Amateur blonde babe gets fucked hard ing blondes migraine cured by my cock

Amateur blonde babe gets fucked hard ing blondes migraine cured by my cock
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Disclaimer: Everything in this story is a complete work of fiction and I don't condone any actions taken in it. Enjoy. When Anthony, who was 17 and his little brother, Kevin who was 14 were little their mother left with her boyfriend and moved to a different country leaving their dad to raise and support his kids by himself, while the stupid cunt of a mother got to have a free pass to fuck her boyfriend in a different country.

This meant that Anthony had to watch his little brother who was the most annoying kid on the planet. It was a horrible situation for Anthony because he was not allowed to his brother and if he did he would get his ass beat. Their father did spank them with the belt every once in a while, but Kevin always used his father's guilt for his mom leaving and the sad look on his face to get away with murder.

Even though the chores were split in half, so it would be easier to get them done before their dad got home, Kevin never did anything leaving Anthony do to all the work and when their father came home he was too tired to care. Anthony was excited for the summer because every year his little brother would go to their Aunt's house leaving him with the house to himself, so he could finally have fun with his friends and his girlfriend, but this year was different.

Their father had a fight with their aunt and because of that Anthony would have to watch his little brother all summer! The first two week of the summer were hell because Kevin could do whatever he wanted like play video games or hang out with his friends, while Anthony had to clean the house by himself, because it was his responsibility to make sure the chores get done and that Kevin did them, but he had no power over Kevin and Kevin knew that.

After the two weeks Anthony had enough of his little brother and both of their lives changed forever. The one thing that Kevin always used to get away with anything was his looks. He was the cutest kid on the planet with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. He was 5'9 and skinny, but not bony skinny. He had no fat on his stomach, but he muscles weren't fully formed yet, and he looked more like 12 then 14. He started to go through puberty and had some hair on his crotch, but almost no hair on his legs.

Kevin had a smile that would melt the world and he knew exactly how to use it on his father and that let him get away with murder. Anthony was a football player who was good looking and very muscular.

He was 6'2 and very muscular and he had brown hair and green eyes. This power that Kevin had was about to change forever. After two week of cleaning the house and taking shit from his brother and he went up to his dad and said "I am done look after your bratty son, I am going to live with Grandpa for the summer and you are on your own with Kevin.

I know that you don't make enough money for a babysitter or to pay me, but I am not your slave or Kevin's slave. I am sick of doing his chores for him and you letting him get away with doing nothing. I am sick of you punishing me for hitting him when I am trying to get him to do what you wanted. I hope you find a maid and a babysitter because you are on your own." Their dad was pissed but he knew that my grandfather would let me stay there and he had to do something to keep me around or he would be totally screwed so he said "What do you want me to do?

I am not around to make sure that he does his chores and I can't beat his ass every time you tell me to. I am sorry that you have to watch your little brother, but I can't help it. Do you think you could do a better job with Kevin Mr.

big shot? Kevin was nervous because of this conversation, but not too nervous because his dad always gave him whatever he wanted and soon this argument would pass like every other one. Anthony looked his dad right in the eyes and said "Yes dad I can and I want the opportunity to be fully in charge when you are not home to make it fair on me and not make you out to be the bad guy. If me and Kevin have a problem then it should be settled between me and Kevin without you getting involved.

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Kevin looked at his dad and was terrified of his brother actually being in charge because all of the charm that works on their dad only pissed off Anthony and because of that Kevin would be in big trouble. Kevin gave his sad look and said Come on dad Anthony is lying all he does is treat me like shit and make up lies about me, you can't be serious about putting that jerk in charge? His dad looked at the dirty house and to his son and said From now on when I am not home Anthony you are 100 percent in charge of this house and Kevin.

You are the primary disciplinarian and I have faith in the right punishments for Kevin. And as for you Kevin you are to listen to whatever your brother tells you to do and I don't want to hear any complaints about what he makes you do or how he punishes you. You have been getting a free ride for way too long and it is about to change. If you even try to complain about Anthony to anybody then I will beat your ass to the point where you won't be able to sit for days, do you understand me and if you say anything else but yes dad I will beat your ass right now!

Kevin looked at his dad with his saddest face and tears in his eyes, but was terrified to say anything, but yes dad. His dad looked at his son and felt bad for him, but knew he was teaching him bad habits for the future and hopefully Anthony could help shape him up.

