Watch her ride this dick

Watch her ride this dick
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Mutual Masturbation. Four internet friends all living in different countries had one thing in common; they were all turned on by the thought of mutual masturbation. All members of a porn forum they had discussed this topic long and often.

I had observed their discussions but had never entered into conversation with them. Then one day they were discussing how hot it would be if they could all masturbate together live on camera. They could have had a cam to cam; but they wanted to all be on the same screen watching and talking to each other. This is when I made my voice heard; having a lot of technical experience setting up such a private video scenario for the friends would be easy.

After explaining the details to them they became very enthusiastic and wanted it arranged as quickly as possible. They made it clear it would be their group only who would masturbate and appear on screen. I would be directing all the cameras to their instructions. I could have any amount of them on screen at once; and also zoom in for close up shots. It was to be a close guarded secret and they agreed that the video may be shown to the rest of the forum at a later date if all goes well on the night.

It took a lot of working out because when it was night time for one was afternoon or morning for others. However a weekend time was finally decided on by us all. The four user names taking part consisted of a bi male and female married couple, a straight male, a bi female and a bi male.

I had seen an album belonging to the bi female which was posted on the site. She was a hottie in my eyes and I was looking forward to see her body on film; hopefully naked and doing it's stuff. I had no idea what the rest of the participants looked like. They all sent me links to their cams and in a matter of minutes I had them all under my command; and could switch to any at whim.

I decided to put all their screens on at once to begin with. They were all excited when seeing each other for the first time; so I left it like that for a few minutes so they could chat. I then demonstrated the capabilities of the camera by showing them all the options. I even zoomed in to each of them between the legs; though at this point they all had clothes on.

The couple seemed to be the ones who were going to orchestrate things from the group point of view. The married male began by saying "At last we can put in to practice what we have fantasised about for so long". There were resounding sounds of agreement from the other participants.

His female partner continued "Let us really fucking enjoy this thing, do not leave here regretting not saying or doing something you wanted to no matter how fucking disgusting you may think it is. We are all friends here, very good friends even; so let's fucking cumm and cumm hard".

It was a very inspiring speech and they all seemed impressed and put at ease. Her partner then began addressing me; although my body could and would not be seen I had to understand the scenario.

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"Each person in turn will direct a group masturbation; which will hopefully end in orgasms for us all. We must all follow the director's instructions to the letter. You as the camera man must give the director the shots he wants; we will be known by camera numbers; one to four. We are camera one and will direct the first masturbation". His wife then suddenly unfastened the buttons on her blouse and without hesitation cast it aside.

Without instruction I had focused the camera on her doing this for the others to have a close up. My own cock became rock solid as I took in the view of her lily white breasts.

"Camera three" she called to the other female. "I have shown you and the boys my tits; now remove your jumper and let them see yours". With a smile she obeyed pulling a sleeveless top over her head; and after unclipping a bra her well tanned breasts were revealed.

A sigh of phwooar could be heard from one of the males; her tits looked much better than they did in her album. The wife resumed with "Cameras two and four we are revealing our breasts to you; now stand up and unzip your trousers. We want to see if your cocks are stiff in appreciation; that applies to you also" she said ruffling her husband's hair.


The two males began unfastening their flies where they sat; until her voice ordered "No, stand up like my husband is doing and remove all of your clothes". The three males were soon naked and indeed erect; "Mmm all fine cocks don't you think" she asked addressing camera four the bi male. I focused on his face as he studied the other two cocks which were on screen.

"They are both delicious I wish I could put my lips round them" he added with a smile.

"Camera two your cock looks stiff; why is that" she asked teasingly. "Two women with their tits on view and looking at my cock might have something to do with it" he joked back. Turning to her husband she asked "And why is your cock so hard dear"? He replied with these words in a most content manner "Knowing you are looking and lusting over male erections; and the beautiful breasts of camera three.

The anticipation of panties being removed and exposing wet hot cunts; I think I will be stiff forever". His wife smiled as she spread her fingers down the front of her panties. "Camera three I will be keeping my panties on during this masturbation and the boys need a cunt to lust over.

Pull your panties off and raise one leg on to your desk so your fuck hole is in full view". She was very agile and followed the command without a problem.

Needles to say I zoomed in directly. "Boys you may now begin jerking your cocks or do anything to create your orgasm and cumm flow. Camera three pull your pussy lips wide apart then take your own position and go for your orgasm". The three cocks were each being jerked fervently; with the owner's faces expressing gratuitous lust.

Camera three had taken her new position and it exposed her cunt better than the directed pose. She was sat back in a reclining chair with her knees up and apart; the soles of her feet were resting on either side of the desk. She began working a plastic cock in and out of her fuck hole. The wife loved being in control barking out to the males "Feel your balls and hold them up as you jerk.

