El calzon de una nalgona

El calzon de una nalgona
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Class of 2012 was a huge milestone for me. My grammar school were the only friends I'd known since preschool and I was entering high school all by myself. Because we had been together for so long each girl had practically settled on one boy. And that boy was usually off limits after they broke up.

My boyfriend James ended up being a complete douche bag. He cheated on me TWICE. So that ended quickly. I was by myself for the remainder of the year, but I had always had a crush on Byron Johnson. He was actually my neighbor and he was so attractive to me. I knew he was into me too, just because of the compliments he would give me. But we couldn't do anything until we graduated.

Although our class went their separate ways, I still thought about him. Throughout our highschool years we always stayed in touch. But never just the two of us. The chemistry was there but noone made a move.

Finally I invited him over to my house Junior year when my parents and siblings were gone so we had the while house to ourselves.

The doorbell rang. "Im coming!" I yelled. I opened the door and there he was, just as sexy as ever. "Hey you!" He says reaching out for a hug. I walked into his embrace and almost died.

"I missed you so much!" I smiled releasing him. "I missed you too." He smiled back There was an awkward silence. "Well- um let me take your coat. Do you want something the drink?" I asked "Nope im good." He responded. I grabbed his coat and put in the closet.

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"Alright, follow me!" I said leading his up the stairs. "Nice house." Byron blurted out. "Thanks!" I said looking back noticing he was completely staring at my ass. I was totally flattered. It reminded me of old times where there'd be awkward sexual tension and noone would ever make a move. "Hopefully he makes a move" I thought to myself.

We finally entered my room. He came into my room and sat on my bed.

We laughed and we talked about all the good times we shared during grammar school, and of course our high school troubles. He was struggling in physics so I offered to help because I was getting an A after all. It went silent. "Erica." Byron whispered. "Yeahh?" I whispered back. " why are you doing this to me?" He asked now putting his hands over his face laying with his back on my queen sized bed. "What do you mean?" I asked confused "I mean you. and those leggings" he responded looking me up and down.

I giggled. "Umm." "Im serious. Like you dont even know what I want to do to you right now." I smirked. Then whispered: "What if I want to know?" I had been attracted to Byron since grammar school and he really blossomed into a nice looking man.

ANDD we just so happened to be neighbors.

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Byron laughed. "Why dont I just show you?" He got up on all fours and put his knees on either side of me. He leaned down and kissed me. His lips were soft and gentle. He put his forearms on either side of my head and started kissing my neck. I wrapped my hands around his torso, trying to take his shirt off. I found the bottom of his shirt and pulled it over his head.

"You waste no time. huh?" Byron laughed. "I go hard for something I want." I said seductively. "I go harder" he said staring into my eyes. "Oh yeaah?" I whispered.

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Byrom pulled my tank top off over my head to reveal my bright pink bra with cheetah straps. He wasted no time. He ripped off my bra and swallowed my breasts with his mouth. "Uhh that feels so good".

I moaned as I wrapped my legs around him. His mouth released my B cup breasts as he kissed my stomach in slow measures. Byron looked up at me as his mouth reached closer and closer to my pussy. The anticipation was killing me. I'd been waiting a long time for this moment and it was finally happening. He got to the top of my leggings and reached his hand down to my pussy.

"Mhmmm"I moaned. He massaged my clit through my grey skin tight leggings. "Oh my gosh that feels so good". I moaned He kept circling my clit and I felt my juices leaking on my leggings. "Are you getting wet for me?" Byron asked.


"Its all your fault." I moaned He pulled my leggings off and threw them across the room. "Mmmm no panties?" "I forgot! " I responded lying and slightly embarrassed. (I was master bating right before he got there and forgot to put back on my panties) He knelt on the floor and opened my legs.

My pussy was so wet for him I could feel my juices on my thighs. He kissed my inner thigh.

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"Uhh" I moaned arching my back. He dove in. He started licking between my lips, trying to find my weak spot. Only a few guys knew where it was including Phil and Lloyd. Byron circled his tongue around my clit, then looked up at me. "fucking tease!" I moaned as I squeezed my tits.

He put his mouth on my clit and sucked it.

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I let in a gasp. And felt my toes curl. That wasnt even my weak spot, but he might have changed my mind! I thought. He moved away from my clit and down to my pink opening. He spread my pussy open and stuck his tongue in. "OHH MY GOSH PLEASE DONT STOP." I screamed. Byron smiled at my reaction to his touch.

