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Belieber da bunda perfeita se masturbando Qual o nome dela )
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About the author, Bistander: I started writing because my regular life fell apart. I was already paralyzed, but the wheels came off the train because of a woman and I had to start over. Unfortunately, I grew up with a severe learning disability that went untreated, so not only do I have a lot to learn, there's a limit to how much I can do. I hope you won't hold any of that against me, nor will you excuse poor writing because of it. I welcome and am motivated by your feed back.

About the story, Potential: Not all of the events actually happened, many of them didn't happen the way they are portrayed, but all of them are based on true, real life events that I know about and or participated in.

All of the characters are based on actual people, none of them me, even if some of my personality shows up in them. That just happens. Comment/vote point out mistakes. In means a lot to me. Potential by Bistander Chapter 10: Sweet Almond Massage When Evan got out of bed, it was too early considering how tired he felt. The hours he'd been in bed weren't restful. He'd either been dreaming about what happened or half awake thinking about it. What made him think Deana hadn't done the same thing?

The thing that happened last night was spontaneous. They were two horny teenagers and they got carried away. Sure there was something special between them, and that complicated things, but he knew it was wrong and it could never happen again. He wasn't sure that was the way Deana saw it, but she was smart enough to know things would get really weird between them if they had sex.

There was no way they could live under the same roof after. They'd either want to do it all the time, he would; or one of them would end up dating someone, then the other would be hurt. It wasn't like they could date each other. Plus, it would be almost impossible to hide it for long. If their father found out he'd kill him, and even if they didn't get caught, their mother would sense things were strange between them.

Things were already strange. Deana might have acted impulsively for reasons he didn't comprehend, but he went to her while she was in the shower. What did he think was going to happen? Downstairs in the bathroom, Evan saw that Deana hadn't even put her clothes in the hamper after her shower. He stared at the gray sweatpants and shirt, no underwear. He picked up the pants. Every part of him that was still sane told him not to.

That's what started all your problems in the first place, he thought, then he pressed the crotch of her sweatpants to his nose. The first mowed lawn of the season, the air after a thunderstorm, hot asphalt on a summer day, and now, forever in his mind, the smell of his sister's climax. He inhaled deeply and pictured the glisten in Deana's eyes and the glow on her face as she came. He had caused his own sister to have an orgasm and now he knew exactly what it smelled like.

An abduction by sex starved aliens was starting to be more believable than everything that was happening to him. He needed to put time between him and what happened before he faced Deana again. At least my boner for mom is on the back burner now. Jason awoke from a dream.

It was the same dream he'd been having for years, in one form or another. He reached for his dick. He wanted to hold it while he tried to go back into fantasy land. That was the only place he'd been able to lose his virginity. His eyes snapped open and he flung the sheet back. There was a crusty layer covering his cock. A surge of adrenaline wiped his brain of any sleepiness. What he thought had been his reoccurring dream had actually been reality. He wasn't a virgin anymore.

He had lost his cherry to his sister. The scene replayed in his mind. It should have disturbed him, but he was reliving all the sensations that went along with sex, and they felt good.

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The blow jobs had been awesome; a hundred times better than jerking off, even if a dog was licking his asshole, but the inside of a girl's pussy—Fucking had been better than he imagined, and he had a great imagination. The physical sense of pleasure had been Earth shattering, but opening his eyes from a sound sleep to see Becky's skinny body perched on the head of his cock, then dropping down and taking him inside her, that was mind altering.

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Having sex for the first time changed you, but getting fucked by your sister changed everything. His world was different now and it could never go back to the way it had been. Jason had never been jealous when he heard things about Becky at school, but now he wished he could have been her first, too.

He'd never tell her she was his. How was he going to live with Becky and not hurt his mother again? Becky wouldn't make it easy. He put on boxers and a T-shirt, then went to find her.

At Miss Tonya's house, Evan was disappointed that her car wasn't in the driveway. That meant she probably took Jayda to the same special practice his mother had taken Gloria to. He wouldn't get to catch anybody tanning in the nude. Jayda was all show and tell, and tease. Too bad, he thought, she would have been a great distraction. That was exactly what he needed, a huge distraction. Something bigger than sex with Becky. Of course, nothing short of finding Miss Tonya tanning naked on the other side of the gate, ready to fuck his brains out, was going to distract him from what happened with Deana.

The gate's latch clicked when he grabbed the handle, but it didn't unhook and let the gate swing open. He stared at it for a few seconds, then started walking towards the woods at the back of the property. Even though Miss Tonya wasn't home, and she wouldn't be naked in the backyard, he regressed to years earlier.

Jason and him used to walk their neighborhood after dark, hoping to peek in someone's window. On earth they never got to see a naked woman, but on planet Fucked Up Shit, there was potential. He eased through the underbrush until he could see the back of the shed. The act of being sneaky was exhilarating. He sidestepped, trying not to make a sound, like he was actually going to catch Jayda and her mother sunbathing nude. That was stupid, but still exciting, in a childish way. He moved a branch like a spy and peeked through the bush.

At Gloria's practice, Candy sat on the top row of the bleachers waiting for Tonya to show up. She knew airing her dirty laundry was not something she could do, but if she was going to talk to anyone, it would be Tonya.

She was the only person who saw her facade. Still, Tonya didn't know the depth of her deception, and Candy didn't intend to tell her about the fight she had with John. Knowing I can is enough, she told herself.

Candy saw a boy poke his friend and point, then the group was whispering and giggling. Tonya's backside was the object of the boy's fascination. Candy smiled and watched the woman climb the bleachers. Tonya's yoga pants were stretched tight over the bulge at her crotch and it reminded Candy of the stupid rhymes the boys would say on the playground. Their cruelty was often directed at her. She hoped she had done a better job helping Gloria cope with elementary school than her mother had for her.

Names hurt as much as sticks and stones as far as she was concerned. Tonya huffed and took a seat next to her. "Did you have to sit all the way up here?" "Sorry," she said with a smirk, and pointed. "Those boys loved watching you climb up here.

Wow, I wouldn't dare wear those outside." "Candy, if I had a body like yours, I'd show it off every chance I got. Those boys would be having wet dreams if they saw you in yoga pants." Candy dropped her face and bit her lip. She wasn't allowed to draw attention to herself in public. "Thanks, but—" "I know, John would kill you if you went out in something that made you look good.

I'd still do it," Tonya said. "We only have so many years before these things start losing their appeal.

I'm going to make the most of that time and you should too." The sob caught her by surprise. When she realized it had come from her, the tears started flowing, but it wasn't the truth of Tonya's words that set them off. Neither had the memory of the burning pain or the humiliation of having her hair pulled or the degrading act she was forced to perform. Those things were par for the course, and she'd given up crying about them.

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Why was she crying now? For years she'd accepted her powerless and helpless state. John didn't love her, he owned her, and there wasn't anything she could do about it.

That was reality and she was doing what she needed to do for her daughter, and John's kids. They all needed her and that had always been enough to keep her going. There was no point in hoping for more because hope was the enemy of acceptance, it agitated a peaceful balance like too many clothes on one side of the washing machine.

Damn it, her fantasy world had tainted reality with hope and revived the sedated giant whose appetite for passion and pleasure was insatiable. It couldn't be caged, and it would try to fight or take flight, but that would be a battle she'd never win and where could she run. She'd be used up and undesirable before she got free, and that revelation was what brought her to tears. Tonya rubbed her back and said, "I knew there was something wrong, that's why I came, I heard it in your voice when you called.

Tell me." Candy leaned harder on her friend and waited for the hug she desperately needed, then she minimized the fight to an argument and downplayed her unhappiness. "I'm just's not anything to be crying about." Tonya didn't believe her. "I'm sorry, I didn't realize things were so bad." She looked at their thighs touching together and placed her hand on Tonya's leg. It was almost like talking to her sister, Sally, except Tonya couldn't know all of her sick secrets. Sally would know everything, and Sally would do things to make her feel better.

She could never go there with Tonya. "I don't like to talk about it, but thanks for listening." She looked at two teenagers holding hands on the bottom row of the bleachers. She envied the powerful, youthful love and the passion it would produce. "What are you going to do?" Tonya asked.

"What can I do, divorce him?" she said. "Evan and Deana are like my own. I could never leave them, and where would I go anyway. I can't.I can't do anything." She could, but it would cost her everything.