Look at camera three her pussy is wet and longing for your cocks; imagine fucking her deep. I was so busy with the cameras I had no time to get my cock out and "fuck" was it begging for relief.

It was not long before the orgasms started to come thick and fast. The wife continued "Camera four look at the two cocks and then the pussy; if you could only suck one which would it be" she questioned the now mesmerised bi male.

He was clearly on the point of climax because his express answer came without inhibition. "Your husbands I would love him to face fuck me and dominate my ass, I am always thinking about him I think I love him" his jerking hand was now sending cumm in every direction; a secret had been revealed. He sank to his knees in either relief or exhaustion; probably both.

"Camera two" the wife demanded "Show us girls your cumm look at her pussy; would you like to fuck her in the ass while you sucked my nipples"? The words, sights and atmosphere had done the trick on the straight male; he shot and shot as his yells got louder. This made camera three roll her head and lustily finger at her clit; with the dildo stuck motionless up her fuck hole. The husband was now reaching out to feel his wife; but she would not allow it and spoke "Look at her lusting after your cock; think what a change it would be fucking her cunt instead of mine.

You know you want to: I would much rather have the new cocks here than yours". She knew how to push him over the edge because it was one long ooohhhhhhhhhh that accompanied his orgasm infected cock; it cumm showered the room.

"I want cocks and tits to suck fuck my fucking ass" camera three suddenly blurted out. The words had become incoherent in her moment of lust."Suck mine" the wife said teasingly twisting her nipples towards her. The fourth orgasm duly arrived as she straightened her legs toward the screen; we all watched the body jerks as her orgasm took control over her body.

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Her female cumm surfaced to produce a cunt no pussy lover could resist. Camera two was shouting out close up, close up I want to see what's coming out its fucking hot. She loved the attention and hand lapped up all the juices in and around her pussy. Then after showing her soaking hand she slowly licked it clean to whoops of delight. After a bit of composure time the wife said "Camera two I hand the directorship over to you". This news caused the straight male to give a punch of victory.

"His English voice roared back at the wife; "Now You---Get Those Fucking Knickers Off" she duly removed them exposing her pussy to the group for the first time. "And don't put them back on again" he added with a wink. It seemed to me she was the one he lusted after despite having a less glamorous body than the other female. His cock was climbing up to his waist when he commanded the wife to assume a kneeling position with her ass in the air.

"I want you to pull your ass and cunt lips apart they have been covered up long enough" he smirked. She reached behind before exposing in turn both of her fuckable holes by stretching the outer lips. I had this shot on screen alone; the horny moans it caused must have been music to her ears. She had won me over completely; in a still picture body contest she would have no chance against the beauty in camera three. But hearing her talk and seeing her moving everything about her was saying "Fuck Me".

"You can all start masturbating now" said the new director. The wife settled in to a chair exposing her cunt exactly the same way camera three was; despite not been ordered to. "Camera three finger your pussy as you rub your clit" the straight male was giving all his attention to the two females.

He must have eventually realised this and said to the husband "Does it feel good to see your wife lusted over by others"? The question clearly turned him on because his answer was to jerk even faster and just nod his head. Turning to the bi at camera four he said to him "Look how fast he is thrusting his cock; he could do doing your ass like that and your face. You love him; make the most of this while he is naked". The teasing words made camera four first to cumm again.

I decided on a full face shot to see how it contortioned in the ecstasy of orgasm; before panning down to his still stiff cock and the clearly visible spunk blobs. I put the two women on adjoining screens; both were now using vibrators. The director ordered them to play with their breasts also. Turning to the husband he told him "I am in complete control of her naked body now she belongs to me.

Look across at camera three I will let you fuck her while I take your wife's cunt". With shouts simply saying yes,yes he began ejaculating his spunk; he gripped his balls tightly all through his orgasm. The women both gave a near climax groan as they observed it all. The directors' cock was still solid and banging against his belly as he moved. By their own rules the director's were not allowed to masturbate. They were also supposed to be dressed below the waste as the wife had been during the first masturbation; but that rule now seemed to be extinct.

With two naked females left to direct to orgasm; he was in his own horny heaven. He even admitted out loud "This is the hottest day of my life". Then remembering he was in charge said to the wife "Bitch, your legs open the fuckers wider; look at my cock and beg me to fuck you".

He must have known her kinks from the forum because her face screwed in lust as he demeaned her. "Fuck me" she sighed in obedience. "Louder scream it at the top of your voice and look at my cock when you do" the director yelled. "Fuck me, Fuck me" I had to turn my own sound down as she screamed it out.

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It was so hot the way she effortlessly worked both her clit and tits at the same time. She reached her climax with a beautiful whitish cumm liquid began escaping from her pussy lips.

