Gay fuck Caleb loves every inch of Nick and he demonstrates that he

Gay fuck Caleb loves every inch of Nick  and he demonstrates that he
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This is a long read but in order to fully enjoy the good parts, I suggest you tough it out and read the whole story. I promise you won't regret it. ****************************************************************************************************************** I'm a Chinese kid in a relatively white-dominant town. Despite my best efforts, people at school didn't want to be friends with me.

They thought I was too "ethnic" and therefore, a freak. I didn't think I am much of a freak but I guess high school in a white-centric football playing town was not going to do me any favors. Prom was coming up and my high school experience was the worst it can be so I didn't plan on attending.

My father thought I should go to complete my rite of passage towards adult hood. I thought it was a lame excuse for people to dress up really fancy arbitrarily since all they want to do is get drunk and high to take it off at the end of the night anyway. Well, 4 years of high school and despite trying really hard, I am pretty much the only person in school with no friends and definitely no girlfriend. Thank god I have great grades so I can go to the Ivy League college of my choice next year and live the life in the city instead of these bigoted small towns.

One day, my dad's friend, James came over for dinner. My dad's an ER surgeon who saved James' wife one time after an accident. James and his wife work in the fashion industry so they would always give my parents all the latest designer fashion as soon as it came out.

James is an incredibly grateful person towards my dad. James is also the father of the most popular and hottest girl in school, Jessica. Jessica is your typical blonde haired, blue eyes busty cheerleader. During dinner, my dad brought up the fact that I wasn't going to prom. He blurted out that he suspected that it was because I had no date. Way to go, dad! Thanks for embarrassing me. Why do middle aged Chinese people have to be so damn blunt about everything?

Well, James being the considerate man he is offered his daughter Jessica to be my date for the prom. I was hesitant to go. This is a recipe for disaster but James insisted and even advises me to take the plunge so that I can be a man. The day of prom came and wearing a tux I bought, my only pride since every other kid rented (yay for having doctors as parents), I arrived at Jessica's house to pick her up.

She did not look pleased. She probably had more than her fair share of choices as dates but had to turn all of them down for her father's debt to mine. "Now, Jessica's mom and I are taking Jane to go visit her grandma," said James. Jane is the youngest daughter, just finishing 10th grade. "We'll be gone for a week but Julia is around if you need anything." Julia is the oldest sister, on summer break, which started in late April for her and she is about to finish her final year of college.

Jessica comes down, wearing a form-fitting red spaghetti strap dress that nicely accentuates her hips and 34C bust. Everyone at school knows her bra size. Having fashion industry parents must add certain panache to your garments.

Yet Julia seems to be wearing hand me downs like oversized t-shirts from what I could glance of her in the kitchen before we left. At least I had my own car so I didn't look completely pathetic. But throughout the entire time, despite trying to make conversation, I get nothing. She had no interest in interacting with me whatsoever. She is probably waiting till we get there so that she can stick her tongue down the nearest blonde haired blue eyes. I was miserable the entire night.

For me, it was nothing more than an overpriced sub par dinner.


I tried to ask a few girls to a friendly dance but they all either said they had boyfriends, which I know was not the case with some of them, or that their feet hurt, only for them to go wild when blondie blue eyes ask them to dance. Nothing could've made this night any worse. I should've stayed home like all the other loser guys who knew this type of environment was a danger zone for the bottom of the social ladder.

Then came the after party where most of the cool kids, including Jessica, attended. It was held at a frat house at the local college. I was denied entry - heck, I didn't want to be there at all but there was no way I was going to leave my one and only date, that was set up by my father of all people, to get drunk, high and maybe even raped by a bunch of college meatheads whose chemical composition in their brains is 90% dirt.

I sat outside in the heat with my tux on, the stuffy weather accentuating the smell of fratboy urine on the lawn and thrown up alcohol from drunks. I stand corrected - it could always get worse.

Jessica finally stumbles out drunk and her clothes were a mess. Her dress was practically about to fall off. I've just about had enough so I nabbed her into my car so I can take her home and let this nightmare of an ordeal be over for good.


