Arab Teen Prostitute Filmed At Soldier Base

Arab Teen Prostitute Filmed At Soldier Base
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IF YOU ARE OFFENDED BY GAY SEX PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS STORY. i WELCOME YOUR FEEDBACK AND COMMENTS. DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT ME. Steps Along The Road Of Life. Telling the story of how I was introduced to gay sex woke many dormant memories, memories of events and occurrences, of faces and facts, of names and of people long gone from my life, things that have been submerged in the recesses of my brain for nearly 40 years.

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Much had been forgotten and much buried under fresher, newer experiences until dragged to the surface of my mind by the recollections of those exuberant times.

But in all the years since meeting him, I had never forgotten Bunty, his looks and his body, the feel of his kisses or of his cock, and all that he had taught me. Possibly because of that, I have ever since then, been partial to boys who had similar looks to that of my tutor, who was my first lover and who had shown me what pleasures can be obtained through a liaison with a willing boy. As I have shared with you so much of my history and my long lost past, I decided to allow you a look at these memories as well.

In the six months Bunty and I had been enjoying sex together he had broken down much of my inhibitions and fears. On the night of my first fuck, even though I had become used to having sex with Bunty, I still was shy and timid of doing so with any other boy and had rejected Bunty's invitations to join their group, or allow another boy to join in our revels.

The sudden introduction of Munna into our games swiftly brought the remaining parts of my shyness and timidity crashing down. Though shocked as I had been by Munna's duplicity in forcing Bunty to abdicate his place as the partner to my first penetration of a backside, I had taken charge of the situation and had made Munna do my bidding. I had made him masturbate and produce sperm to lubricate my entry into Bunty's behind and then enjoyed my second fucking of an ass, this time in full view of a third person.

Though Munna had heard all about me from Bunty, he had never actually set eyes on a circumcised cock before nor had he seen or felt a cock of the size and thickness that I possessed.


Suitably impressed by my penetration of his ass and by the ability to get erect again almost immediately and be potent enough to fuck Bunty as long and as hard as I had, induced Munna to beg to be allowed to stay with us for the rest of the night. So not only was I introduced to the pleasures of fucking a willing boy's backside that night I was also exposed to group sex.

The addition of an extra pair of hands, another cock and asshole, along with one more mouth soon brought about a completely different set of sensations and situations. The three of us spent the rest of that night in exploring what could and could not be done with 3 of everything available for use.

Over the next few days we tried all possible combinations and configurations and I took to it all like a duck to water. Bunty and Munna were not slow to see the change in my attitude and soon introduced me to the rest of their group.

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But let me first tell you of the few days the three of us spent in exploring group sex before coming to our dealings with the other votaries at the altar of sexual gratification. Munna had been 20 when he showed his cousin that a cock could be used for purposes other than passing water.

Bunty had been 18 at the time and could get an erection but not produce sperm. Bunty had been just below 19 when he started me on the journey of discovery, then around six months later and when he was nearing 20 he had shown me all about anal sex. When I fucked his ass, Munna had been 20, a fairly good looking boy, though his features were rougher and less refined than Bunty's chiselled looks. He was shorter than Bunty and was more heavily built.

Unlike Bunty's hairless body Munna had a thick growth of hair around his pubic area and under his arms as well. His chest and belly were still without any visible growth but his arms and legs had some amount of hair on them. Aside from their characters and looks, the main difference between the two of them was in size and shape of the penis. Bunty's cock was averaged sized and straight, with a foreskin that could be pushed right back revealing a red head that had a nice shape and look.

His cock was smooth and unlined by any veins. Munna on the other hand was different. His cock was thicker than Bunty's but shorter and his foreskin though much longer could not be retracted fully. Also towards the base, his cock became much thinner than the front part was, giving it a rather odd pendulous look; it also had a slight curve. Bunty's erections could not be rivalled by anyone. They would cause that slim smooth cock to point upwards towards his chin, the head almost fully exposed as it thrust out of the foreskin.

I never saw Munna's cock rise to anything more than a 90 degree angle to his body and that too only rarely. Munna's backside was also larger and heavier than Bunty's smaller and neater buns. Munna liked to fuck and to get fucked, would suck any cock presented to him but strangely did not like to have his cock sucked. By this time I was about to enter my 20th year, and though still somewhat of an innocent by nature the preceding six months had made physical differences between me and the younger boys evident.