The beauty on camera three seeing this shouted out "Oh fuck I so want to lick that and her own cunt exploded with a far bigger discharge than she had the first time. I quickly zoomed in on the two dripping cunts. I ignored everything else for a second and pulled my own cock out, the view was not available to them.

Quickly though I was receiving orders; so I returned my mind to the job with my own cock now getting in the way. The director wanted close up just cumm crotch shots with each person exposing as much as possible. Despite their orgasms the cocks were showing no sign of wilting; the excitement of the moment had them rock hard.

The two wet cunts were just exquisite as the girls continued so seductively to caress them; they too were far from spent forces. The wife's voice asked "Boys will you hold your balls up as far as you can it really turns me on".

"My turn I believe" came the female voice from camera three. I put her naked body on full length view; but remained with full crotch shots of the others. "You realise it will be more difficult for me because so much has been said already". She said it in a childish teasing manner as if knowing her body alone was irresistible to men and women. She was not big headed though and came across very friendly. Also she had not objected to anything as indeed had any of the group. I thought how lucky they were to be so close to each other like this; they were very satisfied in more ways than one.

Camera three began directing "I hope you will not mind what I am going to do" she was quickly interrupted by the husband. "It is your orgasm direction; you do not ask you instruct and we obey".

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Sentiments of agreement quickly followed; "Thank you" she continued as I put them all on full body shots. It gave me a few seconds to jerk at my cock before the instructions started. Two gorgeous naked sex mad females were in my view; and apart from actually touching them it could not have been better.

I was ready to cumm and found myself looking at the wife. I was so carried away I zoomed in on her wet pussy with a full screen shot; they must have thought it was a technical fault. I cumm all over the controls; but that was not as much a problem as my aching cock had been.

She began revealing her plans for the next masturbation. "It has always been my fantasy to simply have people cumming at the site of my naked body. I am not conceited it is just a pure sex fantasy; and this is my chance to make it come true. I want you all to print a screenshot of me now". She posed stood up with both hands behind her head; it only took a few moments before they were all holding up their printed copies. "Good now I am going to pose and dance; when you are cumming I want you to shout dancer, dancer and shoot your cumm over my pic".


She then instructed the wife "My delicious, on your point of orgasm I want you to push my pic as deep into your cunt as possible. When it comes out and I see the wetness on it; I will have multiples without touch" she kissed at the camera and squeezed her right breast.

Already naked she began her exotic dance; teasing was to be her powerful tool of seduction. She was soon bringing gasps from her appreciative audience as she shook her ass at the camera. She leaned forward with her legs apart revealing a beautiful open pussy; wet and dripping from her activities. "Tell me is my cunt worth fucking" she asked shoving her index finger in. "Yes Dancer, Yes Dancer Camera two shouted as he rattled his cock in one hand and grasped his balls with the other.

"What about you camera four do you think my female hole is worth a visit" enquiring of the bi male. "Oh yes dancer as pussys go I do not think I have ever seen one so fucking desirable" he replied.

Then gasping with his rapid hand rhythm was somewhat surprisingly the first to cumm as his spunk burst forth showering his bare chest and the naked pic.

She seemed really pleased she had turned on the person who the room believed was now gay. Standing up she swerved her body like a belly dancer and began caressing her breasts and nipples.

That did the trick for camera two; yelling out "Dancer, Dancer" he shot spray after spray of cumm over the printed pic. Where it all came from I will never know. It was the biggest load I have ever seen; and he had already shot only minutes earlier. The husband followed immediately "Dancer this cumm is for you" he pointed his cock at her pic on the desk then exploded his cumm across it the best he could.

It came out with such a force some landed on his wife's shoulder; as she masturbated close by. This delighted the dancer and she said teasingly to the wife "The cumm on your shoulder came from YOUR husband; but it belongs to ME. The wife however loved the game and pleaded "Dancer please let me see your open pussy, pull your lips apart". She was only too happy to oblige and stopped dancing to take her earlier position of legs raised and apart.

She began pulling down on her pussy lips; and at the same time stretched lengths of her own wet juices from them. "Tongue me lap me up" she taunted at the wife who now had stretched legs and was working furiously on her clit. "Dancer you are a fucking cunt making me feel like this" and she orgasmed with powerful sighs. Her husband quickly ran over and shoved Dancers pic where she had requested. It soon disappeared completely inside his wife's fuck hole; she groaned out a sigh at the pleasure of the moment.

"Fuck I have never been worked up like that before; watching you all cumm because of my body" she grasped her pussy as she said it.

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"Do you want to see your pic now" the wife smiled as she opened her legs ready to pull it out. Her open legs gave my cock maximum solid status. "Oh yes please pull it out" begged the dancer; her own legs still spread wide as she flicked her clit. It was an awesome sight as the wife tantalising, slowly pulled it out. It was absolutely drenched in her cumm; "You have caused a downpour up my cunt" she said as if teasing back. "Sorry I need to do this" although the director was not supposed to masturbate a few movements of her fingers brought the dancer the orgasm she craved.

