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2 männer ficken
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All these men lay before me, passed out, their cocks drained by me. I smiled, observing them, walking among their sleeping bodies in the hotel room, practically covered in semen.

I met a rapper, named "Big Rascal," who I fucked, along with all his boys. It was the start of an insane week. I was taking a vacation to Cancun, for Spring Break, with my best friend from college.

In Cancun, I was planning on going wild and crazy. Melissa and I never once took a Spring Break trip.


We would now, a few years after graduating, and I would see to it that it would be a vacation we would never forget. We'd party, dance, drink, and find people to have sex with all things her and I never got to do in college. We would now, and it would be incredible. I headed home, showered, and packed. Since graduating I've gone fairly wild myself. I do things I never did in college. I know Melissa hasn't. She isn't a stick in the mud, but she definitely needs to unwind.

I can't wait to see her. We'll have so much fun! * My two-hour workout session ended, I went home and showered. My butt and thighs were killing me, but since I'll be away in Cancun for a week with Alexis, I had to get a long workout in. After my shower, I sorted and packed all the outfits I would wear there.

I planned what to wear for each day. I looked over my list of things to do, snorkeling, scuba diving, maybe even go shopping. I had our entire vacation planned out. Alexis and I have been looking forward to it.

I've been working non-stop since freshman year, all through college, and a few years afterward. I wanted a vacation and when she suggested we go to Cancun for Spring Break reminding me her and I never had one I agreed to it. I didn't feel like being around a bunch of college kids, even though I could pass for a Senior. I was, however, looking forward to relaxing by the pool or on the beach after the planned activities are done.

I think Alexis will enjoy what I've planned. It took me a while to pack a week's worth of clothes. I have everything though. I checked the flight itinerary again. I would arrive one hour before we board.

Alexis would fly in from LA, meet me there, we'd have lunch, then board the plan. Everything is in order. This will be great. I hope. * "Thank you, sir," I wiped my mouth, standing up in the cockpit of my plane from LA to Tampa, where I was to meet up with Melissa.

I was continuing my week of debauchery by giving one of the pilots a blowjob. I got off the plane and headed to the restroom. I was running behind due to my thanking the pilot for a safe flight with my mouth on his dick. I know Melissa would be keeping to a strict schedule. She'd probably be annoyed at me, but whatever. I have to thank her though. She kept me in college, she kept pushing me, encouraging me to not quit. She and I really bonded those few years ago.

I truly owe it to her. If she wasn't around to keep me on my toes, keep my studying, I would've flunked or dropped out. I want to repay her, except this time, with a wild vacation. I wanted her to let loose so badly. I'd do my best to see that happen.

I checked my hair and makeup, grabbed my bag and headed toward the terminal for our flight to Cancun. * Alexis was late. So typical of her. I paced back and forth, checking the time over and over. I wished she'd hurry up! We won't get to eat lunch together now. They called us for boarding and she still hadn't arrived. Why was she so behind? It reminded me of back in college. She always procrastinated. I had to push her.

I acted like an accountability partner. We got projects and assignments done, but it was always a hassle. Here we are, boarding a plan to the vacation SHE decided we could take together. This was all her idea. I waited as long as I could. I was last in line to board. Alexis finally showed up. I saw her coming from a distance.

I shook my head at her. Seeing that huge smile caused my annoyance at her to slip away. I smiled back and hugged her tightly. "You're late!" I scolded her. "I'm know! I'm sorry!" Alexis hugged me again. "I like your hair," I said playing with one of her blonde locks. She trimmed it up some. "Yours too," we turned to board the plan. "Are you ready to have the time of your life?" "I am. I have things scheduled out and " "No.

I don't want you sticking to any schedule. I want you to relax and just go with it," Alexis said. "What do you mean?" I asked. She slapped my butt as we walked down the gateway. "We're going to have a great Spring Break far better than anything in college." * My sweet Melissa.

