Horny lesbian Tara Morgan and Mandy Armani in pussy licking showdown

Horny lesbian Tara Morgan and Mandy Armani in pussy licking showdown
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My name is Rafael, I am 18yrs old, and my friend of 12yrs, Matt is also 18yrs old. We are both Hispanic, we're both 5'11' and best friends.

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He's dark skinned and has black hair and black eyes, he's a kind of big guy while I'm pretty big. I'm Bi and he is straight.


One night I was at my house bored and I started texting Matt. We decided to hang out at my house. It was 9pm when he got to my house and we started to talk about, what else but, sex.

As my parents fell asleep we started to drink some beers. By 11pm me and Matt had about five beers. After we watched TV for about 10min and then we decided to go to sleep. He slept in my living room I slept in my room. By 2am I just couldn't fall asleep all I had running in my mind was sucking his cock.

So I got out of bed and headed for the living room. As I entered the living room I could see Matt's hot body just lying there on the couch snoring. I headed for him, silently making my way, as I reached the couch I could hear his breathing at a steady paste giving me an assurance that he was out.

I got down on both knees and slowly removed his blanket, revealing his sexy chest, then his stomach and finally his shorts. As I began to pull the blanket my cock started getting hard.

I slowly and softly touched his chest and caressed it while rubbing my dick. I finally leaned in towards him and began too suck his nipples. I then kissed my way down his chest to his happy trail enjoying every inch.

As I reached his shorts I could see a bulge forming. I slowly pulled down his shorts and began to rub his cock. It felt so damn good in my hand, it was hard and warm. As I rubbed up and down it began to grow till it reached its full length of 9inches. It was huge, I then couldn't resist and put my hot wet mouth over his cock and began to suck him off. After about five minutes of sucking I then felt a hand of the back of my head forcing me to keep sucking, and from the side I heard Matt say, "don't stop keep sucking, you like it ha?", I responded with my mouth full, "mmm hmm", for about the next ten minutes all I heard was, "Damn your the best at this," and him moaning loudly.

I kept sucking his rock hard cock bobbing my head up and down. Next I moved my way back up to his tip and licked his cock all the way down to his balls, where I worked his balls like a washing machine.

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I licked them clean. I returned to his cock and sucked him some more, his cock was dripping precum and I drank it all. Then he pulled me off his cock and said, "Now its my turn to make you moan bitch", He pushed me off of his cock and told me to get on my hands and knees, I did as I was told.

Then all I felt was the tip of his cock touch my whole. He said," You ready for this bitch, I'm gonna make you moan".

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Then he slowly pushed his 9in cock in me and got a motion going, I never felt anything that good before, I loved having his big fat cock sliding in and out of me.

He picked up speed faster and faster, and I moaned like never before. He loved fucking my tight hole, and I never wanted him to stop. He worked my ass long and hard.


After an amazing, what felt like and hour, he said,"Im gonna cum in you now bitch you ready for this huge load" I said "Yeah please do it I want it all", then with a big moan he let off his entire load in my ass.

It felt so amazing feeling his cum drip out of my asshole, it was nice and hot. Then he took his cum dripping cock out of my ass and stuffed it back in my mouth and said to suck off what was left. As I did he I felt his cock tension up and he let off another load in my mouth and I took it all in, mmmm, I said. It tasted so damn good.

"You like my cum ha bitch, you're my little cum bitch now", Then we both sat up and made out for a good 10min and then laid next to each other for a few more minutes, then he said," how does it taste", I said "You want to know", he said "yeah" so I stuffed my still rock hard cock in his mouth and let him suck me off, he gave the best blowjob I ever had, he knew how to work a cock, after awhile I could feel my body tensing up and I moaned, "I'm goonna cum, im gonna cum" and then I blew my load in his mouth and let him taste my cum.

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He enjoyed it and took in every drop and said "we should do this more often" I said how about tomorrow and with a final kiss and whisper in my ear he said, "most definitely".

The next day we met up again but this time he brought his 14yr old nephew, he was so damn hot. His body was hairless, I guess because he shaved it all off and he was still a virgin.

We all met at my house again this time we chilled in my bedroom. It was getting late and his nephew fell asleep on my bed while we were playing games. We decided to let the fun begin. We grabbed some belts and tied each of his nephews arms and legs to the bed posts and we gagged his mouth. As we did this he woke up and started screaming to let him go. But we didn't, then we ripped off all his clothes and started the fun, I started sucking his dick while matt sucked his nipples, after awhile matts nephew let up to the idea and started enjoying every second.


We took the gag out hi mouth and he kept begging us to continue. Finally we figured it was time to fuck his virgin ass, so I pulled him to the edge of the bed and started fucking his virgin ass. As I did matt came behind me and started fucking my ass, soon I started feeling that glorious feeling and I blew my load right in matts nephews ass.

Then matt did the same with me it was amazing. After we all cleaned up and matt slept in the living room while me and his nephew slept together and had some extra overtime fun!

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