Moist holes of attractive gal drilled hardcore blowjob

Moist holes of attractive gal drilled hardcore blowjob
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The next time Tommy and I saw each other was at my house a week after he forced himself on me at the salon. My mom and step-dad went out of town for the weekend, and my sister was away at college.

So I was home alone for 2 whole days. Apparently he was keeping a close eye on my house, I actually saw him drive by once during the week, so he knew when my parents weren't there. It was Friday evening, the parentals had just driven away, and it was just me now. I ordered a pizza and watched TV all night until about 1am then decided to go to bed. Before heading to my room I made sure all the doors were locked, garage door was down, etc.

I changed into a blue tank top and a pair of white boyshorts, and snuggled up in my bed. I hadn't slept well since that night at the salon, but this night I fell into a deep sleep soon after I got into bed. However, it wouldn't last long.

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I was awaken by the feeling of rough scratchy flesh covering my mouth. I opened my eyes and saw Tommy sitting on the side of my bed! His hand was over my mouth. I struggled a bit, thinking "oh God, not again", my arms were tucked so tighly under my covers and he made sure I stayed tucked. He said, "shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, quiet little girl, you're going to enjoy this". The sheer sight of him sent a feeling of panic through my body. However, not only did my heart start beating out of control.

so did my pussy, and it was was getting wet too. What the fuck? I stopped struggling, and layed still. He pulled the covers off my body slowly.

It was so quiet. His eyes widened and smiled at the site of my petite frame laying there, ready for him to take and do whatever he pleased.

His hand still covered my mouth, my nose too, it was difficult to breathe. His other hand slid up my smooth leg, up to my knee, then to my inner thigh. He passed his hand over my panty covered mound to my soft tummy, I watched him as he admired my young body. He gently gripped my hips, then proceeded up under my tank top. He placed his hand on my left breast and squeezed it gently. Then he took his other hand off my mouth and placed it on my right breast and began massaging them both.

He played with my erect brown nipples then leaned down to taste them. Pushing my ample, round tits together. he licked, sucked, and bit them while I let out a long sigh. He wasn't content with tasting for long though. He sat back up and once again oggled the moon-lit body he was about to molest. He moved his hand to my stomach again, and slowly lowered it to the little triangle between my thighs. He was so gentle. I was surprised, but glad since I still had bruises from last week.

His hand slid under the top of my panties and he used his fingers to dabble in my wetness.

He looked at me and said, "Mmmmm, my baby girl is nice and wet. are you ready to get fucked?" Honestly, I didn't know what to say. My head said NO you fucking bastard, but my body was begging for it.

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God, he was turning me into a dick-craving slut. I moaned, "mmmmm." and raised my hips. His hands were on the outside of my panties again and he began rubbing my pussy. I spread my legs so he could cover more area. The way he touched me turned me on so much.

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I could tell it was making him hot, having this young teenage girl in front of him, practically begging to have his cock in her. He felt my panties getting moist and so he rubbed faster. I moved my hips in a circular motion, I wanted his cock so bad!

Tommy couldn't take it much longer, I saw the same look in his eyes that I saw last time. he was hungry. I wondered if his cock was hard, so I reached over and put my hand on his crotch. it was VERY hard, and pulsating through his jeans. That gesture was all it took, he HAD to have me. He reached under my ass, grabbed the rim of my panties, and ripped them off in one quick motion. So much for being gentle!

He stood up and removed all his clothes. I stared at his cock, it stood straight up, touching his stomach all the way to the tip. The head was thick, round, and blunt. The shaft was long and girthful. It was hard to believe he could even fit that thing inside me. I sat up in my bed and looked up at him, he stood in front of me and grabbed his cock, rubbing it on my face, all over my cheeks, my lips, my chin.

I felt his pre-cum create streams along my cheeks. He put his hand on the back of my head and stuck his cock in my mouth. I opened as wide as I could to make room as he moved in and out. My lips craddled his meat while my tongue made it nice and wet. He placed both hands on the back of my head and pushed deeper into my mouth, poking my throat as he groaned. I started gagging a little, so I put my hands on the front of his thighs and pushed back so he wouldn't go so deep, but he didn't like that.

