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Garoto dotado se exibindo pauzao e rabo
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Chapter 1. The first wimp Beth The word wimp is used only for husbands, but I think the usage would be good for wives nowadays. We women work in such jobs that only men did hundreds of years ago, for example, we even go to war with men, so the word wimp is good for us wives as well.

Yes, for thousands of years we women were at home, we were homemakers and we did the lion's share of bringing up the children, but many husbands of ours went to whorehouses, were seduced by the neighbor women, or were womanizers, etc.

Naturally, not every husband was such a cheating bastard, but there were enough to get History full of them. So I think the word wimp is neutral and gender free today. If the word wimp is gender free, as I explained, then I was definitely a wimp.

I was born as Beth Clark in this Mid West city in a middle class family. I have an elder brother. I attended a local High School during that time when women's soccer was less popular in the States. However, my school was the pioneer in this sports activity. I began this sport and I was a good free defender on the team. I became an excellent free kick scorer. I kicked some very important goals from free kicks.

I scored penalties as well. I was famous for my very strong free kicks and penalties. Then I went to college to learn business administration. I played on the women's soccer team for the college and I kicked my strong free kicks, penalties and the goalkeepers did not like me at all. Sometimes I ran with the forwards, midfield players and I kicked strong goals far from the goalpost and the audience was excited by my goals.

I liked playing soccer, I was a skilled free defender but I was far from being a member of the USA women's national soccer team.

I dated some guys, but I did not find the right man. I was a blue-eyed, tall, golden blond haired girl with C cup breasts. I also got good grades in addition to my sports activity and I got good job opportunities in my home town. I worked hard and I got promotions and pay raises.

I was at a meeting with some other company representatives when I met with John Warden. He worked at a partner company which was in the same city where I lived.

John was a handsome, charming man. We met several times and felt the chemistry with each other.

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We began dating and we fell in love. He asked me to be his wife and I accepted it with pleasure. John was a tall, dark haired, blue-eyed man, and he was divorced. He told me he and his first wife had not clicked so they had divorced amicably and they had not had any children. I did not get any information about John's first wife as she was a southern girl and she went back to Alabama after the divorce.

We dated for a long time and John did not show any negative traits, so I was happy to be his wife and I did not doubt his words. We had a big wedding with parents, relatives and friends. We had a lovely house in the suburbs that we had purchased together. We were in love and we made love in all the rooms in our house.

I was happy with John. I stopped taking the pill and we had two sons. Our first son was George who was named after John's father. 1 year later we had Ed who was named after my father. Though I was at home with the children, our financial background was still excellent, because my husband got promotions and he became the local CEO where he worked. He worked hard and he was successful. Typically, we went on vacation to Europe or a tropical paradise alternately every summer.

One day doing laundry, I noticed lipstick stains on one of John's shirts. Ed was five, and I felt my seven year happy marriage was falling apart. I cried, dried my tears and evaluated my options. John was a good provider and for the time being I decided on the wimp solution. It became clear to me after a time, that not only was he a womanizer, he was a serial cheater husband.

I came to know two of his lovers, later I will tell you how that happened. In such circumstances many marriages become a non-declared or sometime a declared open marriage, but I did not look for extramarital activities.

I lived for my children. The reason for this was very interesting. Before John I had dated a man who told a funny story to me when we broke up. He, Mark, told me his Mom was a cheater and he discovered this accidentally, when his father was seriouse ill and he attended college. But his Mom did not kow Mark was aware her cheating. His father was a strong smoker and he got lung cancer.

His father was clueless and Mark did not want to reveal this secret to him, because his Dad's cheating wife, Mark's Mom, looked after him well during his illness. Mark did not want to spoil his daddy's last days before his death. However Mark did not like his mom and he looked for a job far from her. She lived in Maryland. Mark told me he did not want an American wife like his mom was, so he looked for a wife in Asia. He found a Christian Indonesian girl, her name was Maria, who converted from Catholicism to Protestantism for Mark.

Later, we were in the same church as them since they lived near us. Mark and Maria had two beautiful daughters and my younger son married their younger daughter, Ann. How strange life is! I know now that Mark and his Indonesian wife have been living a happy life since that, but Mark did not invite his mom to their wedding and Mark's mom was not at the wedding of my son Ed and Ann.

I did not want my sons to think of their mom as a whore, like Mark thought of his own mom. I was a betrayed wife and a wimp for a long time. Other events also caused me to remain with my husband- the sad experiences in my distant family and among friends, schoolfellows. Such was the divorced life with children and the negative effects on the life of the children in the broken family. I did not want the difficulties of a broken family to impact my sons, so I remained married to John.

John liked his sons and he was a great dad at home. This was the second reason why I decided to stay. When Ed was twelve years old I looked for a job and found one at a local company.

I worked hard, and when Ed was fourteen years old, I thought of divorcing. I gathered a little secret money and I asked a PI firm to look at my husband.

They found evidence of an affair between my husband and a colleague of his. The PI firm gave me a DVD with a video and some photos on it. They gave information about this woman and her family. She was Heather Jones and her husband was Joel Jones, an engineer. They had two daughters, the younger was same age as Ed. I got photos of the husband and the children as well.

However, at this time George was in trouble with his friends in High School, as they all had begun using dope.

John and I had to struggle with George to avoid the drug abuser life. The local Police arrested the source and we were lucky George did not become a drug addict. If I had begun the divorce George would have become a drug abuser, I thought several times. John broke up with Heather and he struggled for George as well. When George went to college, John found a newer cunt for himself.