She struggles with me for a bit and in the process, her left dress strap completely falls off and because the zipper on her back was not up all the way, her left breast was fully exposed. I try to get her covered up and thank god no one was around other it would look really bad. She fights me so I had to force her down by grabbing her breast and stuffing it back into her dress, zip her up and get her all nice and tight in her seat belt.

I got in the driver's seat and drove off. The air conditioner in my car is broken so I had to rely on the breeze from open windows but the air was so stuff that it was still really uncomfortable, especially in this tux. Suddenly, Jessica starts stripping the top of her dress off, moaning that it was really hot. Her breasts were completely exposed and she starts to fondle them. This coupled with the heat is driving me crazy. I notice her legs spread wide apart and she is fingering herself.

What happened to her panties? Did she not wear them at all the whole night or did she lose them at the party?

Either way, this is really bad. I got really nervous - imagine a cop just stops me and sees this? Despite that though, I can't deny that I've wanted to see this throughout all of high school. Here she is, Jessica, the hottest girl and most sought after in the entire school and she's sitting in my car, rubbing herself off.

I can smell the musk from her lower region. It had a strong hint of alcohol to it. She starts moaning "sooo hot.oooooooooh" and I begin to think to myself - she can really hurt herself down there with those long sharp nails and not being 100% coordinated at the moment.

I should give her a hand. NO, I CAN'T!

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That would be wrong. I endured hell at the end of a horrible night just so I can proudly say that I kept my date safe from molestation and no way was I going to tarnish all of that myself through an act of stupidity.

Now that I think about it, why did people like this girl? At this moment, I'm looking beyond the physical attraction. Here is a girl, drunk and high off her mind, smelling like the worst underground parking lot where homeless people urinate on a regular basis and yet most of the time, people want her!

I must be too much of a logical being to understand the concept of love. I drive up to her drive way and stop the car. I unbuckle her seatbelt and tried to get her dress back up. Her hand wails all over the place and she suddenly grabs a hold of my groin.

She rubs it around, which gets it going for a bit. After a bit of struggle, I manage to get her to be somewhat presentable but she is still clutching the pants over the area of my nether regions. She begins to tip over and her face lands on my lap. In a drunken state, she swirls her tongue all over the area.

Honestly, if this was any other guy, he would've had his penis deep in her face already for encountering such a stupid girl. The same guy would call me stupid for not taking advantage of this.

If all of society believes that it's okay to do what I'm being urged to do, then who am I to fight it and say it's wrong? At that moment, I got stupid and I unzipped my pants. Before I can dig in through the zipper and bring it out, she hurls a storm of vomit all over my crotch! "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

Did this bimbo just puke on my crotch? Now my pants and my car are plastered with creamy, light brown slop from her mouth. Remember how I said it can always get worse? Suddenly, the porch lights turn on and the front door opens. I panic and dipping my fingers into the heaved up goop, I zip up my pants, with a bunch of barf stuck between them and my boxers. This has got to be the most uncomfortable feeling EVER! A figure walks out from the house. It's Julia, wearing an oversized t-shirt and denim shorts.

"Oh my god, what happened?" she asks. "I swear, I didn't touch her! She just starting to fall over and then she did THIS!" I stammered.

"God, that is disgusting!" she said, holding her nose. "How did this happen?" "She was drinking at a frat party earlier tonight.

I saw her drunk and the frat house had a lot of college horn dogs so I thought it would be a better idea if I took her home. Then this happened." She opens the passenger car door and helps Jessica out.

Jessica is still a bit fumbly and Julia can't carry her by herself. "Can you give me a hand?" she asks. I already came all this way and have reverse human fecal matter all over me.

I figured, why not. What else can go wrong? Actually, I was afraid to ask. We stumble into Jessica's room and Julia tells me to wait outside.

I wait for about 20 minutes before Julia comes back out. "Oh man, we should get you cleaned up. Here, go hop in the shower and I will grab you some clothes." "No, it's okay. I'll just go home and clean up." "You live like half an hour's drive away. Seriously, get in the shower so you can at least get the smell off you. I'll take a look at the damage to your car. You'll probably have to take a cab home tonight. Don't worry, I'll pay for it.

