Fantastische Brünette kena in emo do tremendou

Fantastische Brünette kena in emo do tremendou
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Amber woke up the morning after her lustful adventure across the town in a heap on the couch. Her panties were still around her ankles and encrusted with the dried cum of the night before. I picked her up and she looked at me, and told me she loved me. we kissed a while as I stood there holding her, then I took her to the bathroom for a hot bath. I added bubbles to the water and lit some candles to help her relax. she slid into the tub, her gorgeous young body slipping elegantly into the water, and closed her eyes to relax.

I left and went to pick up her clothes. After seeing the damage done to her panties, I decided to sell them on the internet ( i got $150 for them, and also began regularly selling her well used dirty panties). As I was putting the rest of her clothes in the dryer, I heard splashing and screaming in the bathroom. I ran in to see Amber in the tub, legs spread wide apart laying on her back, fuckin the hell out of her ass with a hair brush handle.

she was moaning and rocking as she dug her fingers into her clit and forced the handle deep up her tight young asshole. she opened her eyes and saw me standing there in the doorway, rubbing my hardon through my jeans.

She winked at me and said " I left a spot open for you!" I dropped my drawers and hopped in the tub, pausing for a lick of her gorgeous pussy. she had just shaved what little hair she grew on her precious mound, and my tounge easily worked its way up inside her slutty little cunt. I knew nearly 20 men had taken shots inside her fertile pussy the night before, and still her pussy seemed tight as I started shoving my own 9 inches up into her.

she was still working the handle in and out of her asshole and rubbing her clit and i bent her legs against her chest and buried my hammer to the hilt in her pussy. she immediatley screamed in pleasure and the walls of her pussy gripped and milked my cock, lubing my prick with her hot cream. I pounded deep into her, forcing her knees against her shoulder with her feet pointing straight up. the hair brush hung out of her ass, and I pummeled into her pussy, slamming my cock into her cervix on each stroke.

the started to cum again, wailing like a banshee. I couldn't hold my cuts back any longer and drove my cock and far as i could into her tummyerupting a torrent of hot cum deeep into her womb.

she moaned as the hot cum filled her gut and her pussy spasmed, soaking it all up. I pulled out and stood up and she grabbed the hair brush and started fucking her asshole again, keeping her legs up in the air.

only a little cum came out of her pussy. Amber finally got out of the tub, and when she did, a glob of cum slid out her hot cunny and ran down her thigh.

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she grabbed it on a finger and quickly sucked it off. "it tastes better when its out of me" she said with a grin. I almost nutted again, but had abetter idea in mind.

" Do you wanna have fun today? i asked. " Oh god yes," she replied. "ok then," I said " im gonna give you a hell of a day". We started at the mall. Amber was wearing and short lil jean skirt than only hid her sweet young ass by an inch or two. her firm breasts were laying behind a button up plaid shirt that had only 3 buttons bottoned.

When she leaned the slightest bit foreward, her nipples were in clear view to most anyone. She sucked my cock in the truck, fiercley forcing my bulbous head down her throat. when I came, she let it fly on the side of her face and in her hair.

she smailed and said "ok let's go!." we got out and walked in the mall. the cum on the side of Ambers face was quite noticeable, but amber walked as if nothing was wrong. her ass shook in the little skirt and you could see her perfect b cups jiggle slightly under the shirt. as we passed some girls, they looked at her and called her a slut. Amber smiled at them and told them that makes her horny.

She wasn't kidding.

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A young guystanding near by was awestruck by her. he grabber his hand and took him behind a rack of cloths. I started acting like i was looking for some pants while I watched amber bend over and let this kid fuck her in the middle of the store. In about 2 minutes, she stood up and turned and kissed him, she walked back to me.

as she approached I could clearly see cumm running down her thigh. Amber walked ahead of me a little bit and i enjoyed the view of her ass.


every guy was looking at her, then double taking tryingto see what was on her face and leg. She ran into 3 football players to called her sexy names and grabbed her ass.

One stuck his finger under her skirt, only to exclaim, " this slut is wetter than fuck!" she led them to the bathroom and came back 5 minutes later. She said she told them they're cocks were to small to fuck her so she made them jerk off into her panties and then she put them back on.

I reached under her skirt to find her panties soaked with cum and it covered her ass and thighs. she said she needed a cock, so we walked into a store. She grabbed a pair of panties and asked the store clerk if they had dressing rooms.

I followed her and the clerk to the room, where Amber pulled him and I in. she dropped her nasty cum soaked panties to the floor and told the clerk to fuck her. he bent her over and fucked her soggy pussy as she sucked my cock. Just as the clerk launched his baby goo into little Amber, the store manager opened the door. He started to yell, but amber to him to "drop you pants and stuff your fuckin cock up my pussy" the manager told the clerk to go back to work and stuffed his cock into her.

she rammed into his cock, deep throating my cock.

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When the Mamanger had his fill, he gave Amber her fill, and zipped his pants and left. Amber stayed suckign my cock, bent over, ass hanging out the door way. Cum dripped out of her fuck hole and dribble onto the carpet of the dressing room. The clerk came back over and fucked her again while she continued working my cock.


He again unloaded in 2 minutes, so I turned her around and started ramming her slick pussy. My cock glided through her cunt as frothed as all the cum ran off my ball and down her ass and thighs. she panted and moaned, beggin for me deeper in her, beggin for my cum.

she made no effort to be quite, and when i came, she screamed " Cum up my cunt, Give it all to me.

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CUm In Me, Cum IN [email protected]@!!!" She did not put her panties back on, but left them with the clerk. she walked down the mall again ahead of me with cum streaked down her thighs, hair mangled, and cum on her cheek.

she looked like she had just survived a gangbang, but she was looking for one. everyone gawked at her. you could see men adjusting themselves as she walked by. Some she would look at and ask is they had any cum to spare, or if thier balls needed drained. as we walked back to the car, we realized about 7 guys had followed us out of the mall and were looking to she what she had goin.

Amber sat on the hood of the car, and lifted her legs back against her tits, exposing her gaping creamy pussy.

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One man needed no invite, and rammed his cock into her pussy. he forced in as deep as he could and fucked her deep and hard for several minutes before collapsing on her and grunting.

he stood up and stepped back, and a river of his cum ran out of amber puffy pussy.

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the next 3 guys all decided to fuck her ass and shoot thier warm load into her butt. there was cumm running off the hood of my car onto the bumper. just as the 4 th man was mounting Amber to make a deposit, the security showed up. Amber pushed the man aside and said she need some secure cock. she needed a man in uniform. she lept onto his cock, fished it out of his pants, and sucked him hard.

she pushed him down and mounted the officer, he did not resist her arrest of his cock, and layed still and Amber dropped onto his cock, bottoming it out in her cunt. she moved her hips in circle until the officer grunted and came, and Amber came as he fired his seeds into her pussy. the security guard left, and amber bent over the hood, spreading her ass to expose her hot used pussy, her cunt was white with cum, and her asshole quivered.

she snuck a kfinger into her ass as the next guy started to fuck her, but he came as soon as he got inside her hot quim. after all 7 men had thier hot cum drained from thier balls, amber sat in the car and smoked a cigarette. She told me she wanted to go to the local truck stop. She figured she could get a good hard fucking out of a big burly trucker who just wants to bury his cock into her tight young cunt and cum his fuckin brains out, then move to the next truck.

I said ok, and we headed off for the truck stop. thats next story.