Cute sydnee taylor is not afraid to get doubl

Cute sydnee taylor is not afraid to get doubl
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Please if u arent of an open mind dont read this any further. this is purely a fantasy story for enjoyment only.

My tale probably sounds too outrageous to be real and true. And u would be right. This is a made up fantasy that my wife and kids wanted me to write, so that they can imagine its happening to them, aswel as knowing the whole internet world is wanking to our kinkyness and perversions.

It began several months ago, on a sunny arvo. I was ramming my 11 inch pile driver in and out of my moaning wifes cunt out in our backyard.

We both love to fuck outdoors, especially in the sunshine. Our yard is mostly covered in with hedges and bushes, but there are gaps. But we are exhibitionists, so if theres any peeping toms, we dont care a bit. My dick is sliding in and out like a piston in annes well juiced pussy.

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Im pulling out all the way before ramming my full length back into her waiting tunnel. My cock isnt very thick, maybe only an inch and a half round, but its my length that makes anne quiver and shake with every thrust. Her juices are freely squirting out around my hardness and running down both our thighs thanks to the doggy position. I leaned over her back and with my arms round her waist, i tip her onto her back, never letting my dick slip out of the moist hot hole.

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With me now on top we could stare lovingly into each others eyes. I am laying across her bulging, pregnant belly as i take a short rest. Her hard nips pressing into my chest. I tell her over and over how much in love with her i am. I can tell my weight is uncomfortable for her, im squashing our baby between us.

She gazes into my eyes as she tells me that im her man, her very fertile man and being prego with our 1st baby is the best feeling in the world. And that her love for me will never end, no matter what, my love is unconditional and eternal for u ted.

And as long as u keep fucking me with that rod of urs, i want u to keep making me pregnant over and over again. I got up onto my knees and lifted both her legs up onto my shoulders, so i can ram u deeper darling i told her. Oh yes yeeesss hunny, i want to feel ur prick bouncing off the side of my womb. I wanna feel ur cock poking our unborn baby with every hard friggin thrust of urs. Cmon hunny ram me, ram me hard. With such encouragment how could i not do exactly as she asked.

I began slowly, and as my pace increased, i added a twist of my hips as i bottomed out in her. AAARRRRGGGHHH AARARrgggh yesssss yeessss baby thats so fuckin incredible. U are the best lover in the world darling fuck me hard now hunny im nearly cumming from ur cock slamming up thru my cervix and hitting my full womb. Can u feel how hot my cunt is for u ted? can u feel all the juices that are pouring out just cos of u?

I cant hold back much longer babe, i can feel my seed begin to swirl up my shaft. Ohhhh fuck yes hunny i am ready for u anytime now u want.

my whole body is on the edge of a massive cum for u ted. Here it cums anne here it cums, all for u my darling wife. Just then i exploded hot, hard and deep. Fireworks went off, my ears were filled with the sounds of crashing waves, stars filled my eyes as every nerve in my body shot electric sparks right thru my senses as rope after sticky rope erupted from my cock.

I colapsed onto her again as my body shook and shivered with feelings and exhastion. Anne was screaming out my name as her legs wrapped round my waist, pulling me in as deep as she could get me. Her head was thrashing from side to side. Only the whites of her eyes showed. Thats when i felt a gushing, flooding wetness, spraying around my cock and hitting my balls.

Initially i was shocked that my wife had lost bladder control and was pissing on me, but it felt so god damned sexy to feel that hot fluid gushing out all over my genitals. Anne slowed down and came back to earth as she hugged me in as close as she could and whispered softly that that was the best fucking orgasm shed ever had. That she was sure she felt my cum spraying her womb and that if bubs wasnt careful that she might get a mouthful of daddys cumjuice.

We both laughed at that image. I said that i bet u would love to see our baby covered in her daddys cum as she was born. She made a funny face at me as she flexed her cunt muscles, milking my dick of any last sperm.

It felt amazing and made my dick twitch inside of her. We were both still very sensitive, so she felt the movment too. So she flexed herself even more. She had this look on her face, half powerful and half devilishly cheeky as she squished her sodden and cum filled pussy up and down my length.

"WHAT? i said in response to her face. She answered U know i can feel u twitching inside me, and ive also noticed how u got hard again when we talked about covering our baby in ur cum while i am giving birth to it.

Methinks that the soon to be daddy has a few kinky desires that he hasnt told me about. She was smiling evily yet aslo lovingly at me as she leaned in to kiss me passionately. When our lips parted i felt i had to tell her that she must be mistaken, that ive never had any such fantasys in my life. Not kids. Not incest i said, as i tried to get my dick to soften. It was hard to do seeing that my wife had given me the mental image of my cum soaked newborn baby as it came out of my orgasming wifes baby canal, and sick as it sounds, i was becoming quite excited at the idea of it.

I tried to turn the tables by telling her that during her huge orgasm she had pissed on me. And if a thought is bad, well actually doing something sicko is infinitely worse.

And i say pissing on the cock of the man u love is worse by far. "NO FKN WAY" honestly dearest i didnt pee, honestly. What happened down there baby?

can u look for me as this 8 month old belly is so huge, i cant see my honey pot these days. I unhook her legs from around me and slide my hips back. My still erect dick slips out with a definate plop sound. My pubic hair is matted down with wet.

There is a couple white streaks on an otherwise soaking wet 11inch pink tipped shaft. I scoot down to get a closer look and am shocked to see a massive puddle of clear fluid with several white streaks thru it between annes legs. Her hole is still gaping wide open, allowing me to get a really good look up inside her sweet, pink and sexy cunt tunnel.