"It'll get better, it's just a phase." "You ever think of getting… ah, having something on the side?" Candy leaned her head on Tonya's shoulder and shivered. If she hadn't already tried that and been caught, John wouldn't have all the leverage. So many things would be different. Cheating with anybody would have been a disgrace and grounds for John to send her and Gloria packing without a dime, but she did it with someone that he could use to send her away without Gloria.

She would never leave Gloria behind as his prisoner. How could she have let herself get so needy? "Got something in mind?" "Not really, I'm just talking. It's not fair, you deserve better." "Thanks," she said, wishing Tonya could offer more. "He knows everyone, everything, he'd find out and then what?" Then her hell would get worse or he'd kill her.

"It's not that bad. It's just not what I dreamed of, hoped for." "Candy, you, you're so young and beautiful, and you're wonderful. You deserve to be happy and, um, satisfied." She squeezed Tonya's leg. "Thank you. I've missed out, but it's what I chose, for Gloria. Things will get better, they have to." Only if she could figure out how to make John's secrets bigger than hers.

After giving Tonya a few seconds to challenge what they both knew to be a lie, Candy said, "Where's Jayda?" "Said she didn't feel good, but I'm sure she'll recover quickly when Evan gets there.

She actually had him spreading lotion on her yesterday. "She'll be disappointed, Evan likes older women," Candy said, then hoping to cover her slip she added, "He acts like it's a crime to even look at a girl who's younger than him." Tonya didn't miss a thing. "Really, women?" she said. "Maybe I should have him rub lotion on me." "Sounds like fun," she said, hoping her tone didn't convey her desire. "He gives great massages." "Hmm, interesting," Tonya said with a smirk.

What about softball, Evan thought, then thinking became difficult. One of the softball sisters was playing hooky. Jayda was right where he'd left her, flat on her stomach with her feet towards him. There was one difference, though, no blue straps looping her hips. Even if she was wearing a thong, he'd be able to see something wrapped around her waist.

The sun glistened on the orbs of her ass.

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Jayda really did get naked in her backyard, but she hadn't waited for him to rub the oil on her. He was too far away to see what he'd had to create in his imagination last time, those plump pussy lips trying to squeeze out from under that tiny strip of material.

Would she really have trusted him to rub oil on her? He reminded himself that she was Gloria's friend. In his present state of mind, going anywhere near Jayda would be dangerous, and stupid.

He considered his options. It would be embarrassing now to walk out of the woods and have her think he was hiding in the bushes, spying on her. He should go back to the gate and bang, that would be the most appropriate thing to do. Though, jerking off first would be the next best thing to do. Walking over there with a boner and offering to massage her oiled flesh would be wrong.

Do the right thing, his father would say. He hadn't had sex with his sister, so wasn't this the next right thing? Jayda started moving, rolled on her side, and put her feet on the grass. When she stood up, a whole new possibility arose. She knew you were coming, he thought. She turned completely towards him. He grunted. Big pinkish-brown nipples covered the tops of her mini ski jump tits. They were her mother's tit's waiting to grow up. He was sure Jayda couldn't see him, but he still held his breath when she started walking towards the woods.

Getting caught spying on Gloria's friend would definitely be humiliating. His heart raced and blood thumped in his ears. Getting caught beating off would be worse, but that might be the most right thing he was capable of. He had wanted Deana more than he was willing to admit, and probably more than he knew. All he wanted was some physical relief and a distraction from how he felt about Deana.

Jayda went around the corner of the shed, turned and faced it, then glanced over her shoulder. Her hands were on her hips. They moved around to her back, which arched. A pit opened in his stomach and swallowed his brain. He saw it first, then the sound reached his ears, but even with two of his senses receiving, he struggle to grasp what was happening.

Jayda was pissing on her shed. A stream of fluid was shooting from between her legs and splattering on the shingles. He'd seen women piss standing up on the internet, but this wasn't like that, it was the most incredible thing that could have possibly happened. A conglomerate of psychological factors caused his response, but without a degree in Psychology, Evan wouldn't understand why he needed to reach her before she heard him. His feet pressing into the grass reminded him of how it felt to creep into his mother's room and peek at her pussy.

The same fear knotted his stomach. His eyes were glued on Jayda's ass and the splashing piss. Was this something she normally did? He had seriously underestimated the potential girls had for doing the nasty things that aroused him.

Jayda sensed him or heard him. Her head whirled around, but it took a few seconds for the stream to stop. "Oops," she said, and more fluid spurted, then trickled to a stop. "I drank too much. I had to go." Evan was too stupid with lust to notice how he hadn't frightened her, and he said the first thing that popped into his brain, "You're naked." He immediately wished he had said something more intelligent.

"Really, you noticed," Jayda said, and her cheeks flushed, but she didn't cross her arms over her erect nipples. Instead, she put her hands on her hips. "I told you." Her nipples started growing, which changed the shape of her tits. He didn't say anything. His eyes lowered to the fat wedge covered with curly brown hair. Pee splatter was dribbling down her inner thighs. Never before had he imagined his little sister naked, not even when he came in her underwear.

Thanks Jayda, he thought, now I'm wondering if Gloria has a big bush and nipples that cover the top half of her tits. "Well?" "Well, what?" he asked. "You gonna do a better job now?" Yesterday he wanted to finger her right under her mother's nose. Since then he'd made his sister orgasm and almost stuffed his cock in her. Straddling Jayda's naked, oiled body, while Miss Tonya was gone, would lead to something Gloria could never hear about.

He could blackmail her with the dirt pile? What if Gloria already knows about the nasty things Jayda does? Tell her no, he told himself, then said, "What about your mother?" "She ain't home," Jayda said with a smug expression that made him want to wrap his hands around her throat for making him feel the things he was feeling. Jayda wasn't Gloria, and Gloria wasn't anything like Jayda, but it still didn't feel okay to consider fucking her.

"What if she comes home?" "We'll hear her car in plenty of time, but she'll be gone a while." Evan was about to do something he was sure to regret. "All right—" The sound of a car cut him off. "Shit, that's her!" "She won't look back here," Jayda said.

She has less sense than me. What did she think they would be doing back there while her mother was home? A car door slammed. Don't panic, he thought. The gate squeaked. "The gate, it was locked." "She'll go in the house," Jayda said. "Evan… Jayda," Miss Tonya's voice called out. He panicked. Jayda didn't have any clothes on or with her. Think, think of a plan, he told himself.

They were screwed. He whispered to Jayda, "Stay calm," and pointed. "Go around that way. I'll go this way." He shoved her towards the other corner of the shed. He thought he could hear the grass crunching, but that could have been the sound of fear. "I'm back here," he said, moving in the opposite direction of the naked girl.

He'd have to keep Miss Tonya facing him while Jayda crossed the yard. "Evan," Miss Tonya said. "Yes, ma'am, right here." He stepped out from behind the building. She approached him and said, "Hi. Is Jayda around?" He had to think like Deana. She could come up with an answer or excuse for anything. His brain scrambled for words, then a light bulb went on. "No, the gate was locked and your car wasn't here.I, um, figured you were where my mom is, at practice.with Jayda.

I came around the back, um, through the woods." He tried to maintain eye contact, but Jayda was streaking across the yard, right behind her mother's back. "Oh, I'm sorry," she said. "I could have sworn I left it unlocked for you." The alien that had taken over Jayda's body stopped at the lawn chair she had been laying on, turned towards him and displayed full frontal nudity, daring her mother to catch her. He might have sighed with relief when Jayda finally picked something up and pulled it over her head.

"Ah, I hope you, um, you don't mind that I, you know, came back, came around the fence when you weren't here." He knew he probably wasn't making sense. "Oh no, that's fine. It's my fault…I think," she said. "Okay, well I better get busy." Jayda swung the screen door open and pretended she was coming out of the house.

He said, "There she is." "Hi, Mom," Jayda said. Miss Tonya turned her head, then shook it. "She looks fine to me." She didn't look fine to him. The dress thing Jayda had put on was designed to wear over a bikini, not a naked girl. "Huh?" he croaked.

"She told me she didn't feel good this morning. Looks like she just didn't want to go to practice," she said. "Can't imagine why." She grinned at him. "Got me," he said, itching to get away from her. "I'll get started." "Okay," she said, then added, "Oh, Evan, you don't have to rub lotion on her." She was watching! The blood drained from his face. He was about to get hell for straddling and groping her almost naked daughter. Miss Tonya gave him the same, I got ya, smile she'd given him on the front porch, and said, "Unless you want to." How do I respond to that?

