Big ass step mom fuck her son in hotel room thinking that he is her husband

Big ass step mom fuck her son in hotel room thinking that he is her husband
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The sun was rising outside the window a huge fireball of anger, yeah; it was gonna be another scorcher, another day of waiting. Looking at the bed, the raven haired beauty turned to look at me, her perfect breasts moving in unison with her body.

"Tyrome! Come back to bed! You've only filled me twice this morning!" she cried. It was the same every morning, had I not been a mage I know I'd have been dead by now for sure. True she wasn't the best lay but what she lacked in technique, she more than made up for in enthusiasm. "I'll be back," I said as I pulled my shirt on, "Then we can go at it the rest of the day, you know I have to check, wouldn't do to piss off your father.

Even if he did arrange this." She pulled a cute pouty face as I leaned down to kiss her um just as good as the first time 4 days ago. Placing wards around the building I thought a moment and placed a few under it too can't be too unsure. Walking down the street I headed to the bar, 'bout the only place I went these days with the super sex machine in my bed.

Walking in I waved to the barkeep just as normal, as were 99% of the regulars here in this place. I had just walked to my usual table and sat when a nervous little man walked in the front door.

Hmmm not your usual nervous type, no this one could give lessons to a Chihuahua. His eyes were shifting to everything in the room; every sound had him about to flee for his life. I could tell this was an office type of guy soft, smooth looking hands, an almost alabaster white colored skin, looked more like he belonged in a monastery than on the street.

Looking closer I saw it was Ronney, scared little shit why send him? He was terrified at his own shadow let alone anything else. Sighing I got up to meet him and lead him to the back booth, immediately he straightened following me. "Why they keep sending you boy?" I asked him to try and put him at ease.

"They said it would help me to possibly integrate into the normal world, I don't know Mr. Greenstick, it's a scary place out here." He replied though not shaking anymore, his grey eyes were still darting everywhere. I grinned a little, Ronney didn't realize it but he'd already conquered the hardest part, he'd left the magic world sanctuary. Sitting back I hoped he had news today, not that I minded having sex all damn day but I was starting to get restless. "What you got for me today?" I asked.

Ronney gave me an incredulous look as I sighed and briefly waved a hand to make us hidden in plain view. "Ah! Thank you Mr. Greenstick, the entire council has finally gotten your office ready," taking out a large manila envelope; he slid it across to me.

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"Everything is in there, if everything isn't right, they said you'd know what to do but as I heard them say, they didn't think you'd have any problems with it." Taking out a 3 inch stack of papers of all the information, I passed my hand over it hmmm they did cover a lot I would have thought of.

Ronney's eyes were as big as saucers what?

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Hadn't he ever seen a palm read before? "Tell them it is adequate, for now," I almost growled to get the point across but thought better of it, didn't want the little guy to pass out, hell he was already 'bout to piss his pants as it was! "Thank you Mr. Greenstick, here is the key," he slid an odd shaped chain across the table to me. "The council said that when your office is officially open they have a big case for you, and your crew." With that he got up and left rather in a hurry, hell he couldn't have moved faster if you'd shot at him.

Well, it was too bad I wasn't going to have another all day session with Cynthia. I was finally starting to get used to her soft curves and softer insides, at least her father had everything finally ready. Might as well head back and break the news to her, lord knows she wasn't going to take it all that well.

30 minutes later I was ducking flying furniture and what few dishes I HAD, talk about your wild cats! Escaping I made my way to the old factory building that served as the front for my new job. Now instead of being the one out there gathering the clues I would be here pulling the strings, trying to get these kids (they were only 2 or 3 hundred years old) trained enough that they wouldn't get killed the first day.

Pulling the chain out of my shirt, the back wall shimmered and a door appeared. On it were the words: OFFICE OF FIELD INVESTIGATIONS, TYROME GREENSTICK. Hmm, did strange things to see ones name like that, almost felt important, almost. Walking in I saw that everything was keyed to my entrance 'til I gave the off and on to others, sighing I knew I had a full day ahead interviewing for a staff. Probably in 2 or 3 days then the real fun started training the green mages that the council sent to me to train.