So wonderful to live out a fantasy that other people can also enjoy I thought. "Camera four you are now our director; please let us know how our body's can fulfil your urges" said the wife exuding sex. "As this is the final masturbation of this session; I would like us all to tell each other what we have enjoyed about it the most. I know I have never had an online experience like this before it has been wonderful". Again it was echoes of complete agreement. "So gentlemen if you will take hold of your cocks; and ladies please give us as perfect a view as you have all through this session.

Let us finish with a huge climax leave all of our cumm here on the internet. The three men's cocks were as solid as they were at the start; and the ladies legs still deliciously open.

The husband was first to speak as he stroked his cock at a leisurely pace; "I can not pick a defining moment really. Seeing camera three's fabulous naked body, my wife lusting over cocks, and hearing camera two order her to take her knickers off.

Plus I can not believe how turned on I became when camera four said he loved me and wanted me to face fuck him". Everything has just been perfect. Camera three added "To finally act out my fantasy; knowing orgasms were being reached because of my naked body. I have loved seeing all of your cocks especially when they were cumming over my pic. As for your cunt" she said to the wife. "To see you orgasm with my pic inside ; then to pull it out drenched in your love juice was just too hot for words".

Talking about it again produced a very quick orgasm for the dancer. She closed her eyes and gasped aloud; before what appeared to be a thick whitish liquid surfaced to produce a scene from a pussy lickers paradise.

"Oh please let my lips taste that cumm" said the husband as if making a wish. She thrust her soaking cunt toward to the camera in reply to his request. This made the husband stand up and powerfully jerk at maximum speed. No cock can go that fast without cumming I thought; I was right, the cumm soon arrived. Stream after stream after stream, how were they managing to produce so much spunk?

I could not figure it out; it must have been the occasion that was the only possible answer.

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He collapsed back on his chair; remarkably his cock was still showing no signs of wilting. "Put a couple of fingers up your cunts please girls" pleaded camera two. His words were slightly staggered indicating his orgasm was imminent.

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The wife was still masturbating but duly obliged; and clearly enjoyed her own finger intrusion as she bucked at them. Dancer on camera three loved the request; she pouted and showed four fingers before dispatching them up her fuck hole.

Again the huge cumm phenomenon occurred; a massive amount evacuated out through his cock end to join him. It splashed out over his chest in large blobs; he then leaned back in orgasmic utopia. "Fuck I wish all that sweet cumm was in my mouth" moaned the wife; still with her fingers up her fuck place and tending her clit. "This has been a tremendous happening for me" said the bi jerking his cock; it was now a natural thing to do in this company. "I know for certain now that I am truly bi; I love your cocks and cunts.

The arousal your naked bodies have caused has given me a clear understanding of my sexual needs". "Let's cumm together" the wife shouted interrupting; they smiled into the camera at each other before increasing their hand speeds. Then they did cumm as one with loud shuddering orgasms. His spunk rose up before gravity brought it to rest on his balls and across the top of his legs. The wife who had shouted "Fuck me I want your cocks" during her orgasm; produced a stream of white liquid which began flowing down her inner thighs.

I so wanted to lick it all up. They recognised it was over as they all smiled contentedly knowing a very special bond had been sealed. Each one had thoroughly enjoyed it there had been no hang ups or qualms; it could not have gone better. "I would like to propose something" said the bi male.

The rest of the group all nodded and awaited his words. "If you can put me on full screen please" he instructed me. He then opened the curtains behind him and said something which was really interesting. "I am sitting in a numerous bedroom mansion; out there is our land as far as the eye can see.

I am not boasting it's just a fact of life" he added with a smile. "What it means is privacy to do whatever we want unseen; I want all of you to visit and be part of the privacy.

Soon I will be here alone as my family will all be travelling abroad for a few months.


So why not have our next gathering in the flesh. I know we are all in different parts of the world and have commitments; but I will arrange all the financial details. Without trying to sound conceited money is no object to me; so let us meet and let us mutually FUCK.

After a series of questions raising doubts especially the financial side; it was made very clear that money was definitely no object. He also did not see it as him doing the group a favour; far from it he was begging them to come. So it was agreed the next thing on the order of agenda was a mutual group fuck fest.

Then I was invited to say something for the first time when asked would I film it. I had no microphone connected so as not to make any noise during the course of events. I wrote in large letters across all the screens YES, YES, YES. The group became even more elated with the prospect looming of getting their hands on each other. They waved a naked goodbye to each other and I closed down the screens.

I was so fucking horny and my wife was due in from work; needless to say she did not know what the fuck hit her.