticing her not following him, and looked back at her petite silhouette cast in the shadow of the light still falling softly from the low sun in the high rising windows. She stood with her hips slanted as her foot stepped away from her body, and she smiled at him, the way he looked at her with that candour in his creased eyes, his head cocked to the side slightly and a playfully puzzled smirk on his soft lips. His chest swelled as he breathed in deep and asked "Coming?" She giggled and ran to him, with a candid and artless excitement, leaping slightly into his body and tickling him, giggling more wildly now.

He laughed back and wrapped his hands again around her slight waist and slender back, pulled her close so she could only hug him in return, squeezing with all her strength and feeling the motion of his hips as he walked them both through to the bedroom.

He kissed her passionately and pulled her small, slender body against him as he closed the door behind him. She groaned in excitement and pleasure as she felt his hands run over her body, grabbing her hips and ass, squeezing her plump round cheek. She let her hands roam over his abs and chest, feeling the curves of his hot body as he began to kiss her neck and ears.

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"ooh fuck baby, that feels good" she groaned under her breath as he sucked on her neck and squeezed her ass with both hands, pulling her into him harder. She returned the favour, pulling his head back and running her tongue up his neck and into his ears, making him shudder and moan. She could smell his natural scent, sending a little trickle of electricity through her skin and between her legs, and the taste of his sweat made her lips tingle and buzz with a familiar excitement.

"I love that babe, shit your tongue feels so good" he whispered, a heat creeping out of his mouth and tingling her skin. "You like my tongue baby? You like when my dirty mouth pleases you?" she whispered, rubbing her hands over his belt and feeling his cock grow hard in his pants at her words. Freddie physically shook with excitement as he felt light tingling pleasures all through his body, dying to take his lover and return the bliss which she was giving him.

He grabbed her at the waist, hard so she could feel his strength and pressure against her hip bones, and pushed her against the edge of the bed, giving her an exhilarating sensation of falling, surrendering her body to his force and his will, making her gasp with a primal rush as he crawled like a preying, powerful creature on top of her and held his mouth close to hers. She felt her pussy begin to pulse in excitement and flow a heavy stream of wetness that soaked through her pants.

He grabbed her by the throat and squeezed playfully, but with a threatening force which told her that her body belonged to his. He kissed her as though he were possessed, hard and mercilessly, groaning into her mouth so she could feel his carnal noise vibrate deep in her throat.

He lifted his head up and stroked her soaking cunt through her pants. "Baby, please fuck me" she gasped, gazing into his eyes and thinking of nothing but how badly she needed his love and passion moving deep inside her burning pussy.

He stared at her and pushed harder on her neck and pussy lips, saying nothing, but moving his tongue seductively and menacingly over his own mouth. She grew hotter and more desperate for his pleasure, feeling her body pressed against the linen sheets and her pulse beating through her veins.

With no warning, Freddie moved his tongue to her body, licking down her neck and lifting up her shirt. She shook uncontrollably and moaned loudly "uuuugh" as she felt his hot breath tingle on her stomach and ribs, then arching her body as he lifted her shirt up further and started flicking his tongue over her beautiful tits.

He tasted her light sweat, sweet and salty, making his cock beat hard against the crotch of his pants as he swirled his tongue teasingly around her rock hard nipples. "Mmm fuck" she groaned as he sucked on her breasts, sending streaming waves of pleasure through them and making her pussy even wetter. He sucked hard on them, biting her nipples and pulling at them between his teeth, feeling them harden in-between his lips. "oh fuck yeah baby, suck my tits, you like using your filthy little mouth on your baby's tits?

Mmm, that's right, just like that". Her dirty took him to a place of pure sexual instinct and desire, and he sucked harder, leaving hot red marks on her under-boob and neck as he marked her as his fuck toy. He groaned again and moved back up to kiss her, removing her top fully and shoving his worked tongue into her mouth and down her throat.

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She moaned again as she felt his tongue play sloppily with her own, and reached a hand down between her legs to rub her pussy softly through her pants.