My best friend from college had no idea I joined the mile-high club on our way to Cancun. I didn't even get the guy's name. I returned to my seat after swallowing his cum and smiled at her. We finally landed, got off the plane, and headed to baggage claim.

"Guess we have to wait for yours next," Melissa tapped her foot, checking the time, after she retrieved her luggage. "Nope. I'm good," I told her. "What do you mean?" "I mean, I'm good. I didn't bring luggage." "What? Are you joking?" Melissa asked. "Nope. Everything I need is in my small carry on," I told her. "Well, what's in it?" "Bikinis, a tiny dress, makeup." "That's it?" "Yep.

I don't need underwear or much else really," I told her. "Yeah, but " "Shhh," I said, putting my index finger to her lips. "We'll be out in pools, in the ocean, all that stuff I won't need much." Melissa sighed, "Fine.

Let's go." I grabbed her hand, "We're going to have a wild time." * Alexis got naked as soon as we arrived in our room. She urged me to do the same. I thought she was being silly. I have a schedule for us. Alexis paraded her big ass around in our room, looking for a tiny bikini to wear. "Snorkeling?" she asked after I told her what I was doing. "Uh, yeah," I said, averting my eyes from her butt.

"Melissa, come on. Let's go to the beach or the pools where all the Spring Breakers are." "'I'd rather not. I'd rather stick to my schedule," I said. "But that's where all the fun will be. It'll be a huge party." "I don't want a huge party. I humored you and came along, but my plan is for us to stay away from all that." "Fine.

You go snorkeling, I'll go party," Alexis picked out a bikini. "Wait, why don't you come with me?" "Because I don't feel like it! How many times have I said I want us to experience Spring Break like we never did in college? YOU were the one always pushing me, like yourself, to focus and study.

We're done with all that crap now time to party!" "Yeah, but I thought we could spend time " "No. You want to snorkel; I want to party. You go do that, I'll be having fun," Alexis put on her bikini and left me alone.

"Together," I sat on the bed, finishing my thought. This wasn't turning out like I hoped, and we just got here. * If Melissa wants to be that way, fine then. She can go snorkel if she wants. I'll be drinking, dancing, partying. So what I don't know anyone here. There was some kind of pool party going on. There were big soap suds being shot out into the crowd. I grabbed a drink, gulped it down, and joined in on the fun. There was a DJ playing electronic dance music.

I saw tons of college kids dancing. I saw some doing more than that. Within the soapy bubbles, I saw a few cocks out, stroked by some girls.

I saw a particularly hot guy. I approached him, not caring, and grinded my nearly bare butt against his crotch. He was grabbing it, spanking it; I felt that hard dick against me.

I turned around and we started making out. I was going to enjoy myself, Melissa can do her little boring activities. To my left, two girls, maybe freshman or sophomores, were really going at it. This guy was feeling all over my butt, kissing my neck, as I stood there, in shock watching these two girls make out. Damn, they were crazy. Theirs mouths were open, tongues flapping all around; one girl had her hand in the other's bikini bottoms.

That's what I liked seeing, that's what I wanted to experience insane, wild fun. So very sexy. This guy picked me up, my legs went around him, and he bounced me on him in the pool. I was focused on the girls though. I didn't consider myself a lesbian, but their wanton, sexually explicit Spring Break partying is what I wanted to experience.

I kissed the guy and he took me somewhere to fuck me. * I was angry. I was sitting there at dinner, waiting for Alexis again. I hardly saw her at all since we arrived. I was miserable snorkeling alone. But I was sticking to my schedule. I was also surprised. Alexis actually kept our dinner plans or said she would. She was running late as usual. She finally showed and embarrassed me beyond belief. Right there in the restaurant, she quickly mooned me. I wondered if someone saw her; I was mortified.

"Well, you have fun today?" I asked, rolling my eyes. "I sure did. Tonight will be even better. I'm going to the club here on the resort. Want to come with me?" she asked. "Aren't you tired? I want to go to sleep soon," I replied. "I am tired, but I don't care. This will be an incredible week for me at least." "Let's not argue. I just want to enjoy this and relax." "Well you relax in your way, I'll relax in mine," Alexis said. "Why can't we relax together?" "We can.

