Horny legal age teenager girl stimulates pussy in an astonishing softcore scene

Horny legal age teenager girl stimulates pussy in an astonishing softcore scene
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Cassandra was talking on the phone again, well not again but more like still. Kevin swore that girl must live via telephone sometimes, she never did anything worth while besides run her mouth and besides she never had anything worth while to say.

He sighed heavily to himself and leaned back in his cubicle, it was approaching 8 PM and he still hadn't heard back from his client. Financial Advising may not have been all it was cracked up to be in terms of the hours, but the pay was sweet and Kevin was a pretty laid back guy so he didn't mind coming home after midnight from time to time.

After all he didn't have much to return to but a single bedroom apartment and old Chinese take-out. He was thinking about how old the lo-mein in the refrigerator was when the phone rang; it was his client calling to say she couldn't make it but that they could reschedule for tomorrow.

Kevin stepped outside for a second to hear the lady more clearly due to Cassandra's incessant chatter when he realized that buses had stopped running, that's right he thought to himself, it's Thursday, they don't run till midnight until the weekend. While he was getting off the phone and cursing to himself imagining how much a cab would cost from work Cassandra stepped outside while wrapping up her phone conversation.

She waved goodbye in Kevin's direction and paused for a moment as she realized his dilemma. "You didn't drive in today?" She asked "Umm naw, I took the bus but I kinda forgot that it stops running after 7:30 at this stop. I'll probably just take a cab home." Kevin replied trying not to sound too pathetic and stupid. "Anyways, you have a good night", he quickly added trying to dismiss her. The last thing he needed was for her to strike up a conversation with him.

"Oh no I could never leave you here alone, I'd feel bad.

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Come on I'll give you a ride." She offered. "You're like maybe a half hour away right?" "Ummm, y-yeah, that's right" Kevin stammered. He was trying to think of a way out of this but his mind was failing him.

Its not that Cassandra wasn't attractive, because she was, it was just her constantly running mouth that was such a turn off. She had a great ass and nice set of full breasts that sat on her small thin frame, and from what he could tell from her outfits on dress down Fridays she definitely had a freaky side to her.

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But all that wasn't worth sitting for five minutes and listening to her non stop jabber. As he sat back in car he pretended to be extremely tired and close his eyes to avoid conversation. About ten minutes past when Kevin realized how quiet it was and couldn't believe his plan was working so well. He looked over and saw Cassandra sucking rather intently on a huge lollipop, Her lips were magnificent and her tongue superb, she coated it over with a devilish passion as she thrust its red length back and forth between her full lips.

Kevin was like a deer headlights as he couldn't help but think of her sweet mouth wrapped around his cock. She caught him staring and giggled to herself then took the lollipop out.

"I have an oral fixation, sorry if this looks all weird." The sound of her voice snapped Kevin back into reality. "Uh umm, it's ok…" he managed to blurt out.

"My doctor said there's not much I can do and so I try to talk as much as possible in efforts to keep my lips and tongue busy and not go crazy at work. I know it's probably hard on you and all since your desk is right across from mine and all. I just wish there was something I could do to resolve this!" She wasn't joking either, Kevin noticed; her words were coming out as muffled sounds in between slurps and gulps of the quickly diminishing lollipop.

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He was getting very aroused very fast, and Cassandra could tell by the way awkward way he was sitting; obviously trying to cover up his erection.

Kevin was struck with an idea and decided since he was almost home he might as well give it a shot. "You know I used to have a similar condition and although mine wasn't as sever I learned how to turn this problem into a blessing" he explained to her. "See the fact is that since you use your mouth so often you have a natural strength there and level of control that few people can even imagine." "Hmm" she replied, a bit interested, "Go on" They pulled up in front of his door and he stepped out while still explaining.

"Without even realizing it you can probably do tasks with your tongues faster and longer than the average woman can" He stepped through the doorway and left it open as Cassandra followed in and shut it behind her. "I think I know where you're going with this Kevin" she responded, "But more strength and stamina doesn't equal more skill necessarily." She took one look around at the scantily furnished pad and made for the most conformable seat in the house, the bed.

"I did say added control as well as stamina did I not?" Kevin replied to rebuke her last claim, "I can see you're in some need of convincing" he continued as he began to undo his necktie, "So what do you say, shall we put it to the test?" Cassandra nodded eagerly as she quickly shed her button up shirt and slid off her skirt and panties in one maneuver.

Kevin was amazed at her slender tan body and even more amazed at her complete lack of hair, she was clean-shaven and her lower lips were full and pronounced practically begging for attention. His hands came up over her sides tickling gently while his fingertips inched towards her back; as he laid her down on the bed & unstrapped her black bra and let it fall off her body onto the sheets.

