Floozy gets her pussy eaten out whilst being strapped

Floozy gets her pussy eaten out whilst being strapped
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Mina is driving down the highway coming home from errands. She is very horny since this morning's session and has been touching herself as she drove. She is getting brave, pulling her shirt up some (she is bra-less) and rubbing her breasts as cars drove past. She isn't all that obvious, but anyone who looked at her would have seen. She is getting so wet, so hot. She starts thinking about this morning's session of being fucked from behind.

She started thinking about being fucked again from behind tonight. She pulled off the highway and the street to my Preston Hollow gated estate. She parked in front of the detached garage area, it is hot and muggy so she opened the door of her jaguar. She is in a rush to give herself the release she so desperately needed.

As soon as she parked and opened the door, she unbuckled the seat belt, pulling her skirt up, then shoved her right hand down inside her panties to her pussy. No teasing herself.she had done that while driving. She is ready for release right then. She used her left hand to push up her shirt and play with her breasts, pinching her nipples hard, making her moan with the pain/pleasure. Her right hand was busy with my cunt, alternately slipping down between my pussy lips and inside my hot, wet core, fucking myself with my fingers, then pulling out to rub my clit.

Back and forth, over and over. She is moaning, her head thrashing side to side on the headrest. She is fantasizing about being fucked.begging her imaginary lover to fuck her.fuck her hard and deep.to make her cum. She is pinching and pulling at her nipples hard now, the pain intense, but so is the pleasure. Her right hand started working her pussy faster and harder.

She wanted to cum so bad, but she didn't want it to end. Her eyes squeezed shut, she started shuddering as her orgasm overtook her. She is screaming as quietly as she could.fuck me.fuck me damn it.god I need your hard cock.her imaginary lover is fucking her like she'd never been fucked before.

Suddenly her orgasm peaked and hit full force. She stopped all movement with her hands momentarily then begins again, at first very fast and hard, then slowing as her orgasm begins to subside.

She had been so wrapped up in her masturbation and orgasm that she hadn't noticed I parked next to her. As she sat there, eyes closed, trying to get her breathing under control, she jerked upright as she hears me say, " stick them in your mouth and suck them". I said to relax, I said that I had come home early and saw her car in the drive way. I said that as I got closer, I seen her thrashing and moaning.

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Then I realized what she was doing as I approached the car. When she was deep in the throes of orgasm I quietly opened the passenger door and slipped into watch her.

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I said that watching her had aroused me very much. Then she repeated her request.for me to suck her juices off of her fingers. She is so stunned by my presence that she hadn't realized that her fingers were still in her pussy.

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She looked down at her hand and jerked it out of her skirt and started to pull her skirt back down but I took her hand and asked her not do that, please. I smiled and asked her please, suck your fingers.

No, she said.

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Mina didn't like tasting herself. I took her hand in mine as she watched in silence. I moved her hand back and forth under my nose as I inhaled deeply and told her that her scent smelled wonderful.very arousing, and I took two of her fingers into my mouth and sucked them.


Mina is getting turned on by this. She is so aroused. I had parked my Range Rover next to Mina's Jaguar, I opened the back up ordering her into the back area, I got in the other side and looked sternly at her. Mina is playing the frightened victim perfectly, " Mina, you are undoubtedly the dirtiest whore." " Please, John, please I'll be a good girl from now on. I'll do everything you tell me to." She bowed her head and bit her bottom lip, seeming to look ashamed but, in reality, she is hiding her face to prevent me seeing how much she is enjoying this.

I lifted her chin with My hand and frowned at her again. I suddenly pull her head back with her hair and crushed her mouth with mine. Before she had time to react, she feels me pushing her legs apart, pushing my hand up her skirt and pushing her panties aside. Yes, she had decided to wear panties because she always loved the moment when I took them off, either ripping them off passionately or sliding them down her legs sensually.

She easily spread her legs and let me rub her slit. She is already soaking wet as I ran my finger up and down, flicking her exposed clit, causing her body to squirm. I slide two fingers inside her pussy and pull her down so that she is lying on her back in the SUV. " What a whore," I thought to myself as I looked down on her, her skirt around her waist, her panties pushed aside, my fingers fucking her cunt and her nipples bursting out of her top.

I lean forward, sucking one, then the other and knowing her nipples are as sensitive as they are responsive. She answered very quickly by writhing around the back of the SUV, aroused by my manhandling, aroused to bursting. She had no problem with deserting her charity work, now that she had the one man she had wanted to be with again.

