Gay fisting Ryan is a remarkable fellow with a wonderful bootie built

Gay fisting Ryan is a remarkable fellow with a wonderful bootie built
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At five minutes after ten the doorbell rang and I went to the foyer to answer it. When I opened the door Kait stood there smiling at me. I smile back, " Hi Kait.

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I wasn't expecting to see you." " Hi John. I wanted to see you this morning." I couldn't resist checking out my sexy 5'8" dark haired friend. She is absolutely gorgeous. Kait has a beautiful slender body and she keeps it that way from working out. She weighs around 125 pounds. It was her firm, well-toned body with those nice tits that always catch my eye every time I see her.

She has a great heart shaped ass, the kind you just want to grab every time you walk by her and her legs are long and toned. Kait is wearing a tight pair of jeans with a tight, silky, white button up blouse that is a little too tight, which made her blouse gap open between some of the buttons exposing some cleavage. Kait looks at me giving me a knowing smile. Busted! " Damn." I said to myself as I see her catch me staring at her body.

I smile. " Hmmm," Kait thought, " John is horny and checking me out." " Would you like something to drink?" I ask. As she talks with me Kait found she was mentally undressing me, it was embarrassing, she couldn't seem to help herself. It has been just been five days since we had sex. To her embarrassment, her eyes keep drifting to the enticing bulge in the crotch of my tight jeans. " Damn!" I thought. " Let's talk in the living room, Kait." I said. We went into the living room and sat down on the couch, drank our drinks and made small talk.

I always enjoy talking with her, she is so easy to talk to. Finally I ask her, " Something's on your mind Kait. What is it?" " What's what? " Kait replies, blushing. " Aha," I grin, " I knew it! There is something on your mind, all right. You're blushing. What are you blushing about? You can tell me." Oh, no, she couldn't. How could she tell me that she'd been constantly horny for the past five days and it was just getting worse?

No way! " Thanks, John." she sighed, " but it's pretty private.

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Personal. I don't think I'd be comfortable discussing it with you." " Remember, I'm here for you. If you need to talk about it I'm a great listener and I understand about these things." " Yeah, right. And what would those things be?" Kait asks nervously. I said gently, " I know you're horny, Kait. You've got to be horny after our last date night.

After having it then having to wait for the next date night, you really miss it." " John!" Kait gasps. I cup her chin and force her to look at me and she drops her eyes guiltily like a little schoolgirl and blushs even harder. I laugh.


" Come on, Kait." I said. She feels her pussy growing hot as fire. Hot, sticky cum leaking from her neglected pussy, moistening her panties. Kait was ready to scream with her suppressed horniness. " Oh, my God," she thought, " what's wrong with me?" Of course she knows what was wrong.She needs to have her horny pussy fucked desperately.

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Kait turns to me to tell me they should change the subject, at that moment I plant my mouth on hers and kiss her, darting my tongue into her mouth. Kait is completely taken off guard.

She feels her heart pounding and she begins sweating from her horniness. She sinks back into the couch, and returns my kiss. Her body craving to feel my touch, and she is so fucking horny and aroused. I start to lightly stroke her tits through her shirt. Kait lay slumped against the back of the couch, breathing hard, trying desperately to control herself.

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" Want to be fucked rough and hard Kait? Is that why you are here Kait?" I ask with a cocked eyebrow. " Why don't you get your ass over here and have a look." She calls flashing me a cheeky grin.

I choke on my saliva as I lay eyes on her, lying out on my black leather coach, legs spread, and totally naked. " What are you waiting for? Come get me big boy." She smirks at me as she places her hand on her knee, spreading her legs a fraction wider, showing me her clean shaved pussy. I drop my knee on the coach, feeling it give a little under me, as I come up over her.

I start kissing her soft red lips while trying to strip my shirt off. Before I can even get it over my head her fingers are clawing at my shorts trying to get my hardening cock within her reach. Grabbing bunches of my shorts she rips, and our sharp breathing is broken by the sound of the zipper coming down harshly. We break our kiss reverting to lingering kisses, only long enough for me to finish taking my shirt off.

Her purr of satisfaction as she runs her hands over my bare chest has my cock twitching and I quickly shove my ruined shorts down. Going for my boxers she halts me, and links her fingers in the waist of my boxers. I let out a strangled moan as she slowly pulls my boxers forward and over my hard cock, watching her face only a foot from my cock as she licks her lips hungrily. I quickly pull them from her grasp and push them down kicking them out heedlessly behind me. I lean back slightly using the armrest to support my weight.

Now fully revealed I hear her let out a little gasp of pleasure as her mouth slightly drops open.

