Mujer tomada se orina en la calle

Mujer tomada se orina en la calle
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The Futa Fairy Futa Teacher's Naughty Wish Chapter One: Ms. Marcie's Student Dilemma By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Every day was torture when I walked into the hallowed halls of Washington College, the school where I taught at.

Everywhere I looked, the girls strutted down the halls, so youthful, so sexy in their tight jeans, their tighter tops, their short skirts, their leggings that molded to nubile flesh. My heart raced, my pussy so hot in my panties and pantyhose, my nipples hard in my blouse. So many beauties. The eighteen-year-old freshman just budding into womanhood.


The twenty-one-year-old seniors strutting like they were hot shit, the nineteen-year-old sophomores and twenty-year-old juniors trying to emulate them.

It was enough to make me salivate like a dirty, old man. And I wasn't old. I was in my early thirties and, more importantly, a woman. But I was just so hot for all of them. I wanted to pull on my strap-on, bend their pretty asses over my desk, and fuck them so hard. I would plow them, ramming my dildo over and over into their hot, steamy depths. My cheeks burned as I walked through the halls, my heels clicking, my hips swaying. The boys noticed, of course, their hungry eyes on my flesh.

But I ignored them. They weren't the soft, silky, feminine delight that made me wet. I licked my lips, watching a cute girl sway by, her ass writhing in the jeans. I swear she had to pour herself into those. Her thong peeked out the back. I wanted to snap it before I ripped down her jeans and devoured her barely legal snatch. I was such a bad teacher. "Good morning, Ms.

Marcie," one of my favorites smiled as she walked past. I had Keily Redding last year as a freshman. And again this year, the auburn-hair nineteen-year-old making my pussy so wet.

How I would just devour her. I would go to town on that pussy. I bet she was a virgin. I bet barely legal, virgin cunt tasted amazing. I lusted after all my female students, but I had my favorites. The girls I really wanted to usher into the joys of lesbian passion. To teach them, mold their impressionable minds to the delights a woman could offer them. It made my clit so hard, my pussy so wet as I pictured them.

Keily Redding on her hands and knees lapping at my pussy, her auburn hair spilling about her naked shoulders. Sita Korrapati, the principal's nubile daughter, bent over my desk, her red-brown ass wiggling at me, the Indian girl begging to have her cherry popped by my strap-on.

Heather Jackson, a pixyish blonde with short hair and big, blue eyes that looked so much like my own daughter's. Yunjin Kim, a Korean doll who would shudder as I devoured her pussy. Pattie Jones would scream her pretty head off as I devoured her Black snatch, her beaded braids clacking as she bucked and shuddered.

Jamie Miller shuddering on my desk, her cheerleader skirt hiked up over her waist as I fucked her hard with my double-headed dildo. Amber Matheson, that delicious beauty mark on her fair cheek, staring up at me as she fisted her hand in and out of my cunt. And the one I lusted after the most: Belinda Baumgartner. My daughter with her brown hair in pigtails, her blue eyes centered on her angelic face. I would love to pop her cherry. Eighteen. Just started at Washington College.

And enrolled in my first afternoon class. I was such a wicked teacher and a bad mother all rolled into one. "Hey, Ms. Baumgartner," a male student said, nodding his head. He was in my second class. I hadn't gotten his name yet.

I was so bad with the boys in my classes. I also insisted that they use my last name. Only the girls could call me Ms. Marcie. Which made me feel so naughty. "That was such a good game on Friday," I smiled at Jamie as she walked by. "You did such a great job your first time out." Pink spotted Jamie's cheeks. "Thanks, Ms. Marcie. It was a lot of fun." "I bet. Losing your cherry to your big sister's huge girl-cock must have been amazing." Memories of that wild game shot through me.

The cheerleaders put on such a rousing show, writhing in lesbian passion. And two of them were futanari. Just amazing. I couldn't wait for Friday's game. I only went to ogle the cheerleaders, and this year their routines were so naughty.

"It was, Ms. Marcie," she beamed. "I have to get to class. See you in an hour." "You better have your English homework done.," I smiled and continued striding along. And then groaned in annoyance. Two cherub-faced girls were kissing in the hallway. I vaguely remembered standing beside them as I cheered on the Pussycats, the nickname for the college's cheer squad, on Friday, groping both their asses as they fingered each other.

I grit my teeth. I hated PDA. "No kissing in the halls," I snapped at the girls. They broke apart with guilty flushes. "You know that.