Sitting at my desk the speaker in front of me buzzed waving my hand I responded, "Yes, I'm ready please send in the first applicant." A door on the opposite side of the room opened and a fairly attractive woman walked in. Handing me her file I palm read it and looked at her, "Miss Toxie, there are several requirements for this job.

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The biggest of which is a somewhat substantial power level, we may have unwelcomed guests from time to time and I want to make sure you will be up to the task." She nodded and I powered half way up and fired a blast at her, poof she was gone!? Great! Snapping my fingers she was back in a flash, "That's not what I meant by being up for the task! Good day Miss Troxie!" Sighing I knew this was going to take longer than I wanted, obviously a lot longer. I'd almost given up hope, so far I'd seen 30 women, 5 men, an ogre, hell even a witch, they all left me more than not impressed.

The next that strolled through my door caught my attention immediately, red hair, luscious red lips that seemed to beg to be taken, slender legs and waist and a face that could probably put Cleopatra's to shame.

Hell, even I had to do a double take, oh yeah I forgot to mention she had a nice tight ass just like I like 'em.

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Sitting down I began to question her as I had the rest, then sighing I powered up again and let loose at her. Though I felt she wasn't that strong, she managed to deflect several of my blasts, a promising start. "You understand Celina, you will have to be up on everything in this office, know where everything is, when I need it I need it as fast as you can put it in my hand." I told her.

She nodded, then proceeded to ask not only excellent questions but extremely intelligent ones. Damn! This woman was almost too good to be true, there was something about her I wasn't sure but right now she was the closest to what I needed at the front desk. I let her know I'd contact her soon as I had more interviews to go through. "Thank you sir," she replied, "if I am hired I will endeavor to perform to the best of my abilities." Something clicked in my mind, I'd heard this before, this wasn't good not good at all.

Damn it! She had such a damn nice ass too! Sighing I let her out and resigned myself to go through the rest of the applicants before the day was done. Closing the door, I walked down the empty street listening to my echoing footfalls.

Well that had almost been a waste of a day almost every-one of them had flashed out, cowered or tried to run, not exactly what I was looking for.

Thinking of the one bright spot in the day, Celina I felt in my gut it was a made up name like a lot of her story. I'd almost reached my apartment building when I felt the watchers on my back, hmmm this wasn't my guys, definitely wasn't the council, felt almost like leftovers from my last case.

Hell, any first time mage knew that wasn't possible, unless she got lose and no one knew it. Thinking it over and remembering my ex's sneaky ways, yes, it was quite possible she had escaped, damn it!

That's all I needed was that homicidal, blood thirsty bitch lose again fouling up the works, she'd almost got me last time, I was still wondering who did the face work on her. I needed to go to the council about this, shit I was tired maybe tomorrow, stopping I shook myself that's what almost got me killed last time. Calling the council I wasted no time detailing everything that had gone on and outlining my suspicions. The head of the council laughed and told me I was paranoid, 'til he called the prison and they told him that she was indeed gone!

Looking at me the elder apologized telling me she was first priority, though not extremely powerful, she did have remarkable suggestive power. I was making my way up the stairs when Cynthia called me asking if I was home yet, she was anxious for me to fill her again and had missed me all day. When I said I'd be there soon I felt her squeal with delight then break the conversation. I'd just reached my door when I felt a presence I didn't like; luckily I was already covered when she tried to shoot me again.

"Hello husband," she sneered, "we have unfinished business, you owe me a child!" "You sadistic bitch! I owe you NOTHING! I dissolved the bond and our marriage, you owe me nothing and I want nothing from you!" I shouted across the hallway.

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"Bastard! You owe me a fucking child!" With that she launched herself at me. Pissed off I waved a hand at her and watched as she froze in place. "Now then, I want to know who did the face work on you!" I demanded.

