Teen gay porn movie on rough They start out with some light tickling

Teen gay porn movie on rough They start out with some light tickling
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I'm on my way to pay a bet. You and I were playing cards last night. And we bet that the loser had to flash as many people of the opposite sex at the Large Dog, dog show the next day. I lost. At the LD dog show, there seemed to be more men there than women. As I wander around the show with you at my side I am already getting lingering looks, my thin backless sundress doing nothing to hide my curves or the unfettered state of my breasts.

My heels only actuating the bareness of my legs, and lower thighs.

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My red hair was brushing against the top of my buttocks…as I walked. We end up in a pavilion, almost a dog house really. It had a low canopy and 15 stalls.

Each stall held a dog, some were German Shepherds, others were Rotwielers, and there were a couple of Labradors.

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And every single one was male. Also in the pavilion there was a raised area where the dogs are shown and judged. Each of the dog's owners is in the pavilion mingling and chatting.

You leave me standing next to the raised stage area, while you go and mingle, with every stop you make glances are thrown my way and the men start grinning…a few leave and come back with a friend or 2. By the time you get back to me, someone is closing and locking the pavilion up…there are 25 men inside it.

You lead me over to a curtained off area I hadn't noticed when I walked in, you told me to strip and hand you my clothes. I give you my dress but you let me keep my heels on. You then slip a collar around my neck…and I start to ask you what the hell is going on.

You just look at me and say…you're paying your bet. You clip a leash onto the collar. A friend of yours appears next to you and you hand over the digital video camera you brought with you. He steps back, turns it on and pans around the pavilion before coming to rest on me. He pans the camera up and down my body…zooming in on my breasts…capturing my nipples hardening, then zooming in on to my shaved pussy, you holding my lips open so he can get a good look at the juices being produced.

You turn me around and bend me over…he zooms in on my ass as your spread the cheeks and push a finger into my ass.

He walks into the crowd…you lead me out on to the raised area the camera trained on me most of the time…the others getting the reaction from the crowd of men. You tell everyone that I had lost a bet last night and this is how I was paying it back.

You lean down…pulling the lead after you…and attach it to an eye in the stage…this had the effect of bring me to my hands and knees. You start by slipping out of your clothes…and fucking my mouth. Your hands tangling into my hair…pulling my head back and forth as you pump your hips…you press right down into my throat and cum shooting it straight into my stomach.

You step back and stoop down…pulling out a cat o' nine tails. You lay that on the floor in front of me…you also lay out a riding crop, a cane, a wide leather belt, a paddle, and a wooden spoon. You step behind me and bring your hand down on my ass…SMACK&hellip.SMACK…SMACK. You ask the assembled crowd who wants to spank my bitch…before we fuck her. Several hands go up as well as several voices. You pick out 10 men and get them to come up on stage.

You hand out the implements…then the remaining four using their hands. You line them up, You tell them they only have 5 hits…and that my breasts are also targets…but they will be targets for the men holding the cane and the wooden spoon.

The man with the riding crop can have my pussy as a target but not to hit too hard. The man with the paddle steps up first…he swings…the paddle lands with a hard thump and I scream. He swings again and again covering my ass in the 5 strokes. The next man can feel my ass turning red…and the heat as he uses his hand.

They step up one by one till only 3 are left. One with the riding crop, one with the cane and the other with the wooden spoon.

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You undo the lead from the stage and pull me up till my ass is resting on my heels&hellip.it hurts so I kneel up higher. You grin but say nothing.

You nod to the man holding the wooden spoon. He steps up in front of me, he swings his hand down and SMACK my left breast right over my nipple. I let out a strangled scream, and then SMACK he hits the right one over the nipple…tears are running down my face. He raises his arm again and brings it down on the top of my right breast and then again on my left. His last he directly between my breasts. I look down and my breasts have turned pink.


The man with the cane steps up and brings it down hard across the top of my breasts…I howl. He then brings it down again across my nipples…tears are pouring down my cheeks. You pinch my nipples between your fingers…I whimper…but my whimpers turn to moans of pain as you lift my breasts up by the sore swollen nipples. He brings the cane down on the undersides of my breast…causing me to scream. He slashes the cane across my nipples again quickly and then again same spot.