Freddie leaned back and kneeled upright on the bed in front of her, straddling one of her legs and smiling at the view of her gorgeous tits as her fingers teased her swelling clit. His mouth watered at the sight of her as he removed his own shirt, and her eyes scrunched in pleasure and excitement at the view of his ripped body getting ready to fuck her.

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His chest moved dramatically and his muscles rippled in sweat as he breathed heavy breaths of desire and hunger. "baby, please, eat my pussy!" she begged in a crying whisper, and he smiled as he greedily complied and ripped off her pants, making her scream at the rush of his violent control over her. He kissed tenderly up her thighs, making her moan more and throw her head back in anticipation of her hot cunt being licked by his watering mouth.

He forcibly pulled her panties to the side and slid his hot tongue from her pussy hole all the way up to her aching clit. "OOOH Fuck! Oh yeah, does that cunt taste good?" she moaned as her face grimaced in pleasure. She reached down and grabbed the back of his head as he hungrily ate her wet pussy, savouring the salty taste of her creamy cunt juice as it oozed out of her pulsing lips into his waiting mouth. He closed his eyes as she pulled his hot lips harder onto her wet slit and grinded her pussy lips against his tongue.

He groaned in submissive ecstasy at her using his tongue to pleasure her fuck-hole, swaying her hips up and down to ride his wet slimy mouth on her tight cunt.

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"mmmm, fuck yeah Natalie, grind that juicy pussy against my face you little slut" he uttered into her hot wet sex. He reached down towards his large throbbing cock and began to stroke it, pulling down his pants to reveal his 6.7 inch member. The head throbbed with a horny twitch as he tasted her pussy leak more juices, getting wetter and wetter against his mouth.

She pulled his head in tighter as she jerked her hips higher, allowing his tongue to slip into her ass crack and play with her asshole. "Mmm you like that? You like licking my tight little asshole baby? Fuck! AAHH! Mmmm yeah that tongue feels so good playing with my ass you dirty boy." His mind raced at her filthy words, sliding his tongue into her ass further in response, pulling her plump cheeks apart with his ravaging hands, then licking up and deep inside her pussy, pushing his face between her thighs and flicking her insides with the tip of his tongue to lick more cunt juice out and drink thirstily.

"mmm, shit! Oh GOD! make out with my pussy lips" she commanded, and he obeyed, moving his mouth passionately against her sweet tasting lips, sucking on them softly and swirling his tongue around her slit hole to lick up the juices, closing his eyes to intensify the taste and smell of her flowing, sopping wet cunt. She threw her head back and groaned in pleasure, feeling the warmth and wetness of his tongue on her sensitive skin. "Fuck, let me taste that pussy" she said, then pulling him up by the hair to kiss her passionately, tasting the thick, creamy juice dribbling out of his mouth and onto her tongue, making her pussy pulsate.

He kicked off his pants completely and rubbed his rock hard meat against her thigh, humping her soft skin as he swirled his pussy soaked tongue around her mouth and lips. "Mm, baby, I need to fuck you now" he whispered in her ear, "be my dirty little cumslut" he begged as he reached down and positioned his rock hard dick against her tight snatch.

She gasped and looked up with a desperate grimace at being spoken to like the little whore she loved to be, her unbelievable need to be fucked showing clear on her scrunched up face. He stared deep into her eyes, and rubbed the throbbing head of his cock against her soft, silky pussy lips. Then, with a silent scream of ecstasy taking over his face, he slid half of his dick inside her, making her shudder with pleasure and draw an intense breath of release.

He kept eye contact with her, this time shoving all of his sex into hers, sliding in easily with her wetness which splattered over his body and groin as he forced himself into her. "OH MY GOD!

YEEAAAH!" she screamed, and she saw that familiar look of passionate pleasure take over his face as he began pumping his hips into her. She felt shivers of ecstasy all over, emanating from her thighs and groin as the pressure of his thick, long cock pounded hard into her wet cunt, sliding fast inside of her and bouncing her whole body, her large, firm tits swaying as he grabbed her hips and pulled himself deeper inside her.