His brain put some words together, but he was afraid to try and speak. "Ah, um, okay," he said. "I better get started." "You could always start with that massage you promised me. I worked out really hard at the gym." Miss Tonya's emphasis on the word hard sent a chill down his back.

Hadn't he come here hoping something like this would happen? "Really?" Had he promised to massage her? "Unless you weren't serious." "I was… Sure, I can do that, if you want." "I wouldn't have asked if I didn't want." She did it again with the word want. He wasn't on another planet, he was in a porn movie. "All right," he said, trying to sound confident. "You get a chair and—" "Chair?" she said, shaking her head. "I had a full body workout, I need the same kind of massage.

You might have to touch places you wouldn't touch on your mother." She's just playing with you, play along.

"I doubt that could happen." "Interesting," she said. "Give me a few minutes to get ready." I fucked Becky right under her mother's nose, he told himself, trying to get back into that Groundhog Day state of mind. "Okay," he said, wondering if get ready meant get naked. She turned around and started walking. Miss Tonya in yoga pants wasn't like Rebecca in her gymnastics pants. A country song started playing in his head, Honky Tonk Badonkadonk.

It was a big ass by high school girl standards, but it was amazing to watch. Each side rose and fell like a hypnotist's swinging watch, then jiggled. He couldn't keep his eyes off it. Once Miss Tonya and Jayda were both in the house, Evan's heart rate slowed. What was worse, almost getting caught with a naked Jayda or what he might have done to her if they hadn't almost gotten caught? He didn't know, and it didn't matter now because he was waiting to find out whether or not Miss Tonya planned on seducing him.

Waiting sucked. In the house, Miss Tonya said, "Jayda, what did I tell you about that?" Jayda looked around like she might find the answer floating in the air. "About what, Mom?" "You know exactly what I'm talking about, so don't play dumb with me," she said. "I told you to keep your bathing suit on when somebody is here, especially a boy." "Mom, I wasn't naked, I had my sundress on.

I was setting up my chair when Evan got here. I went inside to put my bathing suit on but you came home. Besides, I'm old enough to go to a nude beach. What's the big deal?" "You watch yourself," Miss Tonya said. "You were teasing him yesterday and I told you, people around here don't agree with some of what we do.

Just keep your clothes on when somebody is here! Now why don't you go over to Brittany's house so Evan can do what he needs to do without being distracted by your ass." "Mom!" "Don't mom me, just get something on under that see through dress and get.for a couple of hours.

You had your fun yesterday and I'm sure Evan needs a day to calm down," Miss Tonya said. "But—" "Go." Miss Tonya pointed. When Jason reached the kitchen his mother was sitting at the table.

He forgot it was Tuesday, the day the library closed late. She didn't work until noon. He sat at the opposite end of the long table. That was his normal spot. He called it the head of the table, but Becky said it was the ass end. Their mother gave her the evil eye every time she said it, but that didn't stop her. His mother smiled and said, "Good morning." She sipped her coffee, then went back to clipping coupons. "Hi," he said, and watched her carefully. Everything was normal in her world.

She sipped her coffee again, eyes on him. He tested his mother's ability to read his mind or his facial expressions by thinking about the look on Becky's face when he was suddenly inside her. His groin tighten. I fucked Becky, he said in his head.

Nothing, his mother kept on enjoying her coffee, oblivious. He should have felt guilty, but he didn't. He liked how it made him feel sitting there in front of his mother, thinking about how good it felt inside her daughter. The new world that he had woken up in was an exciting place, and he felt like the evil dictator.

For the first time in a long time, Jason found himself staring at his mother's chest. She dressed very conservatively, but it was hard to hide so much breast and those big hard nipples. He pretended Mary was nude and felt like he was getting away with something, again.

His dick was filling out the front of his boxers. He pictured Becky sitting in front of him with her legs spread. He had eaten her out right there on the table. He always wanted to get off at the dinner table while staring at Becky's erect nipples?

He let his cock hang out of the leg opening of his boxers. Sex with his sister hadn't made him a better person. He was worse, if that was possible. He'd done the very thing that he had been resisting for three years, and gotten away with it. It was liberating. He eased his hand down between his legs and squeezed his dick. What if she knew he was touching himself? What if she wanted him to? It was scary to think such thoughts, but he was getting hard.

He pressed his dick against his thigh with the palm of his hand, and rubbed up and down. His mother looked right at him, ready to speak, and he was still touching his cock. As long as she doesn't get up she can't see it, he thought, like that made it okay. His mother said, "I saw Evan's mom at the library." Jason's heart skipped a beat, but his dick didn't retreat, if anything, it got more erect. "Really, Mom." Why did he have to say mom like that?

"What was she doing there?" "She said she needed to look something up on one of the computers." "Why?" he asked. "They have computers." "Got me," she said, and looked at him like she had more to say. Jason put both hands on the table and tried to hide his concern, but his erection couldn't be concealed. He wanted to ask her if she had mentioned anything about them going to the races, but he didn't want to make his mother suspicious if it hadn't come up.

He needed to warn Evan as soon as his boner subsided. That wouldn't be soon if he kept on having fantasies about his mother. Why had he ever stopped seeing her as sexy? She was a very good looking woman. "I have to go," she said. "Try and do something productive today, other than video games. You don't want your brain to stop working over the summer break." He said, "Okay," but he had no idea what his mother just said. His mind was scrambling. It would be impossible to get his dick back in his shorts without drawing attention, so he calculated the chance of her looking under the table after she got up.

What would she think if she saw my dick? Fifteen minutes later, Evan was still waiting for Miss Tonya. His hands clutched the arms of the folding chair and released, over and over. The idle time was passing like a long road when you think you might have already missed your turn. He was questioning everything, and the logical part of his brain was building a good case against the creative, fantasizing part.

His confidence, if he'd actually had any, was gone. The swooshing sound of the back door made his heart race. She's ready for me, he thought and got up. The screen door swung open.

It was Jayda. That's when he finally realized all his fantasies of having sex with his mother's friend were stupid.

Miss Tonya wasn't going to come back naked so he could rub oil all over her, not while Jayda was here. "Hey," he said, and sat back down. He was starting to feel like a kid in timeout. "Hey," Jayda said, and kept walking. She was still wearing that bikini cover, but now she actually had a bikini under it.

"Where you going?" he asked. "I told you I hate tan lines," she said. "I'm going over to Brittany's house. Jayda's disappointed tone made him wondered what she thought would have happened if her mother hadn't come home. He said, "Have fun." She left without responding. Could Brittany be the girl who was under Jayda's pussy?

After a few more painful minutes in time out, the back door opened again. From behind the screen Miss Tonya said, "I'm ready, come on in." Evan stood up. Was "in" better or worse? Naked in the backyard would send a clear message that she wanted him to fuck her, but inside things might not be so obvious. Evan closed the back door behind him and stood in the kitchen, wondering where she was. "In here," a voice called out.

She's in her bedroom. Miss Tonya was in the middle of her king-size bed with her head at the foot end, facing him. Her wet hair was bunched up at the back of her head and her chin was resting on her hands, just like Jayda on the lawn chair.

The difference was, Jayda had been wearing a bathing suit, her mother only had a towel across her ass. That's obvious enough, right? Should he close the door behind him? Evan chose to leave it open because he would never go in his mother's room and close the door.

No matter how old he got or obvious Miss Tonya made her intentions; to Evan she was still his mother's friend, Jayda's mother and someone he grew up addressing as, ma'am or Miss Tonya.

Being in her bedroom was terrifying. Even if she came right out and told him to mount her, he would probably stand there frozen with a dumb, open mouth expression, just like he had when she gave herself a wet T-shirt. "The oil is over there," Miss Tonya said, and nodded her head, "on the nightstand." "Good, okay, that's good," Evan said.

He sighed internally, relieved to get out from in front of her face where her eyes were facing his crotch. He'd gotten a boner looking at his mother in a bathrobe and panties, there was no way he wouldn't be sporting wood looking at that badonkadonk with only a towel covering it.