You have to let go first and join me. Just drop the schedule, drop your plans, and just go with the moment." She had a little bit of a point, but it was in me I wasn't programmed that way. Our food arrived and we ate in relative silence. "Please?" she grabbed my hand, holding it on the way back to our room. "I'm tired. I want to rest," I said. "Suit yourself." We arrived back to our room, she changed into a dress, and left me alone once again.

I could barely sleep.

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I was annoyed at my friend, but something else was keeping me awake the sounds of sex in the room next to ours. They were so loud. They went on and on and on. Also, it was two girls. I tossed and turned, I closed a pillow over my ears, I went try to sleep in the bathtub nothing worked.

All I heard was "yes!" and "ah baby!" and "fuck me!" mixed in with moans, cries, screams. Just after 1 am, they quieted down. I got back in bed, a few minutes later, they started up again.

It was 4am, I was hearing muffled moaned coming from their room. I called the front desk and complained several times, but the resort employees did nothing.

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The loud screaming started up again. Wow, those girls were really cumming a lot with each other. I never experienced anything like that I college, but geez, they were going at it all night long. Eventually, close to dawn, they stopped. I couldn't help but think how incredible it was for them I, on the other hand, was miserable. * Oh what a night an incredible, sex-filled night. I arrived to our room around 8am, Melissa was still asleep. I figured she'd be awake and out sight-seeing. Maybe she really was tired.

I went to the club first. I danced with random dudes. I sucked several cocks in the bathroom. I even sucked a couple on the dance floor. There were several others that I straight up had sex with, either in the bathroom or on the dance floor. I felt like such a slut.

I guess I was one. But I was going to make up for four years of boredom in college. I wished Melissa was with me. I wished she could've fucked guys with me.

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But whatever, I guess she hasn't changed since college. Then there were the girls. So many college girls were out. They were scantily clad, drunk, kissing, fingering out there. It fueled me to act wilder. I wouldn't have minded meeting a girl and seeing where it goes, but I had so many cocks thrown at me, I didn't get a chance. I arrived to our room the next morning, semen oozing out of my pussy and ass.

I got in the shower, wondering if Melissa would join me. Yeah right. * Alexis woke up me the next morning. She seemed happy. Good for her. My head was killing and I felt worn out. Guess that's how it goes when two college girls next door have sex with each other the entire night. I nodded to her as she exited the shower. She didn't put on clothes, what little clothing she brought.

I saw something on her butt cheek. Ugh, it looked like a hickey. I rolled my eyes and got in the shower. When I got out, a note from her was waiting for me. She said she'd be by the pool if I wanted to join her. Nope. I went scuba diving instead. I had a horrible time. Mainly due to the fact I was alone, but also very, very sleepy. I only did about 15 minutes after the hour long training class.

I signaled to go up and sat on the boat waiting for the other group members to finish. I got back to our room and took a nap. * The concert event by the pool the next day was incredible. There were no soap suds, but still tons of drinking, dancing, girls kissing, and so on.

I couldn't take it anymore. I downed my drink, pulled my bikini down, grinding my bare butt against the guy that was behind me, then took off. Two girls were kissing each other. I interrupted them. They were startled at first, not sure who I was, but I grabbed each of their faces and kissed them anyway. They smiled, grabbed and slapped my bare ass, and the three of us proceeded to make out right there in the pool.

Guys were taking pictures and video footage on their phones. They were cheering us on. Mmm, it was so hot. Our three mouths were connected, out tongues sliding all around the place. I was so wet and horny. Sadly, it was interrupted by their boyfriends. These girls smiled, kissing me bye, and left. I wanted more. I headed back to my room, showered again, and woke up Melissa.