"Don't give me that sad look Kevin you brought this upon yourself and you know it and I think you two need a little time to get used to the new rules, so I am going to go to the bar. Anthony, Kevin is all yours and you are in charge. How much time do you think you will need to teach Kevin the new rules?" Kevin was terrified as Anthony had a huge smile on his face and said Dad please don't do this I will be better I promise I will do my chores and my homework just don't put Anthony in charge please dad I love you.

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His dad did not answer, but looked at Anthony and waited for an answer. Two hours should be enough. Their father took off his belt and handed it to Anthony and said Just in case you need this, and remember Kevin do not complain to me at all about anything to do with your brother when he is in charge of you or I will kick your ass.

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Kevin started to cry and got on his knees to beg his father to change his mind, but his father said You will have plenty of reason to cry about in a couple of minutes, have fun boys. Their father left and Anthony looked at my scared little brother and smiled and said I warned you this would happen, but you thought you could get away with doing nothing while I do all work forever, but you were wrong and now it is my turn to have some fun.

Take off your clothe and get ready for the spanking of your life. Kevin was shocked by what his brother said and thought he was kidding and waited for his brother to say just kidding, but instead he said "Strip now or I will beat your ass for two hours with the belt buckle and don't test me cause I am not kidding.

No more complaining and I do not want to hear another word from you, if you understand just shake your head yes. Kevin was about to start to talk and beg his brother, but he knew that he would regret it. Kevin procrastinated for as long as he could until his brother said I am waiting Kevin.

Kevin started to cry again as he took off his shirt and shoes, but again stopped undressing. Anthony looked at him and said "If you are not naked in one minute or if you stop stripping one more time then I will make your life even more of a living hell then it is going to be. Anthony said to himself "I love my brother, but this power feels so good and I am so happy that this little brat would get what was coming to him.

I knew I was going to really hurt him and I did feel bad about that, but I knew that if I did not do it then he would walk all over me like he did to our father." With tears in his eyes he took off his pants showing his cute little grey boxers and his shirtless body glistening in sweat, and he started to talk again I didn't do anything wrong now so why are you doing this to me, you are my brother and I love you so please stop.


Anthony was now furious and charged over to Kevin grabbed him by his arm and punched his twice hard enough to cause him to start crying and Anthony said take off your underwear now I am not playing and guess what you just made your life a lot harder on yourself, no more complaining just strip naked and then we will talk about why you are getting spanked. Kevin slowly slipped his hand under his waistband of his boxers and slowly stripped naked for the first time in front of someone.

Like I said before Kevin had a perfect body that was not fully through puberty. He had a three inch cut dick soft and had started to grow a little pubic hair. I am not gay at all, but I have to admit that I started to get excited that I had full control of someone for the first time in my entire life. Our father had made Kevin my bitch and I was going to do whatever I wanted with fear or regret, because like any persons secret fantasy I actually had a slave.

He was about to spank his brother, but a sick smile went on his face and Kevin was even more scared now. Anthony looked at his brother and with a smile on his face he said lay down on the floor and close your eyes, I will be back in the room to start your punishment in a few minutes, and if you don't lay on the floor now or if you open your eyes at any time before I give you permission then you're dead. Kevin did exactly what he was told and reluctantly laid on the flood naked and closed his eyes.

Anthony knew exactly what he was going to do to his brother so he went in his room and changed into basketball shorts in order for his brother not to hear him unbuckle his pants. Anthony went back into the room and knelt by his brother perfect naked body and started to rum his face and head down to his nipples and he told his brother he could open his eyes.

Kevin was mortified that his brother was rubbing his nipples and try to sit up in protest, but Anthony twisted Kevin's nipple as hard as he could and said Lay the fuck down and don't move a muscle, you could whine or cry as much as you want, but keep your hands by your side. Anthony continued to rub his nipples and then made his way down his stomach and got very close to touching his crotch, but he stopped as Kevin braced for the unwelcome touch of his brother.

Anthony then went to rub Kevin's hairless legs and thigh and started to make his way up his leg and then stopped one more time to make Kevin think that he was just fucking with him.

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After a few minutes of silence and Kevin holding his breath in fear he started to calm down because he thought his brother was not serious, until Anthony put his hand right on his penis and started to rub it and get it hard.

Kevin jumped up as fast as he could and try to run out of the room, but Anthony tackled him to the ground and held him down and said You were told by dad to do whatever I want without any complaints and if you try to run again I will kick your ass so badly that you won't be able to sit or walk for days and then when you are able to move again I will do exactly what I want to you anyway because I am I charge remember?