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" Oh god, come here!" she growls at me. Grabbing my wrist I never know how she manages it but the next thing I know she has pushed me down flat on my back and climbs astride on my waist. I thought I would go wild feeling her wet pussy lips pressing against my hot skin.

The press of two lips as she leans forward drives me crazy, starting to kiss my jaw, then moving down, licking the sweat off my skin as she licks and sucks the hollow of my throat. Her lips feels fever hot as she kisses down my chest, biting the skin as she went. I was desperate to get up, touch her, she keeps pushing me back.

I almost shout in frustration when she lifts her hips, letting her wet pussy stay clear of my thick cock. As her mouth got closer to my throbbing cock, her ability to pay attention to me and I'm able to bring my hand up, touching her silken hair. I run my fingers through her long, silky auburn hair dying for her mouth to finally reach my throbbing cock. She has stopped nibbling around my stomach and pubic bone.

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" Come on honey, fucking suck my cock." I growl. I let out a moan of raw pleasure the instant her soft lips met the head of my cock. I feel my back sticking to the soft leather of the coach while she is gently licking the head of my cock while slowly stroking the rest of it with her hand. I was in heaven, her tongue feels so hot and wet and I found myself completely at her mercy as she expertly continues to lick and suck on the head of my cock.

I want to feel her take more, suck my hard cock. Without thinking I reach for her head, twisting my fingers in her hair, I hear and feel her moan, encouraged I hold her head still and my hips buck into her mouth. Her nails sinking into my thigh as she groans and sucks hard on the shaft had me lost. I took a firmer grip on her head and start guiding her up and down my length. Looking down I see her lips tight around my cock as I use her face to fuck my cock.

God, every breath I take burnt my lungs. I feel her saliva running down my cock with each thrust. Finding she had given control over to me, I decide to push her a little harder. On the next downward push of her head I thrust my hips up a little and feel the pressure of her throat. Her tell tale gag tells me I had hit the right spot. She didn't seem to stop me so I keep it going.

Raising my hips every time I force her head down taking that pretty mouth a little bit harder each time. I feel myself getting close I didn't want to cum, not yet, even though it was so tempting to thrust hard and fill her mouth and throat with my cum. I tug softly on her hair, as she takes one last suck, there is that distinctive 'pop' as I bring her up so she is looking at me with her lips all pouty and tears on her lashes from gagging on my cock.

I nudge her back slightly; using my palms I push myself up so I'm sitting. I laugh at the sound of my skin as it made a sucking sound and came free of the hot leather.

I slowly help her turn so she is laying on her back, legs spread before me. She smiles at me as she places both her heels on the sticky leather and raises her hips to test if she would slip.

Leaning over her, I leaned forward and caught her lips with mine. They are so soft, and hot from being on my cock. I hungrily kiss her darting my tongue out meeting her awaiting tongue in response.

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I could taste myself on her tongue as we kiss passionately. Leaning over her, I brace myself on my knees between her spread legs. As we continue to kiss I let one of my hands slide from her shoulder down her soft, slick skin. I cup her breast, squeezing it slightly as I rub my thumb over her hard nipple. She moans into my mouth and pushs her chest into my palm. I catch her nipple between my fingers, tugging it softly. She broke the kiss pressing her forehead to mine, locking eyes with me as she whispers " Mmm.

Harder babe." I squeeze firmly and she lets out a little whimper of pleasure. " Ah. that's it babe." she encourages. I kiss her lips before moving to her cheek, jaw and neck, skating my lips down the slope of her breast I take her free nipple in my mouth, sucking it hard before grazing it with my teeth as I squeeze her other nipple.

The raw moan from deep in her throat spurs me on, and I continue to bite and squeeze between rolling and sucking. I feel her body move and shift in response to the feel of my hot breath and lips on her tender flesh. I give each of her nipples a parting kiss smiling wickedly as I see them pucker tightly wet with my saliva in the air. Deliberately I slowly kiss and lick my way down her creamy smooth chest and stomach while my fingers gently trace their way down her sides.

I nibble her belly button, dipping my tongue teasingly inside. I spread her pale thighs slightly; leaning forward my mouth is now right above her awaiting clit. Looking down, I see the engorged nub, begging for attention at the top of her pussy lips.

As I slowly move forward inhaling her musky scent I feel both her hands come down and grab the back of my head and force my mouth onto her. We groan together as I suck her clit into my mouth and start to slowly suck and flick my tongue across it. She throws her head back in pleasure, letting lose a primal growl " Oh fuck!!" I continue to suck and lick her clit, rubbing one of my fingers against her entrance. She is already soaking wet for me, and her moans encourage me, so I gently slide a finger into her tight wet pussy.

Working it slowly, I feel her walls work around my finger, her fingers gripping my hair more tightly; Kait bucks her hips up into my mouth and hand. I pull back and look up her length, now flushed and covered in a slight sweat.