It really wasn't a big enough towel. Evan walked over to the nightstand and looked at Miss Tonya's feet by her pillows. That was where she laid her head to sleep, and that was her nightstand where she kept her most personal stuff—maybe her vibrator. He was in way over his head, again. The bottle was labeled, Melrose sweet almond oil. He picked it up and turned towards the bed. His eyes scanned, feet, calves, thighs and that ass.

The towel covered less than his mother's robe had. He could easily lean over and peak between her thick thighs. What were the chances that he'd see panties under there? His brain was on the carnival tilt-a-whirl. The devil on his left shoulder said, "Do it, take a peek, she'll never know." That little fairy on is right shoulder was screaming, "No, don't look at that woman's pussy." He didn't look, but he did realize he couldn't massage her from where he was.

Does she expect me to get on her bed? "You planning on getting started?" Miss Tonya asked. "Yes, ma'am, right now," he said, and stepped on the back of his right sneaker. Once his sneakers were off, he adjusted the front of his jeans so his erection could stand straight up and said, "Here goes." He put his knee on the bed and waited.

After a few seconds without sound, he put the other knee up. Still, Miss Tonya didn't protest. Great, he thought, this is what she expected me to do. With a speck more confidence, he moved closer, then finally turned towards her head. What he saw erased his speck of confidence and made him panic, again.

Over the dresser, facing him, was a huge mirror. He could see himself, which meant she could see him. Shit, that meant she could have been watching me while I looked at her ass or made room for my dick. Miss Tonya's head was down, her eyes were facing the floor, so he pretended she hadn't looked up and hoped she wouldn't look while he was rubbing oil on her.

He could touch her naked flesh and pretend she was someone else, but not if he had to look her in the face. Evan pivoted on one knee and his other leg crossed her body. Her ass was wider than Gloria or Deana's, and he'd never straddled his mother, so he wasn't prepared. His crotch was too close. He moved carefully, trying not to disturb the towel. He stared at her neck and shoulders and bare back. "You sure you're not afraid to touch me?" Miss Tonya said, and looked at him in the mirror.

"No, ma'am, I'm just, ah, just getting ready." "I hope you're as good as your mom says you are." Shit, that definitely meant she was expecting a massage. "I don't really know what I'm doing," he said. "I hope you're not disappointed." "It looked like you knew what you were doing with Jayda.

I don't think she was disappointed." "That wasn't really a massage. She only asked me to help—To put lotion on her back." He'd give anything for her to stop looking at him.

Sweat was beading on his forehead. "Then I think she got more than she asked for." Evan's cheeks were burning. He had rubbed oil on this woman's daughter while she watched. "I think she asked for one thing, but really wanted a massage." "Women are like that." Miss Tonya smiled and rested her chin on the edge of the mattress. Thank god she's not looking at me anymore. "Okay, here goes," he said, and squirted a liberal dose of oil on her shoulder blades.

The smell of the yellowish-brown oil was exciting, if it was possible for a smell to be exciting. While it streamed down hill and collected in the center of her back, Evan tried to figure out what to do with the bottle.

Miss Tonya rocked her body and moved her arms down to her sides. Her hands were at her hips, maybe ready to hold that towel in place. "I'll hold that," she said.

Does she have eyes in the back of her head? Of course she does, he thought, she's a mother. He touched the bottle to her hand and it closed. Finally, he put his hands on her.

It was skin, muscle, and bone, the same as all the other bodies he had touched. He watched his hands spread the silky fluid over her warm flesh and thought about the way he'd rubbed his mother's lower back when they were on the bleachers. His purpose that day had become clear after the fact, today was different. He pressed a little harder. His hands moved up to her shoulders, his fingers wrapped around them and his thumbs sank in and stroked, digging down into the meat at the center of her back.

The Melrose massage oil started warming up. He looked in the mirror and saw what looked like the same person he'd been two weeks ago, but nothing was the same as it was two weeks ago.

His hands were now on a his mother's best friend, and he was deliberately trying to get her so horny she'd come right out and tell him what to do. Even seeing it with his own eyes it was hard to believe he was straddling Miss Tonya. He looked down at his groin, it was directly above the groove at the top of her ass.

She was as tan there as on her back. They do tan naked, he knew that now, but did they do it together? Evan told himself they did, then imagined things even he didn't think could ever happen. His confidence rose and his hands swooped back and forth through the curve of her lower back.

His fingers slid around to her love handles. They weren't nearly as solid as his mother's had been, but they had the same effect on his dick, it throbbed. Miss Tonya made a noise and he pulled his hands away from her sides, thinking he'd pushed it too far.

"Mmm, you're good. No wonder Candy looked like she." Evan replayed the words he'd heard, hoping if he concentrated the rest would come to him. "Candy, Candy, Candy, orgasm." Couldn't have been that, but hearing Miss Tonya refer to his mother as Candy in the same sentence with a word that might have been orgasm took him further down into Alice's rabbit hole.

He stroked the muscles running down each side of her spine, moving lower on her back. That's the top of her ass, he thought, you're almost at her ass and you're going to have to decide what to do.

The smell of the oil, the heat it generated under his hands, the naked woman under his aching balls and the raspy murmurs vibrating through her back all made him desperately horny, but he was still intimidated. He inched up the hill from her lower back, waiting and hoping she'd tell him to keep on going, but the woman only moaned and groaned. His own sister had directed his hands right up under her shorts. Come on, please tell me something. Evan pictured her ass in the backyard, lifting up and dropping down, rocking side-to-side, like it was waving to him.

That's where his hands were about to be. They touched the edge of the towel, then dug into the muscle at the top of her butt. Her glutes tightened. Should he keep going or jump down to her legs? "I'm guessing Candy doesn't ask you to massage her down there," Miss Tonya said. "I wish." Miss Tonya said, "Really." The blood drained from Evan's face.

He had spoken out loud—revealed his secret desire for his mother to her best friend. "I, um—" "Don't worry, Evan, I won't tell her," Miss Tonya said. "I can't blame you, though.

She has an incredible ass." Did she just say she likes my mom's ass? Holy crap! No, that's not possible. "Thank you," he said.

"That would be embarrassing.if she knew I said that." "It's too bad for her that you can't. She has no idea what's she's missing out on," Miss Tonya said. Thanks, Miss Tonya, now I'm thinking about my mother's ass, again. Even worse, he was imagining her naked with Miss Tonya. So much for the back burner. "Evan," Miss Tonya said in a tone that sounded too serious. "Yes, ma'am?" "Evan, technically.there isn't anything wrong with us doing this, you're old enough, but it's probably better to keep it between us.

It wouldn't be good if anybody knew. You know how people are, especially around here. I wouldn't want people accusing me of robbing the cradle." "Yes…of course." "Will you be able to keep this between us?

You can't even tell your closest friend. Is that possible?" "I'll never mention it," he said. "It's Groundhog Day, tomorrow nobody will remember it happened." "Bill Murray?" "Yes, yes that's what I meant," he said. "I like that," she said, and lifted up on her elbows. He looked at her in the mirror, she was watching him with a huge smile on her face. She had lifted up enough for her tits to hang. Her baby-bottle like nipples grazed the blanket as she turned.

He was lightheaded. Miss Tonya flipped over and sat in a reclining position, propped up on her arms. Her shoulders were pulled back, enhancing her big tits. He couldn't take his eyes off her curved up nipples. This was really going to happen and he still couldn't believe it. "Does this hurt?" she asked. Before Evan could respond, he saw her hand on the front of his jeans. One of the softball moms had her hand on his boner.

His ability to form words was gone, so he just nodded. She rubbed upward, then squeezed him. He wanted to explain about Deana and Rhina and Jayda because he knew he was gonna go off prematurely. "I think we should do something about this before you massage my ass." He watched her pulling down his zipper and saw his erection spring from his pants, but it was a dream, it had to be.

"Want me to suck it?" Her tone was exactly what it had been when she said, "Want some sweet tea?" Tomorrow nobody will remember this. "Ah-huh." Miss Tonya wrapped both hands around his cock. He looked down past her large taunting tits at the curly bush of auburn hair.

He needed to think of something that would defer the impending embarrassment. Her hand slid between his legs and cupped his balls. She squeezed them and tugged on them. A puff of warm air hit his pulsing dick knob, then a hot tongue tip swiped at his slit. "Don't think this will take long," she said, "but that's fine. I'm sure after you do my butt for awhile you'll be ready again." Evan swallowed hard.