And I'll make sure to get my dad to foot the bill for your car cleaning." I ponder for a bit and then decided that a fresh shower is what I need, especially with that barf drying up in my crotch.

And if Julia is going to take care of my car, the last thing I want right now is to endure a half hour cab ride with the cabbie giving me funny looks due to my circumstances. Julia comes back with a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt. "They're my dad's. It's all I have that will fit you." I take the clothes and go into the bathroom. I completely undress and the first thing I do is spray hot water all over my crotch and lather it with crazy amounts of soap. I probably took the longest shower in history.

After I washed off, I realize I have no towel to dry off with. I call out for help. "Julia? Um.Julia? I need a towel!" I call out a few more times but no answer. I see a pink towel hanging on the rack so I grab it out of desperation. It wasn't clean though. Someone has used it. The smell was peculiar. It was familiar. Something was very erotic about it. That's when it kicked me - it's the same smell as the car when Jessica was fingering herself.

The same erotic musk minus the putrid alcohol and sweat. It was a rather unique smell. It must've been Jessica's towel to dry off after a shower.

There was a dampness to it - not outright wet but it wasn't a fresh dry texture either. It wasn't fragrant but I wanted to inhale it. I put my face into that towel and took deep breaths from it. The smell makes my penis erect and continual inhales made me really stiff. Since I was alone anyway, I took the opportunity to give myself a release. I pumped my penis like I did every night for the last 4 years - thinking about Jessica's slender body with her full bust. Her perfect 34Cs swelling as she sat with perfect posture in class with a skin tight shirt on.

Except this time is different. This time, I'm not imagining what she looks like. I know exactly what's underneath those form fitting clothes now. I continue to jerk off to the image of a clean and sober Jessica, licking her lips with her finger doing circles on her tiny pink nipples that pointed out.

I imagine her wanting me to touch them. I imagine myself kissing them, getting them wet with my lips. And the image of her vulva come flashing at me. Combined with the scent of the towel, I couldn't take it anymore and I burst all over the shower floor. That was just what I needed.


I decided to give Jessica her comeuppance by wiping myself off with her towel so that next time she takes a steamy showers, she will dry herself and maybe even get off on the odor of my semen. I put on the clothes provided to me and leave the dirty tux on the floor of the bathroom for them to clean up and walk out of the bathroom. I call out for Julia and she's downstairs, coming up from the basement. She's now wearing a very sexy yellow tank top that reveals just a hint of cleavage that acts like a tease and a pair of pink yoga pants that show off the curves from her butt.

She has a full hourglass figure, a lot of voluptuous than her sister. Probably came with the age as she is five years older. "You changed," I commented. "Yah, I felt the smell all over me and had to clean it off so I took a shower in the basement. Can't imagine what it was like for you." I can't stop staring at this girl. She's so incredible sexy. Her tank clings to her body, so much that I can see the outline of her bra making marks on the surface. I just jerked off in the bathroom no more than 10 minutes ago and now I can feel myself getting hard again.

"Hello? Are you okay? I asked if you wanted a soda!" she calls out. Snapping out of it, I replied "umm.sure." I follow her into the kitchen and as I pass through the living room, I see a vibrator on the couch. What was that doing there? That thought escapes me as soon as I see her walk in those tight yoga pants is driving me crazy. The back of her waistline reveals a pair of silky black underwear. She grabs two cans of soda out of the fridge and pops one open while handing me the other one.

My arm was getting jittery from seeing how sexy she is. I've never noticed her like this before as she's normally pretty covered up and wearing baggy clothing. I pop open the can and suddenly soda comes spraying out of it. My jittery arm must've shaken it up. Her tank is now sprayed with soda.

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"Oh man, I'm so sorry!" I grab some kleenex off the counter and starting to pat her off, which startles her. It took a few moments before I realized that I was essentially grazing her boobs. "Oh my god, I really sorry. I didn't mean to.I wasn't thinking!" I stammered. "You really are bad luck with the spraying liquids, aren't you?" she says, trying to make the situation less awkward.

I continue yammering "I am such a dud, it was so stupid.

