Comendo a bunda da gostosa na escada do predio

Comendo a bunda da gostosa na escada do predio
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"Rob I'm going to trust you with my car, get Peter to the hospital while i make sure this thing knows what she's done!" Sneering at me through clinched teeth. I'm shaking at his threat to Sherry, knowing if it does become true that I'm the reason for it.

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Oh why couldn't I just let them fuck me and be done with it! Then I realize that Joe is talking to me "I said if you move before I get back, Sherry going to be told about your actions and why she's being made to pay, Understand mutie?" I nod, then thy carry Peter out between them, then Joe returns grabbing my by the arm and dragging my towards the basement door.


Opening it my senses are assailed with the scent and of sounds of sex. As he forces me down I see two guys sitting naked in the chairs drinking from cans of beer, the third guy fucking a crying Sherry in doggie position.

Joe calls out and the others comes to meet him. "Go sit in the fucking chair and don't make a fucking move Mutie!" Doing as he says I can't help but notice the side profile of Sherry's current rapists which seems so familiar to me.

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Not lingering to long I take a seat and try to determine who he is. "SHE FUCKING DID WHAT?" My head snaps to the three of them as, getting my first real good look at a hulk of a guy.

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At least six foot four and easily well over two hundred pounds, between his leg a cock that I swear reached his knees.

The look in his eyes tells me if given the chance he will rip my head off for what I did to their friend. Joe restrains him and I have the feeling that the only thing keeping me alive. "Oh yeah Baby you feel that!" The guy fucking Sherry cumming in her pussy, pulling out "Oh I would love to take you with me and fuck you forever!" my mind instantly registers the voice and I know why his profile is so familiar Dave Millhouse, my next door neighbor.

As he turns to get a can of beer, "Hey Teri, nice tits girl!" Taking my chance I start to sign a plea for help, the hulk guy rushes over, grabbing my hands and squeezing hard, cracking some bone in my right hand. Dave jumps to my defense swatting the hands away from me.

"Hey lay off Gary! Teri is a mute and need her hands to talk with!" Standing head to shoulders, poking gary in the chest "What she ever do to you?" "That little bitch, bit Peter's cock and he at the hospital bleeding as we speak!" Pushing Gary out of his way he moving towards me once more only to have Dave tackle him from behind.


The two roll around before Gary launches a right hook that snaps Dave's head back. Joe and Keith Rush over and grab Gary pulling him off Dave. "Relax Gary as I said she hurt our friend we fuck hers!" looking to Sherry laying splayed out, her pussy leaking copious amounts of cum onto the couch.

With everything going on around her she hasn't shown any signs of movement, oblivious to the things Joe plans to have his friends do to her. On the floor Dave shows signs of finally getting up, Not caring about myself anymore I go to him, getting down and cradling his head in my lap.

Keith and Gary eyeing me, Joe going over to Sherry and breaking something under her nose, making her instantly jolt up, choking.

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"Get up bitch!" Sherry rolls over, trying to cover her breasts with an arm that hanging at an angle it was not meant to hang. "Please no more, I swear i'll tell no one what's been done to me!" "Oh shut up, you loved every moment of it and you know it bitch!" Slapping her ass hard enough that the sound echoed for a minute.

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Then he tell her what i done "And since she hurt him, I don't give a damn if they fuck you to until you're ruptured by the amount of cum in sprayed you!" if it was possible, her face blanched even whiter than it already was, her eyes wide as a dinner plate. Upstairs a loud knocking comes to the door along with "Police, open up!".

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Joe rushing up, then silence before "Fuck guys get out of here!" Down the stairs comes four officers their handguns drawn, held out in front of them, at the windows more faces and guns barrels "Nobody move unless you're told to!" Two female officers check on Sherry and me, leading us up to a waiting medical team. Sherry is placed on a gurney, a I.V. hook to her arm.

I"m walked out a blanket wrapped around me and led out to the same ambulance. Signing what is going on to the officer accompanying us to the hospital we're given the circumstances of our rescue. "As I understand it a gentleman was brought to the hospital with wounds to his manhood and under strong medication for pain started detailing sex assaults against you two ladies.

An officer at the hospital overheard his so call confession and called it in after getting it confirmed by the guy who brought him in. Thank god someone took his drugged induced ramblings as the gospel truth.

As the ambulance pulled into the emergency bay at the hospital, Sherry's mom is standing there with an officer and a doctor.

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"Oh Sherry I can't believe what's happened and that Joe was behind it all!" Tears streaming down her face "Teri we contacted your parents and they'll be here before you're Epilouge One year later and the trial of Joe and his friend is over.

Joe, Keith And Rob were sentenced to ten years in jail, Gary and Dave were sentenced to four years, Peter was given a one year jail term. Sherry and her mother couldn't handle the publicity the trail brought to their neighbourhood and moves clean across the state,to start a new life.


Me!, i'm still in therapy over the rape and rarely see the outside of the apartment i live in, too scared to go anywhere where people who read the newspaper. Always thinking they're looking and talking about me! I've become a prisoner of my rape experience!

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