No public displays of affection. This is a school. Save it for the bedroom." "Yes, ma'am," they squeaked together, their faces flushed. They were cute, probably seniors. They scurried off, their tight asses wiggling. I shook my head. What was the world coming to? I liked kissing girls, too, but in public? It was so disgusting watching people really kiss in public, especially with all that tongue. There was a place for that. The bedroom. A parked car. The football game while watching the Pussycats fuck and lick each other on the field.

"Hello, Ms. Marcie," delicious Sita said as she passed me, her face round with that delicious, red-brown skin of the Indian Subcontinent. "Did you get your homework done?" "Of course," she smiled as she fell in beside me.

She was in my first class. "Don't know why I asked. Your mother would never let you slack." "No," she said, her neck straight. She had a 4.0 GPA and would probably be valedictorian. I ached to give her a different education. I bet she would be just as diligent at learning pussy licking as she was at learning Shakespeare.

We reached my classroom. I held the door open for her, loving how her skirt swayed covering that ass. She had a great one. I would give anything to see her naked. I bet she was a virgin, too.

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Everything about her screamed innocence. I wanted to masturbate so badly as I sank down at my desk, the other students filing in. My phone buzzed in my purse. I pulled it out. Class hadn't started yet, so I could have my phone out. Once the bell rang, teachers, like our students, were expected to put our phones away and pay attention. Principal Korrapati was very strict about that.

I didn't recognize the number the phone came from, though it had an Alaska area code. I used to live in Alaska, and the 907 area code covered the whole state. Was it an old friend? It had been over a decade since I lived there. I opened the message. Cute bluish-white snowflakes rained down from the top, the text message in a richer blue font.

Oh, that was such a naughty desire you have, Marcie. I almost came just feeling it. So don't you worry your naughty cunt. I will make it happen. I will make sure you fuck every last student you want, even that cute daughter of yours. Expect me real soon. I will rock your world. Damn, I love naughty teachers. B Esq. of Winter My cheeks warmed just reading the vulgar message. Then I swallowed.

Who could possibly know that I had a thing for my students? Was it another teacher? Or a student? They were all so tech savvy these days. And the tone. It sounded like one of the girls these days. They swear as bad as the boys. I had even heard my eighteen-year-old daughter drop the f-bomb once with her friends.

And she knew I lusted for my daughter. That I wanted to violate the maternal bond I had with her. I squirmed in my chair, my cheeks on fire as I read the message again and again. My heart raced. If anyone found out I wanted to molest my students, my daughter, my career would be over. My chair creaked as I rubbed my thighs together. It would be so hot if it could happen though.

If this mysterious B could make my wishes come true. But that was insane. No one could do that short of drugging the girls so I could have my way with them. I could seduce one, sure. Maybe two, if I were patient.


But I knew the risks if it backfired. It was better to find older woman who liked to roleplay. Have them put on naughty skirts and pretend to be innocent, Catholic schoolgirls for me. My eyes flicked to Sita as she smiled at me. I pictured grabbing her black hair and pulling her face into my pussy. To feel her tongue lapping through my folds. To shudder and cum on those innocent lips, leaving them smeared with my pussy cream.

I squirmed more. This was so insane. I needed to gain control of myself. Things like that didn't happen in the real world.

I put my phone away, my stomach twisting. A chill shot down my spine. I really could be in trouble if someone thought I was lusting after my students. My heart raced beneath my breasts as the rest of my students filed in.

And I couldn't just sit here. I had to teach. It was probably just a prank. Everyone knew I was a lesbian. A bigot was probably just messing with me, trying to get me scared.

They always thought dykes were also predators, looking to seduce innocent girls into our "sinful" lifestyles. It was hard to focus on teaching, between my fantasies of Sita and the twisting fear in my stomach produced by the text.

But I focused, moving before my class as I lectured on Romeo and Juliet, my pantyhose whisking with every step. Such a comforting sound. "Okay, I want you to read the final act for tomorrow's lecture," I told them, ignoring their groans.

My students stood up. Sita headed to me, holding her text book to her breast. She wore a dark cardigan buttoned up, her white blouse peeking through the V neckline. She gave me such a dazzling smile. "Ms. Marcie, could I stop by after school and talk to you? I have a few questions about the lesson." "You didn't understand it?" "No, I just had an idea for a project." "Looking for extra credit." I shook my head. "You're already at a 4.0 in my class." "Still," she smiled. "Can I?" "Of course you can.

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I would love to hear about your project. I had Amber Matheson in my next class, the precocious girl sitting up front, her legs clad by white tights beneath her knee-length skirt. She even wore black Mary Janes, fueling my schoolgirl fetish.

Her black hair fell about her fair face, her beauty mark only emphasizing how gorgeous the nubile nymph was. I practically drooled over her all through my second lecture, ignoring Patti and Yunjin entirely. I even stumbled over my words, my poor panties soaked. Luckily, my third class was full of seniors, the girls too slutty, too sure of themselves for my taste.