I had his affair investigated by the same PI firm that spring, which I used earlier. I had videos and photos on thumb drive and DVD. George went to college and he wanted to be a lawyer. Ed began the last year in High School when I got an offer for a one-week training in Calgary, Canada, in September from my boss. There would be a trip to Banff as a socializing program in the training on Tuesday, and I was very interested in the Rocky Mountains before wintertime. I went to the airport by cab and I flew to Calgary, Alberta on Saturday morning.

The training began in a hotel on Sunday morning.


Chapter 2. The second wimp Joel I am Joel Jones. I was the youngest brother in my family. My sister was eight years older and my brother was ten years older than me. My dad was a blue-collar worker who worked with heavy machineries at a car junkyard, my mother was a cashier at a supermarket.

She began working when I was twelve years old. When we were children we did not live an easy life, my parents had to count every penny, but when my sister and brother moved away the life became easier. My brother was a good welder and my sister worked as a shop assistant. I did well in High School, I was good in Math, Physics, Chemistry, IT and I got a job in summertime with my father's boss. I worked a month in the car junkyard for pocket money summertime and I learned to utilize good spare parts from the car wrecks.

I had a lot of money for the rest of the summer vacation from this job. I was a dark haired, brown-eyed, tall guy. My teachers suggested my parents send me to a college for engineering, and the family decided to do so.

I went to study engineering. I was so good that I got a scholarship for a Master's degree. I was not a normal guy, because I preferred low fat milk to beer. I got a job at an oil and gas mining machine factory in my city.

I began at the entry level in the workshop and I became a developing engineer later. We had to develop special instruments, machines for the oil and gas mining companies, so I could use my creativity in my job. Sometimes we had to go to the oil and gas rig to solve serious problems quickly.

I enjoyed the challenge that this special job gave me. I dated girls at college and when I graduated with Master's degree I found Heather, who graduated in business administration.

She was a brown haired, green-eyed girl with C cup breasts. We dated for a year and I asked her to be my wife and she told me yes. So we got married and she moved with me to my city. We lived the average family life in our house in Suburbia and we had two beautiful daughters.

My wife was at home with our daughters. Though I loved my wife, I still began to save a secret stash for emergencies she did not know about and did not have access to when our younger daughter June was born two years after Belinda's birth.

I saved this secret stash for special circumstances, as I lived in such an environment where divorced people were more than the average. My decision to save money just for myself was rooted in my messy familial background. My parents lived a happy life, but their elder children had a lot of trouble. My ten year older brother cheated on his wife, but they reconciled their relationship. Then my brother cheated again and my sister in law divorced him with two children. She found a good man and she married this man who divorced from his cheating wife with 3 children.

His ex-wife lived with an abusing pedophile, who wanted to spoil his elder daughter, but the ex-wife called the Police in time and they arrested him. My brother remarried and they had two children. My brother was a serial cheater, so his second wife divorced him too. A stepfather brought up these children again, but this stepfather did not marry the children's mother in order to get child support money from my brother.

My brother moved to a small apartment and paid the child support for four children. He could meet his children at my parent's house only. My sister was a cheater too, but she got the custody for two small children and she married a good man and they had a new child. My sister cheated on her second husband too, after which they reconciled, but when my sister cheated again he divorced her.

She remained alone and was despised by her two ex husbands who did not forgive her.

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The two ex husbands organized such schedule that they visited their children on alternate weekends, so my sister was either with one child or two children on the weekends.

She could hardly date because of this time schedule. My friends were in similar situations with their divorces, and among my relatives divorced people were clearly over represented, too. My best friend became a gambling abuser and his wife went to her parents, her brother's family and her parents-in-law on weekends to get meals for her children. We invited them several times for Sunday with the children and Heather cooked for them. His wife had enough of her husband's gambling abuse, so she divorced him and went to work.

She found a divorced good guy later, who had three children by his ex wife. One of my other friends' wife also cheated on him and my friend divorced her with two small children.

His ex got the children custody and he complained to me that he could rarely see his children. Among my and Heather's distant relatives there were many divorced parents and later among Heather's friends as well.

The children lamented everywhere, from near and far, about their broken life. I thought it was important to own a secret deposit for a divorce or a family emergency, so I gathered three percent of my income. I thought I could surprise my wife with this found money after thirty-five years of successful married life. Heather was at home with June and Belinda. The sex was similar to that of other couples' with children, we did it three times a week.

We lived a happy life, I worked at a good company, I did creative work with good colleagues and I had two beautiful daughters and a loving wife. I was happy. When June turned twelve years Heather went to work for a local company. She worked hard, she even worked overtime sometimes, and she praised her job. I heard of her boss, John Warden.

Heather told me her boss recommended promotions, because she worked so well. I was totally clueless about her. When June was fifteen years old Heather took me to her company's Xmas party. My company and her company parties had been at exactly the same time earlier, but this year my company's Xmas party was a week earlier. This was an exception, because the next year parties were on the same day again. Heather took me in her car.

I think she thought I would drink a little more, but she should have known that I preferred milk to beer and the distilled alcoholic drinks did not attract me at all. I had taken her to my company's party and she could see I did not drink a lot. We sat with a couple at a table. The husband worked at another department of my wife's company.

We talked a little with them. When my wife went to the restroom that colleague looked at me in a funny way. Later I was introduced to John Warden, the boss of my wife. He told us he had to go home early to his ill wife. She had a bad temperature from the flu.

We stayed a little longer. I got a problem with my stomach and I had to go to the rest room. I sat on the toilet bowl, when two male colleagues of my wife came to the rest room to piss. I heard one of them telling the other, "It's interesting that Heather's clueless husband and her earlier lover boy John met here." "The love affair's been over for half a year.

