Cute Ladyboy Miran hardcore doggystyle sex scene

Cute Ladyboy Miran hardcore doggystyle sex scene
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Note: this is my first story and I'm not entirely sure of where I want this to go. It has a slow start but I plan on having it build to some really great moments down the line. so leave some comments on what you may like to see and I may add it in down the line or use it for a new story. I slowly stirred hearing the familiar music as my phones alarm played signaling that I had to get ready and start my day.

It was still dark outside and I was still dead tired but I had to get ready for my early shift at the restaurant before I went to classes. I started to move and stretch when I felt my hand brush up against soft hair.

I was confused for a moment until I remembered my dog scout had on more than one occasion decided to come in to my room at night and sleep with me. "Hey scout, how you doing boy?" I said sleepily As I rolled out of bed my shin collided with the pink nightstand. "Mutherfuckin shit faced whore!" I whispered to myself so as not to wake my ADHD dog who might mistake it as an invitation to play.

I got ready to strew out a couple more choice words when I remembered Ive NEVER had a pink nightstand. I began to look around the unfamiliar room when I realized I was extremely sore and naked. Now I was never really one for playing sports unless they happened with a keyboard or controller. And I had recently started going to the gym more to shape up but I don't remember going yesterday.

Yesterday? What happened yesterday? At first I struggled to remember then it came flooding back to me. I had been at home binge watching anime on Netflix alone on my computer eating a pizza I grabbed on my way home from class. Then I heard the familiar Dooo Dooo Dooo of the web chat app I used in the background.

A message popped up with my friend Damian's profile pic. I clicked accept and his face filled up my screen. "Hey C.J. What up man!" He said smiling at me. "Nothing much man just relaxing with some pizza and Netflix what's going on with you " "Just got done with school today man saw you were online when I got home so I thought I'd check in. Though I've got to tell you your lucky your already done with high school I can't wait to leave this shit hole soon." "As am I my friend as am I ." We continued to talk for a bit about random stuff the latest episode of a super hero show, the latest video game announced and other nerdy things until the question I'd been hoping he wouldn't ask came up.

"So what are you going to do for your birthday" I sighed " I have no idea man I wish people would stop asking me about it." My family had been pestering me all month about doing something and how I needed to stop being so lazy.

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I wanted to go to the latest comic book movie but I was a pretty big loner/introvert in school and didn't really have many friends. I would have gone with Damian but he had gotten dragged to some dead great aunts funeral that he'd never known two states over.

" Well why don't you call your new girlfriend stud?" He said mockingly. " I'm sure she'll treat you better than the old one." I filched at that. " Sorry man I didn't mean to hurt you, it was just a bad joke." " it's ok man it's just not the best thing to think about Ash lately" Ashley was my girlfriend up until about a couple months ago. Until I found out that she was sleeping with her old ex Sean. And by found out I mean get sent a link to a video of them fucking on what was our 1 year anniversary.

A night we were supposed to go out and eat at a nice restaurant that I booked a month in advance but she blew me off last minute saying she needed to handle an emergency. The next day I confronted her about the video initially calling it a fake and acting hurt. But after some more pressure she caved telling me how sorry she was and how she really liked me but she still loved Sean and how she needed to leave me because she felt happier with him.

Needless to say, that destroyed me. I spent the next few weeks in a huge funk and on.y recently gotten out of it with the decision to start changing things up in my life by trying to find someone else. I had gotten a new gym membership and went on a diet.

Now I've never really been what people would call a hunk. As a kid I was a small little stick with a big head. But when I hit 13 I puberty hit me like a ton of bricks my chocolate skin got slightly bumpy with acne, my voice dropped along with my penis giving me a good 7 inches hard.

And my body and appetite grew until I was about 6' 3" 300 pounds. A certifiable man bear. I'd never really been happy with my weight as most of it wasn't really muscle. But with my new diet and regular exercise I was starting to see some real results in the past month. I began noting getting glances from woman and even the occasional stare.

"And Maria.I mean Ms.Dupree is a friend man she's deffinently not my girlfriend ok." "Then why do you have her number man?" He asked smirking. " Because were both adults now and we sometime have adult conversations that children like you wouldn't understand." "Oh please man I know you want some of that." "That's not true man." I lied. "Don't you know men and woman can be friends without sex being involved." "Man you didn't see her face when she first saw you last week when you came by the school!!!" He yelled "Her eyes practically bulged out of her head when she saw your new pecs!" I thought back to that day and when I first greeted Ms.

Dupree. I was walking around with Damian who had an off period and went to go visit some old teachers. Ms.Dupree or Maria as she told me to call her, was in her class alone doing something on her laptop when we walked in. "How's my old chemistry teacher doing?" I said. She looked up and gave me a dazzling smile that made my heart stop.