She lost herself in the sounds of his deep grunts and moans, and the wet friction of his swelling cock inside her pulsating pussy, his balls cracking as they slapped against her ass.

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He leaned over and kissed her passionately whilst his member pounded her pussy hard and extra deep, making her scream into his mouth, still tasting and smelling of her pussy cream. He put an arm under back to arch it, forcing his dick hard against her g-spot and making her body shudder.

She looked down to see his hips moving rhythmically into hers, his whole body swaying and dancing passionately with her own sexy movements. "oh fuck baby! Fuck Freddie! Just like that, fuck, I'm gonna cum!" she panted as he forcefully fucked her limp body, taking control of her and making her his fuck toy. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna fucking cuuum" she moaned loudly, breathing and screaming as he fucked her g-spot hard with his thick cock, reaching all the way up her pussy and out again.

He moaned in her ear, feeling her tightness grip around his cock and pulse as her orgasm began. "Mmm, fuck baby, you take my big cock inside that dirty little cunt and make it cum for me, you gonna cum for me baby?" he said in a deep, sexy tone. She moaned in compliance as her hips began to buck and shake and her eyes rolled back in her head. He could feel her leaking her creamy cum all over his hard cock and balls as he continued to pound her tight pussy, "fuck baby that's hot, cum all over my hard dick for me baby, make that pretty little pussy cum for me, make that dirty little pussy cum" he whispered in her ear, "Oh!

Fuck! Freddie! Fuucck!" she screamed as she came hard, oozing out her pussy juice and cream all over his cock. "FUUCK! I'm CUUUMMIING" she screamed as she panted and gasped, "OH SHIT! YES! FUUUCK!", her whole body convulsed and shook as she felt wave after wave of hot pleasure wash through her body, and her cunt lips tightened around Freddie's throbbing, soaking wet cock. He pushed in hard a few more times, pulling her body closer so she could feel his pelvis pressing hard into hers, and arching her back more to fuck her through her intense orgasm, as she groaned and screeched in pleasure.

Hot pussy juice streamed and flowed over his cock as her lips tightened and her hips pulsed and swayed uncontrollably. Wave after wave of intense pleasure washed through her whole body as she moaned and gasped and felt her pussy cum hard. "you want to taste your cum baby?" he asked her, slowing his movements and pulling out fully, then kissing her open mouth and biting her lips.

He reached down a slowly slid a finger into her soaking lips, making her grimace again, then brought it up to her lips and let it drip into her open mouth. Her eyes lit up in pleasure, "fuck that's hot baby, I want us both to taste it" she said passionately, pushing him off of her and kneeling up to straddle his face.

Hot pussy cum oozed out of her and dropped from her pulsing lips onto his mouth as she lowered her aching cunt onto his ready tongue. The taste drove him wild with excitement and she loved watching his cock twitch as he pressed himself against her smooth pussy and savoured her juices as they leaked from her snatch.

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He flicked his tongue over her clit, making her moan, and then felt her hot breath on the tip of his already soaking wet meat. She stared at his glistening dick, slick and slimy from her pussy, and let a small trail of dribble drip down onto the pulsing head. The smell of her cunt on him made her body shudder, and she moved her mouth close towards it, and gently ran her fingers along the shaft, feeling his tongue press harder on her clit as she did, letting her know he liked it. She grabbed his hard, slippery cock and began to pump it in her hands, hungrily taking it into her mouth and swirling her tongue around the shaft, licking her own pussy's slimy, creamy cum from her boyfriend's cock.

She sucked on it hungrily, loving the taste of their combined fuck organs and the feel of his tongue pleasuring her smooth pussy.

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She gagged his cock down her horny throat as far as she good, making him buck and thrust his hips as her mouth slobbered over his thick meat, pushing into the back of her throat hard and covering it in her spit. It trickled down over his balls, so she removed her mouth from his shaft and spread her saliva over them with her tongue, licking slightly along his ass crack and back up to the tip of his dick.