He paused for a moment to savor the sight of her exposed bosom and fixated his gaze on her left nipple which had a delightfully wicked looking ring dangling from its erect surface. He takes her hands in his and pushes them up over her head pinning them down as he kisses more and more passionately, her body twists in anticipation as his mouth works over her lower neck and past her collarbone.


He slides his hands down the length of her arms and place them across her cleavage as his tongue takes long powerful licks over the tip of her nipple ring. His mouth open wide, face sliding back and forth over her chest while his hands cup her breasts and hold them in place as his tongue switches back and forth between nipples.

He suck harder on her nipple ring and pauses for a moment to circle around it with his tongue, flicking and rolling the soft wet tip around and around the erect flesh and cold steel. Her hands come down quickly as he sucks harder but he pushes them back off immediately, he wants her to settle down and feel helpless while he has his way with her. He pulls off his tie and wraps her wrists up tight behind her back then takes another one laying on his chair and blindfolds her while she's still laying on her stomach.

Then he whirls her tiny body back over onto her back and attacks her breasts with his tongue, sucking feverishly as he wraps his lips around her nipples and pinch with his teeth. Her body squirms and she moans slightly when he sucks and releases her flesh from his mouth, and as he sucks faster and harder her moans get louder and deeper.

Then his kisses slow down and eventually stop and his hands grab her waist and pull it up as he lowers his face onto her. Her legs spread slightly but his hands spread them more until he can see her lips begin to part slightly.

His tongue crawls over her inner things and nestles in the small opening as he licks up and down coating her outer lips with my caresses. Her body comes up to meet my mouth as I lick harder and longer, getting deeper and deeper as he parts you more, until she can feel the tip of his tongue curl up and twist inside of her. He pulls away and slides his fingers against her lips parting them as he goes until he exposes her clit and gently swabs back and forth over its surface.

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The velvety soft underside of his tongue gently coats her warm flesh and her body tenses up under the sensation. His lips collapse down around her clit and he sucks while licking around in faster more intense circles, his hands now grabbing her hips as he buries his face in between her legs. Her hands and squirming behind her back as she tries to break free to grab his head, but she can't do anything, and she can't even see anything either; she can only feel his powerful tongue envelop her flesh with each lick deeper than the last.

She bites her lip and moans deeply as his mouth snakes around over her wet flesh and his tongue flickers over her clit.

He gasps slightly when she feels his fingers penetrate her deeply while his mouth milks her delicate pink skin. She hears his moans of passion as his tongue savors her juices and thrusts his hand deeper into her sliding around wildly from her own lubrication. He slides all the way out to fingertips and pauses licking them and then thrusting in all the way to the knuckles as he resumes sucking even more passionately than before.

Her body begins to buck and shake and his other hand comes up to keep her steady, pressing on her hips and squeezing the side of her ass. He slides down further over her ass now wet and slippery from her drenched pussy, his fingertip slides around searching and gently rests on the tip of her anus, you moan out a little louder in anticipation.

He slides in slowly, gently parting her tight opening and sinking his finger into her as he feels his other fingers already sliding in and out of her; the thin membrane of flesh that separates her ass from your pussy is being caressed by both hands and she shouts out in pleasure as he works both pair of fingers in and out of her in a passionate rhythm.

Her body squirms as his fingertips fondle her from the inside out, sinking in deeper with each beck and twist of her hips; she can't get enough.

His lips clench down and his tongue pulls her clit out into his mouth with each lick as he thrusts into her ass with his left hand and pumps her pussy with his right.

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Her legs wrap tightly around his head and she starts cursing loudly as she pulls him into her further and deeper. His licks get faster and harder and his hands ride into her body like pistons sending waves of pleasure through her. The moans stop suddenly and her body tenses up to a freeze and he knows she's going to orgasm, he releases her clit from his lips and strictly uses his tongue to lick and caress intricate patters in frantic motion over her soft wet flesh.

She moans out loud and shakes the bed violently then begs him to stop as she can't take anymore of the intense pleasure, but he ignores her cries and laps up every delicious drop then pauses for half a second and then take a few more quick licks that make her body shiver and shudder more… "That was better than I thought it was gonna be." Cassandra gasped as Kevin removed her blindfold and hand-tie, "And I thought it was going to be incredible!" "Ah well, have I shown you the blessing that your problem can be?" Kevin asked while licking his lips slowly.

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"Yes you have and allow me to put your advice to good use" Cassandra responded, "Lean back, it's my turn." To Be Continued…