John will look for a new woman meat soon and he will transfer Heather to another department," responded the other. "It would be funny if Heather worked together with John's earlier mistress, Martha Martinez," said the first and they were laughing. "Martha's husbands was so clueless as Heather's husband is now. I don't want to tell them such bad news," said the second speaker. "Neither do I," said the first voice and they laughed. They left the restroom.

I was sitting on the toilet bowl and I was crushed from the bad news. I thought of killing John and Heather, but I knew John had gone home to his ill wife, and I abandoned this train of thought. I did not know how but an idea came to my mind, when I thought of the over represented divorced relatives, friends and their children.

I decided I would divorce Heather, but I would wait until June graduated from High School. I decided to become a wimp for three and a half years. Naturally, if Heather humiliated me, brought STDs or a bastard, I would begin the divorce earlier than June's graduation. However, I thought of my secret stash and I was glad that I had been so wise.

I went back to our table and I told my wife that I felt bad and had to go home. I thought Heather was glad we went home quickly too. I did not pretend I was in bad state. I really was, but mostly from the discovered affair of Heather. She made me a cuckold. I hated her with all my heart and the love became hate in my heart. Next day I started the Oscar Award actor's play for my daughters' sake only. Heather's two colleagues were right and Heather was transferred to that department two months later, where John Warden's earlier mistress Martha Martinez worked.

Heather told me she liked her new job at the other department, but she was on bad terms with Martha only. She complained about Martha several times. I was secretly laughing at her. At my workplace I ate lunch with a colleague from the IT department. Michael Johnson had a second wife with three children and they lived a happy life.

We discussed cheating wives. He told me his first wife was a cheater and he was lucky because he discovered her cheating before any childbirth. He used secret video cameras, bugs, and he sent the porn videos to her parents, relatives, friends, acquaintances and he published these videos on sex portals too.

He told me his ex-wife found a serious relationship and they were planning the wedding when he sent the porn videos with a letter to her fiancé.

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The wedding was canceled. The ex fiancé of his ex wife thanked the videos and the letter to my colleague.

The fiancé hired a PI firm and they gave him evidence that his soon to be wife had a lover again. I asked him if he could build a similar spy system in our house.

He told me he could collect the files in a spare computer. I could look at it with a password, but I had to delete the old files. I praised my idea of my secret money, because this activity was invisible financially. When my wife worked, my daughters were in High school, my colleague and I asked one day off from our jobs and we built the video and other bug systems in our house.

I checked the file monthly and deleted the old files. Belinda went to college and June was in her last year of High School, when I discovered something on the secret spy system. That time I was working on an oil-rig to solve a difficult problem and I had to work on weekends as well.

The spy files showed that while I was away Heather became the sex teacher of an eighteen-year-old neighbor boy. June almost caught them, the boy had to jump out through the window. I discovered the sex teacher "activity" during my monthly file checking in the beginning of September.

The following day, Wednesday, I had to travel to Calgary. In Canada, Alberta there is a center of the oil and gas mining industry and I had to meet our partner from oil and gas mining firm to solve some problems.

In addition to this business travel my boss sent me for a special symposium too. The environmental issue was a strong incentive to develop new mining methods. The new method was to use the drilling instruments to bring up metal compounds of ore from the deep.

Generally, the mining industry makes shafts and tunnels, and workers mine the ore and coal with mining machines from the deep. The symposium would start on Sunday morning in a hotel in Calgary.

The social program was to be an all day trip to Banff in the Rocky Mountains on Tuesday. The symposium would end on Saturday. As my boss told me, "Joel this would be a new important market possibility for our firm." I was full of anger with my cunt whore wife, but I could suppress my hatred when I worked, so I went to Canada with a buried hate in my soul. Chapter 3. The power of the coincidence Beth I was flying to Calgary, Canada and I was thinking about my life.

I lived with a serial cheater bastard husband and I was a model wife and a model mother for two sons. My younger son Ed attended the last year in his High School.

Would John continue to be a good provider for me in the future or would he replace me with his younger mistress? Such thoughts were circling in my mind in the plane and I had a bad vision about my family. I did not like this wimp role at all. I drew a conclusion about myself in my mind. As I had been an athlete earlier and I still had a strong need for exercise, we furnished the basement with fitness machines and I used them frequently.

Sometimes I did jogging with my sons. My husband used other "gyms" instead of ours. Sometimes my sons used the fitness machines with me.

I did not smoke or drink much and I slept enough, so my body was in good shape. I could deny ten years from my age easily. The problem was the collection of the mate candidates. There were few good mate candidates in the market. Most good husband candidates were attached with girlfriends, mates or wives. To find a good mate was a difficult thing.

To find another divorced serial cheater bastard, a violence abuser, an alcoholic abuser, a drug abuser, a gambling abuser was, however, so painfully easy. I was in a trap situation, without any simple solution. I arrived at Calgary airport and went by cab to the hotel where the training was to be held. I got surprised at the reception of the hotel. There were two tables with young college student girls, who assisted the new arrivals.

The first table was for the participants of a mining symposium and the second table was for the participants of our training. The program firm organized two events for the same time in the hotel with the same timetable and socializing programs as well. The hotel had several bars, restaurants and conference halls. The trip for the Rocky Mountains was common with the participants of the mining symposium.

I got special vouchers for meals and soft drinks, but alcoholic drinks had to be paid from our pockets. I got a name badge and the girls told me I had to wear it in the hotel. I got the magnetic key of my room and I went to my floor.

When I stepped out from the elevator with my suitcase, I was almost petrified from the shock. Joel Jones was about to enter the elevator. I could read his name badge, and he was definitely Joel Jones. He politely greeted me and went to the ground floor. I remembered him from the photos and videos of the PI firm and he did not change with time.