He tickled and shuddered with intense sexual pleasure at the feel and sound of her slurping tongue. Eager to return the pleasure, he spat and slobbered loudly over her cunt lips and throbbing clit. After she'd licked all of her cum off of him, she moved her body down and turned, scratching down his torso with her fingers. "you ready to be fucked baby?" she asked teasingly, spitting on her hand and fondling his swollen balls.

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"Uuh fuck Natalie, I need to cum, baby, I'm so fucking horny" he replied. "fuck, I need you baby" she said as she straddled his waist and reached to position his tip outside of her slit, aching to cum again. She placed her hands on his heaving, muscular chest, loving that familiar feeling of his heartbeat and the height to which his chest rose in excitement and adoration at seeing her. Her face melted into a loving smile as she bent down and kissed him lightly, laying on top of him tenderly and staying to gaze into his kind eyes.

"I love you, Natalie," he said, and she smiled softly and replied, "I love you too, Freddie". "Make love to me, please baby" he begged her, and she kissed him slowly and passionately, gently flicking her tongue against his mouth, taking her sweet time to savour every moment her lips were embraced by his.

Still kissing him like a true lover, she lowered her body onto his, moaning gently at the feel of his throbbing dick sliding in past her smooth pussy.

"Shit, that feels so amazing, I love you so much" he whispered in pleasure as he threw his arms behind his head, allowing her to take control and slowly grind her body against his.


She moaned as she looked down and saw his body stretched out beneath hers, feeling his hips raise slightly and sink again with the motion of her body rolling and riding him slowly.

They fell into a natural syncopation as their bodies became one with each other, loving each others touch and feel, the motion of their sweet lovemaking brining them both closer and closer to a strong orgasm. She took his hands in hers and squeezed them tenderly, continuing to send surges of loving pleasure through both their bodies as they shifted their groins together, the feeling of his hard rod sliding against her silky walls taking over them both and filling their minds and bodies with a shared, intense ecstasy.

"Fuck, Natalie, you're going to make me cum baby" he moaned sensually, "mmm, yeah babe, ride me like that, love me baby" "I love you, uugh I love feeling you move in me like this" she replied, moving her hands down to her waist to push their bodies further into each other and intensify the pleasurable friction and pressure on both of their sexes.


"fuuuck, baby im cuummiing!" Freddie moaned loudly in a deep, raspy voice, pushing his hips up further inside Natalie's legs straddled around his body, pushing her chest forward to rest on his, forcing her clit on his pelvis as his member eased pressure against her soft walls. "uuugh! Me too baby, fuck, me too! UUUHHH, I'm cumming with you baby" she gasped, groaning in his ear and strengthening his passionate, blissful orgasm, his raging organ pulsing inside her tight, squeezing sex as he came hard and long, pulses of release flowing powerfully through his whole being.

He pulled her quaking body against his, feeling her heat and her passion filled movements as she held tight onto his tensing body, their skin rubbing sensually against each other as her nerves were filled with intense pleasure and his muscles flowed with ecstasy. They slowly prolonged their intense orgasms, all the while whispering loving words of affection and adoration in one another's tingling ear, sending shivers down Freddie's spine and hips and relaxing Natalie's mind and body as they slowed their grinding to a blissful stop, her body coming to a final rest upon his, their raging hearts beating in sync strongly within the small space between them.

He kissed her cheek softly and gently hugged her shaking body against his, each of them closing their eyes and just sensing one another's love. The sun had fallen low, to mere moments before setting outside the window, which overlooked the sprawling golf course hidden by the forest all the way down to the ocean, where as the two lovers lay heaving in unison, Natalie's body falling softly down onto Freddie's with every breath, the waves softly pounded against the shore, and the sun skipped lightly, playfully over the pattering sea, eventually landing with a weightless flutter upon gerbera daisies bowing to the wind.