He moved away from my opening. "I see I found your outer g spot.you like that tongue very deep?" Byron teased. "Yeahhh I guess so." I said flustered.


"You're making me so hard." He finally said. He stood up and took of his sweatpants along with his underwear. It was a good 7 inches. "Oh wow". I said totally not expecting that. Byron kneels back down and opened my legs. He worked his tongue up and around my clit. I knew Byron knew what I wanted. He stopped. "Do you want to ask me something?" he asked knowingly. "Yes! Can you put your tongue deep in my pussy? Please." I moaned. "Like this?" He forced his tongue in my pussy and nearly made me cum.

"Cum for me baby." He forced his tongue in and out of my pussy then forced himself in trying to get as deep as he could. "Uhh ohh I'm-I-I" my hips bucked and down as my orgasm took over me. "Thats what I like to see." Byron smiled. He stood up and got on the bed.

He put his cock in my opening and thrusted in. "Oh shit!" He moaned. He pumped in and out of me hard and fast. "Uhh" I moaned. "Oh my gosh your pussy is so fucking tight." Byron muttered. "Yeah you like that pussy?" I asked. He pounded me so hard.

I grabbed in to my boobs as he continued fucking me like a crazy person. "You always made me so hard. And I could never have you" Byron said in between pumps. He pulled out. Byron pulled my legs forward so that my legs were on his shoulders. I was pretty flexible, so this didn't bother me. This position made my pussy even tighter.

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"OH FUCK". Byron cried out as he put his dick in my dripping cunt. "You're so big!" Was all I could say. His cock filled my pussy to its entirety.

My pussy caressed his penis perfectly. It was just perfect. He began pumping in and out again. I could tell he was getting tired because his stroke became weaker. I pushed him off of me so he could lay on his stomach. I got on top of him. I grabbed his penis and glided the head up against my clit.

"Uhhh" I moaned. "Take it all in baby." Byron commanded. I finally sank down on it. His dick felt like it was in my stomach. I didn't even know how he did it. I slowly bounced up and down his cock. Byrons urges over came him. He lay under me taking control again by bucking his hips up and down, penetrating me. "Oh my gosh Byron! YES!" I yelled "Fuck yeah baby. You know how long I've been wanting to hear you moan like that?" Byron got me off of him and got me on all fours.

"Open those fucking cheeks." Byron commanded. I grabbed my ass cheeks. I could feel my asshole and my pink opening being exposed. Byron licked my asshole and pussy in one motion. "OH FUCK YEAH BABY I LIKE THAT" I cried out. He put the head of his cock on my pussy and pushed in.

"Ohh shit!" He moaned. Byron gave my ass a slap that echoed throughout my room. My butt jiggled in shock. He slapped it again. and again. "You like that huh?" I moaned still holding my ass cheeks open. "Fuck yeah" Byron responded. His balls slapped hard against my clit with every thrust. He continued hatefucking me. "Fuck YES. Fuck yeah bitch. "You always tempting me with those leggings.making me so fucking horny for you." "I'm sorry daddy." I cried out. "That's fucking right".

Byron said sternly. "I'm gonna cum!" I said tensing up. My legs were shaking! "You like this dick, huh?" Byron asked jokingly.

Just as my orgasm was subsiding, he began pumping in out of me. "Come inside me baby". I insisted. "You want me to come baby?" "Yes, I want all of your load in my pussy daddy" I moaned.

His ropes of cum sprayed out just as I finished my sentence. I felt in his semen filling my pussy. "Oh my god" we said in unison.

We laughed at what had just occurred. We both laid down on my bed (cuddling) and tried to recuperate from what just took place. "I really needed this." I said finally.

"I needed you." Byron said smiling. I laughed at how cheesy he was being. "I'm serious Erica. I would seriously go home and jag off thinking about you and what my cock would feel like in your pussy." "Well that explains the rough sex we had tonight." I smiled.

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" yeah about that. I'm sorry I was being a bit selfish-they way I fucked you. I wasn't gentle. Its just that I've been holding all this lust since grammar school." "No, no,no it's okay, seriously.

I nearly melted when you touched me." I said honestly. "Yeah your moans turn me on." Byron whispered smiling. "But next time, I want to make love to you, not this rough shit." Byron said staring into my eyes.