He needed a place to put his hands. It didn't seem right to grab her head, so he locked his fingers behind his neck and squeezed. An unexpected grunt escaped when her mouth surrounded his dick head. He groaned when she slurped and let him pop from her lips. Before he could take another breath she shoved him back inside and sucked hard.

It was incredible. Her head went up and down and he went in and out of her mouth and down her throat. One hand massaged his balls and the other his ass. She was touching his butt hole. He now knew he had never gotten a good blow job before.

"You got the hardest cock," Miss Tonya said. "I bet you can fuck a girl silly." She sucked him in again. He assumed it was a rhetorical question, so he didn't try to answer. He really couldn't speak at all, but he needed to tell her he was about to explode. Miss Tonya didn't need to be told anything. She pulled her mouth off his cock, but her hand continued to stroke his dick. "You like them?" Miss Tonya asked. "I've noticed you check them out a lot." "Ah, yes, yes, ma'ma, I do," he said.

"I mean, I do like them. They're nice." What kind of idiot did he sound like? "You wanna cum on them?" What the fuck! This definitely was a porn movie. His brain screamed, hell yeah, but his mouth said, "Yes, ma'am." She pressed her lips to the head and pumped him with both hands. Her tongue circled his dome, then it was in her mouth. She sucked and drool lubricated his shaft. His balls pulled up tight. His hands moved to his hips.

They were thrusting his cock through her fists. He grunted and stiffened. Miss Tonya shoved her hands down to the base and squeezed, then took him out of her mouth. She sat up straight, heaved her chest forward and released her grip. "Ahhh," he moaned, and pumped his hips one last time. Miss Tonya jerked when the huge stream of cum blasted her face.

It ricocheted off her nose onto her cheeks. She regained control of his cock and aimed it at her chest. "Dammit, you go off like my garden hose," she said with a grin. Evan panted while Miss Tonya emptied his balls on her tits. How many times had he imagined titty fucking Candy and cumming on her tits?

Miss Tonya looked up at him and said, "You been holding that in for a awhile," then she lifted her tit and sucked cum off her nipple. His mouth watered. The orgasm was incredible, maybe his best ever, but he still wanted to suck her nipples and eat her out and screw her while pretending it was Candy. His mother's friend was as close as he would ever get to sex with Candy. Without missing a beat, like he hadn't just sprayed her down with cum, she said, "Now that we've taken care of that, you can concentrate on my ass." She picked up a towel and wiped off her chest and face.

"I'll get ready." She was already naked, what could get ready mean? Miss Tonya didn't walk like somebody's mother, she strolled like a slinky pussy cat over to the bathroom door. He concentrated on her ass. She paused and turned slowly, her hand sliding up the door frame. She looked like a hooker leaning on a light pole. "You should get ready, too," she said, and slipped into the bathroom. The door closed. Evan sat there with his limp cock hanging out of his jeans and thought, she must have meant take off my clothes, what else could ".get ready, too," mean?

He wished he felt as confident about getting undressed as he felt behind the wheel of a go-cart. That was the only place he was ever truly in his zone, where his father's critical voice was mute. He stripped, sat down and waited. He had never been more naked and naive. Waiting sucked even more when you weren't sure you should be sitting naked on a woman's bed. Deana recovered her only thong from its hiding spot and tucked it under everything she had already put in her overnight bag, which was stuffed.

She would need more than one night before she faced Evan again. Not because she was embarrassed, ashamed or scared of what they did. She was afraid of how she would act when they talked about their impulsive behavior.

Evan needed time to minimize it in his mind before she tried again. They had gone to the same Southern Baptist church together, and heard the same fire and brimstone messages. She knew about the consequences for doing what they did. For her; it was too late anyway, she'd already done so many bad things. Some of them weren't her choice, but she had started the thing with Rebecca.

She had enjoyed it, let it happen again and was bringing her sexy underwear to make sure it happened that night. Sex with another girl was something she liked and would always want to do. Could incest make the fiery pit any hotter? Evan still had something to lose, she didn't. That morning when she woke up, it only took seconds before she was thinking about the orgasm, Evan's hands on her wet body, his cock pressed against her back and the silky dome plowing between her pussy lips.

When his dick caught at the opening of her pussy and almost went up inside her body, something changed. She had known about her normal female desires and passions, and need for love, but getting so close to having sex flipped a switch that created an ache inside her belly, and an itch that only her brother's cock could reach. If she didn't handle it well, Evan would run and keep on running from his feelings, like he had been doing for years. She knew how he felt about her, always had.

At first it was weird, then it thrilled her and she'd wanted him to pursue her, but he had so much guilt that he with drew from her. That was when she buried her own feelings deep in her heart. They might have stayed there if it wasn't for that kiss. Why the hell did he have to kiss her? Evan had good intentions. As weird as his method was, it would have made his point. It should have been gross and they should have laughed about it after.

That would have been true if they were normal siblings. He never expected them to kiss again, that had been clear in the bathroom, but it was also obvious how much he liked it.

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He knew it had started something, but he thought he could prevent it from going any further. The knock made her gasp, and the blood drained from her face so fast she got dizzy.

She wanted to hide in the closet. She wasn't ready to pretend the whole thing was a huge mistake. Her body wouldn't let that happen and she'd end up scaring him even more.

Her brain scrambled. "Deana?" She replayed the sound of her name and the spots in front of her eyes faded. It wasn't Evan. Another knock was followed by, "Deana." "Come in," she said as cheerfully as her shocked mind could sound. "Cindy! OMG, what are you doing here?" She watched her cousin walk into the room and her composure returned.

"It's been like forever since you've been here." It had, and it was weird seeing Cindy in her room. Cindy either didn't like her father or her father didn't like Cindy or both.

You could feel it in the room when they were together, which rarely happened. Cindy smiled and said, "You running away?" Deana looked at the clothes hanging out of her bag, then back at her cousin. "Nah, just spending a night or two with the girls." "Guess you want to be prepared for whatever," Cindy said.

"Yeah, whatever," she said, hoping her face wasn't telling. "I like to have clothes at Rebecca's house, and, you know, it's all winter stuff over there. I need to change out the wardrobe. Bathing suits and shorts and stuff for summer." Cindy raised a brow, smirked, then said, "You mean the stuff you can't wear around here?" "Cindy, you know me better than that," she said. "I never break the rules." "I'm not buying that, but you're definitely better than I was at your age." She watched Cindy tuck her long, black hair behind her ears and got that weird feeling she always got when she saw herself in her cousin.

"You might be surprised," she said, and wanted her words back before they finished coming out of her mouth. "Probably not," Cindy said with a genuine look. "What brings you here anyway?" she said. "Evan's not home, he's working at—" "Actually, I came to see you," Cindy said, and squeezed Deana's arm. Cindy's touch confused the senses. She was too pretty to be so strong. Deana had never gotten used to her cousin's hugs.

A beautiful, slender girl approached, then her powerful muscles tighten and squeeze the air out of you, but before her hardness could form a masculine image, her warmth and compassion soaked in and you couldn't imagine not liking or even loving the person holding you. Other than her father, Deana didn't know anybody that didn't like Cindy, not even the guys who she fought with at the race track. Evan idolized her and used to have a crush on her, and Deana couldn't blame him. If she had known how much she liked girls, she probably would have had a crush on her, too.

"Me, really?" Deana said, her nerves tingling. "Really, you," Cindy said, and sat on the end of Deana's bed. "Why?" she asked. "Well, when I saw Evan—" "You saw Evan?" Deana said. "Yes, it was a couple weeks ago," Cindy said, then paused and her right eye squinted. "He didn't mention anything to you about it?" "No, I had no idea," Deana said.

"If I knew he was going to see you, I would have wanted to go." She sat next to her cousin. She missed the days when their families spent a lot of time together. After a few seconds, Cindy said, "Never mind that," and patted Deana's thigh. "I asked Evan how things were, how you were, and even though he didn't say anything was wrong.I had that feeling I get." "You and your feeling," Deana said.

She was afraid now. Cindy also had a way of knowing when there was something wrong. She couldn't let Cindy know about her current troubles. "I'm fine. I can't believe you came all the way over here because you had a feeling. You could have called or sent a text." "I could have, but I missed you, and I had to come this way anyway, so I thought I'd stop by and see how things are." Cindy put her arm around Deana's back.