You press my shoulders forward getting my to lie my hot sore breasts on the floor after the camera gets a close up of the welts forming. You tell me to lift my ass up in the air and I do so…you spread my legs as wide as you can. You bring your hand down on my ass a few times SMACK…SMACK…SMACK. The man with the riding crop steps up and hits the inside of my left thigh…I whimper…then against my right inside thigh.

He runs it along between my lips coating it in my juices… He then slaps it against my lips one strike either side of my slit. I'm moaning and whimpering…but with every sound I make you slap my ass with your hand…adding to the swollen sore heat of it…increasing the glowing redness. You tell me to reach down between my legs and pull open my pussy lips nice and wide. I do as you say…exposing my clit to the air…and then pain explodes in my groin as he flicks the riding crop hard against my clit.

Even as the pain hits me…I start to shiver and shake and then scream as I explode into orgasmic bliss. You start grouping the men into 3's…smallest penis sizes to the largest. As I was coming down from my cum…I was picked up and impaled on a cock…it wasn't very long about 5 inches I'd say and very thin. Another cock…pressed its way into my mouth…It didn't even reach my throat…and the last cock was shoved in to my ass. These 3 cocks pumped in and out of their respective holes…the one in my mouth cumming first…shooting streams of cum down my throat not pulling out till I'd swallowed it all.

The guy in my ass shot his cum next by the pulled out and shot it all over my ass and back. The one in my pussy just pumped his cum into me before pulling out…the camera came in for a close up of his cum leaking out of my pussy.

The next group stepped up and shoved their cocks into me. Again and again.till all 8 groups have fucked and cum in or on me. You step up and shove you cock into my mouth…fucking it hard. Shoving your cock down my throat.


You start cumming…shooting it in my mouth and on my face. You then tie the leash back to the floor.

I'm tired after cumming with every second cock. You look down at me and get a small malicious smile on your face. You give a signal and the dogs are released.

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They run up and their cold noses are all over me. I start to scream. You just laugh and tell me to shut up and enjoy. All of a sudden a long rough tongue starts working its way into my cunt. It laps away making me shake and scream. Then a dog mounts me…shoving his cock into my mouth…fucking it hard and fast as only a dog can do. Another dog mounts up and starts fucking my cunt…pumping hard…his belly rubbing against my sore ass.


Each dog fucking my cunt…presses his knot in me before cumming. The dog's cumming in my mouth…having swallow in case I drowned in dog cum. My pussy sore and red…any touch now setting off flickers of pain. Once all 15 of the dogs had, had their turn…they pissed on me…covering me in the piss and cum.

You motion up some of the men…and you all fuck me again cumming all over me…I'm moaning and crying in pain and arousal. All the men cumming on me and in me. Covering me with it. Then you all stand around me and piss on me and in me…filling my ass and pussy with piss…the camera capturing all of it…the piss pouring down my legs.

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My swollen red ass. My sore swollen pussy lips.

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My welted tits. My cum and piss covered body. You make me stand up and you put all my clothes and your toys back into your bag. The pavilion is unlocked. You take your camera and put it back into its case.

You then grab the leash and lead me out to your car…you open the trunk and motion me inside. Telling me to get in the trunk. I climb in puzzled. You close the trunk…and get in the car.

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You drive what seems like hours to me. When the car stops you open the trunk and pull me out. You hose and dry me off before tugging me into the building by the leash. Inside there are a group of men.

You hand them the camera…telling them to watch whats on it. They go into another room and do. You amuse yourself buy sticking things you find in the room in to my cunt and ass.

When the men walk back in you have stuck a can into my ass, a bottle in my cunt and your cock down my throat. The men chuckle when they see this. And say she will do nicely. The hand you a case…which you open…I can see money inside it. I wonder whats going on. You explain to me that from now on I don't exist outside of this establishment.

That I'm going to be the kinkiest whore there ever was. You had the leash over to the ringleader and leave. I cry out after you to take me home and not to leave me here but you ignore me and then my cries are shut off as a cock is shoved down my throat. You look back over your shoulder, and watch as the door slowly swings shut. I never saw you again…but every night I entertain the men who come to this building with any perversity they can name and pay for.