Even so, she can't make it too easy for me. " No, John, this is wrong.


We mustn't do this here." " You'll do whatever I tell you to do, whore. And if you really think it's so wrong, why is your pussy soaking the carpet?" She can't deny that as she can feel her juices flooding out past my fingers and pooling beneath her. She is losing all control but this is what she wanted. Ever since she was lusting on the drive home, she had lusted hoping I would come home early and now I'm taking her like she had dreamed I would do. Keeping up the pretence a little longer, she tried to push me away but that only spurred me on even more.

Biting down on her nipples, I rubbed her clit with my thumb and plunged my fingers ever faster and deeper into her pussy. That did it for Mina. Her back arched as her pussy exploded in a burst of pleasure. Wave after wave washed over her as I continue my relentless assault and she knew I was going to be forceful, she knew she was going be sore afterwards. By the time her body calmed down, I had removed my sticky hand from her pussy and pulled down my trousers, finally allowing my cock to spring free.

She stared at it, eager to get her hands, her mouth, her pussy on it but she waited until I directed her to. I took her small hand and guided it my cock, wrapping her fingers around it, as I wrapped my bigger hand around hers. " Please, John, what would the staff say if they saw us like this?" " Don't you worry about them," I said with a grin as I feel her hand squeezing my hard cock. " Just you concentrate on obeying me and I'll take care of our staff." With that, I put my hand on the back of her neck and pushed her down.

She pretended to resist but I'm too strong for her anyway so she is delighted to accept me into her waiting mouth. This time she would get to taste my cum from its source and she is determined to swallow every last drop. I filled her mouth easily but the feeling of my hard cock sliding along her wet tongue was exquisite and she feels her pussy flooding again even though I wasn't touching it.

I meanwhile, just lay back and enjoyed my blowjob from her. I knew it wouldn't be my last but equally I knew that the first one is always special so I intended to enjoy every minute. She isn't very experienced in oral sex, she doesn't like oral sex, even when we were married. But I'm very happy to let her go at her pace, quite happy that my cock is now receiving the attention it had been craving since lunch and happy that it is Mina who now has her soft lips wrapped around it. Eventually though, I decided I wanted to cum and I wanted to cum down her throat.

Putting my hands on the back of her head I forced her down further, forced my cock to the back of her throat.

She immediately gagged this time, when she struggled, she wasn't pretending. The more she fought me, the more I pushed her down and she knew she would have to allow me into her throat. She gagged more, she struggled more and I seemed to take pity on her for a second as I lifted her off.

She only had a few seconds though to suck in some air before I slammed her head down again until my cock is buried deep in her throat. Mina thought she was going to pass out and tried to breathe as much as she could through her nose but then I took over. Pulling her off for another few precious seconds, I then thrust my cock back in, this time taking her head in both my hands and bobbed her mouth up and down until I came.

I roared in delight as my cum poured from my balls all the way down her throat. It seemed like I was never going to stop cumming.

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Eventually, I did and released her from my grip. She slumped back on the floor of the SUV, my cum oozing from her battered mouth. She is stunned by the ferocity of my assault on her mouth, stunned by how much cum I had produced and stunned by how much she had enjoyed every minute. " Now that we understand each other, Mina, and now that you know exactly who is in charge, there is somewhere else I want to take you." She had no idea where that might be but, if it made me act as lustily as I just had, then she really didn't care.

I left her in the back of the SUV to try to make herself decent while I simply tucked my cock back into my trousers, I opened the garage, she looked at me questioningly. " I'm going to fuck you now, Mina. I'm going to fuck you in the apartment above garage. Go inside, and be naked by the time I get there." She practically flew up the stairs to the bedroom and tore her clothes off, more desperate than ever to feel my hard cock in her cunt. She had dreamed all day of being fucked by me; she couldn't wait.

I had intended to finish the job in the SUV but, having seen how little room we had in the back, I wanted more time and space to relish every inch of her sexy body. I didn't take my time climbing the stairs either but, by the time I opened the bedroom door, she is sprawled across the bed waiting for me.

" Get up, Mina." She is surprised but did as she was told. " Undress me." Now this she hadn't imagined but she is absolutely delighted. She walked towards me and slowly, as if she is reluctant, undid my trousers. She looked up at me before kneeling down and sliding them and my shorts down with one long pull.

She is almost tempted to start sucking me again when she saw how hard my cock is but she knew that would have destroyed any hint of innocence on her part so she simply stopped and awaited for my orders.