He was handsome and he had a few gray hairs only. I occupied my room, took a shower and went to have dinner in the restaurant of the hotel. I wore my name badge. I found Joel alone at a table. He was handsome and sad.

I greeted him and asked whether I could sit next to him at the table. He agreed, so we introduced ourselves to each other. "We're from same city and I know you," I said to him.

"Oh, do you?" He sounded genuinely astonished. "My husband's name is John Warden. He's the CEO at the company of your wife." His pupils became very narrow.

I felt the hate in the air. The waitress came to us to take our dinner vouchers and she gave us the menu. We could choose from three types of dishes and we asked for sparkling mineral water. I knew I had to be straight and brave. I felt I could be honest with him, so I said, "I don't like them either. And neither did I like their affair." The hate disappeared from his eyes and a funny confusion with a tinge of surprise appeared on his face. After a short hesitation he asked me straight, "Why do you live with him then?" "I'm a responsible mom for two sons as you're for two daughters!" When I said this sentence I flushed and I knew I felt more than simple sympathy for him.

Earlier he was embarrassed, but now I was. He smiled at me and said, "We're in the same boat with the same souls." I knew we had good chemistry. I smiled back at him. The waitress came back with the sparkling mineral water and asked us about our orders. We chose the same dish. "We've got the same taste, too," Joel remarked. We laughed a lot. My husband was a dry man, but Joel had a good sense of humor, just like me. I knew I was in love with him and I could not explain why but I felt I could conquer him.

We were talking about the interesting organization, because I came to the training and he came to the mining symposium to the same hotel. He told me he would go to Edmonton on Monday and Tuesday after the symposium to solve some problems at an oil and gas company, before coming back to our city.

I told him I would go home on Sunday morning. Both of us were very excited about the trip to Banff and the Rocky Mountain next week. We ate our dinner and went to one of the bars. We talked about our children and we showed our children's photos to each other, and we both knew we were proud of them. We laughed a lot. I felt he liked me. We went to our floor and arranged a meeting before the elevator at eight o'clock in morning. We would go to have breakfast together.

My training and his symposium would begin at 9 o'clock. I went to my room and I masturbated until sleeping and my sex fantasy was connected with him. I did not feel guilty with such a serial cheater bastard husband as John and with Joel's slut wife Heather. I thought he would be a good second chance for me.

The following day we met at the elevator and we went to the restaurant where there was a buffet. Joel drank only milk. He told me he preferred milk to beer.

I found this very interesting. We went to our respective programs, so I to the training and he to the mining symposium. We met at lunch too. We avoided the home problems and we talked about our jobs. Joel's firm wanted new market possibilities for special ore mining by drilling techniques and the symposium dealt with this. After the afternoon sections we met for dinner again. We were cheerful and we laughed a lot. I now know that both of us felt so free.

We went to the bar to talk after dinner. There he began the serious issue, "Dear Beth, I'm in such a mood that I want to give up my oath a year earlier.

I vowed to myself I'd wait until the graduation of my younger daughter June, before I start the divorce." I flushed from the happiness and the possibility of my secret dream coming true. I clouded him with my pheromone. He noted this. I was honest with him. "I wanted to divorce him three and half years ago," I said. Joel looked at me in surprise, "Why didn't you get through with it?" he asked. "My elder son had a problem with his schoolfellows with drug.

John broke up with your wife, Heather to help with our son, George." He was honestly astonished, "Oh, I see…did you succeed? "Yes, in the end we did… and that's why I wanted to forgive John. I thought I'd forgive him everything, when we saved George, because he was with us. However, he's got a young mistress now. I used the same PI firm secondly. I've videos and photo files about your wife and my husband and now I've evidence of his new young whore too." He looked at me in a funny way and he said, "I told you yesterday we're in the same boat.

Are you afraid he'll replace you with her? I don't understand your husband, you could deny almost ten years. Beth, you're a cheerful, lively woman!" I flushed again, "Thank you for your compliment. Yes, I'm not sure in my marriage, I don't trust John." I became brave and I went on.

"However, the divorce isn't an easy decision for a woman who is over forty. To find a good mate is difficult at this age." He understood me totally and he smiled at me with a warm comprehension. He said, "Don't think we men can easily find a good mate either. There may be a larger selection to choose from, but the chance that we pick damaged goods is also greater." We laughed a little.

I knew he thought I would not be a damaged goods for him.

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We went up by elevator to our floor. When we stepped out of the elevator, the corridor was empty, so we turned toward each other and hugged impulsively, then kissed long.

After the kiss I told him, "Joel we're free, we aren't cheaters, it's them who are, our spouses are." He did not answer, only with a long, passionate kiss……&hellip. Chapter 4. The cougar Joel I went to Edmonton after the symposium to solve some problem at an oil and gas company. Beth sent her first E-mail to me from our city, when she arrived home. She wrote, "I love you and please do not forget that I will begin the divorce in June, and you will follow me three months later.

I will send my next mail next week." I answered, "It will be difficult for you to wait a year! I love you too!" We had discussed our future and had decided it together in the hotel. Beth would begin the divorce the following year in June and I would follow her three months later.

We would meet accidentally so that Beth could tell everybody she knew me from her PI video files and photos, and that's where I would be familiar to her.

This would be a white lie to our families. We had not known that time but Beth's idea of the three months' delay for me turned out to be the most fantastic, I am thankful to her. It was two and half months' delay in reality, but it was worth. I will tell later why it was a blessing. We would not meet at all until my divorce started. We arranged that we would write one E-mail a week, except for emergency. I must emphasize again that it was very difficult for both of us, but we accomplished.

