Vanessa Vaughn debuts for Private in a trio with Belle Claire

Vanessa Vaughn  debuts for Private in a trio with Belle Claire
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I hit Khao-San. Tens of faces smile in the crowds, Bangkok truly is a diverse city. Street vendors selling Pad-Thai noodles, a seemingly crazy woman selling scorpion-popsicles and all the tourists. Like every Friday evening, the bars are packed and the music is booming. But I am not here for bars, nor for the Pad-Thai. I have this fantasy, I can't really do it back home as the moral standards are higher. But here, I can get a girl off the street, fuck her senseless and then move along.

Use her like a sex toy and then just get on my way. Have you ever wanted to get a slave? Have a tight little cunt to fuck in whichever way you wanted? Well that's what I'll be doing this weekend. It's not long till I find what I'm searching for. Two lovely young ladies sitting at one of the many bars, smoking cigarettes and throwing looks at the patrons.

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A sure sign that they're looking for a good time. "Can I buy you ladies a drink?", one must show proper manners of course. As expected, they are not the best English speakers. Nevertheless, all parties know what we are looking for and they agree to my terms. They're mine all week-end, I can do whatever I want to them as long as it's not prolonged pain and I can record the whole experience.

I'm glad money is not an issue. It's getting late, I pay their bill and order a taxi. Twenty minutes later we're in the penthouse. The company has luxury apartments throughout the world so amenities are not lacking. It's quite a charming place, two bedrooms, an indoor jacuzzi and a great terrace overlooking the old city.

One of the perks of business travel. "Off with your clothes girls.", I never liked the way whores dress in this city, makes them look dirty and unkempt.

But then again, they won't be spending that much time dressed. I'm glad the girls know this much English. They obey and get undressed, they're so cute. Both of them are petite, I'd better not ask their age just to be on the safe side. One is a dirty blonde with brown eyes and a cute smile, the other is a brunette with a little more meat on her bones and a natural shyness about her.

Both of them look unsure. "I'm going to call you Simone ", I tell the brunette one, and the other one I decided to call Anne. In this fantasy I decided to name them after two sweet girls in my high school which I always fantasized about but never got to fuck.

I offer them both a glass of alcohol while I roll a joint on the table. I'm sure this is not the first time they will be smoking pot with a customer. The plan is to get them dizzy so they'll enjoy themselves, be more relaxed and more obedient. And that's exactly what happened, soon enough they were catty. I had them slowly start touching each other in front of me, I tell them to take their time and explore their bodies.

I'm sure they did this before.

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"Let me see you kissing." I love how they listen to everything I say, they start kissing passionately and I have them keep going. I invite them to continue on the couch while I finish smoking and enjoying the show with a massive hard on. I begin to stroke my cock through my jeans. "Get on your knees in front of me." The two girls look amazing, naked, exotic, you could smell their wetness already.


This was a pleasant surprise, the little show seems to have worked for them as well. Bending over I stick a finger in the brunette's small pussy and sure enough, I soon taste the sweetest pussy I could hope for. By now I'm bursting in my pants.

I take off my clothes and instruct Simone, the brunette, to sit on Anne's face. On the ground. I didn't have to give any further hints as Anne starts lapping away at her pussy and asshole. I just take a seat on the couch and watch the girls go at it. Soon the shy brunette is moaning and rocking her hips back and forth. The drinks and weed seem to have worked, the girls are into it.

I love the whores in this country! "Look at me…", she focuses her gaze in my eyes, but has trouble maintaining eye contact. So sweet. She is also closing in on her own orgasm. I take her small head in my palms and pull her towards my cock. It seems big compared to her face from this angle. I run it around her lips a few times to get it wet then I put the whole meat on her face and give her a slight slap on the cheek.

This seems to surprise her. I slowly start fucking her mouth, at a steady pace but not pushing it too hard. Whenever she shivers from getting her pussy licked, I push my cock a bit further. I grab her hair and push my cock deeper in her mouth, at a steady pace so the little cocksucker can get used to it.

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I continue pushing slowly until I'm all the way in her mouth. It's a great feeling, a tight throat and her groans and shivers soon make me lose my edge and blast her throat full of cum. She chokes on it and some comes out the sides of her mouth. I keep my cock in her for a few moments while I enjoy the sight of her quivering in pleasure. I pour the ladies and myself another round of alcohol.

"Whoever finishes their drink first gets a special surprise." The girls rush to finish their drink and Simone finishes first. She seems proud of herself and she should be. By now she's clearly tipsy and under the influence she seems rather childish. Noticing the lovely blonde smiling next to Simone, naked with a great set of hips, I feel my cock stirring. I can't wait to fuck that little asshole. "What do I get?", Simone asks.

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She doesn't seem to like Anne getting attention. Her eagerness convinces me. I lay on the couch and spread my legs. "Simone, you won. Ever licked ass before?" She nods yes.

I start jerking off and gesture Anne to come suck on my cock. She jumps at the opportunity and starts licking the tip. I close my eyes and get comfortable, let the weed and alcohol open my senses. Simone, a tight cunt from an exotic country is giving me a rimjob, taking good care of my asshole and sometimes prodding inside with her little tongue. She clearly did this before. A sloppy blowjob from a doe eyed blonde, deepthroating and choking herself on my cock with such enthusiasm that I can only presume she's jealous on the brunette for having more of my attention.

"Anne, you're a beautiful little slut, ride my cock.", I'm ready to tear her like a fucking animal! I grab her hips and slide her down my cock, all the way to the bottom in one thrust. She muffles a scream.

I don't take my time with her, I fuck her hard and without mercy. Simone can't keep up with licking my asshole at this pace and now I don't fucking care.

I just want to fuck this little cumslut. I stick a finger in her mouth and hook her down for a passionate kiss, and I slow my pace, don't want to get too tired or cum too fast. "I want to fuck your ass. Do you want me to fuck your ass?" "Y-yes." "Simone, get her ass ready for me." She wets her finger with Anne's pussy juice and slides it in her asshole.

I tell Anne to relax her ass. Not that I would have to tell her, it can't be her first anal. After fucking her with two fingers I think she's ready.

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I have Anne lie on back and position myself between her puckers. I slide myself gently but firmly in one smooth motion all the the way in.


Her ass is pulsating around my cock while she adjusts and it's a wonderful feeling. I give her the time she needs and I feel myself getting bigger inside her. Stretching her. I take my cock out of her for a moment to enjoy her gaped hole and start slowly thrusting in and out.

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Long broad movements thrusting myself all the way inside her, but soon enough I increase the rhythm. I grab her shoulders and shove myself as deep as I can and as fast I can. She moans but I cover her mouth with my hand and keep having my way with her until I'm about to cum. "Simone, you're gonna suck me till I cum down your throat again".

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She obediently gets by my side while I'm pounding her friend's asshole. I slip out of Anne and leave her recover and get on my ass facing Simone. I grab her small head and push my cock in her throat all the way down. I feel my cock pulsating in her and I only need to make the slightest movement to bob her head up and down.

She takes the initiative and sticks a finger up my ass. She lubed it with her own pussy juices. Such a good girl. This feels too good. "Do you want my cum honey?" "Mhm" "Such a good little slut". I shoot load after load of cum in Simone's mouth. She was ready and didn't let any drop slip. I can't even stand up right anymore. This was fucking great and exhausting. I give the girls time out and feel myself slowly drifting off to sleep. What a start to the week end!