"Suck my dirty fucking ass!" she screamed. Shaking my head I squeezed a little. Screaming she stared right at me, "Go fuck yourself you son of a whore!" Tsking I squeezed more. This time she let out a blood curdling scream, still defiant, she started to chant, quickly I removed her voice.

"Alright bitch, this time I am putting you in the cell and I guarantee," as I leaned close to her ear, "there will be no escaping I will damn sure make sure of that.

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Checking Cynthia I saw that she was unconscious just like my bitch of an ex wife. Flashing out I appeared at her cell calling the guards then the council I told them of my plan. "Isn't that a little harsh?" Cloe said speaking up. "Harsh?" I roared at her, "No, this isn't harsh, that would be to put her in stocks with a tube up her ass and piss hole. Harsh would be taking her voice and keeping her mouth open and force feeding her every-day.

Harsh would never be allowing her to see the sun again, feel the fresh air or actually touch something. NO, this isn't harsh, though if the council demands it, I can make it so!" Several on the council were shocked to feel my wrath, even more surprised at the gigantic spike in my power.

Hell, my ex's eyes were wide and wild at the extreme feel of my power. The Elder spoke up in an attempt to defuse my rage, "No Tyrome, that will not be necessary, please proceed." I walked my ex into the cell, "know this cell is spell and enchantment proof, plus it has an extra layer of power dampening around it. I expect you will be here a long time as I feel that you will never change." I said as I snapped my fingers and she was naked, for the next 5 minutes I concentrated and pulled 105 spell charms from her body.

Huh so typical of her always trying to hide something. Finally I started to turn to leave when I stopped and kissed her, leaning close to her ear I whispered, "I loved you so at one time, I'd have given you the whole fucking world had you asked for it, all you had to do was love me.

You couldn't even fake it, and you called me pathetic!" She wore a look of pure hatred and evil, shaking my head I looked at her hard, "Even now when it could lessen your sentence you can't fake it, good bye Diana." "Oh! Big man! Really, you're going to leave me here? You know you can't go long without fucking me. You'll be back I guarantee you'll be back!" she screamed as the cell door, then the wall was closed.

Walking out the council was still there, "I heard you are having a hard time finding an office defense woman," the elder said. Nodding I told him about my suspicions that I had earlier that day. "I'm not sure but something she said was too familiar to ignore.

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What I felt wasn't good; I felt her years ago have any of my older cases gotten out lately?" I asked the elder. He and the rest of the council started to fly through all my old case files involving female mages. 15 minutes later one of the younger male council members found what they'd been looking for. "Found it I think he met her about 175 years ago. It appears her name really is Celina; she was a perfected shape shifter.

Hmmm apparently you almost married her!" He explained. "Damn it! I thought I recognized her, yeah I did almost marry her, then she went off the deep end trying to enslave not only the whole city but me as well. What the hell is she doing out? I thought she was far beyond redemption, or hell, pretty much anything. She almost killed me you might say she was my first love." I choked out.

Grabbing the file the elder read on, his eyebrows rising, "It appears that she has been rehabilitated completely. Hmmm it seems that your good friend Dr. Toni has perfected a treatment that actually works.

Though it took 100 years it did work, the only problem is she has no memory of the time you were together, yeah I know that sucks." My mind flashed back to then I had to admit I had forgotten about her, I'd only had her one time damn that bitch had been hot.


Sighing I looked at the elder, "So any suggestions? Is it dangerous to have her as office defense? Did the Doc say that she could relapse?" I asked. "Hmmm," the elder said, "he says nothing about it here, though you know how he was he wouldn't reveal much 'til he was ready." Nodding yes, I knew him better than almost anyone, sighing I had to contact him right away to find out.