" Do you want another babe?" I ask, working my finger slowly in and out of her. Her heavy lids drop so her eyes are like emerald slits. " Get that other fucking finger in me." She tells me through clenched teeth. " While you're at it, get that delicious tongue back on my hungry clit." I smile at her demanding tone, slipping the finger out of her; I rub the tip of the two fingers against her entrance and then push them in slowly.

Her moan of pleasure is music to my ears as I start to create a steady rhythm, my mouth returning to her clit. I feel her hands return to my head, pushing me aggressively into her hungry cunt, pleased to hear this met with more moans of pleasure.

I feel her getting wetter by the second and knew she was close to cumming so I slide my fingers out and start to flick my tongue in and out of her soaked cunt while rubbing on her clit with my free hand I feel her body start to tense so I pick up the pace on rubbing her clit until she finally explodes, bucking her hips aggressively into my face and hand, her juices gushing into my waiting mouth as I lap it up.

" Come on baby, let me see that dripping pussy in the air. I want to fuck it like it deserves." I encourage, helping her to sit up and roll onto all fours.


I rub my hand along her ass and hip, watching her get into position. Her breathing is ragged and she wobbles a little as she gets into position. Once she is up on her hands and knees she starts to playfully wiggle her ass at me.

" Come on big boy show me what you got, I want to feel that hard thick cock in my tight cunt." Grinning, I smack her ass once hardwhich is met with a slight moan of pleasure from her. I raise my eyebrow, surprised at this discovery. I position myself behind her, resting the blunt head of my cock against her slick, pouting pussy lips.

My breath is coming in short gasps as I suck in a gulps of air, I get a mix of our sweaty bodies, and her musky scent. I gently start to rub my head up and down her slit, mixing my precum with her juices. She wiggles slightly, pushing back as if to force me to slide in. " Mmm, you naughty girl, I will take you when I want you to babe." I remind her, continuing my torment of her begging pussy.

I grasp her hips, holding her firmly in place. I start to slide in nice and slow and the feel of her hot wet, tight pussy is about to push me over the edge.

Pulling myself together so not blow my load without getting half in her. I suck in a deep breath and holding her totally still in front of me. I stall for a few seconds I gently reach around and under her to start rubbing her clit again and I was met with a nice little moan by her and a thrust of her hips had me fully in her and it was everything I could do not to cum right then. After a few seconds of buying some time I start to work myself in and out at a slow pace.

I let out a strangled groan " Fuuuccckkk.", squeezing my eyes shut as I feel her contracting around me, milking my cock as she cums around it's thickness, I keep pushing in and out of her. Her slight moans are getting louder as she rides her climax, pushing back with her body hard to force my cock fully inside her. Just the sound of her cumming is driving me crazy. I take a firmer grip on her hips, bringing my other hand down; I slap her ass hard and feel her squeeze me tightly in response.

I groan deep in my throat as I start to slam her slick pussy, it easily takes my full length. Every time I slam myself to the hilt in her, I'm met with a loud scream and the feel of her cervix on the head of my cock.

" OMG.JOHN.AAAAAAHHHH.AAAAAAHHHHH." I feel myself building up to the point of no return. I run my hand up her slick sweaty back, reaching up with one hand, I lace my fingers in her long hair. Dragging her back on my cock I force her head back up, so her screams are now loudly filling the room.

I feel my balls getting soaked with her juices as they slap aganist her slick pussy. " AAAAAHHHH. AAAAAHHHHH.OH GOD.OOOOOOHHHHH.OOOOOHHHH." WAP.WAP.WAP.WAP. " Oh god, fuck me! Fuck me!" She screams on every thrust. I feel the tell tale build up of pleasure in my cock, as I continue to slam into her hard and deep.

" This is it, I'm gonna cum." I warn her, fucking her hard, dragging her back on my cock, curving her back as her soaked pussy swallows my cock.


" Mmm. your pussy is fucking tight!" I moan My balls tighten, and I imagine my cum shooting into her pussy, oozing from that slick hole afterwards. I close my eyes groaning." Yes baby, fucking take my cock." I stutter as I feel my orgasm building, my body stiffens and I thrust hard into her pussy, holding her still as she is fully impaled on my cock.

I shudder as I feel myself cumming inside her, slowly dragging out as I do so. I let out a moan of pure pleasure to finally have my release and I feel her contracting around me, her groans and words muffled. I feel her body trembling as her orgasm rides out. I pull my now almost limp cock out of her and was meet with the sight of mine and her cum oozing from her pussy, creamy and thick it slides down her plump pussy lips towards her clit.

We collapse onto the coach gasping for breath. I grin cockily at her and she winks at me in return.