Gaping ass of a tranny in action

Gaping ass of a tranny in action
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I was on an overnight business trip to a subsidary. There is a very attractive, desirable woman that works there. She is about 5'-7" tall, about 130 lb, black shoulder length hair, light complexion with very nice 34/36 B breasts. She radiates a warmth and sexuality that just totally envelopes you. I have been attracted to her for quite some time but have never had the opportunity to guide our conversation in the direction of us possibly getting together.

This was the case again this time, on my first day there. The next day was a little different! I arrived early in the morning to get some e-mails taken care of before the other workers came in and took up all the computers.

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To my pleasant surprise she was in early also. I thought to myself, it is now or never. So I started telling her a story. It was not un-true, but I definetly added detail. She was setting at her desk directly across from, and facing mine, in the small, 4 desk office.

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"Hey, I had a dream about you last night. It may not be appropriate to tell you this, but I have never had a vivid recollection of a dream.

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Just fuzzy partial images. That always made me wonder about other people that recount those amazing stories about how vivid their dreams are. But this one I have total recall of and it is very clear, like it really happened. And I am just kind of excited about actually remembering a dream, especially this one." She looked up from her computer and our eyes locked. I felt an electric jolt shoot through me.

I thought maybe I had crossed a line, may be facing some kind of harassment complaint. Just then I saw a light flush rise up her neck and slightly color her pretty cheeks. Thinking that I had offended her I started to apologize and then she said "Well, since this is your first time, I am sure you want to share it with someone. And since it was about me, you should share it with me." An immediate sense of relief flooded through me but I remained cautious.

I said to her "I don't know - it starts off tame but then gets pretty naughty. I would not want to offend you or anything." "Let me be the judge of that. Before I get offended I will tell you to stop." she replied.

I continued, "OK. You remember our conversation yesterday afternoon in the breakroom? I said life was all about having options." She nods affirmatively. "Well, my dream starts there.

You reply to me that you feel the same way. Without options you are trapped." At this point I think to myself, after she hears my next statement, she is either going to shut me down or I will know that my "dream" will soon become a reality. I press on and say "I looked into your eyes and said "I realllly like options" and grinned at you.

You then asked me if there was ever an option that I really wanted but did not have. I jokingly replied "the option of unlimited money" You then suggestively said "No, I mean an option you realllly wanted but did not have." I said "Yes, the option to make mad, passionate, unrestrained love to you - to ravish your wonderful body!" I paused and let this hang in the air between us.

This was the telltale point. I saw the slight color in her cheeks replaced with a warm glow and her eyes become liquid and inviting. I knew I was given the green light and I proceeded to rapidly recount my dream, my voice becoming more excited as I spoke.

"As an inviting look envelopes you, I say "You make my blood boil!!! Your body is fantastic overall!! I would love to kiss and nibble your earlobe, inhaling the scent of your shampoo as my fingers run through your hair. I would love to then kiss and nibble on your neck and lightly trail my tongue down your body, across your pert breasts and stop to kiss and lick your cute belly button!!

I would then worship your gorgeous ass - I would love to stroke my cock up and down between those succulent cheeks and feel my balls press against them when I am deep in your pussy!! I am sure you have a wonderful pussy that I would bury my cock deep inside of and make a creampie.!!!

I am very good at eating pussy and would then eat yours - not stopping with my fingers and tongue until you screamed with pleasure. Then, moving back to your beautiful breasts - I would love to suck on those nipples and feel your tits rub against my body and would especially love to feel my cock between your perfect tits!!" I paused and took a deep breath and the added "And, if you are in to it, I would love to have you anally!!

If done properly, slowly, and sensually it can be great for both of us!" I stopped talking. She just stared at me, breathing deeply. After a few seconds I said "then a door in the hotel room next to me slammed shut and woke me up. I was really pissed off! No matter how hard I tried I just could not get that dream going again.

I really want to know how it ends!" She just said, in a low, husky voice "My god." She then asked me "What time are you leaving today?" I told her and she said "I am going to take off early. Follow me out when you leave." She then got up and went to the ladies room.

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I just sat there, dumbfounded and excited. The next 3 hours seemed like they would never pass. As I was wrapping up my meeting I heard her telling her boss she needed to leave early.

About 2 minutes after she drove off so did I. I followed her and we ended up at her house. I got EXTREMELY horny and excited during the drive thinking about what we would do. I followed her in and slammed the door shut. I grabbed her and roughly yanked her pants off and urgently kissed her, our tongues feverishly dancing. I pushed her forcefully against the wall, grabbed her right leg with my left hand and hauled it up over my shoulder while still kissing her deeply!