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I am so sorry." She took some kleenex and bent down to wipe the bit that got on the floor. As she bent down, I can see right down her shirt and her amazing milky white cleavage jumpstarts the blood flow into my penis and I'm hard as a rock once again. She looks up and with her face being right at the height of my crotch, she notices the bulge, especially with the weak protection of sweat pants.

"Wow, haven't seen one go off so wildly since high school," she claims. Great, now she must think I'm just another stupid horny teenager. She stands back up after wiping down the floor and asks "Ray, did you do it with my sister tonight?" "No! Like I said in the car, I swear I didn't touch her!" I exclaimed. She looks up for a moment and then the next twenty minutes is the most incredible thing that's ever happened to me.

She crosses her arms by her stomach grabbing a hold of the bottom of her tank and lifts it up over her head, revealing a silky black bra that matches the black panties I saw her wear earlier. She kneels down and grabs the waistline of my pants and pulls it down.

Since she didn't supply me with underwear, my penis sprung up at her face, hard as a metal pipe. "What are you doing?" I asked her. "I was hoping that Jessica would bring home one of those beefy college frat boys for me to play with tonight but that didn't happen," she says.

"But I see this positively. I get someone who's clean rather than sloppy seconds from my sister. You're a pretty decent guy and your family did help mine out. And plus, you're not as small as I thought you'd be. I've seen smaller dicks on bigger guys in college. Gotta say, good job on breaking the stereotype! So how about it?" I couldn't believe this. Is Julia asking if she could have her way with me? This is amazing! "Umm." I couldn't form words. "C'mon, how many nerds can brag about losing their virginity to a college grad?" she asks.

"What makes you think I'm a virgin?" I asked offensively, despite it being true. "Pfft.Please!" she scoffs. Okay fine, I won't deny it. I take my hand and bring it to her chin and gently lift it up. She takes that as her okay and a moment later, she places her hands around my thighs, moves her face towards me, opens her mouth wide swallows my penis.

THANK YOU, LORD! This is just heavenly. She just keeps the whole shaft in her mouth for a minute, using her tongue to go all over it inside, tickling the sensitive head as she passes it to go on each side of the shaft. I let out a soft moan as she does this and when she releases, it's dripping wet from her mouth.

She then starts stroking it with her mouth, wrapping her lips over the head and slurping the slit with her tongue, which makes me ooze out a little bit. She continues to go down on the shaft, never laying a hand on it once, just using her head and mouth to go up and down and in and out, driving me completely insane.

Having never experienced actual intercourse with a girl, I can't make any valid comparisons but this felt as close as one can get without any vaginal penetration as her mouth is a tight hole just as warm, wet and delightful as one would want.

"Do you like it?" she asks. What kind of a stupid question is that? Of course I like it!

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"Yes, very much," I wheezed out. She grabs a hold of my penis using her left hand and with her right, takes two fingers and her thumb into her mouth and brings out a goop of spit that she drips over the head.

As soon as the liquid made contact with the head, I shiver and my penis twitches a bit. This girl is amazing. No way would Jessica or any of the girls at school know how to perform Julia's magic. She's had years of experience in those college dorm rooms. Using the index and middle fingers and her thumb, she starts rubbing the head of the penis using the spit as lubricant.

Then, taking both hands, she massages just under the hood, where the head meets the shaft and starts sucking on the penis head, applying pressure with her tongue on the tip just underneath the slit and that sensation drives me WILD!

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Just from that alone, a good spoonful of cum squirts out of my penis, which she licks up and sucks for another 5 seconds on the tip of my penis, as if she's going to give it a hickey. Just so I can slow things down for a sec, I grab a hold of my shaft and she sticks out her tongue.

I start hitting her tongue with my penis and it makes it even stiffer than before. I didn't think I could get any harder. She makes me let go of my dick and again, placing her hands on my thighs, she face fucks me in the most incredible way ever. Her eyes look up right at me. She releases her grip from her mouth for a quick second to open wide and sticking her tongue out, she flicks the tip of my penis for 10 seconds before swallowing again and that does it.

I unleash my second wave of semen for the night, painting the inside of her wonderful mouth with a creamy coating of shine. I feel five squirts coming out in rapid concession, the fourth one choking her as it must've shot straight down her throat but she never releases and continues to suck as hard as before.