She was groggy but said she'd go to dinner again. I felt bad for abandoning her at this point. But I was having so much fun. I decided to buy her a gift at the resort's souvenir and beach shop.

* Alexis embarrassed me again the next night at dinner. She didn't moon me or get naked, so it wasn't as bad, but the gift she got me caused me to blush and tuck it away.

It was a bikini. I think. There was hardly much to it. The strings were gold colored, not actual gold, chain links. The fabric, what little there was, was mesh see through. "Um, thanks?" "You're welcome.

That's your outfit tonight," Alexis said. "What?" "That's right. After dinner, we're going out. I'll wear my bikini and you wear that. There's a club here on the resort by the pool area.

I've seen some of the girls here where something like that. You'll be fine." "But " "No buts," Alexis said. "This is what we're doing. This is why we're here. We're going crazy tonight." I looked to the tiny bikini in my lap, under the table. I felt bad that we hardly spent time together. I didn't want to argue and fuss with her. "Fine," I said, humoring her. "Thank you," she grabbed my hand, patting it. "Please don't be afraid. I'm right here with you and will be so the entire night.

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You and me. We're going to have a lot of fun. Just relax and let it happen." Alexis was being sincere. I believed her too. I nodded slowly, glancing to her hand on mine. I held it, caressing it back. * It took hours to get Melissa to loosen up.

Geez. She wore that bikini, felt awkward, but once I got some booze in her, she calmed down. "Listen," I said over the loud music. "You and I are here tonight, just us. Ok baby?" "But, it's so crowded," she said. "I know it is. But ignore them. Ignore everyone. Focus on me, on us, the music, the drinks, nothing else," I said.

Her eyes were darting around. I was starting to wonder if she had some sort of social anxiety or phobia of large crowds. Maybe I never had the chance to see it first hand in college. "Melissa, you look so sexy in this bikini," I said. She shrugged, "I, I don't know. I feel " "Hey.

Just say thank you," I interrupted her. "Thank you." "Good. Now let's go get more drinks," I grabbed her hand and led her to the bar. I stood behind her, my arm around her, resting on her tummy and waited for the drinks to arrive. There were a couple girls next to us, doing shots and making out. Melissa and I traded looks at one another, then looked away. Our drinks arrived, I led her back onto the dance floor. We chugged our drinks and danced. I had her body right up against mine, holding her, her face inches from my own.

I wanted her to be in my world, and mine in hers there'd be no one else around. "Just focus on me," I reminded her. She nodded. I patted her butt, giving her a small smile. She giggled back. "See? Just loosen up a bit," I said. I kept my hand there and we kept on dancing. I down my drink, wrapped my arms around Melissa and kissed her.

"What are you doing?!?" she pushed me away. "Hey! Relax, ok?" I grabbed her arm.

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"Please?" "Alexis, I don't know. It's too much," she said. I pulled her in for a hug, talking into her ear, "We could have so much fun. We could be there for each other tonight. Playing, touching, kissing, experimenting. You're my best friend." * I tried, I really did.

Alexis kissing me like that, scared me. But when she did it again, slower, more sensual, I couldn't help but moan. I thought about those girls next door, having sex with each other all night. The alcohol, the music, the lights, everything, made me wonder if that could've been Alexis and I having a wonderful night. She was kissing me over and over. I let her, I let her in my mouth. I let her hand squeeze my butt. I closed my eyes, doing my best to live in the moment.

My hands found her butt. She was so proud of that thing. I squeezed it, moaning into her kiss. Was I letting go and relaxing? "You're my best friend," Alexis said, breaking our kiss.

"I love you. Ok?" "Ok," I nodded back. "I love you too," I kissed her this time, my arms wrapping around her shoulders as we stood there making out in a drunken haze. "Just me and you tonight," Alexis said again. "Mmhmm," our tongues met, her hand went to my breast. "Back to our room?" she asked. "Uh huh," I said. Alexis grabbed my hand and we got out of there.