I dropped my pants and grabbed my cock and aimed the precum slicked head at her hot pussy! As the head of my engorged cock split her lips I wiggled it around to fully lube it and to open her up a little more before I plunged it in.


I looked into her liquid eyes as I buried my cock deep in her! Her eyes fluttered slightly and she sucked in a deep breath!

I lowered my head to her right nipple and began to bite it, nip at it as I pistoned my cock into her!

She begins to orgasm and starts to lose muscle control, becoming weak, slowly sliding down the wall! She breathes very heavily and moans loudly! My thrusts are rapid and powerful, urgent! My stomach is slapping loudly against her ass! I grab her left leg and pull it up over my shoulder pinning her in place against the wall with my body weight while continuing my rapid thrusts!

I then suck and chew on her neck, bite and suck her earlobe. Her orgasm mounts as I spear her with my hot, hard flesh! She wraps her arms around my neck and pulls me against her tightly, her fingernails digging into my skin!

I move my hands under her ass for additional support to hold her up so I can increase the lengths of my thrusts - pulling out far enough that she feels the flare of my knob slip just past her swollen, wet lips. Her juices flow down her ass, soaking it.

I lubricate two fingers of my left hand and begin to rub them around and over her asshole! Her orgasm is almost upon her. I sense her body reacting, reaching the edge, about to go over.

I increase the pace of my thrusts! Her pussy is now wetter, the squishing sound accompanying the sound of my stomach slapping her ass. I am getting close, going to cum violently! I slip my fingers deep into her ass! She begins to scream in orgasm!!! My fingers in her ass feel my cock slamming her pussy.

Her orgasm peaks - her face contorted in passion, her eyes tightly shut!! I begin to shoot hot spurts of cum in her clenched pussy - my body involuntarily jerks rapidly, the throes of my orgasm driving my cock deeper, harder into her!! Slamming her against the wall!! I cry out loudly and continue my thrusts!! She is panting, short, deep sharp breaths!! Lamaze like breaths with each thrust! We both subside at the same time, quickly.

Her arms remain around my neck holding tightly, her face nestled into the nape of my neck, mine in hers. My hands cup her wonderful ass cheeks, keeping her from slipping down, my occasionally twitching cock still embedded deep in her!

She is totally sated, totally relaxed, limp. I raise my head, she raises hers, I look into her eyes and see, feel a deep passion. I kiss her lightly, our lips clinging as they part. I wrap my arms around her and carry her to the bed, staying inside her, and gently lay her down.

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I slowly raise up, letting her legs ease down, the tension draining out of them, tension she did not notice until now because she was so enraptured up till now. As her legs come down I slowly roll off of her, my hot flesh sliding gently out of her!

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Somehow I do not think it is over yet! The glow, warms us all over as the buzzing in our nerves continues to subside!! I know this is not over, we both came so hard and so fast - I am ready RIGHT now! I exhaled my warm breath on her neck as I teasingly licked it, my fingers trailing across her tits, down her side, across her stomach, stopping to play with her cute belly button.

I moved my mouth to her left nipple and began to suck and gently bite it while my fingers lightly trailed straight down from her belly button but they do not go to her pussy, just tantalizingly close, then up and down her inner thighs, making her quiver with desire!!

We then locked into a tight embrace, our hands all over each other and getting feverishly excited! My fingers dip into that wonderful pussy and stroked that hot clit making her quiver with delight!

I can wait no longer and must taste that hot pussy! I tease her more - trailing my tongue from her belly button to the top of those succulent pussy lips and then back up, this time planting hot kisses on her smooth flesh as I go back down!!

I roll over on her bed and pull her on top of me into a 69!


She takes my rock hard cock deep in her mouth and strokes my balls as I begin to lick and suck her clit! I toy with her asshole while sucking on her clit. She begins to give the most wonderful blowjob ever but soon gets too excited to stay on my cock!! She suddenly sets straight up on my face giving me an outstanding view of that magnificent ass as I continued to suck HARD on her clit while flicking my hot tongue across it!!!

She presses that pussy down hard on my face then starts to lift up, arching her back as she starts to CUM hard. I reach up and grab her tits and keep her tight on my face. Her clit is so sensitive she can not take it and raises up as she continues to CUM hard. As she does I keep a firm grip on her tits and pull her asshole down onto my face and tongue fuck it deep and hard throughout her orgasm!!! She collapses on me and after we recover for a while she realizes her kids will be home soon so I hurriedly leave.

My next trip will be very interesting, I am sure.