When she finally let go, she starts licking the head of the penis to ensure she gets every last drop. "I was hoping to play with you longer," she says disappointingly.

"But I guess I shouldn't have expected that much from a virgin. I didn't even get my turn." I take deep breaths to completely absorb and fully that experience and when I finally catch my moment of grounded reality, I pull her up off the floor. I wrapped my arms around her waist and upper back and pressed her close to me, her bosom like soft pillows against my panting chest. Her silky bra is really comforting against my skin.

"May I see your breasts?" I asked. "I would love to caress them." She lets out a small laugh, adoring my virginal boldness of requesting for her goods. "Take it off yourself," she says. I reach around the back but can't seem to unhook it. "It's a frontal hook, you amateur," she says. I place my fingers on the wire that separates the two silky shells of cloth that covers those wonderful assets of hers. It's literally like unwrapping a birthday present. I unhook the bra and open my door to milky mammary bliss.

Creamy white jiggling rounds of soft buoyant flesh, each topped with the perfect sized puffy mount of light brown flesh that perfectly symbolizes youth and womanhood at the same time. Her breasts looked like they are a size bigger than Jessica's and her nipples' size correspond with the difference. Her bigger and fuller nipple, whose areola fades into the creamy white skin, is just asking to be played with.

Her bra read 36C, which is absolutely amazing. I put both my hands over her breasts and start massaging them, twirling them in circles and suddenly, my penis springs right back up! "Jesus, man! It's only been like a minute," she blurts out. "I know! Didn't think I could get a third hard-on in under an hour." "A third?" she asks. "Don't tell me you jacked off in the shower." Oops, guess I was busted. She takes me into the living room and pushes me down onto the couch.

I lay there with my dick sprung up and she removes her yoga pants and panties, revealing a cameltoe - a glorious puffy, shaved cameltoe that opens up to fresh pink and juicy meat.

"Number 3 should last even you long enough for me to have a nice long go at you before our little ride," she says. And with that, she kisses me. I could taste my cum on her tongue as she swirled it in me. It's a bit weird but I didn't care - this was the sister of the hottest girl at school who is even hotter and she's taking my virginity in glorious fashion. She climbs on her and uses her tongue to work her way down my neck to my chest and without warning, takes my nipple in her mouth.

That glorious mouth. Can it do no wrong? Is there no pleasure it cannot give? Sweet baby Jesus, I did not know a guy could get so aroused on nipple play. Always thought it was a girl thing. But wow, she is licking, sucking and biting like a pro. I'm glad she helped me discover this wonderful new sensation. She goes back and forth with each nipple and does this for a good 5 minutes straight but not once do I get tired of it.

I craved for more. "Rub your middle and ring fingers in my pussy," she says. I do as she desires and as soon as I lay my hand on her, I feel a great warmth - like a freshly made soft taco shell. "Now use your thumb to rub my clit," she commands, face down with my mouth over my nipple. I use my thumb to find the magical pink pearl and start rubbing. She squeals quietly in euphoria, biting my nipple gently everytime she gets excited. Her nipple stimulation is getting me off so badly that I have a feeling even try number three could end prematurely.

She continues to pleasure with that beautiful mouth of hers and I squirt another spasm of semen straight up, landing all over my chest.

"Already?!?!?" she screams. Dammit, I thought. But she is just that good. She looks disappointed but licks off every ounce of man juice she can find off my body. I was exhausted by this point but there was no way that I was going to go this far and not go all the way. There was no way that I am going to disappoint the goddess that brought about all these new sensations to me without repaying her in full. There was no way that I am sooooo close to losing my virginity via actual vaginal penetration only for it to end right before it's there.

So with one swift move, I scooted her snatch over my face and start working it. Now my tongue will become her vessel towards sexual ecstasy. "Oooh," she moaned. "Look at you!" I go up and down those meaty curtains and starting going down for an all-I-can-eat pearl buffet! I use the fingers from my right hand to penetrate her while my left goes to fondle those wonderful milk balloons of her and at the same time, I swallow that lovely oyster on top of her fresh pink slit.