Don't say a word and lie down on the floor and close your eyes until I get back with your new punishment. Anthony left the room excited as hell as he looked at his little brother lying on the floor crying with his eyes shut and his dick hard. Kevin had no idea what his brother was going to do him, but he didn't dare open his eyes just in case his brother was watching. His brother was very angry in the first place and he didn't want to make it worse. Anthony's dick was hard as hell because he now had a bitch that he could do whatever he wanted to.

He never left the room, but just watched his brother squirm on the floor, then he went right back over to him and rubbed his nipples again while Kevin shook, but didn't dare open his eyes. Then he slid his hand slowly down his soft hairless chest and his brother waited for the for the inevitable.

Anthony did not waste any time as he grabbed Kevin's four inch hard cut penis and started jerking him off. Kevin started to cry please stop, but Anthony just laughed it off and said you know you love it. Kevin did not want to cum for his brother he tried to hold it in as long as possible not wanting to give his brother the satisfaction of knowing that he was enjoying it. This was the first time that anybody ever touched him that way and his body was betraying him. Anthony laughed at his brother and told him to open his eyes and watch as he made him cum.

Kevin did as he was told could not handle it any longer as he explode all over himself. It was the greatest orgasm that Kevin ever had and he hated himself for it. Anthony just took Kevin's sperm and rubbed it up and down his legs, balls, and chest, then told Kevin to get on his knees and wait for his next order with your eyes shut.

Kevin had no idea what was coming next because he really knew nothing about sex. His parents tried to isolate him from things like that and his brother never talked to him about it. Kevin was on knees for five minutes and it felt like an hour as Anthony came back in the room without any clothe on and his 8 inch hard penis dripping with precum. He moved close to his brother's face without his brother knowing then told Kevin to open his eyes.

Kevin opened his eyes and was shocked and sickened to see his brother's dick in his face. He tried to get up and run, but his brother held his shoulder so he could not move and said you are going to put my dick in your mouth and suck it like a lollypop. Kevin looked at his brother and cried ?no I am not sucking your dick I am not gay please let me go, I will clean my room, do my chores, and get better grades just please stop. Anthony looked at his brother and said now that I am in charge you are going to do all of that anyway, but you are also going to do exactly what I say when I say it.

Here's the deal if you don't put my dick in your mouth right now I am going to beat your ass for an hour without stopping then I am going to ask you again. Then if you say no I will beat your ass again for an hour without stopping. Dad is not going to be home for another 5 hours so can you handle five hours of getting your ass beat and even if you could there is still tomorrow and the next day. I am in charge and you are going to suck my fucking dick right now or I will beat you into submission it is your choice.

Kevin just stayed on his knees with his mouth shut wondering what he should do.


He did not want to put his brother's dick in his mouth, but he knew that if he didn't now he would continuously beat his ass and his dad would not give a shit. He was still thinking when Anthony said its ass beating time and grabbed Kevin by the shoulder as he was getting ready to beat his ass. Kevin looked at his brother and whispered no I'll do it? Anthony still picked Kevin's naked body up and punched him hard as he can in his one arm then grabbed his other arm and did the same.

Kevin was now in tears and he could not move his arms. Anthony then threw him back on his knees and told him not to mess with him again. He then told Kevin to lick his dick.

Kevin did not want to get hit again so he moved closer and licked Anthony's wet hard penis and almost threw up because of the taste.

Anthony then told him to put his penis in Kevin's mouth and then put his hands behind his back. Kevin did what he was told and put Anthony's dick in his mouth. It really stretched out his mouth and Anthony's huge penis invaded his virgin mouth. He started the head slowly as he was told, but Anthony had a different idea.

He grabbed Kevin by his hair and slammed his entire penis down his throat and kept slamming it as hard as he could. Kevin was freaking out because he couldn't breathe and he tried to control his breath with the pattern that Anthony was fucking his face, but Anthony knew this and deliberately changed his pattern to make his brother suffer.

Kevin wanted to throw up, but he knew if he then he would probably drown in his own puke or have his brother kill him for throwing up on his dick. He never expected to suck on a dick before and Anthony's was way too big for his mouth. Kevin wanted to push off his brother and try to escape, but his brother told him to keep his hands behind his back. Kevin's nose kept hitting Anthony's balls. Tears were coming out of his eyes as he tried to beg him to stop, but the vibrations of his brother feel even greater.