She hated it when Cindy did that warm, send chills through you, touching thing. "Things are great," she said. "I got all A's and summer is finally here. Things couldn't be better." "Deana." The three years between them wasn't anything now. When they were growing up, Cindy got to be in charge and their parents expected her to listen to her elder.

That, and the tone Cindy had just used made her turn. That was the last thing she wanted to do. There it was, the very thing that Evan and Rebecca accused her of, the penetrating stare from her black eyes. She knew what Evan meant when he said, "Stop reading my mind," and the tears happened before she could look away. "What's going on?" Cindy asked. She wiped her eyes. The hug was the warmest, most motherly feeling hug she'd had it years, and it made her want to empty her soul, tell all and be set free from the bondage of her secrets.

That could never happen. "How do you do that?" she said. "How do you always know when something is bothering me?" "Mostly it's a gift, that's why I'm going into psychology, but with you it's easy," Cindy said.

"We share a part of each other, we're kin. Now let's hear it. You'll feel better if you share it." She snuffed. "I don't know how to say it." Cindy's hand tenderly rubbed her back and more tears sprang from her eyes. "It's hard." "There isn't anything you can't tell confidence," Cindy said. "There also isn't anything that will shock me. We all have things, secrets, skeletons and we're afraid of them because we don't realize others have gone through the same stuff.

Just blurt it out and that's that." Deana doubted Cindy had gone through the same thing she had been through. Cindy didn't have her father. She was also sure Cindy would be shocked about her feelings for Evan and what happen the night before.

There were some secrets that needed to remain secret. "Um." She felt her heart thumping against her ribs. She had to give Cindy something. "Have you ever kissed a girl?" Cindy smiled. "Was it just a kiss?" Suddenly the secondary thing, the lesser of the two evils, her diversionary tactic, took on the weight of its reality. You went to hell for being gay. Her head hung. "Na-oh, no it was more." She couldn't see or hear Cindy, but she could feel her. The compassionate strength in her arm soaked into Deana's whole body like the sun after you come out of a cold pool.

She sobbed. "Am I gay?" When Cindy didn't say anything she lifted her head and turned. "Why are you—what's funny?" "Dee, I'm not laughing at you," Cindy said. "I'm relating and I'm happy.relieved, really. I was worried it might be worse." Deana took a few seconds to make sure she understood what her cousin said. "Is there worse? You have, too?" "Yes, yes I have," Cindy said, and stroked Deana's hair. "And there are way worse things than that." She waited, hoping Cindy would give some examples, but nothing came.

"Isn't it bad?" "A lot of things are bad or supposed to be bad, but being curious is perfectly natural. Things happen at your age. Emotions, feelings, desires.lots of stuff is changing and it's all powerful.

Being curious is normal and if you don't explore, how will you know?" Cindy said. "You have to be smart, though, but it's fine to experience things." "Smart," Deana whispered. "Yes, smart. You shouldn't hurt yourself or anyone else, and don't do something that will affect the rest of your life negatively." "You mean like getting pregnant or something like that." "Yes," Cindy said.

"You're smart enough to know where to draw the line. Just use your head." "What about hell?" she said, and shivered at her question. "I, ah, I enjoyed it. Isn't that bad? What if I plan to do it again?" "No, you're not going to hell," Cindy said. "I don't believe you go to hell for acting on feelings or desires or curiosity that you're born with. That wouldn't be fair. Did you hurt anyone?" "No, no I didn't." "It was your friend, Rebecca.wasn't it?" Cindy said.

Deana knew it wasn't a question, Cindy already knew who it was. "Yes, but you can't—" "In confidence, that means I can't tell. Everything you tell me is between you and me," Cindy said. "She's cute, by the way." Deana felt light and knew she could be weightless if she told everything.

Someone who she looked up to and thought of as an adult knew about her and Rebecca. Cindy had just said Rebecca was cute.

She tried not to think it, but once a thought is a thought, it can't be undone. She imagined what it would be like to have her strong, beautiful cousin make love to her. The girl's hugs were enough to make her feel warm and loved inside. What on Earth could she do to me in bed? "Did Rebecca like it, too?" "Ah, oh, yes, yes she did." "You two still best friends forever and love each other?" Cindy asked.

"Yeah, that's what BFFs are all about." "Good, that's good," Cindy said. "It is?" Deana said. "Sure, sure it is. You love Rebecca and she loves you and you've been friends forever, who better to be curious with.

Beside, Rebecca strikes me as a real firecracker. I bet she's lots of fun to have as a friend." "Oh yes, she's a barrel full of fun," Deana said. "But, what about—" "I know, I know, I've heard all the same stuff you have," Cindy said. "Everything doesn't fit into a nice mold and go a certain way; and God isn't waiting to smash you the second you make a mistake or try something that none of the church ladies would admit they did.

We are all made different and have different thoughts and different experiences growing up that lead us down different paths.

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Don't ever let anyone try and stuff you into their mold, and never assume other people don't have the same secrets you have. You'd be shocked if you could see into my mind." Even though she had known Cindy her whole life, Deana believed her cousin. She wanted to hear some of those shocking secrets. Could Cindy have wanted her own brother to make love to her? "Thank you, thank you so much for listening to me and saying what you said.

You know how my dad is." "I do," Cindy said with a hard edge in her tone. "Candy isn't that way, though. You can trust her.more than you think. I promise." Deana wondered if Cindy knew how under her father thumb Candy really was. In the good ole days, Deana wouldn't have thought twice about confiding in Candy, and she still wanted to, but her father would break Candy if he needed to know a secret. After they stood up, Cindy gave her one of those bone crushing hugs, then held her by the shoulders and said, "Don't you feel better now?" "I do," Deana said, but she still carried the weight of her two graveyard secrets.

"Don't forget, if you need to talk about anything, I'm here for you. Just because I'm at college doesn't mean you shouldn't call me, you got that?" "Yes.yeah, I got it," she said. Cindy's hands tightened on her arms and her eyes widened.

"I meant it, you can tell me anything. Don't be afraid." Cindy's I know what you're thinking look made her feel guilty about doing it to Evan all the time. Maybe she'd stop doing it to him now that she knew how uncomfortable it made her. "I will," she lied wishing she could blurt it out. Even if Cindy was already a psychologist, and not her cousin, she couldn't. "You want me to give you a lift to Rebecca's?" "Sure, it's been too long since you've given me a ride anywhere." Deana didn't know much about cars, nor did she care to know that Cindy's car was a nineteen seventy Camaro Z28, that uncle JC had restored from the ground up.

All she knew or cared about was how it made her feel when Cindy's leg straightened and smashed the gas pedal to the floor. The roar, the wiggle, the jerking and the sliding motion of the car all scared her, but if she could make herself relax and let the vibration soak up through the seat, she could almost have an orgasm.

That was probably Cindy's intention, but they never talked about it. That would have been embarrassing before today. Cindy smiled and said, "Okay then, the beast is waiting." "Beast, that seems like an appropriate name," Deana said, and tried to zipper her overnight bag.

"You got your only thong and your skimpiest bikini in there?" Cindy said. Dammit, she didn't like anyone knowing her so well. "I don't own either of those," she said.

Cindy squinted her right eye is squished her lips to the left. "Right, probably don't own a vibrator either." "Vibrator, what's that?" They laughed and Deana knew she was going to miss Cindy even more than she had already.

Damn her father for making things suck. What could he have done to Aunt Julie to make her stop talking to him? Miss Tonya came out of the bathroom looking exactly the same as she had when she went in, naked and sexy as hell, but now she was carrying what looked like K-Y. He smiled and she smiled back. "Glad to see you got ready," she said. He sighed with relief.

He watched her tits jiggle as she walked over to the bedroom door and closed it. The lock clicked and Evan realized Jayda could have seen them while her mother gave him head. What were they going to do now that required the door to be closed?

"Let me fix this," she said, and rearranged the large towel she had been lying on so it was further up the bed. "Don't want to get oil or anything on the bedspread." At the end of the bed, Miss Tonya bent at the waist and rested on her outstretched arms.

Her tits swung forward and her succulent nipples led the way like headlights on high beam. Again, like a cat, she got on the bed. Her right knee came up, then the left. She paused on all fours. He assumed she was giving him a chance to stare at her ass in the mirror, and he did. The sight of her womanly pussy facing back from between her thighs like a target for his dick to stick into, made his balls stir in their sack. He hoped she didn't really want a massage because fucking her was all he wanted to do now.