"Alright give me a minute, I'm not going into this without some warning and insurance," I told them as I concentrated on Toni, it took a few minutes but I finally found him. Pulling I felt him yell as the capture spell wrapped him up and he popped out. Appearing between me and the council he started to protest, "Do you know what. oh shit! What have I done now?" He asked. The elder pointed behind Toni growling 'til he saw me. "Damn it! I should have known it was you, son of a bitch no one grabs as gentle as you do!" He said which affectively pissed me off, as usual.

"Well, I have to grab you soft or you'd go to pieces considering what a plump marsh mellow you are," I retorted. Growling we both lunged for each other laughing as we hugged, "I heard you finally were able to get your technique to work," I said.

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"Yes, I decided to start with Celina, she was the hardest case to date. It took 100 years of refining it to finally get it right. 99 years of work to get it to where it now only takes a year to clear them." He replied proudly. "Alright but I was wondering, can they relapse? If she was to work for me, would it be too much and cause her to revert back to what she was?" I asked. "Shit you're kidding me!

She came to you about the office defense job? That's perfect! It will help to cement her new self further. From everything I've seen you could even take her to bed and it shouldn't affect her. I remember you had a thing back then for her tight ass, if I remember right it was better than your ex's," he laughed.

"Hell almost anything is better than her." I grumbled. I thanked the Doctor and sent him back apparently he was working on 2 mages at the same time. I also thanked the council and as each flashed out, 'til it was just Cloe and me.

Walking up to me she locked lips with me giving me a deep kiss the kind that you feel the next day deep down leaving you aching for more. Pulling away she gently rubbed my now hardening cock, "Stay safe Tyrome, I find I am wanting you again, don't be surprised to receive an official visit by me.


I remember this um do I ever!" with that she too was gone. What the hell? I show back bone for the first time in 200 years and suddenly I am several female mages wanton desire? Damn! You know I could get used to this! Flashing back to my apartment Cynthia was just starting to awaken, 'bout time you got here!" Spreading her legs she wrapped them around me pulling me towards her hungry pussy.

Snapping my fingers I was naked and hard, almost falling between her legs I was soon balls deep listening to her gasp as I started to thrust harder and harder. Finally she began to thrust back meeting each of my thrusts with reckless abandonment. As her grunts grew in volume I knew this was going to be the biggest yet clamping down I felt her first orgasm rip through her body.

"Oh god Tyrome! Don't stop!" She yelled as I started to pound her harder, eliciting her second orgasm. I knew I was close now increasing my speed I wanted to time this with her third orgasm; suddenly I felt her start to stiffen. Then she started to scream my name out at the top of her lungs ah! That did it as I pressed as deep as I could, emptying my balls as deep as I could feeling it washing over her cervix.

This in turn caused another, fourth orgasm a first for her causing her eyes to flutter then she sighed and passed out. I wasn't faring too well myself this had been as hard and deep orgasm as I'd ever had, holy shit! I somehow managed to roll to the side so as not to crush her, damn I think she'd finally drained me!

Laughing a moment I laid there trying to catch my breath. Hours later I awoke to a thin line of light on the horizon, ugh!

Time to start a new day. Rising I showered then bent to kiss Cynthia if what I felt was true this was the last time I'd see her for a while, quite a while. Walking to the old factory building I opened up, going straight to my desk. I grabbed a mirror from the desk drawer and called Celina. It took a moment then a bleary eyed Celina appeared, "Yes sir, may I help you?" "This is Tyrome Greenstick, I was wondering if you are still interested in the job?

You were by far the best candidate but you'll need a little more training. How soon can you be ready?" I asked. She waved her hand and was dressed, "I'm ready sir." "Good," with that I pulled and she was standing in front of me. "Your desk is in the outer office, we should have several young mages arriving soon take their names and info." A huge smile appeared on her face.

Nodding she walked to the opposite door I'd come in, "Thank you sir for giving me a chance I assume you know of my past." I nodded. "I am trying to make amends I did terrible things," with that she was gone, damn I thought as I watched her go out the door, got to love that tight ass!