Kevin was sucking on his brother's dick for ten minutes, but it felt like eternity. He started to feel lightheaded, but whenever it looked like he was going to pass out Anthony would smack him in the head. Anthony did not want this to end and he was about to cum so he slammed Kevin's head all down on his dick and held it there cutting off his oxygen. He told Kevin to stay still or he would suffocate him with his dick. Kevin couldn't breathe he was panicking now he thought he was going to die while giving his brother a blow job, but right before everything went black Anthony grabbed his head and started face fucking him mercilessly.

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He lasted another five minutes and told his brother that he better swallow what he gives him, and then with one last thrust he held his dick on the back of Kevin's throat and shot the biggest load that he had ever given before. Kevin couldn't take it anymore as he started to choke so he took his hands and try to push Anthony's dick out of his mouth as he shot load after load down his throat, but Anthony just slapped him in the face then pulled out and shot loads of cum on his hair, in his eyes, on his chest, and all over his body.

He then threw his brother on the floor and said go clean the house bitch. Kevin was choking on the cum and he spit some on the floor while trying to rub it out of his eyes, but Anthony was not having him spit any of his cum so he grabbed him by his head and pushed his face into the cum and told him to lick it up. There was no point for Kevin to argue at this point so he dipped his tongue into it and tried lick it up without touching the floor, but Anthony put his foot right over his balls and said full tongue on the floor or I will step down.

Kevin didn't have listen twice he started licking the floor. As Anthony watched his cum filled brother lick the floor he wondered why he was enjoying this so much and if he should fill bad, but then he remembered the great blowjob he just got and the looked at his brothers ass and knew it was all worth it. After Kevin licked the floor he asked his brother if he could take a shower and again Anthony hit him and said hell no, put on a pair of boxers and clean the house and when I am ready I will spank that ass of yours for not listening, and don't argue because it will be a lot worse.

Kevin looked at his brother in tears as he had enough and said "You are not going to beat my ass I did everything you said. "I am your brother not your girlfriend or your slave. Fuck you? Kevin had just put on boxers so Anthony walked over to his brother as his brother expected to be hit, but he just bent Kevin over grabbed him by the boxers and pulled up as hard as he could.

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Kevin screamed out in pain from this wedgie as he was being held off the ground by his boxers. He begged his brother to stop, but then his brother put him on the ground help his shoulder and pulled up as hard as he could till the boxers ripped off him and he was left crying a naked one more time. He moved in the corner defeated shaking and crying and wondering what he should do next and if his brother would feel bad for him and give him a break, but his brother got so turned on by Kevin being defeated that he walked up to him grabbed him and bent him over the bed and told Kevin that it was time for the spanking of his life.

Anthony had put on basketball shorts earlier and he looked at his brother's ass as it was hanging off the bed and he told Kevin to close his eyes and don't move and await the beating of his life, but Anthony really had other plans. He pulled down his basketball short and started rubbing is brother's ass slapping it then rubbing it. Then he pulled his cheeks apart and looked at the tiny pink hole and couldn't wait any longer. Kevin was waiting for the sting of the belt, but all of a sudden Anthony kept pulling his ass back and Kevin did not realize what was about to happen until he felt something huge on his small hole.

He then knew exactly what his brother was thinking and tried to get away but he was trapped on the bed and if tried to move then he would just push his brothers dick inside of him anyway, so he started to beg again and said please I am your brother I will suck you off whenever you want I would do my chores and your chores and listen to every word you say, but please don't do this.

Please don't you love me I am your brother?? Anthony looked at his brother and said your right you are my brother and this might be wrong?

Kevin started to relax until Anthony said but you are a little fucking twerp who never listened and now it is time to pay. With that Anthony grabbed his brother's hips and slammed his cock down his ass without any lubrication or condom. With one thrust Anthony's dick ripped into Kevin's ass as Kevin started to scream and cry get it out it is too big please get it out.

Please ahh ahhh please get it out. Anthony just started fucking him hard as hell as it was the best feeling he had felt in his entire life. He looked at his brother and said your ass is awesome and this is what you were made for. Kevin's legs went numb from the pain as it felt like he was being ripped in two. Anthony had no mercy and fucked him harder and harder while slapping his ass hard as hell and calling him his bitch.