"Hope you cheer as well on Friday, Kimmie," I told the cheer captain as she strutted out. "Oh, we are going to have a great game," she nodded. "Thinking about getting a titty fuck from Becky and her huge boobs while Cassandra fucks her from behind." "Well, that will get the team's blood pumping and the crowd roaring," I grinned.

And then my classroom was empty. I was just so horny. I bit my lip, glancing at the door. Then I sauntered to it, flipping the deadbolt with a loud clunk.

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I flicked off the lights, plunging my room into darkness. Only the light streaming through the small window in the door illuminated the room. I strutted back to my desk, my clit throbbing.

I had to masturbate. I needed that release or I would never get through the day. I sat down in my chair. It creaked as it leaned back.

I spread my legs, throwing them over my desk, my skirt riding down my dark nylons. I shivered, rubbing my stockings. I loved how they felt beneath me, my body writhing as I slid down lower and lower, the silk caressing my fingertips. Heat raced up my legs, ending at my hot pussy. I groaned when my fingers reached my pussy. I rubbed at it through my pantyhose and panties. The heat bled through as I rubbed myself.

I bit my lip, letting out a soft moan as I stroked up and down my crotch, pressing the material of my panties into my wet pussy.

My clit throbbed as I closed my eyes. "Mmm, just like that, Sita," I moaned, picturing her dark fingers running up and down my pussy. And this will make sure I get a 4.0, Ms. Marcie? "Oh, yes," I groaned, picturing her body naked, her breasts small, her nipples dark.

And what about me, Ms. Marcie? Keily asked, her green eyes wide behind her glasses. Do I have to touch you, too? "You all do," I panted, picturing all my favorites naked before me, their youthful bodies flushed with desire.

Pattie's ebony skin pressed against Jamie's, Yunjin's pale-olive contrasting with Amber's ivory flesh. Heather shuddered, squeezing small breasts, her blue eyes so sweet. And my daughter, a big smile on her lips as she reached in to rub at my pussy, too. I groaned, my hand moving faster and faster up and down my slit as I imagined all the nymphets touching me, such eager delight on their faces, their fingers caressing me through my pantyhose.

Pleasure rippled out of my pussy. My clit ached every time I rubbed it through my panties. The bud throbbed. My cunt clenched. I groaned, chair creaking as I squirmed, my fingernails scratching on my pantyhose.

I loved the sound. "Just like that," I moaned. "And don't forget to kiss each other. I pictured Yunjin and Heather kissing hard, their small breasts pressed together. Pattie's ebony arms wrapped about Jamie's body, kissing the nubile cheerleader hard.

Keily moaned in delight as she kissed my daughter, their tongues dancing. And delicious Amber and innocent Sita melted together, that red-brown flesh so hot contrasting with Amber's fair skin.

My body shuddered as my orgasm rippled through me. Just picturing my nubile schoolgirl orgy had me cumming hard, fast. I moaned, more than heat bleeding through my nylons. My tangy cream coated my fingers as I shuddered. The pleasure hit me hard, fast. It crashed through my mind. The rapture drowned me in darkness.

It carried me away. I loved it, drifting in ecstasy, the moans and sighs of my cute students echoing through my mind as they loved each other. It would be so hot. "It would be, Marcie," a wicked voice purred. "And I am going to give it to you." I blinked, opening my eyes. I was surrounded by ice.

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Pure ice with just a hint of blue in it. The ceiling, the walls, the desk my naked legs were thrown over. I squirmed, feeling the numbing cold on my naked ass and back. "What?" I gasped, my heart racing as I hopped to my feet, my ice chair rolling backward as I stood on the ice floor.

I looked around. My classroom had been reproduced exactly in ice from the desks to the posters on the wall. I could even read the text on them, the ice's huge varying in subtle ways.

My pencils. My papers. My purse. The dry erase markers sitting on the lip of the icy whiteboard. The windows. The door. Everything was ice. It was bitterly cold and yet I didn't shake. My feet felt winter's chill beneath them, but I didn't flinch from it. "Relax," the voice purred. "Relax, Marcie. I hope I can call you Marcie. Ms. Baumgartner sounds too.formal for me. So, relax, Marcie, I'm not going to hurt you. I am going to fuck you.

But not hurt you." I blushed, realizing I was naked, and covered my large tits. My arms pressed against them as I whirled around, searching for the source of the voice. I did a complete 360 already and had failed to see her sitting in the front row. I blinked. There was no way I could miss such a striking, gorgeous woman sitting naked at the icy desk, her large breasts jiggling as she lounged, her naked thighs peeking out the sides, her toes wiggling.