Her hands slid up the bed and her top half lowered, making her pussy and asshole a more prominent bull's eye. He watched his target go into hiding between her thighs as they flattened out on the mattress, then he picked up the bottle of massage oil and pretended he knew exactly what he was supposed to do. He straddled her legs and the difference between Jayda and her mother was obvious. Miss Tonya's pussy wouldn't be contained in a tiny bikini.

His dick was getting heavier and he couldn't wait until it was stiff and ready to shove inside her body. "My butt is really looking forward to what you did for my back," Miss Tonya said. "I hope I do it right," he said. "I've never massaged a woman's behind." "I'm sure you'll do it right," she said, "and I hope there will be more opportunities for you to practice in the future." Did that mean she was going to expect this often?

He poured a line of oil down each cheek, closed the lid, put the bottle down and flexed his fingers. When the palms of his hands touched down, he knew Miss Tonya's ass couldn't be cupped like Rebecca's and Gloria's. His dick was climbing upward.

"Mm, so far so good," Miss Tonya said. He squeegeed oil down to the tops of her thighs, then thrust upward. It was wider and softer than any ass he'd ever touched, but it had a sexy shape and it tightened and changed form under his grip.

It was nice to be so close to a pussy that wasn't his sister's.


He grabbed onto the bottom of each cheek and rotated his hands so his thumbs dove into the groove and grazed the fat swells of her pussy lips. It was exactly what he'd done to Jayda, but he didn't have to worry about her mother or feel guilty about what he was doing. He dove in again and squeezed, kneading the handfuls of ass meat. "Ah, yeah, you know what you're doing," she said. "You sure you haven't been practicing on your mother?" In my imagination, he thought, but said, "I'm sure." He liked that she kept bringing up his mother, but now it was going to be hard to not think differently about her.

When his flirting with her anus and pussy lips became full on strokes, Miss Tonya stopped purring.


"I think my ass is done." She rotated from the waist up and he made room for the rest of her to flip over. Now he was kneeling over her thighs. "My front needs some attention now." Evan stared at the woman's giant mound covered with curly auburn hair. Her lips were big wedges of flesh between her thighs. His eyes moved up her body until he saw she was staring at his bowed erection. Please tell me to fuck you. "Don't get too excited," she said, and started opening her legs.

He got out of their way and suddenly he was kneeling between her spread legs, staring at her opened pussy lips. There was so much wet, pink meat. His dick was ready and so was Miss Tonya. He moved in. "Slow down. We have plenty of time," she said. "Always keep them waiting, building up the tension. When they beg for it, that's when you use that club and slay 'em." "Okay," was all he could manage to say.

"When we're done, you'll know how to make those girls go crazy." It was obvious even to him what she expected first, so he lowered his face toward the biggest pussy he'd ever seen in person. He felt like he had something to prove. She could never tell Candy, but if she did, he wanted his mom to be proud of him. How weird was that? "Mm, that's nice." She purred. "Ahhh, I might not have to teach you as much as I thought." Her fingers raked through his hair. "This is going to be fun." His tongue circled her clit three times, trying to comprehend how big it was, but he had to moved back because he needed to see it to believe it.

Maybe having a baby made that happen? He dove back in, rammed his tongue into the deep end and his mouth was surrounded by her lips. His tongue easily found its target and slid right into her pussy tube.

She was very juicy and the taste was more pungent than he expected. He could have gagged, but he gulped instead. Miss Tonya's feet curled on his shoulders, then as her knees fell to the sides her feet moved to his neck, pulling his licking tongue up. "Yes, yeah, right there," she said. He got busy giving her what she wanted. "Ooh, that's it, sideways, circle, then up and down.

Make her crazy, then move away and blow a little air on it. She'll let you know when she can't stand anymore. Make her beg for it." She wasn't lying and he was proud of the way he made her cry out and thrash. Miss Tonya's back arched and her hands pulled his face into her, then her pelvis thrust into the air. He held onto her hips and went along for the ride. His tongue showed no mercy.

That was until Miss Tonya slammed down, bounced and shoved his head away. "Ohh-fuck.that's good, so fuckin' good." Evan propped himself up on his elbows and looked up Miss Tonya's body. He had never heard one of the softball moms curse and it surprised him and excited him. He made someone's mother say the F-word. That was something to be proud of. "I know," she said, "you thought adults weren't supposed to say that." "I figured they did, but I've never heard it before." "That's because you've never given any of them an amazing orgasm," she said.

"I bet even your mother would shock you would some doosies if you rocked her world like that." Thanks to Jayda he was wondering what Gloria looked like naked, now Miss Tonya had him imagining his mother having an orgasm.

Was her clit a huge throbbing bud like Miss Tonya's? After imparting her wisdom about girls who could have multiple orgasms, those that got to sensitive after coming and how long to wait before fucking them, Miss Tonya said, "I need you inside me." She gave him a few moments to absorb her words, then told him to work his way up her body. "Make sure you kiss your way up here and don't miss my nipples." That nugget wasn't one he needed.

He couldn't wait to get his lips on those amazing nipples. He expected them to grow in his mouth like Jayda's had grown right in front of his eyes. "Mmm, that's good, very good, but save that for when you're trying to get her ready. Once you've already gotten her off, then kiss her before the flavor fades too much. Make her taste herself on your tongue." It was unclear if Miss Tonya had a certain her in mind, but he thought she did.

If he only knew who specifically she expected him to be with. When it came time to actually kiss her, he realized if kissing Jayda's mother was scary, kissing Candy on the mouth would be impossible.

It was going to be intimate and sensual. There wasn't anything to be afraid of once his eyes were closed, their lips were together and their tongues were fighting. No two girls kiss alike, he decided, but could any of them kiss in a manner that didn't make him want to fuck them? "Son, you know how to kiss and eat pussy, now let's see how good you are with that cock." The contrast of son, pussy and cock in the same sentence made him pause.

"Get used to it," she said. "Fuck, shit, cock, pussy, there's no telling what will come out of my mouth while you fuck me." Thank god I already came because that would have made me shoot my load right now. He did a push-up and looked down at his boner above her pubic mound. She didn't extend any instructions verbally, but her hand wrapped around his shaft and ground his dick head through her wet channel. "We won't need that lube.yet, but make sure you get her really ready, especially the young tight ones, and if she's a virgin, you better have something very slippery.

You don't want to make the one lay she's going to remember the rest of her life painful," Miss Tonya said. "Make it the best fuck of her life so she'll always smile when she thinks of it." Obviously, Miss Tonya wasn't talking about Candy, but did she know any virgins she thought he might fuck, soon? He pushed his groin forward. The deep end wrapped around his knob and he shoved into her.

"Ahh," he groaned. Having a baby didn't change how good it felt sliding into her. She pulled her knees up alongside his body and controlled his speed. "Don't go on autopilot," she said. "Make sure you pace yourself and change angles some. See how she responds. Don't forget you got a big hammer and those tight ones need time to loosen up." He probably wouldn't remember a word she said after he came inside her, but it was erotic having Jayda's mother talk about the young tight ones while he was fucking her.

When her feet hit the mattress and shoved her ass up, he knelt and grabbed hold of her ass cheeks, then he resumed thrusting inside her body.

The upward angle smashed his cock head into the front wall of her tube and made his dick swell and his balls tighten. It also caused Miss Tonya to use vulgar language that he imagined the neighbors could hear.

He didn't have to be told to go harder or faster because autopilot had kicked in. His fingertips gouged into her ass meat and his body smacked her crotch over and over until he shuddered, sputtered and fired his cum deep inside her pussy hole.

Miss Tonya settled back on the bed and pulled him with her. He was laying on top of her. "Kiss her while you finish filling her with that hot load. Go slow, slide in and out, work that creamy cum into her tender pussy." He already wished he could fuck her again. "Mm, you did me good," she said panting in his ear. "I hope you got more in you. Women can handle a lot of sex. A lot." After a good rest, while Miss Tonya filled him in on more of what she knew about girls, which was a lot, she was ready for more.

It wasn't his first time, but it would be the sex he'd remember for the rest of his life. To get him ready again, she started with a long toe curling kiss, then Miss Tonya showed him a few things she knew about guys.

It would be really hard not to tell Jason about it. She had him squat over her face, then she tongue fucked his asshole while playing with his balls and cock. It got hard again without much effort.

