Super hot asian gymnast fucked rough

Super hot asian gymnast fucked rough
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3 and a half months without seeing Char, it was starting to drive me crazy, we would talk on the phone, have Skype dates however it just is not the same when we aren't together. As the day past and classes dragged on, I knew the day was coming soon. The day had arrived and I was on the plane counting done the hours until I would get to see char. As hours passed on the drive back from the airport we were texting all the fun stuff we would do once we were in each other's arms.

Knowing I couldn't just leave when I got home I sent Char one text to set her on the edge for our rough night, "Well don't go anywhere, you don't know when I'll be there. until I'm right behind you ;)" Time past with mom and dad, then the time came to go see Char, I knew I had been longer than I wanted to be before I left but mom and dad wanted to know how school was going, and all that shit.

However I got in the car and took off, heart beat elevated, body temperature raising, blood flow racing and Char waiting. As I pull into the driveway I make sure I am very quiet and the headlights are off trying to make sure I don't ruin the plan.

I sneak into the house and slowly make my way to her room, opening the door quietly and there Char was laying there on her bed head back and her arm leading under the covers to her ever moist pussy. I slowly walk over and run my hand up the blanket; "may I take over?" char sprang up and wrapped her arms around me.

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"I missed you so much" I just squeezed her tighter and whispered "I missed you too" into her ear. Even though we were both eager to satisfy our every need for each other we sat there and talked for a little bit reminiscing about the good times. However the time had come and we both knew it, talking was done and the time we had waited months for was just moments away.

I leaned forward and kissed char, then cheek, down to her neck and collar bone, slowly unbuttoning the shirt Char had put on earlier. Slowly kissing every inch from neck to navel, then just as I went to continue lower Char grabbed me, "shhh" "What?" There was a long pause then Char said, "never mind thought I heard someone but I guess not" "Ok, well then where" and then I was cut off by the sound of a door closing.

"Shit what's that?" "Mike is back" "What I thought he was taking K to his parents?" "He must have forgot something, quick get under the bed" I quickly rolled under the bed to hide, just then Mike walked in and was looking all around for something, he didn't even talk to char.

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After twenty minutes he found whatever he was looking for somewhere in the main room I was guessing since he just stormed back into the room and gave Char a snarky snap "Thanks for all your help" And then left. I got back up and Char was lying there, "guess he's having a fucking man period" and we just laughed. Char then gave me seductive look and slowly ran her hand down her body, "do you want to continue what my hand has started?" and winked at me.

Without hesitation I started with the shirt again, working my way down, no interruptions this time. I slowly began to slide off Char's pants but leaving her panties, she was wearing my favorite panties on her, mesh pink hiphuggers that conform perfectly to her body.

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Then beginning up her leg kissing and caressing, inch by inch. Char had a firm grip in the sheets and a well needed one to be exact, just before reaching the Char's glorious pussy I stopped and then ran my hands up her hips then waist and then to her upper back pulling her towards me and taking off her draping shirt.

Then Char began to take off my shirt as well, revealing the hours at the gym I dedicated to the gym, Chiselled to the extreme Char ran her hands down my body to my jean shorts and undoing my belt.

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However I stopped her and resumed to slide my hand down into Char's panties and slowly massage her now moist mound. Char then collapsed back onto the bed subsiding to her desires, with one hand I was working to take off her panties and with the other still pleasuring her.

Upon the panties releasing Char's legs the sprung open to welcome me. I then immediately began to lick and finger the shit out of her, making her nipples hard which Char then began to rub and play with. After a couple minutes of vigorous oral sex Char began to reach a climax. I began rapidly fingering Char faster and faster, until Char collapsed back onto the bed, I then kissed Char and she wrapped her arms around me saying "I wish you weren't my brother because I fucking love you more than one" Char then winked at me "your turn, right" Char then rolled me over and straddled me her naked pussy inches above my cock.

Char then returned the favour and began to kiss my body, down to my shorts. She unbuttoned them and pulled my briefs and sports off all at once free my raging beast from its cage. "College did some more good for you eh" My cock had increased more in size and girth. "Yea, just a little" "I can't wait to see it at work" Char then grabbed a hold of it and to her surprise wasn't able to wrap her larger woman hand around it; she then just smiled and said "this is going to be extraordinary tonight.

Char then dropped down and began to suck on my cock, the months I spent without getting oral sex made me forget how amazing it was, Char was working every possible use she had, the tongue the hand, throat and what every she was doing was fabulous.


After a little while I began to feel a swelling in my testicles, "Char, I'm about to cum" then Chars head began to move faster and faster and her hand stroking harder and harder. Then a rush of cum shot out of me like a bullet, Char didn't stop she wanted every drop and I wasn't going to complain.

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After Char had swallowed every ounce I was going to produce she crawled up beside me and curled up under my arm. "That was fucking amazing" Char smiled and said "I know the feeling" and winked at me. Char and I knew that I wasn't going to be instantly ready for the main event so we lied there, but I decided that I would get Char moistened again. I rolled Char over onto her back and she smiled "round two?" "No just getting it warmed up" Winking at Char she wrapped her legs around my head, I then licking her pussy and used my other hand to caress her massive breasts.

Moments later I was ready and Char was obviously ready and anxious, I slowly crawled up higher and higher until we were face to face, and our bodies merely inches from each other's. Char the grabbed my ass, "don't keep me waiting" "That's my favorite part" "What is?" "When you are begging for its" Then Char pulled me down, my cock now resting on her begging pussy. "Come on, Fuck me" "Oh I love the way you fucking say that" Char then grabbed my cock and rubbed the head along her pussy, with it just resting in front slightly inside Char doesn't hesitate to grab my ass again and pull me in with all her strength as she hip thrusts towards me.

My cock now warmed by my sister's sweet pussy I begin to thrust, over and over. Each one more vigorous than the last, Char's nails digging into my back harder with each pulse. Just minutes later we roll over and Char is on top riding my cock like it's a rodeo bull. Faster and faster, the wall of her pussy contract with every thrust grabbing my cock with such a firm grip, pulling and pushing on my cock with extreme pleasure.

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In the heat of the moment I flip Char over and tell her to get on her hands and knees, "with the hopes of being pleasured." I grab my cock and slide it into her dripping pussy. Slamming it in repeatedly harder and harder. Char is rocking back and forth moaning so loud and it just makes me fuck harder till the point of fatigue, yet I won't stop.


We then again arranged ourselves with Char back on top riding my cock. With Char leaning back I raise myself up so I can hip thrust to further please her. After a couple more minutes we roll over and I pick char up and we slam into the wall, I have Chars leg hocked over my arms and I am thrusting as hard as I can and then Char moans louder and louder, knowing she about to orgasm we turn around and we fall onto her bed which is high enough for me to fuck her while she's lying down.


Now with Char's legs up with her feet beside my head I grab her upper thighs just below the hips and start to ram my cock as hard as I can. over and over, Char then climaxes, but I don't stop I keep going harder and harder, I can feel Char's cum oozing all over my cock and dripping onto the bad and down my legs, Char is now moaning with such intensity I can help but reach my point of my organismic peak, with a few more vigorous thrusts I cum, and with the last few rough pulses of my hips I empty my cock of all juices and I collapse falling in between chars legs and onto of her.

Just then Mike walks into the room. "What was that screaming?" Without and explanation Mike says "What the fuck is this?" Char responds with "Something you could never give me" Char looks back at me and winks as Mike storms out of the place, yelling back "fuck this and fuck you" Char just laughs, and curls up on the bed while I go to the shower to clean myself off.