The symposium was a big success for our firm, because a Finnish mining company wanted to use our machines and instruments for nickel mining. They developed a special mining technique, which uses bacteria to extract the nickel from the ore and drilling instruments were needed to yield the nickel solution from the deep. I went to Finland several times to set our machines and instruments. This nickel mining was a financial success both for our partner and our company as well.

I went home for the sake of my daughter only and I used Heather like a prostitute or a free of charge escort girl. I regarded her as a whore in my mind. After my encounter with Beth my hatred set in a level and I checked my surveillance system weekly from my workplace. But Heather did not take any more lovers in our house after the 18 years old sex student neighbor boy, who went to college in another city.

She might have had other lovers at her workplace, but the house was lover free, according to my bugs and video cameras. I wanted to use the video files to avoid the counseling session ordered by the court. I wrote in an E-mail to Beth that I was thinking of buying a tape measure to cut a little of it day by day until the divorce started. She replied that she laughed a lot at my idea. I was glad to have found a woman with such a good sense of humor as Beth. Heather lacked any sense of humor.

While Belinda was at college studying to be a math teacher, my younger daughter, June, wanted to be a nurse, so she wanted to go to college, too. When she graduated from High School, I went to her graduation ceremony with Heather. Beth sent her most important E-mail to me after her son's graduation, saying "I gave John the divorce documents and he was glad for it. He told me he would have given me his divorce documents, if Ed had gone to college. The damn son of the bitch!

I was right about him. I hired a condo with two rooms. Thank you for waiting for me. You will be with me soon. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!" Meanwhile, at the college Belinda found a guy for a serious relationship from our city. He was a cocky noisy guy, I did not like him, but I did not tell my opinion about Jack Scuderi to Belinda, who thought she found the right man. Beth and I planned the three months delay, but how the three months became two and half months, I tell you now.

Belinda often brought Jack to our home but sometimes they went to Jack's parents as well. When he was at us he was very cheeky with me. I was tolerant with him for the sake of my daughter. Heather liked him. The last two months passed slowly before I finally went to the divorce lawyer. Beth and I chose different lawyers to avoid any connection between us.

The lawyer told me he would be ready with the documents within two weeks. I could begin the divorce when I wanted. I wrote this to Beth. Beth answered she found an apartment for me three buildings from hers and there was a supermarket in between.

She wrote we could meet there "accidentally" after my divorce began. I used the secret money and I rented the recommended apartment for four months and I took some of my personal belongings to the apartment. Soon after this I had to go to Finland for a week to solve some problem.

When I came back and I went to work I checked my secret spy system routinely. I wanted to delete the files but I almost fell off from my chair when I looked at the video files more thoroughly. The cocky impertinent Jack Scuderi, my older daughter's "right man", was the lover of my cheating whore. As our divorce was to be started soon, Heather could have had a lover like Sigourney Weaver's alien, ET or a green UFO being in her collection, it didn't matter to me.

However, my daughter's happiness was one of my most important things in my life, so I was totally angry with Heather and Jack. I saved the files to a thumb drive. I wrote an E-mail to Beth. I knew Beth checked her E-mails several times a day for emergency in the last days. I was right and she answered quickly, "Joel, you should speed up the divorce proceedings. Tomorrow you should move to your apartment.

You should invite your daughters into the apartment for a "cinema performance". You had enough room for three people in your apartment for one week (college start). Good luck! I LOVE YOU!!!!!" I phoned my lawyer from my job and I asked the divorce documents for Friday.

I asked a day off from my boss because of family problems for the next day. When Heather went to work I took many of my personal things in the apartment. My daughters went away before Heather, so they were clueless about everything.

I phoned them at lunchtime and I told them to meet me in front of the building where my apartment was. We went up to my apartment. They understood that I wanted to divorce, but they were astonished, sad and silent. We were sitting in front of my laptop and I put the thumb drive into the laptop. Belinda asked me, "Dad, what do you want to show us?" I answered with a question, "Have you ever watched porn?" "Dad, we live in the twenty-first century!" answered my daughters together.

"These porno files will be very funny with interesting porn actors," I said. Belinda began to understand something, but June was a little confused yet. I began to play the videos. My two daughters were hot from the anger. First Belinda, then June began to cry loudly when they saw the betrayal. "Daddy, who are these people…I've no mother any longer…and I've no boyfriend either…" sobbed Belinda.

"Daddy we're with you," said June in crying voice. "I don't want to live with my mother, I've no mother now," said Belinda.

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Then June added, still crying, "Daddy, I want to live with you until I start the nurse college, I won't go back to our house." "Could we remain here with you?" forced Belinda.

"We should go to the house for your most important things before she arrives home from her job," I told them. So we brought many personal things of my daughters in my and Belinda's cars.

We put everything in pile in my apartment. Belinda phoned Jack later. I heard her saying, "Dear son of a bitch, I wish you much pleasure with your cougar! Go to hell!" then she closed the line.

When Heather came home she tried to phone June, Belinda and me, but we did not answer. Next day she tried again, but when she got the divorce documents she stopped phoning, she understood everything. I thought, Jack Scuderi informed her as well. My daughters told me they would never talk with their mom again. They love only me. I was proud of my daughters and every night when I went to bed I cried a little from the pride and the fondness in secret.

I wrote everything to Beth, but in a way that my daughters could not notice anything about her. Beth wrote that her sons suspected something about John's mistress because they told her they preferred her to their father. The following week I checked the spy system and I found that Heather cried in the house all day after arriving home from work.

