Twat twitching ratchet screw plug

Twat twitching ratchet screw plug
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When I got my first job I was 17 yrs. Old. I liked my job because I was a cashier at a little store and it was easy to do. I also like that my boss was a hottie.

Sadly he was straight and married. But that didn't stop me from dreaming about him. He was probably in his mid 30's, 6' 2", he had the bluest eyes that would make you fall into a trance, light brown hair, and a nice build body. I on the other hand was only 5' 10", was sort of slim but I still had a nice looking body, and dark brown hair. Anyways, after 3 months that I started working there, I was closing up for the night and like usual my boss was next to me but this time he wasn't helping me fill out the paper for the closing of the cash register.

Instead he just watched. It was strange because throughout the entire day, he hardly spoke to me, and he was usually talkative and nice to me. I decided not to say anything thinking that maybe he was having a bad day or something. When I was done, I grabbed the box and headed towards the office to drop the box off.

But as I was putting it on the shelf, the box slipped out of my hand and all the money fell on the floor. I was so mad because I would have to rearrange everything. So I bent down on the floor and picked up the money. As I was doing so, I felt something wrap around my waist and I felt someone rubbing against my butt. That's when I noticed that It was my boss.

I had never done anything before with another guy but I did know I was gay. And having a guy so close to me and touching me the way he was made me felt so good.

When he let go off me, I faced him and that's when he cupped my face.

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I wanted to just leave because I knew it was wrong, especially since he was married but when he closed the gap between our face and began to kiss, I lost control of who I was. I felt his dry lips on mine and then I felt his tongue search every inch of my mouth. I began to unbutton his shirt and I threw it next to us.

I began to kiss his neck and I headed down. I kissed his chest, went to his left nipple and caressed it with my tongue and then i went to his right. I went down and finally got to his abs.

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they felt so hard and warm. Then he picked me up and took off my shirt and began to kiss me around the neck. It tickled and felt so good. I loved the feeling of his warm body against mine. I then got on my knees and began to unzip his pants and then they fell to the ground.

I stood up and admired his body that resembled a god's. He looked so hot in his black boxer briefs. I once again got on my knees and began to rub his cock through the briefs.


It felt so soft so I decided to change that. I took his briefs off and began to massage his cock. It wasn't hard yet, but it looked huge.

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It was probably about 6". It felt so warm, and soft, and delicate in my hands.

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I really had no idea on what to do with it, so I just opened my mouth and put it in. It felt so good to have his warm dick in my mouth. As I began to bob my head I felt his dick get hard. I then took it out of my mouth and admired his size. It was probably like 9 ½ inches.

It was humongous! I decided to give myself a challenge and try to fit it in my mouth.

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But when I tried, I began to gag but he seemed to like it because he began to moan loudly. I kept trying and trying until finally I stopped gaging.

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I was still only able to get about half of his dick in my mouth. Meanwhile he was still moaning. He put his hands on my head and began to move it for me. He was moving my head so fast and deep I was actually enjoying it. With my left hand I began to jack him off and he seemed to like that as well. I then put my left hand on his balls and began to play with them.

I liked how they felt in my hands. They were hanging so loosely it looked so hot. So I got his hands of my head and put his balls in my mouth. The feeling of them felt so good. Almost as good as his dick. He moaned even louder so i guessed he was enjoying it.

I kept playing with them in my mouth and after a couple of minutes took them out. I put his dick in my mouth again and tried to put it all in my mouth. This time i was actually able to completely stuff it in my mouth.


He continued face fucking my which felt good especially since he was able to put all the way in. everything he took his dick out, i felt like there was an emptiness in my mouth that needed to get filled.

I kept sucking his dick as good as i could when i heard him say, "Im gonna cum." He picked up the speed and moved his lower body so fast, i felt as if i was in heaven. Suddenly I felt something hit the back of my throat and it tasted salty.

I didn't know what to do with it and that's when he said, "drink it all" so I did what he said. i made sure every drop of cum went down my throat. I gave his dick one last kiss and then got up and kissed him. He seemed to be please. We kissed and kissed for what seemed like an eternity. He finally broke the kiss and i helped him get dress. Thankfully that wasn't the last time with my boss.