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Now to say that she is hot is an understatement. Maria Dupree is a mid to late 20s mixed race part Hispanic part black bombshell and it showed in all the best places. She was a curvy 5'9" with a toned body ,long legs, an ass that most rappers would dream about, nice firm mouth watering triple d breasts, long soft hazel colored hair and soft green eyes.

She occupied more than a few of her students and even other teachers wet dreams and fantasies.And to top it all of she had a great sense of humor and incredible brains as well.

"Hey Calvin! How are you doing you look great!!!!" She said.


Ps he was the only person who really called me that. My name is Calvin Tate jr but everyone calls me C.J. Except her. She came and and gave me a tight hug which surprised me but gave me the amazing feeling of her boobs against my chest.

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"I'm fine Ms.Dupree just had the day off and thought I'd stop by. " as I talk I notice the slightly low cut blouse she has on today that gives me a great view of her cleavage. I look back up to avoid pitching a tent as I did so many times in her class before. I notice she has moved her hand on my arm and is feeling my new muscles. " Oh you don't have to call me that anymore, it's just Maria and how are things going?" I precede to inform her of current events and I ask her about her life as well when I notice Damian who has been just observing casually give a weird look.

As she starts talking I discreetly follow his gaze. It leads me to Maria or more importantly her hand. She hasn't moved it from my arm and has even moved her other hand ever so slightly to my stomach feeling my abs.

As she does this I briefly notice something flicker across her face. A sort of hunger that I've never seen before. But then it leaves and she lets me go. "Well I don't want to keep youI'm sure u and Damian here have places to go it was good seeing you!" "You too" After we left Damian bombards me.

"Dude what the hell was that? Did you she the way she was all over you!!! She wants the D man." "Dude what are you 5 she wasn't all over me she just had a hand on my arm" "Man it looked to me like she wanted to use that other hand to go for a little something down south.


Maybe you should go back there and let her do it." "Shut up man you sound insane." Now I did go back to see her but only because I'd forgotten my bag in her classroom. When I went back in she said " hey I thought this was yours " as she held out my bag. Strange ,seemed to have makeup on. I didn't remember her having any on before. Or for that matter needing it. Maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me today. we started to have a bit of a deep conversation then the bell rang.

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She said she had a class next and that we should finish our talking so we swapped numbers and I left. After that we had had some nice conversations via text and even a couple long talks. When I told Damian a couple days ago he acted so smug. He kept saying how he knew something was happening and that soon we'd be fucking and to let me known when that happened so I give him all the good details.

I got somewhat embarrassed as I had never really had sex before. Sadly Ashley was my first girlfriend and while we did some sex stuff like getting a couple blowjobs and a handy every now and then.

We had actually never done the deed. I was hoping that we would finally do it on our anniversary but someone else got there before I did unfortunately. Though I'd never told Damian that. We talked a it more before he had to leave. "By Damian." "By bro" I sat at my computer staring at the now black screen. I didn't tell him that I'd actually had plans but they were with Maria and that she had convinced me to go out to eat with her.

As I stood there thinking I begin to hear someone stir in the bed behind me. As I open my phone to pause the music I'm blinded by the light coming from it.


I quickly pause the music as they settle back to sleep. As my eyes readjust to to pitch black room I slowly move around to see who I was in that bed with. As I reach the other side the floorboards give a slight squeak but to me they might as well have been a huge earth shattering roar for how tense I am.

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For a minute I stand perfectly still looking at the ground hoping that it if I don't move they won't wake up.I look back up to see the form has barely moved.

As I creep closer I slowly kneel down and slide the duvet off the sleeping form. And what I see gives me a raging hard on. Under that duvet is Maria she's completely nude as I am. I notice first her breasts. The breasts that I so many times imagined bare were now right before me as if presented like a gift from on high. Her breasts didn't sag at all even though they were so large.

The skin there was smooth and lacked a single stretch mark. Her nipples looked like huge silver dollars with erasers attached that begged to be suckled.

My eyes trailed down her sculpted stomach to her thighs before resting on her beautiful cunt. Her pubic hair was almost completely gone except for a small patch above shaved into a heart. Her meat curtains were already poking out of her outer lips a bit and they looked slightly wavy.

As I leaned in closer I caught her smell. It was a bit musky but not at all unpleasant. As I stared I noticed she had something shiny all over her inner thighs. I lightly stuck my finger on it to confirm what I already guessed it to be.

As I didn't I noticed the intense heat coming off of her snatch and stopped my hand to slowly bask in that heat. I then made contact with the fluid was slightly sticky and very slick with almost no odor.

It was my cum. I looked down at my crotch which was covered with our drying juices. Holy shit holy shit holy shit HOLY SHIT HHHOOOOLLLLYYYYY SHHHHHHIIIITTTTT!!!!!!!! I thought to my self. I fucked my teacher!!! I barely get the chance to process that when I hear a familiar voice.

"Hey stud ready for round three?" To be continued