My daughters and I did not feel sorry for her at all. Jack Scuderi was not on the video files any more. Later, when she was at her job, I brought some of my further personal items from the house and Michael Johnson and I dismounted the surveillance system. Beth wrote she saw me several times with my daughters, but she did not want to disturb us. When my daughters and Beth's sons left for their colleges, Beth and I met "accidentally" in front of the local supermarket, just as we had organized it on E-mail.

We hugged each other smiling and we stuck together in a passionate kiss… Chapter 5. My three " unexpected surprise" against my new husband Beth I divorced my bastard husband first, so that he could marry his twenty-one years younger mistress.

My sons were at their wedding and they told me the event had all been very strange for them. We began the common life, though Joel was not divorced yet. The sex was very interesting for us, because Joel had used his wife like a prostitute, but now he made love. He and I sometimes entangled in our selflessness, but our sense of humor solved every confusing situation.

Heather did not fight for the dead horse, for her dead marriage, so three months after my divorce Joel became free and he asked me if I wanted to be his wife.

Without hesitation I told him yes. I got good money from the divorce moreover John paid the fifty percent share of our house. Joel and Heather sold their house and they had to share everything. We could buy a nice new house and we had a gym in the basement.

We organized a big wedding. My parents were there, my father walked me down the aisle to Joel in our church. Joel's parents were very old, but they attended our wedding. Our children came too, and all four of them told us they were happy for us.

Our friends and relatives were also there. My sons instantly had a liking for Joel and Joel's daughters found me very sympathetic, too. Joel's daughters did not talk with their mother at all. We went to Kenya for our honeymoon. We were at the Indian Ocean and took part in a several days' safari, too. We admired the marvelous African animals. When I came home I told my husband that I wanted three "unexpected surprise" against him.

I had read that the Down's syndrome could be detected with blood test and I told this to Joel. While I had waited for Joel alone I had read some interesting things on the Internet, among which I noted the Down's syndrome blood test scientific result.

I told him we could try a common child with this new scientific opportunity. He was astonished first, but he supported me, so we started the baby production. I took my pregnancy vitamins and avoided liver. The first 10th week's test showed Down's syndrome embryo and the repeated 11th week's test verified the first test result. The doctors had my embryo aborted. We were devastated, but the doctors explained that the likelihood of Downs's syndrome is the same in a certain age group but it is independent from the number of impregnation.

Therefore they said we could try again after a little time. We waited for a while and we started again with the baby production. This time the two tests were negative and we had twins from two eggs, a baby girl Wendy and a baby boy Eric. We laughed much later, Joel had only daughters I had only sons, but we had a common son and a common daughter.

We made love often during my pregnancy. When my labor started my doctors did not risk much and I gave birth to my twins by caesarean delivery. Some weeks before the birthday of my husband I told him I wanted to perform my second "unexpected surprise" against him. He was confused. I told him he should take samples of our children and of himself to a DNA test. He told me this was needless.

I told him this was my second " surprise", so he laughed and he went to the laboratory. The results were positive and arrived some days before his birthday and I said to him that was his main present from me for his birthday and I hugged him tightly.

He asked what my third " surprise" would be against him, because he was very curious. I answered he would get the answer one and half year later, but I would keep it a secret until the exact time came.


Joel's daughter Belinda found a good guy and they found jobs in our city. They were planning their wedding. Colin worked in a local bank. We joked with them saying that if they did not baby-sit for us we would not do it for them either. Belinda and June still did not talk with their mother. Belinda did not invite Heather to her wedding. My sons talked with their father, but I was the first parent for them.

John and his young wife had a baby girl and one year later yet another baby girl of theirs was born. Ed wanted to become an architect and he studied hard in college and when he graduated he met my old boyfriend's daughter. Ann was a beautiful Eurasian girl. We had a big wedding in that year. John was there with his new wife, but Joel and I avoided them successfully.

Joel and I, John, and Ann's dad Mark paid for the wedding together. A catering firm organized the ceremony and they treated the divorced parents' problem quite well. Ed got a job at a local firm. June graduated to be a nurse, and she and George fell in love with each other. George got a good job in our city.

Joel and I laughed a lot when George and June told us their wedding plan. Our families would be double-linked to each other. We humorously told the other two pairs the same thing we had told Belinda and her husband about baby-sitting.

They all agreed smiling. We are lucky we have four older children with a good sense of humor. George and June's wedding was a funny event.

John and his young wife Nancy were there, and although Joel and I were polite to them, we avoided them as much as we could. John paid the half of the cost, so they had a right to be there. However, George and June, exactly like us, tried to be with them as little as possible. Joel and I had told Heather's and John's earlier love affair to the four children. I had showed them my PI evidence too. This PI evidence was a good cover story. I told them I knew Joel from the PI videos and photos so he was not unknown for me to talk to at an "accidental" supermarket encounter.

My elder sons and Joel's elder daughters learned that John and Heather were serial cheaters. We were successful to hide our earlier Calgary meeting from others, moreover, even George and June did not find out our secret despite living together. June told us that like her sister, she did not want to meet her mother either. Later we learned that John gave photo files of the wedding to Heather at their job, so she got information about us. Before the newer production wave of the baby factory I accomplished my last " surprise" against my new husband.

Before I start to tell this I shall discuss the nature of happiness. The first happiness is such an easily found thing. It comes like a daily scheduled train and we are glad when it arrives, while tending to think of a transportation disaster when it does not. Yes, the first happiness generally occurs when we are young and we all look for the right one. The second happiness is another sort of thing.

We have to fight hard for it, and therefore it is more valuable than the first. We also protect it better. The intensity of love will decrease with the time spent in marriage, and after a certain period it will set at a level and stay there. This level may be higher or lower in different marriages. However, a marriage could be either a routine practice or, if you make it one, an interesting challenge. This was in my brain when I was alone for almost three months after leaving John, to start with Joel.