Then his balls were in her mouth being treated to the most excruciating pleasure he'd ever felt. She sucked them until he was on the brink of making her stop, then she eased up, but went right back to popping them in and out of her wet lips. Then, when he thought she'd showed him all of her surprises, she replaced her tongue with a finger and started fingering his asshole. Everything he knew about what was wrong with having something up his ass went out the window.

His cock got stiffer than he could believe. He looked down his undulating body at her hand jerking his dick and expected his load to fly any second. Coming with his balls in her mouth and her fingers plunging his anus was going to be amazing.

"Youth is wonderful," she said. "Enjoy it while it last." "Huh," he groaned, wishing she hadn't stopped. "One last thing," she said, and sat up.

"Never be embarrassed to ask her for what you want, and encourage her to do the same," she'd said. "The only thing she can say is yes or no. Either way, you've learned something about each other. Communication leads to great sex." "Okay," he said, and watched her get on her hands and knees. "You wanna try anal sex?" she asked. "I'd like to have that big dick in my ass." It took a few seconds for his brain to decide if he'd really heard her right, then it said, "Yes, ma'am." "Evan," she said, "you came on my tits, ate my pussy and fucked me, I think you can stop calling me ma'am now." He almost said, yes, ma'am again.

"It's a habit, and I wouldn't want to get out of it and slip in front of my mom. You know how she is. She'll still expect me to say ma'am when I forty." "I guess, but if you ever happen to be with another woman my age, try to say yes or no," Miss Tonya said. "It might be weird for her to hear you saying ma'am." "Okay," he said. "Good, now lets finish this off with a bang," she said, and grabbed the K-Y.

"You never want to ram a girl in the ass unless she wants it. Some girls love anal, they get off on it, others hate it.

It's best to save it for those that love it, like me." Her asshole was the kind he imagined would be so easy to accidentally plunge into. Just above her pussy was a concave area that would act as a funnel to direct a poorly aimed dick down into her tight hole.

He'd seen a porn video of that happening and the girl screamed like she'd been shot. Miss Tonya reached between her legs and smeared the clear slime around and poked her finger inside. "You gave me a great rim job before, got me good and loose and wet, but it's always good to use lube.just to be sure, especially if it's her first time." Her face and chest dropped down to the bed and her ass cheeks opened wide.

He smeared the lube a little more with the head of his cock. The brown ring was so warm and silky. He pushed against it and she sighed. He shoved a little harder and the tip of his cock got hot. "Do it, shove that cock up my ass." He angled downward and leaned on his cock. Miss Tonya grunted and a fire surrounded the head of his dick.

The wrinkled ring was stretched, clinging to his shaft. He pushed deeper and the fire was stoked. Being inside a woman's ass felt completely different than her pussy, but they were both wonderful. He shoved forward and she groaned. Her asshole opened as far as his thick shaft needed and the flesh ring followed when he drew back, creating suction that tightened the ass tube on his head. He shoved back in with greater speed and force. She didn't complain, instead, she encouraged him. "Ahh, yeah, that's so good.

Fuck my ass hard, harder, fuck it good and hard." It wasn't so much how good it felt boring into her asshole that made his balls ready to fill her rectum with cum. It was the idea of ass fucking his mother's friend while she made nasty demands. Miss Tonya was louder when she got a cock up her ass than when it was in her pussy. His third climax was about to fill her bowels. "Not in my ass, don't cum in my ass," she said. "Cum in my mouth." Whatever, he thought, and pulled out.

Miss Tonya moved fast, grabbing his dick before she had finished flipping over. She squeezed him and held it back until her face was in position and her mouth was wide open. She loosened her grip and he saw white streamers leaping across the gap into her mouth. She waited for all of it, then licked the last drops off the tip of his cock. "Mm, mm," she said with a smile, and rose to her knees in front of him.

Evan waited for her approaching lips. They touched his, she tilted her head and parted her lips. He licked them and slipped his tongue between them. She opened her mouth and suddenly her tongue was in his mouth.

It was slippery with his own cum which was now flowing into his mouth. He did the only thing he could and swallowed. It was the most bizarre part of the whole event, but Evan didn't ask why or act surprised. Maybe that was something adults did. He hoped one day she'd explain it. "I'm wiped out," she said. "I guess you should do that work tomorrow." "Can I do it Thursday? I have something I have to do tomorrow." "Sure, that's fine," she said.

"I need another shower. You mind showing yourself out?" "No, I can do that," he said, and pulled up his pants. "Thank you," she said, and went into the bathroom. "I'll see you Thursday, and don't forget, it's Groundhog day." "I won't forget, promise," he said. "Thank you, Evan," she said again, and closed the door. Was she thanking me for what I did, or for not telling anybody what she did?

Did it matter? It was going to be strange around Miss Tonya from now on, especially if his mother was there. Once he was dressed, he check in the mirror to make sure it was himself he saw. It looked like him, but he didn't feel like the same Evan who arrived there that morning. He unlocked the door and opened it slowly, like he had to sneak out. When he reached the living room, he looked back down the hallway and scratched his head.

A lot had happened since he went to Miss Tonya's room, so he couldn't trust his memory, but he thought Jayda's door had been open before. Hadn't he noticed her room was a mess like Gloria's room? Jayda's door was closed now. Even behind two closed doors, Miss Tonya would have been easy to hear. It had been stupid of Becky not to test the camera in the dark, but she had been too nervous and excited to think about lighting.

It was finally going to happen. Darlene had been so upset when she saw Evan and not Jason the first time. Becky couldn't even imagine how she would react this time. That's why she texted Darlene and hold her she couldn't talk and they should just meet at the mall. She added, "It happened," to make sure Darlene came. Maybe Darlene would be understanding, after all it was her first time having sex with her brother.

That was a huge deal. Darlene wasn't understanding. "Why didn't you turn on a light?" "I couldn't," Becky said. "I didn't want him to wake up." "You could've brought a flashlight or something." "I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking.

I was too excited. I didn't want him to wake up, not until it was too late. I needed to see the look on his face when it was already happening." "Why?" Darlene asked. "Why was that so important? As long as you did it, did it matter how?" "Yes, it mattered. It was important to me that it happened that way.

I've been waiting three years for that. I needed it to happen that way." "Why?" Darlene asked. "Payback," Becky said. "I wanted to pay him back. That's what he did to me.

I open my eyes and he was jerking off." "What, he was what?" Darlene said. "While you were sleeping?" "Yes," Becky said. "I heard something and it scared me. I peeked, afraid to see what it was. I had never heard anything like that before.

You know how it is when you first wake up, things are weird." "Yeah, I do, but I've never woken up to someone jerking off. What'd you do?" "I pretended to be asleep." "You woke up to your brother jerking off and you pretended to be asleep?" "I was curious.

I never seen him do that before. It had been a while since we did those things, the stuff I told you about, years. I kept watching. I wanted to see what was going to happen. His Dick had gotten really big. It was a little scary." "What happened?" Darlene asked. "And why didn't you tell me about this before?" "He came," Becky said.

"So you kept on pretending, while he came? Where, where did he come?" "Yes, I did, I kept pretending and he came everywhere. It was amazing. It flew, some on me, but mostly on my bed. That's why I never mentioned it before. I didn't want you to know I was too scared to do anything." "Who wouldn't be scared?" Darlene said.

"If you had just told me, explained your plan and the reason for it, I could have told you to get some kind of light. Then you wouldn't have wasted my time getting me down here to see nothing. Why didn't you just tell me on the phone?" "Same reason, I was scared.

I know how disappointed you were last time—" "Girl, for someone with enough balls to do the stuff you do, you sure act like a wimp sometimes. Did you think I was gonna beat you up or something?" "No, but I thought you might not believe me.believe I did it.

I thought you might give up on it, on me." "Who else do I know that would have sex with their brother?" Darlene said. "Becky, you're one in a million, like me." "I swear, I'll make it up to you, somehow." "Yes, yes you will," Darlene said.

"I'll tell you how. You're going to let me watch." "What, you'll let me keep the camera again?" "No, I'll be there, live and in person." "He'd never do that, Darlene," Becky said. "There's no way he would ever let anybody know. He's scared to death that our mother will find out, again. That's why he's been holding out even though I've been torturing him." "Don't worry, he'll do it," Darlene said.

"Here's the plan."