He fucked him so hard that Kevin was about to pass out, but again Anthony slapped him in the face and moved in front of a mirror so he could watch himself fuck his brother. He then told his brother to stand up straight or it would be a lot worse so Kevin listened while begging him to stop. Anthony then walked them both into the bathroom with his dick still up Kevin's ass and Anthony grabbed the toothpaste, while Kevin screamed and cried what are you about to do pleeeeease stop it hurts.

Anthony the put a little on his hand added a little water then grabbed Kevin's dick and started jerking him off. Kevin screamed even louder now as he was being fucked by his brother while his dick was being burnt by the toothpaste. He started feeling pleasure and two kinds pain as his body betrayed him again and he was about to cum. Anthony was still going and fucking him up the ass as hard as possible as Kevin came on himself once again and was still crying about the toothpaste on his dick and the eight inch dick that was tearing apart his ass.

Anthony kept fucking him as hard as possible then with the hardest thrust he had done shot load after load of cum up his brother's newly devirginized tight ass. He then pulled out and shot loads of cum on his back his legs, until most of his body was covered in cum, both his own and his brothers. Kevin was on the floor crying and he got up and tried to get the toothpaste of his penis, but Anthony grabbed him and threw him on his knees and said suck my dick bitch and make it clean.

Anthony's dick was covered in shit, cum, and blood and just looking at it made him sick and his dick was still burning like hell. Anthony grabbed his brothers cum filled face and said if you don't do what I say right now I will shove a cucumber up your ass you stupid little bitch. Kevin knew his brother was serious so he started to lick his brother's dick clean and tried not to throw up because he knew that if he did then he would have to lick it up.

Kevin gagged for another five minutes as he sucked his brother's dick once again and tasted the disgusting familiar taste of his brothers cum once again.

Anthony then pulled and dragged his brother by his hair till he got in the living room then through his brother on his lap and grabbed the belt.

Kevin begged him not to and said he had enough, but Anthony laughed and said we are just getting started and slammed the belt down harder and harder from one cheek to another as big nasty welts started to form. He his him over and over as he was once again crying and begging him to stop, but he just kept on hitting him till almost every inch of his ass was red or had welts.

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He was shaking and crying begging and trying to negotiate and when his brother stopped he sighed in relief until Anthony spread Kevin's cheeks and beat his asshole with the belt. Kevin didn't know which hurt worse having his brother fuck him or him beating his asshole but luckily there were no neighbors around or they would have thought someone was getting murdered. Anthony his him for too long and Kevin passed out because the pain so Anthony stopped hitting his brother grabbed ice water and threw it in his face and he woke up in a lot of pain.

Kevin looked at his brother and asked if they could stop for the day, but Anthony picked his brother up one more time sat him on his lap and shoved his dick up his ass once again. This hurt worse because of his raw beat ass as he was crying again and screaming as Anthony tried to go deeper and deeper getting each inch up his tiny ass trying to cause as much as pain as possible.

This lasted 14 minutes of Kevin screaming and Anthony moaning in ecstasy. Then when Anthony came in his brother's ass for the second time he dragged him in the bathtub and told him sit there. Then he grabbed his dick and started to pee all of over his brother. His brother tried to get up and move, but his brother just said the word cucumber and he stopped. Then as Anthony was peeing all over his brother he told him to open his mouth so he could aim in it and Kevin who was once again in tears opened his mouth and Anthony decided to grab Kevin's head and slam his dick down his throat as he made his brother his own personal urinal.

Kevin was choking on the urine as he started coming out of his nose and Kevin thought he was going to die, but Anthony did not have any mercy and kept peeing down his throat when he was done. Then when he was done he pulled out of his brother's mouth and said take a fucking shower you have only 10 minutes till dad gets home to clean the rest of the house and do your own chores even though you did a great job doing mine.

Kevin turned on the water and tried to wash away what happened, but everything hurt from his ass to face to his asshole, but he knew he had to rush because he didn't want to get in trouble with his dad, but by the time he got out of the shower he heard his dad's voice talking to his brother.

Anthony said to his dad that I did all my chores and I tried to get Kevin to do his, but he refused then I beat his ass and he still refused. If you want me to watch him then he has to listen and you have to do something about it. Kevin's father then stormed the bathroom that didn't have a lock grabbed his son threw him on his lap and started to beat his beat up ass.

Kevin cried and said that he did Anthony's chores but his father beat him harder for lying. Kevin looked out the door and saw his brother smiling and Anthony whispered get ready for tomorrow laughed and walked away leaving his brother contemplate how much worse things could get as he was getting his ass beat by his dad. Like and comment this story and I'll write a part 2