At that time only the E-mail correspondence with Joel was an anchor to my future happiness, so I surfed on the Internet a lot. I knew Joel preferred low fat milk to beer, so I read something about milk on the net and I accidentally discovered a funny website about Adult Breastfeeding Relationship (ANR) sex and I read it.

After reading this I read many other ANR websites. I remembered I liked to nurse my sons and I was euphoric from the breastfeeding. But as John preferred beer to milk we did not discover the ANR that time.

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So I found my third " surprise" for my soon to be husband. I thought a heterosexual man, who preferred milk to beer would have little problem drinking body warm milk instead of cold. When I breastfed our twins, I felt euphoria too, but Joel did not think of ANR, because he was ignorant. I waited for the exact time and it came when I wanted to wean our twins. During this process I began to accustom my husband to longer breast sex plays and I kept letting him suck my nipples, and he tasted my milk for the first time in his life.

This was the right time to start the ANR sex so I turned to my dear husband with the next words, "Honey, it's time for my third surprise." Joel looked at me in a funny way and said, "I'm curious about it." I reminded him, "Honey, you've just tested my milk for the first time in your life and you told me it's tasty." He confirmed me, "Yes, I actually told you that your milk is tasty." I threw the bomb, "What's your opinion about testing my milk all your life?" He was surprised, "What…What…?" "I'll begin to wean our twins soon, and you could get my milk twice a day.

You like to drink cold milk but you should accustom yourself to body warm milk now," I explained. When Joel understood what my last " surprise" was, he admitted, "Beth, honey, I cannot say much, but this is my most secret sex fantasy…" So I found the best receptivity to my third " surprise" against my new husband. I showed him the ANR websites and he was surprised that his most secret sex fantasy had many websites and how many couples lived in this most intimate relationship.

The net gave much help to us, but our experiences were the most important. We submerged in the milk ocean of the ANR sex soon in our galaxy the Milky Way. We became an ANR couple and we found each other in a much deeper love than at the beginning of our marriage. Chapter 6. The bomb goal from a soccer free kick Joel Beth and I became an ANR couple and we had two secrets from the world, Calgary and this.

Our children began the baby factory, so we had to repay the baby-sit occasions, but we did it with pleasure to look after our grandchildren. Belinda started, then Ed, and George with June followed.

They repeated this round again. Our children were five years old when we four went to a restaurant to celebrate Beth's birthday. We entered the restaurant when I recognized Jack Scuderi. He was with his wife and with a two years old boy and a two months baby girl in a baby carriage. They were just leaving the restaurant so we met in the center of the place. He recognized me too and he told me in a very loud sarcastic voice in my face, "Hi, wimp Daddy! A new slut?" I answered from my gut without thinking of the four children who were with us, "Dear Jack, are your children from your mother-in-law?

Is your mother-in-law a good fuck?" When I said this I looked at his wife, who was a little astonished by the awkward situation. Jack's arm moved quickly and his fist knocked my head. Total K.O. I fell unconscious for half a minute and collapsed on the floor. When I returned to consciousness I saw Jack weltered in pain on the floor beside me and wailed loudly, gripping his balls. My wife Beth was standing with her arms on her waist and was just telling everybody in the restaurant, "If somebody tries to injure my husband they'll get the same balls kick from me!

I was a good soccer player!" While Jack's wife was trying to help him, I could stand up with the help of my wife. The staff of the restaurant ran to us to separate the two families, but Jack could not stand up from the floor. He was moaning from the constant pain, so the ambulance was called and Jack was taken to the hospital. Next day the police came to us to interview my wife and me. The doctors had operated on Jack.

He lost one of his testicles as a result of my wife's successful soccer free kick. It was destroyed totally and the other testicle had to heal up for weeks. He became sterile. Jack's wife had denounced my wife to the Police. We asked for help from George who recommended his colleague. He was a good criminal lawyer. He found the restaurant had a security video system and he suggested the Police ask for the video file from them.

The restaurant provided a copy of the security video file. The Police and the District Attorney Office watched the video file and they determined my wife defended me after an unexpected attack, so the court would reject the criminal case. The staff of the restaurant told the same thing to the Police. Our lawyer got a copy of the video recorded by the restaurant's camera.

We celebrated the rejected accusation with a whole family meeting in our house. The main event was when we watched the security video together. My daughters and I remembered an earlier "cinema event." One of the main characters in that video was same person, Jack. We copied the restaurant's file to a DVD and we watched it on the TV. We watched it more than ten times, actually. At that scene when Beth kicked Jack's balls, whole family shouted loudly, "Goal! Goal!

Bomb Goal! Mom, you are a super star! Beth you are super!" Everybody behaved as if they were supporters watching a soccer game. After the tenth replay, we stopped the video and such a thing happened, which Beth and I and our children would not forget until death. My two daughters came to my wife, each Beth and I did not know anything. Our children organized this.

Belinda began, "Beth, thank you for saving our Daddy. We've no Mom and we ask you…" Belinda and June, June was pregnant with her second child, the serious responsible moms started to cry and Beth did the same.

At last June finished Belinda's words, "We would like to ask you to be our true Mom!" They gave the two bouquets of flowers to Beth, who accepted them and she wiped her eyes. She said feelingly, "Belinda, June, ever since I got to know your Dad, I've thought of you as my true daughters." She hugged Belinda first and then June. Every adult in the room cried. The older children looked at their parents surprised, wondering what the matter was.

