Cutie gratified by her guy

Cutie gratified by her guy
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I was feeling pretty horny one day after I got home from school, so I made for my sister Heather's bedroom. No one would be home for a few hours. I could use a pair of her panties as masturbation material and finish before anyone else arrived. That's what I was planning to do, anyway, but I heard noises coming from her bedroom.

She was already here! Fuck, I thought. There go my plans for the afternoon.I started toward the bathroom, hoping to jack off quickly and quietly. It wouldn't be the same without Heather's panties, though. My sister was so fucking sexy.I wished that I could just storm into her room and fuck her.

A little voice in my head said,Well, can't you just do that?

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The idea was crazy. You can't just fuck your sister without warning, right? But the more I thought about it, the more plausible it seemed. We were alone in the house. I could easily overpower her. She probably wouldn't tell our parents, and even if she did, it's not like they would believe her. I'm their favorite.

All things told, if I was going to rape my sister, now would be the perfect time. I paused with my hand over her doorknob, took a deep breath, then threw the door open. As soon as I saw her, I went rock hard. Heather's tight-fitting jeans and low-cut tank top only served to accentuate her stunning body, complete with a full ass and perky C-cup breasts. Her curly brown hair was as dazzling as ever.

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She glared at me. "What are you doing in here?" "Hi to you, too," I said. I grabbed her before she could even react, covering her mouth with one hand and wrapping the other around her waist. She cried in alarm, but it only came out as a muffled yelp. That's when she started crying. Deep sobs shook her entire body, and tears rolled down her face. Part of me wanted to just rip her clothes off, but I decided to savor the moment.


I held her in place for a while, grinding against her ass and rubbing her pussy through her jeans, reveling in her total helplessness. My cock was starting to hurt, though, trapped as it was in my pants, and eventually I got impatient. Still with one hand covering Heather's mouth, I began to unbutton her jeans. Suddenly she was thrashing, kicking, biting, stomping, screaming, desperately trying anything she could to escape.

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It was fun, physically restraining her, but kind of annoying. I had to give up on her jeans since I needed both hands to keep her under control.

Time for a different approach. I reached both hands under her tank top and, in spite of her squirming, pulled it off quickly and easily enough. A few seconds later I'd taken her bra off, too. Just like that, my sister was topless before me. Topless, and completely under my control. I threw her onto the bed. She looked up at me with wet, angry eyes.

I stepped forward. She flinched. "Listen," I said, doing my best to sound stern. "It was fun at first, but you need to stop resisting. Understand?" Heather didn't say anything.

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I unbuttoned my pants and pulled out my throbbing cock.God, I wanted to fuck her so bad. "I'm going to count to three," I said, "and when I'm done, my dick needs to be in your mouth. And don't you dare fucking bite it. Understand?" She stared up at me silently. "One.two…" She didn't move. "Three!" I brought my hand down on her cheek—hard. Heather let out a small scream. "Let's try that again," I said. "One…two…" This time I felt bad about hitting her, but if I stopped now, I might lose my chance to assert dominance.

"Three!" I slapped her even harder. "Suck my cock or we keep doing this. It's your choice. One…two…" She started crying again. ".three!" Another slap. Tears still streaming down her face, she sat up in bed and took my cock in her hand, then wrapped her lips around it.Oh, fuck yes. It had been way too long since my last blowjob; the sensation of even just the slightest touch of her mouth was godsend.

"Yeah, that's it." Slowly, she started to move her head up and down.Oh god, this is actually happening. I'm getting a blowjob from my sister. "Get on your knees," I ordered. She obeyed. I put my hand on the back of her head and guided her.


Up and down, up and down. Faster and faster. Unable to contain myself any longer, I shoved my cock down her throat as far as it would go, forcibly pulling her face toward my crotch. Heather's cheeks turned red and her eyes widened as she struggled in vain to push away. I fucked her throat for a few seconds then let up, giving her a moment to breathe, before shoving my cock back in again.

This went on for several minutes: I throat-fucked her, she gagged, and once in a while I let her breathe. Soon I was ready to take it to the next level. "Take off your pants," I said. Heather looked up at me, and for a second I thought she would start crying again.

But she just said in a surprisingly calm voice, "I'm not on the pill." "I don't care. Take your pants off." My sister looked down at the ground for a moment, motionless. As much as I loved seeing her topless on her knees, I knew I'd enjoy her even more from behind, naked and bent over.

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"One.two…" "Okay,fine!" Her voice broke on the last word. She stood up and started unbuttoning her jeans. "I hate you." She glared at me. "Still don't care," I said. "I hate you!" she screamed, suddenly lunging at me with fists bared.


"I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate—" Heather had either forgotten that I was stronger than her or just didn't care. We wrestled for a moment, but I made short order of her little tantrum. Soon I had her pinned to the bed.

I reached into her jeans and played around with her panties for a little bit, just to mess with her, before I yanked her jeans and underwear down to her knees and slid my cock into her pussy. A look of sheer horror spread across her face.

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All pretense of caution was behind me. I fucked Heather as hard and fast as was humanly possible. I wasn't even human; I was an animal, and she was my unwilling mate. My rape doll. My fucktoy.

When I felt ready to cum, I grabbed my toy by the throat with both hands and squeezed. I watched her face turn red as I unleashed load upon load of sperm into her cunt, and I didn't let go until I'd emptied every drop. I let go. She gasped for breath. I rubbed her shoulders tenderly and then, with deliberate care, leaned down and planted a lingering kiss on the back of her neck. I could still feel her quivering. I made my way to the bathroom. As I pissed, I considered my cover story for when Heather inevitably tattled on me.

Even now I could hear her crying. It wasn't the controlled sobbing of an adult, but the desperate wailing of a child. Pure anguish.

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