* I slammed Melissa against our room door, kissing her over and over as hard as I could. "You loosening up, baby?" I asked. "Yes," she kissed with her vodka flavored mouth. I tore her bikini off, right there in the hallway. I did the same to mine, pushed our door open and entered our room with a flurry of kisses. I slammed her on the bed, climbed on top, kissing all over her face and neck. "Ready?" "Yes," she looked into my eyes with determination.

I slid off her, our legs became entwined, our pussies against the other. I kissed her foot and nodded back to her.

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Then we fucked. It was the first time my pussy ever touched another woman's, the first time my clit ever banged against another. Did I plan on seducing Melissa, taking her to bed? Not really. But were there and living in the moment something we didn't do in college. Had her and I gone to Spring Break a few years ago, I have no doubt in my mind Melissa and I would've been grinding pussies back then just like we are now.

"Come on baby! Yes!" I shouted, out bodies scissoring, bouncing, the bed shaking. "Ah yes!" I heard her cry out. * We propped ourselves in up a crab position. I looked at Alexis with pure lust in my eyes. I was finally doing it. I was letting go, relaxing, and now, cumming. Alexis climaxed with me, our first lesbian experience. I recalled the college girls around us, next door, experimenting with each other.

I wondered If I wasn't pushing Alexis and I back in college to study all the time, if her and I would've been having sex in our dorm room. If not there, then on the Spring Break trips we never took. "Yes, baby, yes!" she cried out.

"A-Alex-ah!" I couldn't even speak as the orgasm wracked my body. We collapsed on our backs, heaving, panting. "More. I want more," I demanded. We got back into our crab-like position, holding ourselves up with our hands, and kept rubbing pussies together.

We also kept cumming and cumming. We were so loud the very same neighbors that kept me awake the other night banged on our wall, yelling "shut up!" Alexis and I ignored them. We kept going until we were covered in sweat and pussy juices. "Fuck me!" we cried out, not stopping or slowing. We reminded me of the dumb college sluts, that were staying next to us. Except we were louder, went longer, and cummed more than they did. Near dawn, we passed out in each other's arms.

I had no idea what the rest of this trip held for me, but I was looking forward to it. * We slept late the next morning. Melissa didn't push me to go snorkeling or any crap like that. She instead pushed me into the shower to rinse off our sweaty bodies. I, in turn, pushed her against the shower wall, turn her around and fingered that pussy of hers. We were in bed again, rolling around, kissing, sucking titties, sucking ass. We called each other names, slut and whore, while eating each other's pussies out.

I ordered room service mostly booze. We were scissoring later that day. I watched Melissa cum while I poured Vodka all over her sexy, tight body. We made such a mess of our room. We had a food fight, which ended in eating everything, licking it up, off our bodies. On and on we went, the dumb college sluts next door, begging us to stop. They pounded on our door. At this point Melissa's tongue was in my ass.

I got off here and answered the door, not caring I was naked. "Can you to PLEASE keep quiet?" one of them asked. Melissa joined me, put her arm around me, and pour Vodka all over my head. We kissed in front of the college girls. Melissa flipped them off, and I closed the door. * Alexis and I had sex the entire remainder of our vacation. It felt like a huge release of pent up stress and frustration.

Giving in, giving up, and letting go was the best thing I've ever done. On our last night, I was pouring more Vodka all over her ass and licking it off. I even managed to drink directly from her asshole. It was so crazy, so wild. I loved it. We were such huge sluts that week; lesbian whores with one another. I joined the mile-high club with her on the flight back to Tampa. We had sex again in the bathroom before she boarded her flight home.

There we were in the women's rest, holding Alexis from behind, kissing all over her neck while I fingered her.

She sat me on the toilet and ate my pussy next. We were going at it so long, that she almost missed her flight. She called me when she got home. I was sad, lonely, missing her, so it was it nice to hear her voice. We had phone sex, then I thanked her for everything. We decided to make this a yearly thing more often if possible.

I hung up the phone, looking forward to my next vacation with Alexis. The end.