I couldnt help but to stare at that hole. I easily could see 2-3 inches insde her pinkness. Anne beeged me to say something, what did i see down there? Im so sorry darling ted, i didnt mean to pee on u dear. I love u more than anything and im sorry so sorry. I tore my eyes away from her gash to the puddle on the ground.

It didnt look like pee to me, didnt smell like pee either. I said to her im not sure what it is but it doesnt look or smell like piss. And theres easy half to 3/4L of it on the ground. Even as i said it anne let loose with a loud moan as her 1st contraction hit her. Our fuck had broken her water, or rather anne said "it was that 11" rod ejecting its firey hot spunk shots that punctured babys womb and so bring on its early arrival.

And that is how our darling dawn made her appearence. Watching ur own daughter be born is 1 of the most special experences u can ever have. And 1 that we will have again and again. Pregnacy, fucking, babies, huge milk filled titties and cum covered children suround us both now as we sit in our backyard. All of us glorying in our nakedness as the warm afternoon sun shines. We only had dawn in hospital, after that we always home birth now. That is so my nymphomaniac wife can have sex while the baby is coming out.


She has decided that our family tradition is she wants to see our newest baby come out of her cunt covered in the cum that helped make them.

Our 2nd child was born not 11 months later, at home with only dawn, anne and me there. As my wife had a contraction, i would lick and suck her pussy lips and clit deep into my mouth, making her cum again and again.

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I ate her to over 20 orgasms during lil toms birth. And as his lil head crowned out from his mothers stretched cunt lips, i wanked my cum all over his sweet head. Then with 1 last push, his shoulders popped thru and he plopped out into my hands. I held him in my arms as i carefully moved up to annes side.

He was still covered in blood and embryonic fluid and had his ambiblical cord still connected to the afterbirth still inside my darling wife but that didnt bother us as i handed him to anne so she could suckle him on her engorged breast.

As he lay there anne laughed as she smeared my still warm jism over his face and body and then smeared more onto her tit and now vacant belly. I cut the cord and then helped get the afterbirth out of anne. Put it to 1 side as i bent my head in towards that amazingly stretched out gash. Sticking my tounge out hard, i probed it up and into the cunthole wide open before me. I began licking her cunt walls, all over the sides, her erect clit, down to her anus and her taint.

I couldnt believe how great it all tasted to me. I had to drink down every drop of anything that came out of that 4 inch wide gaping pink hole. Her pubes were plastered onto her skin and thats when i looked up at her sweet mothers face and said that from now on she will never ever have any pubic hair. I want to be able to lick and see each and every inch of ur beautiful cunt when a baby comes out of it. And also i just decided that i want to drink up every lil drop of anything that comes out of your sweet sweet honeypot.

And with no hair there i will be able to see every drop come out of ur sweet sex petals. Lil tom has latched on nicely to annes nipple and she sighs in utter contentment. Im licking around her spare nipple, making it poke upwards, hard when anne suddenly looks at me with a start. Her wide eyes staring at me as i watch her finally realise what i said and more so what it means.

Oh shit hunny do u really mean what u said?

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she asks in a soft voice. I nod slowly as i pick up lil dawn and craddle her in my arms. I look at anne as i swap tom for dawn on annes tit. Holding tom close to my chest i let his mouth latch onto my nipple and let him vainly suckle my man nips, while watching annes jaw plop open in shock and with wide eyes watching me, i lifted his young face to mine and began to lick clean his face and head of all blood and wetness and then i made a big show of licking up and swirling around my mouth my own sperm before swallowing it and then smaking my lips mmm that was fuckin delicious baby.

Yep thats what i said alright, i want to drink every and any thing that may come out from the best pussy in the whole world. The pussy that i love with all my heart. So tim, ur saying that if i need to piss. u will drink it from my quim, even as its actually being pissed? I nod and say with pleasure. U will eat ur own sperm from my cunt after uve fucked me? Ohyes baby, especially my cum. Would u suck me clean when i get a period too?

Oh darling forsure cos u know what a period means? means its nearly time for me to plant a new baby inside ur sexyness. And for a new member for our ultimate loving family to bring into the world. Ohhhh tim ohh u are so nasty baby and mummy does like her man to be nasty. And if my nasty man can think of any sick perversion to do then his sicko wife wants in on it too.

Remember when i told u baby that my love for u is eternal and unconditional? well it still holds true baby. There is nothing i wouldnt do to please u tim, and there is nothing i wouldnt let u do either ok hunny? So if i was to say slip toms lil pecker into my mouth, and i was to say suckle on it like a baby suckles ur breast, that would be ok with u?

really tim? u wanna try sucking a dick? Ur sons dick? Hell yes i wanna experiment with cocksucking and he has 1 to suck. Ive always had a kinda bi curiosity, but have been well satisfied by our sex life and not thought about it.

U wouldnt mind if ur man from time to time wants to be treated like a woman. Ur man wants to know how it feels to have his mouth shot full of cum while his head is held firmly in place so all i can do is swallow. That i want to feel what its like to be penetrated and fucked and to be filled with baby juice. To have tits and have milk come from them, To have a baby growing inside me. To feel the pain of childbirth.

To be treated like a whore and a cum dump for any and all comers. To be put on a street corner and be a prostitute to anyone with the dollars.


To be put on film being used as a sex slave and toilet by my family. To be taken to a farm where all the male animals get to fuck my manpussy while i drink all the cum that 50 men have emptyed into ur sweet pussy. I want all my breakfasts to be made with tit milk, all my coffees tit milk, i want 3 milk meals a day and only 1 meal of solids.

I want to be made into a baby.

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i want to wear nappies and feed on ur tits all day evrey day. Is that all perverted enuff for u my darling?? Oh to finish with. i want to impregnate all our daughters and i want all our sons to impregnate u. I want us to all have each others babies but only within our family, no babys to outsiders. ever.