Purple hair spilled about a voluptuous, hungry face, her silver eyes twinkled with a mischievous glint that made me shiver at how ancient her mirth was. I felt dwarfed by the ages she had lived and smirked through, like all of human history was a joke to her.

And, of course, I was struck by the gossamer wings thrusting over her shoulders, as delicate as a dragonfly's. She pursed lush lips. "Mmm, yes, you are a gorgeous woman, Ms. Marcie. I am going to enjoy fucking you." "F-fucking me?" I stammered, though not from the cold. "You're really not my type." "No, my boobs are too big and I look too old. No, you like them young and tight. Though you're too scared to really go for those nubile things wandering about your school.

But never fear, once we've finished our bargain, you'll be fucking them left and right. They'll be coming so hard on your cock." "Cock?" I blinked. "What is going on?" "You got my text, right?

You're a teacher, I thought you were smart." "You're B?" "Bean Sidhe," she answered with a dismissive wave, pronouncing it the E and A in her first name. "But that's such a mouth full, isn't it? B's so much better." "Bean Sidhe." I blinked.

That sounded familiar. "Isn't that.banshee, right? From Irish Mythology?" "If you want to butcher my name, sure," she grinned. "Which makes a you a fairy." She laughed, her breasts jiggling. "See, I knew you were smart. Esquire of Winter, at your service." She gave a mocking bow, her pillowy tits spilling across her desk.

Her nipples were so fat and hard. "Now, let's get down to business." "You mean.fucking?" Her smile was so hungry. I felt like a rabbit before a cougar. "The fucking's part of it. You made a wish, and I am here to answer it. To give you what you want." "To.seduce my students." "Including that nubile daughter of yours." B shivered, her breasts shuddering.

"Oh, she is a delicious thing. Those pigtails. She makes my cock so hard." "C-cock?" "C O C K," the fairy purred as she slid out of her desk, standing up. "You know, cock, dick, penis, pecker, dong, schlong, johnson, willy, woody, hardon, skin flute, pipecleaner, love shaft, the one-eyed snake, salami, fuckstick. So many names.

Even a lesbian is bound to recognize one of them." She was a few inches taller than me, her body curvy and delicious, her skin so pale.

And thrusting from her thick, violet bush was a huge cock. My eyes widened. "What is that?" "My.futa-cock. I think that's what the summer slut calls it.

I'm a futanari." She lifted her cock and spread the thick lips of her pussy apart, flashing juicy pink. Her cock thrust from her folds. "See. I have both." "F-futanari. Like Kimmie and Cassandra?" "Mmm, yes, their antics.inspired me," B moaned, walking towards me, stroking that huge girl-cock. It was as big as the two cheerleaders. "I wanted to join the fun." "Oh, god, you're going to make me into a futanari." My pussy clenched.

"Then I can fuck all my students. My daughter." B winked her moon-bright eye at me. "In exchange for a favor, to be collected later." "F-favor." She reached me, her hands sliding up my side.

A shiver rippled through me. Her fingers were so cold they burned on my skin, warming my body. My pussy clenched. That huge cock nudged at my brown bush as her hands climbed higher and higher, cupping my breasts. "Just a little IOU." She arched an eyebrow.

"What do you say, Teach? Ready to get some schoolgirl pussy?" "Yes!" Her lips seized mine, kissing me with such passion as she pressed her large, pillowy tits against mine. Our nipples brushed as her tongue buried into my mouth with such passion. She pushed me back, the frigid edge of my desk brushing my thighs, my rump falling down on it as I moaned into her mouth.

Her wings hummed as her hands caressed my sides. My pussy burned with heat. Juices coated my thighs. I shuddered, loving the burning ice of her touch. Thrills rippled through my body at the clashing sensations. I was so hot, so wet, for her huge girl-dick.

She pushed me backward, breaking our kiss. I panted as I stretched out on my desk. Her hands slid down to my thighs, spread open, my pussy lips parting. Her cock brushed them. I shuddered, eager to be filled, eager to make this pact and have my own girl-cock. "You are going to fuck all their tight, barely legal cunts," purred B.

Her cock slid up and down my pussy, nudging my clit, making me tremble. "You're going to violate their young twats. You're going to fuck them so hard." "Yes!" I moaned, humping against her. "Give it to me! I want it! I want it soooooo badly." "Especially your daughter?" "Especially Belinda!" "Good!" I gasped as she thrust her cock into my pussy. That huge girl-dick slammed into my steaming depths in a single thrust.