My cock was the thickest and longest either boy had seen, it was also circumcised again a first for them. I could produce more sperm with each ejaculation than they could and also recovered from an ejaculation much quicker. While fucking I could last a much longer time before shooting my load.

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I had traces of hair on my chest and stomach while around my penis the growth was dense and thick. That night my horizons were broadened to an amazing extent. Not only did I learn how enjoyable it was to fuck a boy's ass I learned many other new things as well.

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My reservations about having sex with a boy other than Bunty were shattered and with the introduction of Munna into the equation many new avenues of sensations were opened. How and where Munna learned all he knew I never found out.

But he had already taught and shown Bunty much more than Bunty had ever told me.

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Very soon I was introduced to rimming, as Munna suddenly spread my ass cheeks and applied his tongue to my rear entrance. He also shortly showed me how to excite Bunty by licking him under the balls. I also learnt what it felt like to have your ass fucked while your prick was fucking another ass. Munna had invited me to fuck his ass a second time and when I entered him Bunty slipped behind me and started fingering my hole.

As it created a rather nice feeling I thought I was being clever and asked Bunty to use his prick instead of his finger. Stopping my thrusts into Munna I waited till Bunty successfully had plunged his cock into my hole before resuming my movements. It was a fantastic feeling to have your ass entered by a hard cock as your own hard cock was spreading another's backside passage.

It was only after we had all reached climax that I learnt that both Munna and Bunty had done this sort of thing many times before. Over the next few days Bunty and Munna took me right through the entire range of their experiences. They showed me how to 69 one body while in the doggy position and how the one who was on his hands and knees could be fucked thereby greatly enhancing the feelings of all three participants.


Once they had reached the end of what they could show and teach me in a threesome they introduced another element in the form of a fourth boy, then quickly a fifth and a sixth till I had been introduced to their entire circle of intimate friends and sexual partners. These boys were all around the same age with Bunty still being the youngest. I soon replaced Munna as the leader of the group, but not because of my knowledge or experience.

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Munna had been the one to introduce most of the other boys to these sexual exercises. From where he learnt all of this I never found out but his attitude had always been rather selfish, as was proven by his forcing Bunty to allow him to sneak into my room and take his place. Very soon the fact that I was the oldest of all, made the boys including Munna fall in with my desires and wishes.

I think it was also my much more placid nature and more generous behaviour that pushed me into the leaders' position. Of course it may have been because I had the biggest cock. I do not recollect many great physical differences between those boys, except for one boy who had the ability to swallow the full length of any cock put in his mouth including mine.

No other boy could deep throat a cock like he could. Between us there was never any division of roles, no top, no bottom, no male and no female part to be played. All would suck, and give their cocks to be sucked, all would fuck and all would allow themselves to be fucked. Even if we had known of the term "GAY" I do not think we would have considered ourselves to be that. This sexual indulgence was a part of growing up, part and parcel of life itself. In a month or so Munna moved on and out of the group, he became interested in other sexual pursuits and anyway had to leave our town as his family was shifting to a different place.

Other boys left as well when they discovered other pleasures or got tired of the same partners and new boys took their places. Only Bunty and I remained steadfast.

Though we would take part in the group activities quite regularly, we often we found ourselves preferring to have only one to one sex. Eventualy the group separated, the boys going their separate ways and neither of us was inclined to admit any new boys to our games.

Through the final years of my schooling and in the first two years of my college, Bunty and I continued to be lovers. Four and a half years, actually, close to five years from when we met, I was 25 and Bunty was now just short of 24, we were still deeply involved with each other. Then my father got a promotion and was moved to the capital city.

My life was thrown into turmoil. I had to enter a new college and though Bunty visited us during his vacations for a year or so we slowly drifted apart and eventually our relationship died a natural death.

I presume he found new lovers as I did. Once many years later when I visited the old town I tried to trace him but was told he had married and had moved away a long time ago.

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Since Bunty's time many other boys have occupied a place in my heart and in my bed but none ever took his place. To this day I can recall every line of his body, the feel of his skin, his cock, his eyes, and even his hair and the flip with which he used to toss it off his face.

Sometimes I wonder what he remembers of me. Finis