He grabbed both my hands and put them in back of me as if I was under arrest, and continued fucking my mouth. He moaned. "yeah, that's it. Suck my cock like a good girl, like my good little slut girl.". He rammed his cock furiously down my throat, moving his pelvis back and forth, his cock going in and out of my mouth, saliva covered my chin and lips, one hand gripped my long hair for complete control, the other bound my hands behind me. He let go of my hands, certain I wouldn't back away again, and lifted my tank top up.

My breasts bounced out, and he grabbed hold and squeezed hard.

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I let out a yelp, but it was a good feeling. I liked how his hand fit around my plump tits, and when he pinched my nipples. it hurt so good. I looked up at him as he rocked back and forth, his hard cock stretching my mouth as I choked on it. He must have liked seeing me look at him while he fucked my face.

because all of a sudden his head tilted back and he held my face in place, and began to groan. He rammed his cock as deep into my throat as he could, and I felt cum filling me up. I was drowning in his cum as it dripped down my chin, most of it though made its way down my throat.

He pulled out and spooned the extra cum into my mouth with his cock, making sure I swallowed every last drop. He told me to stay put while he went to get a drink. I did as I was told, and several minutes went by. When he came back I realized he wasn't done with me since his cock was hard again. I felt like such a whore because I was happy, my pussy felt empty and wanted to get filled up, and seeing Tommy's swollen stick meant "sex".

and I wanted him to give it to me. He ordered me to take my top off. Now I was completely naked. He was the only person to see my naked body as a young woman, and it felt a little weird. He told me to get on the edge of my bed and bend over so he could see my ass. I hesitated and got a concerend look in my eyes, I didn't want him to see all of me.

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I said, "Tommy, I don't think I can do this again." He asked if I wanted him to force me, he threatened to do more damage. Defeated, I kneeled on the edge of my bed and bent over. I had been shaving my pussy for a couple years, so I was completely bare all over.


He walked over to me, mouth watering, he couldn't wait to put his throbbing cock inside this young 16-year-old cunt. He put two fingers in his mouth to get them wet then began rubbing my hairless snatch. Fuck, it felt soooo good. He slid one finger slowly inside me, then two. He started pumping my pussy, finger fucking it. Instinct took over and I started backing up on them. I was ready for his cock.

He pulled his fingers out. I knew what was coming next. I grabbed hold of the iron bars on my daybed, spread my legs a little more, and he settled into position behind me. Taking his cock in his hand, he stroked my pussy up and down. My fucking pussy was SOAKED. Then he pushed his thick head in me, slowly.

then a little deeper, deeper, and deeper. and finally his whole cock was all the way inside me. It still hurt like it did the first time, but I didn't care, I was ready to get fucked.

His cock was now plugged up inside my tiny hole. He pulled it out slowly, just to where he could see the head of his cock, then plunged back in. "Oh my god!" I yelled. He pulled out again. then shoved back inside. out again. in again. out. in. My pussy was wrapped so tightly around his thick dick, creating the ultimate friction.

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He started pounding my pussy, fucking my young cunt, he grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them so he could watch his cock fucking my wet little meat hole. He was beating my ass with every thrust, pushing so hard into me. He showed no mercy. He pulled my arms from the iron bars and clenched them together at my back. My face got smushed into the sheets, so my screams were muffled. He banged me hard, it seemed like forever. But then I heard the most erotic four words of my entire life. "get on your knees".

Good lord. those words he uttered at that moment, in that deep, hungry tone, made me almost cum right then and there. I did as he said, got on my knees, opened my mouth like he told me to do, and got the hugest load of cum all over my face.

Again, he scooped every bit of it into my mouth, not a single drop let go to waste. This was just the beginning of the night.


or the weekend for that matter. He used me as his fuck toy for two days. I had more orgasms than I could handle. The entire weekend was spent with his cock inside me. The second night, I must have been so tired that I fell asleep and stayed asleep while he fucked me, because I woke up with wet thighs and sticky cum inside my pussy.

However, I had to admit that I was smitten with Tommy. I actually liked the guy. Everything about him turned me on. This whole "arrangement" got my pussy wet, it was forbidden, him being so much older than me.

me being under age. it was so sexy. I enjoyed the thought of being his teenage play-thing.


Before he left my house he told me that we would see each other again, and this would be an "ongoing arrangement".

Because of his dominating nature, I was too frightened to argue. Tommy carried himself like a lion on a hunt, and when he pounced, I never knew if his bite would be painful or gentle. So I would just let things play out as they were meant to.