I convulsed at the icy cock burning inside of me. Rippling delight flooded through my body, the cold stimulating my flesh and driving me wild.

I clenched down on the girth, bigger than any dildo I had ever tried. Her tits heaved over me from the force of her thrust, my own big boobs jiggling. I squirmed on my frigid desk, drinking in all the sensations.

I should be frozen. I should be numb from the cold, but instead it was so exciting. So amazing. My thighs wrapped about the futa-fairy's thighs, staring up at her silvery eyes. "Pound me! Give me my cock!" "Yes," she breathed. "Oh, the fun you shall have with your nubile schoolgirls." I shuddered as she drew back her futa-cock through my folds. My hands shot to my tits, squeezing my lush mounds as the pleasure rippled through me.

My fingers dug into my soft breasts as I squirmed, loving the friction of her icy dick. She smiled at me, leaving just the tip of her huge dick in my pussy, letting me squirm.

And then she buried into me again. A wordless moan burst from my lips as I shuddered. Her dick felt amazing in me. So big and thick and hard. My eyes rolled back into my head. My pussy clenched on her dick. I shivered in delight, humping against her as she worked her cock over and over into my pussy, reaming me, making me feel so good. Pleasure rippled through me with every thrust. Her cock hammered me, her big tits bouncing over my head, her violet hair dancing about her shoulders.

Her wings hummed with her excitement. She gasped and moaned as she savored my tight cunt. "Oh, yes, you naughty teacher," she purred. "Mmm, you just love my big, huge cock reaming your pussy. Ooh, the fun you are going to have with your schoolgirls." "Yes," I moaned, my pussy clenching on her dick.

I squeezed my tits so hard, fingernails biting into my sensitive flesh. "You're going to pop their cherries, fuck their mouths, bend them over your desk and bugger their asses." "Yes!" My orgasm swelled so fast through me as the futa-fairy pounded me. She leaned over me, planting her hands on either side of my body as she hammered me.

It shifted the way her cock slid through my hole, teasing different parts of my depths. I groaned, clenching on her plunging girth as she fucked me. Her tits swayed over me, nipples so hard. I reached up, grabbing them and squeezing their pillowy mounds.

My fingers dug into her flesh, loving the feel of her pliant mounds. She shuddered, her eyes rolling back into her head as she reamed me harder and faster. She slammed that cock into my depths. She had me shuddering and moaning, my body heaving beneath her.

"Yes, yes, yes," I groaned, my pussy clenching on her thrusting girl-cock. "I'm going to fuck them all!" "Such a wicked teacher!" B moaned. "Oh, if I had a daughter, I would love for you to educate her!" My pussy clenched so hard on her dick.

I massaged her heavy breasts, thumbs brushing her nipples as my orgasm hurtled closer and closer. Every stroke of that amazing, impossible girl-dick through my pussy sent me closer and closer to the edge of erupting. My back arched. Her cock slammed into my depths.

My clit brushed her pubic mound, kissed by her silky pubic hairs. Sparks shot through me to the core of my body. I groaned, clenching my fingers into her tits. And came. "Yes, yes, yes!" I howled as the rapture flooded out of my convulsing pussy.

"I want it!" "You'll receive it!" the futa-fairy groaned, her face contorting in delight as she plowed over and over into my cumming depths. My body twitched and heaved at the delight shooting through me.

Her cock kept reaming me, kept stirring new waves of ecstasy through my body. My hot flesh convulsed and writhed about her frigid cock, drinking in the conflicting sensations.

I heaved on my desk, my vision fuzzing from the rapture of her cock hammering me. I loved being fucked by a futa. It was so much better than a dildo. Her wings buzzed so loud. She lifted an inch off the ground as she slammed her dick into my depths. My eyes widened as I felt her girl-dick spear so deep into me. And then she groaned, her back arching as she flooded me with her futa-seed. And so much more. I felt energy rush into me along with her girl-cum.

"Savor our bargain!" she howled, her wings a gossamer blur over her shoulders. "Savor it!" "I will!" I moaned, my body heaving, the energy swirling through me as I enjoyed the feel of her cum spilling into my depths.

There was so much. I felt flooded. And then my clit throbbed. My little nub drank in the energy. I shuddered, my toes curling as it blossomed, thrusting out of my brown pubic hair. My eyes widened as I watched my futa-cock grow, looking over my huge breasts.

"Yes!" I gasped as B grasped it, stroking my cock. "Ms. Marcie," she said, but her voice sounded different. It sounded younger, sweeter, a soprano instead of her smokier alto. "Ms. Marcie, oh, no, what is that?" B's girlish gasp made me blink. The world changed around me as I came awake in my classroom, the lights on.