However, they soon recognized that the adults were crying from the happiness. Ed said, "Ann told June and Belinda why they didn't dare to ask Beth about this…" Beth looked at Ann with watery eyes and told her. "Thank you Ann for being so smart and wise." Beth and I hugged each other and started to kiss.

The younger adults began shouting, "Get a room!" Everybody began laughing or smiling to put an end to the serious minutes. Beth whispered in my ear. "Joel, thank you for giving me such happiness…" Every guest went home, we bedded our twins. After shower we went to bed. We had sex twice a day like an average ANR couple. We began the breastfeeding part.

We knew the exact heart rhythm of the other, as ANR couples normally do. Beth looked at me in a loving way and she told me, "I fell in love with you when you talked about your daughters." I stopped sucking her breast and answered, "So did I, when you talked about your sons." We smiled at each other. June and George had their second child, a baby girl. I thought the baby factory closed. Around this time Ed and Ann came to us on a Saturday for a lunch with the grandchildren, and Ed began to talk about his father.

Ed met him in the morning and he brought very fresh news from him. When we put down the children for their afternoon nap he told us the latest news, "My father wants to divorce Nancy.

He moved to a condo. I and George assisted him in the morning." Beth and I looked at each other, surprised. Beth asked, "Do you know what happened?" "Yes. Father suspected something, so he used an infidelity home test and the test showed positive result. He went to his divorce lawyer and a PI firm." "I know his lawyer.

I met him during my divorce proceedings." said Beth. Ed continued. "The PI firm found a rather young stud, who's a Police investigator sergeant, who's her lover now. He's four years younger than Nancy." "Interesting. John likes the young gals, too," remarked Beth, at which point everybody started to laugh.

"The lawyer suggested that my father should have a DNA test to establish paternity for the children. The results showed that the elder girl, Patricia, is not his, so the younger girl, Susan, is my blood sister alone." We were astonished a little.

I broke the silence, "It's like when the executioner gets the capital punishment." Everybody laughed loudly.

Ed carried on, "The lawyer told my father that even though he had a prenuptial agreement, he would still have to pay children support for Patricia as well, because Patricia was above four years when the DNA test was made.

The lawyer advised my father to find out who was the biological father of Patricia. If he knew who the man was, he could start a lawsuit against him to pay the children support money in settlement.

My father remained at home with Nancy for a while, and he played an actor's role." Ann said, "He played his role well enough. We didn't suspect anything for two months at all." "Father told Nancy he knew Patricia wasn't his, but he would like to reconcile for Susan's sake.

Nancy isn't too smart and she believed this. My father got all information from Nancy this week, so he's begun the divorce," explained Ed. "Who's the biological father of Patricia?" asked Beth and I almost at the same time. "Even Nancy doesn't know that. She was at an orgy with her friends, while my father was away on a business travel. The men were unknown people, and she had sex with more than eight males that day. But she drank much alcohol too, so the eight people may actually be even ten.

She doesn't remember their names at all. She did sex bareback, and she was lucky to avoid STDs. She's not too smart," said Ed. "If your father had had a DNA test made for you and George, he wouldn't have been disappointed at all," replied Beth.

"Mom, George and I know this, of course," Ed ensured her. We soon got to know that the court gave alimony to Nancy for five years and she got the children custody, because Susan was below four years.

John would pay child support for both children and Nancy got the house until Susan turns eighteen years old. The prenuptial prevented John from having a fifty-fifty share. John promised he would try to treat Susan and Patricia the same way, but he warned the family that he would not be able to hide that he loved his biological daughter, Susan, better.

He would give less in his will to Patricia than to his other three biological children. We organized our birthday day together with the twins, and scheduled the all-family event for Saturday or Sunday. So the small family event for my birthday took place on Wednesday. We went to a restaurant and we had told our older children where we would go. We arrived at the restaurant in time and we sat down at the table.

When the waitress brought the menu, we realized that the woman sitting at the next table alone was Heather. Beth and I looked at each other in surprise. Why was she here? Then Heather began to cry. We sat there in shock. It was an awkward situation. "Mommy-Daddy! Why is this woman crying here?" Eric and Wendy asked confusedly and curiously. I was astonished from the situation, but Beth knew what to say, "Kids, this crying is a special birthday present for Daddy," she said sarcastically.

"I prefer cheerful presents," replied Wendy. "So do I," reinforced Eric. The waitress came with the first round dishes and she put them on our table and went away. Suddenly, Heather stood up and told me, "Happy birthday, Joel," then she told Beth, "Beth, you're a lucky woman." She turned to all of us, "Bon appetite. Good bye." "Bye-bye, Heather," we told her, and she left. Beth and I looked at each other and we thought the same. "We should keep secret about our birthday restaurant in the future," I said.

"You're right. Next time John will come to our restaurant to cry at the end." Beth replied.

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We laughed a lot. We got to know that at work Heather had asked John about the place of our birthday supper, while John had learned it from George. We had kept secret about our birthday restaurants since then. Our elder children understood us, and they told us they would blurt out to John accidentally.

Beth and me got information about Heather from her relatives, because my older daughters had some connection to their relatives from Heather's side. She lived together with a man for three years, who left her for a younger woman. She had been alone for a half year and we thought this action was a step to the peace.

She would have liked to meet the grandchildren. However my older daughters told us, their true Mom was Beth and they did not want to meet Heather. This action did not bring peace for her. Alison Krauss and the Union Station came to our city for a performance and I got two tickets. Belinda and Colin baby-sat Wendy and Eric for us. As every time since the big event Beth was standing in front of her collection of shoes for a long time, and finally she selected the strongest pair of shoes, saying, "Honey, strong shoes are very important in case of emergency.

They may be our secret weapons…" The end.