The result is a juicy meal, giving me the opportunity to do a lot of slurping which makes her tremble. "Oh, wow." she moans. YES!!! Despite being an amateur, I am doing my job right!

A few more minutes of digging and feeding, with moans that are getting louder, she eventually lets out a scream so intense that can break glass! A tidal wave of vaginal juices spill out onto my face, drenching my mouth, forcing me to swallow what feels like gallons of liquid as her entire body trembles like an earthquake.

She scoots down from my face so she can plop forward and I hold her tightly to stop her shaking. "I've never squirted before in my life!" she claims. "How did you do that?" "I.was really hungry," I said jokingly.

It was a lame joke but what I did to her warranted a slight laugh from her. "Look who's back," I said, pointing to a stiff cock that's pointing toward the ceiling. "You're junk is just a beast, isn't he?" she says. "He's hungry too. For some meat tacos and milk!" Oh god, did I really just say that? Hurry up, fix that stupidity fast!

I roll her off me and lay her down on the couch, her snatch facing the edge. I tower over her, staring into her eyes and kiss her passionately while rubbing her sweet, juicy cunt. She now tastes her cum while I taste mine as our tongues danced around like figure skaters at the Olympics. But while her tongue was great, I'm after something else. "Got a condom?" I asked her? "You really want your first time to be with a rubber tube?" she asks.

"Don't worry, I'm on the pill. Now, c'mon and gimme some of that Chinese sausage. I want it!" I take my penis in hand and with all the strength I can still muster up in my hips, I poke that stiff meaty pole into her warm oozing slit. I start pumping harder as her vaginal wall clings so hard that it smears coats of a white creamy substance on my shaft. My hand was holding her waist.

Unlike Jessica, Julia was a bit thicker in frame, no doubt attributed by the freshman 15 from a few years back.

Doesn't matter, her not being tight was really sexy to me. The thin layer of fat just underneath her skin made her more sensitive to touch and when I circled my finger around her belly button occasionally, she would tremble from being so ticklish. She's starting to feel intense again like when I was eating her out.

To amplify this for her, I decide to use a trick she did to me that drove me nuts. I grab her voluptuous breasts and starting sucking them with all my lips, washing them with my tongue occasionally. "Holy shit!" she screamed. I would occasionally bite them gently with my front teeth and she absolutely loves it. After about ten minutes of this, I couldn't take anymore and neither could she. Her creamy vag was getting raw and my pole was at the end of its run for the night.

With one final power thrust, I release what felt like the most amazing release my penis has ever given, coating her vaginal walls white as I suck on her gorgeous nipple with full force. When I pull out, a spasm of vaginal juice mixed with my semen spray out of her at high pressure. I collapse on top of her, barely able to stand. And as if it was some miracle, my dick was not totally limp and was still warm and hard.

Julia sits up on the edge of the couch and brings me to stand up in front of her. She takes her breasts and wraps them around my dick, stroking it up and down.

Wow! She then proceeds to kiss and suck on my nipples as her soft pillowy boobs massage my cock. I start to get the familiar feeling in my balls again and within a minute, I push her back and aiming my dick at her face, shoot another blast of semen all over her, coating her face with a creamy mask of creamy vitamin D. I even managed to hit her in the eye! "You asshole!" she screamed out while laughing.

"Now I look like a pirate." I could care less what she was saying at this moment. I was completely spent and I just needed to lie down and not think about anything. What started off as my worst nightmare of a day became the best night of my life. After about 20 minutes, I went into the basement shower with Julia to clean ourselves off, giving each other a nice rubdown in the process.

Once we dried up, we fell asleep on the couch with her in my arms. === The next morning, I had to take a leek real bad and when I went up to the bathroom, I notice Jessica walking out, having just showered and drying herself with the pink towel from last night.

She takes a big sniff from the towel as she wipes her face, walking into her bedroom and locking the door, unaware I was standing right there in front of her when she came out. As I walk into the bathroom, I let out a smile. I think back to James' advice to me about "taking the plunge" - who knew I would follow! Just on a different daughter, that's all. *********************************************************************************************** I'm thinking of writing a sequel with him in college and seeing Jane during her prom when he comes back on one of his trips home.

Let me know what you think.