My legs were still thrown over my desk, my body reclined in my chair. My skirt was hiked over my waist, and my new cock tented my panties and pantyhose. "Ms. Marcie, what is that in your crotch?" the sweet voice asked. Not B talking but Amber Matheson. My girl-cock was so hard in my panties, trapped by the confining cloth, aching to break free. "What do you think it is?" I asked with a purr, reaching out and grabbing the pale-faced girl's right hand.

The eighteen-year-old trembled as I pulled her hand to my crotch. "Mmm, what is it?" "Ms. Marcie," she gasped as I boldly placed her hand over my bulge. "What are you doing? Why is your skirt hiked up?" "I was masturbating to all you hot, sexy schoolgirls," I purred as I rubbed her hand up and down my futa-dick.

"And then I had a naughty dream." "M-masturbate?" Her eyes were so wide. "Ms. Marcie, you have to stop. You shouldn't make me touch you like that. This is wrong." "I know," I groaned, squeezing my hand around hers so she could feel my full girth.

"Mmm, and I am so hard for you." "My mother's a cop, Ms. Marcie," she gasped. "You have to stop." "But you don't want me to stop," I purred, seeing the flush spread across her cheeks, her beauty mark looking so cute over her scarlet skin.

"You want to see how big my new girl-cock is." Her eyes widened. "Girl-cock.?" I slid her hand higher to the waistband of my pantyhose. Then I shoved it inside. Our hands stretched the dark material. She reached my panties and I pushed her hand into that, her fingers brushing the top of my cock.

It throbbed in delight at her innocent touch. "Mmm, can you feel how hard I am, Amber?" "Ms. Marcie," she panted, her head tossing back and forth, her black hair swaying about her shoulders. "This is so wrong. You have to stop this." "Do I?" I asked. "I'm the teacher and you're the student. You have to do what I say." "But." "No buts. You will be a good girl." I turned my chair, creaking as it swiveled.

I let go of her hand and she yanked it out of my panties and pantyhose, clutching it to her chest. "You will fall to your knees right now, Amber, and suck my girl-cock." "Suck it!" she spluttered, her eyes so wide, so shocked. "Ms. Marcie, that's—" "Get on your knees now, Amber Matheson!" I snapped, my eyes hard.

"You will obey me and learn what I have to teach you." She swallowed, trembling, then she fell to her knees. My chair creaked as I stood up, pushing it back. "Yank down my pantyhose and panties." "Ms. Marcie?" she asked, looking up at me with such tremulous eyes. "Now," I purred, savoring the innocent eighteen-year-old schoolgirl's trembling body. "Yes, Ms. Marcie." Her fingers hooked the waistband of my pantyhose, dragging them down, her fingers hooking my panties in the process.

I groaned, my dick throbbing as it rubbed against the silky material. Then it popped out before her, bobbing up and down, the tip inches from her sweet lips.

Her eyes widened and she swallowed. I seized her black hair, holding it in a tight grip. "Now suck it, you little slut." "S-slut?" she squeaked. "You little schoolgirl slut," I purred. "You're mine now. I'm going to fuck you whenever I want. And you're going to let me because I know that hot, virgin cunt is burning inside your panties." She didn't answer.

I pulled her head forward until the tip of my cock nudged her lips. She stared up at me, tears in her eyes. And then she licked it. Her tongue swirled about the crown, sending hot shivers down my dick.

She gathered the beading precum, pulling it into her mouth, tasting it. "See," I purred. "Mmm, that's not terrible." "I guess," she said.

I tightened my hand in her hair. "No guessing. You love it. Now suck, slut! Wrap those delicious lips about my cock and make me cum." My pussy clenched as she did that. She opened her mouth, engulfing the crown of my dick. She stared at me, her lips wrapped tight, but she didn't seem to have any idea what to do. Juice dribbled down my thighs, my breasts rising and falling in my blouse and bra as I savored the wet, warm heat of her mouth.

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"Now you suck," I purred. "And you swirl your tongue about my cock and bob that pretty mouth of yours. That'll make me cum into your pretty mouth." She squeezed her eyes shut and sucked. I let out such a wanton moan of delight, my pussy clenching as the eighteen-year-old virgin sucked on her first cock. A futa's cock. I was such a wicked teacher for teaching her this. Her tongue brushed my crown again as she sucked. My pussy clenched every time. Then she moved her mouth, sliding it up and down.

She let out a delicious whimper, the sound humming around my dick as she worked her mouth up and down my cock, sucking so hard her cheeks hollowed. "That's it," I groaned, my pussy clenching. "Oh, and I bet you love the salty taste of my precum. Soon, my girl-cum will be flooding your mouth. Mmm, I bet you want that." She didn't answer, but she sucked harder.