Instead of saying anything, I grabbed her by the shoulders, brought her to her feet and forced her back until she feels the side of the bed pressing against the back of her legs. With one more push she fell onto the bed She straightened up on the bed and lay her head on the pillow. I quickly stripped off my clothes and climbed onto the bed, kneeling between her wanton outstretched legs. Looking down on her naked body, my eyes feasting on every inch of flesh that I now truly believed belonged to me again, I lifted her legs up over my shoulders.

This is one of my favorite positions for fucking so it is right that this should be how I ravaged my ex-wife. She tried desperately not to let the lust that she is feeling show on her face, I gently kissed her while at the same time my hands found her breast. Her head is swimming with ecstasy and her body is tingling all over eagerly anticipating my touch. I move down kissing her neck and chest and then kissed her tits but circled her nipples.

I'm driving her wild. Finally I licked and sucked on them and she feels my hand move down her body to her eager pussy. She feels her body shake and she can hardly breathe. After years of pent up frustration, she is being released again. Lying there on the pillow, I had never seen anyone more beautiful than my ex-wife. There we were two hot horny bodies on top of the bed. Gripping her by the ass, she had time to cry out in discomfort just before I drive deep inside her.

" You might wanna hold on," I laughed, starting to fuck her hard.


She really had no choice, her hands dropping around my neck as I thrust in and out of her. She desperately tried to hold on as I fucked up into her, her legs bouncing with each hard thrust.

She has no control over how hard I fucked her, as I pushed her against the bed, my hands move from her ass cheeks to the back of her thighs, holding her legs up underneath her knees. Her feet dangled out at angles and her pussy is ripe and open for me, slamming her hard and fast as her body lifted and sank against me. Mina stifled a groan from exhaustion, losing track of time as I fucked her.

My thick shaft of meat sliding in and out of her pussy over and over, my hips hammering her hard with every stroke. Suddenly, I slowed down and stopped, she lay under me, my cock pulsing inside her as I held her. She laid her head back on the pillow as I caught my breath, whimpering lamely and hoping I would stop. Her pussy feels worn out, like she had been fucked by a horse for an hour. Pushing her backwards against the mattress again, I lifted her high and slipped out of her pussy.

She had never felt so empty in her life, but it wasn't to last. I grinned at her, as I lowered her back down, the head of my cock pushed against her asshole. Mina's eyes widened, shaking her head as she looked at me. I grinned more, licking my lips and letting her sink down. She struggled to keep me off her, her ass clenching, but the full weight of my body causing her to be impaled onto me, my shaft inching up inside her ass relentlessly.

She cried out in pain, the large thick cock pushing deep into her anus where no cock or finger had ever gone before. She feels like she is being split open, like she could break in half if I went any further. I grunted with what she assumed is pleasure as I finally took her again, my hands gripping her underneath her knees as I lifted and bounced her again, her legs splaying out wide as she lost control of them, her mind focused on the intense sensation coming from her asshole.

" Ohhhh fuck that's even tighter," I groaned. " Don't you force me out now, I'll finish when I'm finished." I grunted loudly and sped up, her back dragging up and down against the bed as she is fucked painfully up the ass. I lifted her away and slammed her back against the bed, making her shut her eyes in pain and cry out. Her head banged against the head board and she reflexively tightened her anus, giving me a tight raw hole to fuck.

" Ohhh shit Mina! Fuck yeah!" I grunted as I thrust into her faster. She had time to grit her teeth before I pushed all the way up inside her, her back grazing the mattress as I came hard in her asshole. My shaft is buried to the hilt in her ass, her pussy grazing the top of my pelvis as the head of my cock reached a depth nothing and no one had ever reached before. She feels every pump of my shaft as I forced cum inside her, filling her ass until it leaked out the sides of her anus before pulling out and dropping her to the bed.

She bounced against the mattress, cum leaking from her hole as she involuntarily squeezed her muscles. She feels it leaking out of her worn out asshole, gently trickling down her sore red cheeks. " I'm not done with you yet, Mina," I said gruffly, walking around the room and leaving her laying in a pool of cum, her ass cheeks sticky, her pussy sore and her head spinning.

She opened her eyes. She is laying with her back to the bed, her pussy dripping wet. Her back is sore, feeling like she had rubbed it up and down the bed repeatedly. She is alone, she is covered in a damp sweat. She is exhausted. She wonders what my next plan was. She didn't have to wait too long to find out.