I groaned, shifting in my heels as she loved my cock. Her mouth bobbed faster and faster, her head twisting as she sucked. Drool dribbled out of the corners of her mouth as she pleasured my big, thick girl-cock. It was so amazing. It was like having my clit sucked on times a million. The tip of my cock was so sensitive.

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And it was so hot feeling her tongue slide around the outside while her sucks pulled at the cum swelling in the depths of my ovaries. My hand tightened in her black hair as I swayed. It was so good. "I'm going to flood your mouth, slut," I panted. "And you're going to swallow it all. Aren't you?" She moaned a yes about my cock as she stared up at me with those innocent eyes. "Good." My pussy clenched, my body shuddering.

"Here it comes, my little schoolgirl whore!" The pressure swelled in me as she sucked and bobbed. The feel of her hot mouth sent shudders rippling through my body.

My ovaries tightened. And then they exploded. My eyes opened wide as I came as a futa for the first time. My girl-jizz fired into her mouth. The powerful pulses had my entire body shuddering. The pleasure surged through me.

I groaned and swayed as blast after blast of ecstasy fired through my body. At the same moment, my pussy convulsed, flooding my body with softer rapture. I swayed, holding onto her black hair as I groaned. "So good!" I hissed. "Oh, you little slut, drink it all." She tried, swallowing as my cum flooded her mouth. White jizz leaked out the corners of her lips as I overflowed her.

She gulped, sucking hard, her eyes squeezing shut as she tasted girl-jizz for the first time. I swayed, my pleasure peaking, and then it died as the last blast of my cum flooded her mouth.

My pussy convulsed a few more times, my thighs so sticky with pussy juices. I took a deep breath, shuddering as I steadied myself. "Oh, that was wonderful," I groaned. "You did such a good job sucking your first cock, Amber." She pulled her mouth from my dick, her face flushed. She panted, her tongue licking her lips, gathering the salty jizz staining them. "I did, Ms. Marcie?" "Yes, you did," I purred, cupping her cheeks. I lightly lifted her face and she stood on unsteady feet.

"You were wonderful, my naughty slut." Then I kissed her on the mouth. I captured those sweet lips in a hot kiss. I thrust my tongue into her mouth, savoring the salty flavor of my cum. She trembled against me, my cock rubbing against her blouse, smearing stains on her clothing.

She moaned into the kiss, soft whimpers that had me so excited. She blinked when I broke the kiss, her lips still parted, a slight smile turning the corners. "Ms. Marcie." "I know," I grinned. "Now bend that cute ass over my desk." She did, her skirt rising up her thighs clad in white tights. I groaned, staring down at those black Mary Janes on her feet as I lifted her skirt over her hips. Her white tights clung to her, outlining her yellow panties.

My dick throbbed as I hooked the waistband of the schoolgirl's tights, pulling them and her panties off her ass. It was such a cute, round tush.

And then I exposed her virgin pussy adorned with soft, black curls. Her excitement matted her hairs. I could just see a hint of her tight slit buried in the forest. I fell to my knees, breathing in deeply. She smelled so tangy.

I licked my lips. "Ms. Marcie!" she squealed as I buried my face into her virgin snatch, tonguing hard. "Oh, wow!

Oh, wow!" My hands gripped her cute tush as my tongue slid through her tight, virginal slit. I gathered her tangy cream while her black curls tickled my face. She wiggled her hips, pressing back into my licking tongue.

Her juices flowed, dribbling down my chin as I feasted. My tongue brushed her hymen. My futa-cock throbbed. I squeezed her ass as I tongued her pussy harder. She gasped and squirmed when I found her tiny clit buried in her folds. I stroked the little bud, loving how it felt beneath my tongue. She wiggled, moaning louder and louder, her whimpers so cute. "Ms. Marcie!" "Mmm, yes," I groaned between licks. "Such a delicious cunt. I'm going to enjoy fucking it." My fingers dug into her butt-cheeks harder as I licked faster and faster.

I lapped through her delicious folds, savoring the tangy flavor. My dick throbbed harder and harder as I devoured her hot flesh. I nuzzled into her folds, sucking on her clit. She gasped, bucking hard, her ass clenching beneath my fingers. I swirled my tongue around her folds as she squealed louder and louder, her innocent sounds were so beautiful. "Ms. Marcie! Something's happening! I. Oh, wow!" "Don't fight it," I moaned. "Cum!" "Yes!" My desk creaked as she bucked, cumming hard.

Her tangy juices flooded my mouth. I drank down her cream. I savored the innocent delight. My fingers dug into her ass as she humped back into my mouth, her juices dribbling down my chin. I had to fuck her. I couldn't deny myself any longer. I rose, my cock nudging her naked thigh and reaching her pussy. She looked at me over her shoulder, her face burning crimson, her eyes dewy. She just whimpered as I pressed my cock on her hymen.

I thrust hard. Her eyes widened. She let out a gasp of pain as her cherry popped. Her hymen tore like tissue paper. And then I was buried into the tight furnace of her virgin cunt.

I groaned as I slid deeper and deeper into her untouched, schoolgirl pussy. "Oh, my god, yes," I moaned, savoring the silky delight wrapped about my cock.

"You're in me, Ms. Marcie!" she gasped almost in shock. "Oh, wow. Oh, that's.awesome!" I drew back my cock, making her whimper, loving the sounds she made. Then I rammed into her pussy. She groaned, her body shuddering, her ass clenching as I buried into her.

I leaned over her, drawing back my hips again, slamming my futa-dick into her hot, tight depths. I stared down at her as she writhed, humping back into my cock. Amber was no longer innocent. I had violated her, stolen her virginity. I shuddered as I thrust over and over into her depths, my pussy clenching.

My hot juices flooded down my thighs as the friction burned along the length of my futa-cock. "You love it," I hissed. "Don't you, slut!" "I do, Ms.

Marcie!" she gasped, her pussy clenching on my thrusting dick. "Oh, wow. I.I had no idea!" My fingernails bit into the wood of my desk as I braced my arms on either side of her. I hammered her, my breasts bouncing in my bra, my silk blouse rustling. I groaned, savoring the heat of her cunt wrapped about my dick.

Schoolgirl cunt. I was fucking my student. I was such a naughty teacher. My thrusts grew harder, faster, reaming her. Every stroke through her once-innocent flesh sent rapture flooding through my body. I groaned, savoring every stroke. Loving every inch of her pussy that I violated. I never wanted to stop. I wanted to fuck her over and over. I wanted to hear her screaming out in rapture as I pounded her. The desk creaked as she whimpered. My crotch smacked into her ass.

It jiggled with every stroke. "Ms. Marcie!" she whimpered, her pussy clenching so hard on my dick. "I." "Do it," I hissed. "Cum!" "Yes!" Amber's pussy writhed about my dick.

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The schoolgirl slut came hard. My eyes widened at the convulsing delight of her cunt spasming about my dick. I thrust so hard into her hot depths.

My pussy clenched as the pressure built in my ovaries. Her pussy massaged my cock. It sucked at it. She wanted my cum flooding her. She wanted to feel every blast of my cum spurting into her depths. She ached for it. She burned for it. And I wanted to give it to her. "Amber!" I hissed, my hips hammering my cock into her cunt. "My little slut! Take it!" "Yes!" she squealed in orgasmic delight.

My cock erupted. My cum flooded her pussy. Blast after blast of my jizz spurted into her depths. The hot cum flooded her. It splashed through her body.

My entire body shuddered. Rapture bathed my mind as I spurted over and over into her depths. I filled her with futa-jizz. My fingernails scratched at my desk. I breathed in the heady scent of hot pussy, our tangy musks merging together.

She whimpered and moaned as her pussy milked my cock dry of jizz. The pleasure surged through me. Stars danced before my eyes. I drew back and slammed into her one last time, savoring the final blast of my cum spurting into her. "Oh, you sweet thing," I groaned. "Mmm, Amber, you're my little slut now, aren't you?" "Yes," she moaned, squirming. I drew back my futa-cock out of her pussy. It plopped out, my cum leaking out of her pussy, staining her dark hairs.

I grabbed her tights and yellow panties bunched around her mid-thigh and drew them up, trapping my cum in her. "I expect you back here tomorrow during your lunch break," I told her.

I squeezed her ass. "For more lessons." "Yes, Ms. Marcie," she moaned. "Go. Lunch is almost over. I have a class starting in a few minutes." "Yes, Ms. Marcie." The flushed schoolgirl gave me such a huge smile before she darted out of my classroom.

I rolled down my pantyhose and panties, putting those in my drawer and pulling up my nylons. They hugged to my hard cock, pinning it to my crotch and stomach, the tip just peeking out of the waistband. I savored the naked feel of the pantyhose on my dick and pussy as I smoothed my skirt. My next class was about to start.

I grinned, eager to teach the next schoolgirl. My daughter Belinda was the first student to enter.


"Hi, mom," she said, those gorgeous pigtails swaying. I shivered in delight. Oh, I was so grateful that B granted my wish. To be continued.