Smalltits gf doggystyled after some solo fun

Smalltits gf doggystyled after some solo fun
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The night I fucked my dream girl Let me start off by describing myself, I am about 5 feet 11 inches, medium build, blue eyes, dirty blond hair. I am not the greatest looking guy in the World, but I have the "cute" factor as most girls will put it. I've played sports my entire life starting at the age of 3, my Dad is a real hardass, because of this I am quite good at just about anything that includes a ball, but all throughout High School I could not stick to a single sport.

I am a fairly outgoing guy, and because of this I have a lot of friends and not only would I consider myself the life of the party, but most would too. I am always cracking jokes and because of this some people dislike me more than others. So there I was, a walking zombie going into school on the first day of my junior year, I was anything but enthused to be there. Just as I turned the corner to go to my first class I see her, the girl I have had a crush on since I don't even know when. As soon as I see her she quickly disappeared as my best friend Tyler popped into my vision, never seems to fail, he has the worse timing.

I quickly back away and said "Hey bro what's up?" Tyler replied, "Notta, hating school just as much as you probably do, where were you last weekend? I had the biggest party ever man!" I quickly replied "Yeah sorry man, I was working, how'd it go?" Tyler answered "Same old shit, got wasted and fucked some poor girl" I laughingly replied "Don't worry bro, after the performance you probably gave her she'll probably be avoiding for a while" Looking pissed Tyler said "Hey you know fuck off, I was just about to tell you some good news my man!" Taken off guard I asked him "Hey now you know I'm fucking with ya, what's the news?" Tyler answered, "I'm not sure I should tell you, considering you are such a dick, hahahahaha but I'll tell you anyway, that girl you are always drooling over was there, she asked me about you!" I almost jumped enjoy, but recollected myself and said, "No shit man?

What'd she ask?" Tyler, "First she asked me if I was your friend, of course I said no, just kidding man, jeez, well I said yeah and she was like well whenever I'm at the beach he's always staring at me and shit, and I was like oh I doubt he was he doesn't even know you, and that was it, she was gone cuz that dickhead she calls her boyfriend thought she was flirting with me, you believe that?" I was utterly crushed, here I thought I was always playing it cool and peeking out of the corner of my eye, but she noticed I am fucked!

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP! Saved by the bell, I quickly said goodbyes with my friend and said id talk to him later. Throughout the day it was all I could think about, did I really just fuck up the remote chance I had with this girl.

Oh shit, I have not even described her for you guys yet my bad; well to start off I would just like to say that God gave himself a pat on the back when he made this one.


She was gorgeous, now I don't mean your everyday gorgeous; I am talking about the drop dead everyone's jaw drops gorgeous.

She is a petite girl with a very natural pretty face with brown eyes and brown hair, she stands at about 5 feet 2 if I had to guess.

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Now let's get to the good stuff, she has the hourglass figure of the ages, easily 32-34 D boobs, and a nice tight ass, not very large but the kind I like anyway.

She always dresses nice, but the most attractive thing about her in my opinion is the way it seems that she doesn't even try to be pretty. It looks as if she wakes up, showers, puts very little makeup on, and just looks stunning. Her personality is one that I have not been able to understand as I have not even talked to her yet.

Getting through the school day was easy as it was the first day of school and teachers as well as students could not care less about school at this point. Right after lunch I met up with my friend Tyler again. Tyler screamed my name across the hall, "Kyle!!!!" I quickly turned to see him, "hey man, shit looks like we have no classes together then huh?" It was 10th hour, our last class.

Tyler answered, "Guess not man, where you going?" I answered, "Art class, what a blast right?" Tyler, "Fuck no, that sucks for you, but I'll catch you after school man" I told him, "No can do broseff, I have practice, remember dip shit" Tyler answered, "Oh yeah I remember, you got any dip on you?" For all of you haters out there, chewing tobacco is not the worst thing a teenager can do so fuck off. I quickly whipped out my can of Grizz and said, "Of course I do, but hurry up and take one" He quickly grabbed the can and took pinch out and put it in a piece of paper.

Tyler thanked me and we were on our ways. I quickly headed into class as the bell rang to let us know we had 2 minutes till class, oh the joys of being in High School. I quickly walked into class and looked around at the kids in it, of course I had no friends in it as it was an underclassmen class that I refused to take when I was a freshman or sophomore, boy do I regret it.

I quickly found an empty seat and waited for the teacher to talk her nonsense, I quickly did my last look around and saw a familiar face, you've got to be kidding me, it was my dream girl, Sidney. Boy was I fucked. Class went by with no instances as I was passed out in my corner seat. The bell rang and we were dismissed, as I was heading out the door, a familiar girl I knew from Church, who happens just too live down the street from me came running up.

Her name was Jessica. "Hey, Kyle you do me a favor and drop me off on the way home" Shit I was in a hurry, practice started 40 minutes after school and I really didn't want to get held up in a conversation, but for one reason and one reason only did I say yes, she was Sidney's best friend.

"Sure kiddo, anything for my neighbor", now Jessica was not a very pretty girl, she had always had a crush on me so I figured I'd be getting asked this question more than once. We quickly walked out of school and hopped into my car and headed out. Conversation was light, not worth mentioning, but I did say this, I asked about her friend Sidney more than once, as I pulled up to her house I could tell it was bugging her.

"Hey Kyle, you know I can tell you got a thing for Sid, but please don't do it around me, you know maybe if you're a good boy, I'll see what I can do?" "Really? Ok, I'm not asking for anything big, just don't make me out to be a creeper is all, I'll do the hard stuff on my own" And then I was off, living it up on cloud 9, I just had an "in" with my dream girl!

I was so excited, as I sped home, then rush to tennis practice. Everything was coming together just right, I had a class with her, and now an "in" with her, man was I excited. So excited I forgot that it was my turn to talk to the frosh of this year's team.

I quickly introduced myself and found a familiar face in the crowd, it was a kid I played sports with when I was young, and his name was Zack. Practice went by but I could not get my mind off this girl. After about four straight forehands into the net, my coached yelled, "Hey dickhead, what is wrong with you, get your shit together".


His request was not ignored and I quickly picked my game up and got into that mental state where nothing matters, where every shot hits the line and kicks off of it with great topspin. I did not want it to end, but all good things come to an end. My coach brought us together and broke us out. As I was packing up my stuff I saw Zack, he was sweating profusely from all the work. "Hey man you need a ride?" I asked him. "Yeah sure that'd be cool" He replied.

"Ok let's go" I answered and we quickly headed to my car, I had no problem in taking him home as he was on the way, and from what I knew he had dated my dream girl when they were younger and I had plenty of questions to ask. "Hey man, you know that Sidney girl right?" "Sidney! Of course I do man, she's my ex from a long time ago, my Ma and hers are like best friends and shit" He answered. "No shit, well she's bangable if you ask me" I retorted trying to sound cool. "Yeah man she is, to bad I never got to, she's a virgin, I know for a fact she still is" Could this day get any better?????

"No kidding, well that's cool" It was a quick and short conversation as he lived not too far from our High School. As he got out of my car I told him. "Hey man, not to piss you off or anything, but I'm going to date that girl" "Dude go for it!" He answered. And then I was gone. I started my way home and quickly had a plan that I was going to execute.

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First I was going to get to her through her friend, shitty I know, next I was going to simply become "friends" with her, and next I was going to smooth talk my way into her life. Ok I get it, not the best plan but who cares; I was determined to make it happen.

Time seemed to fly by to the next day. School went without any problems and before I knew it I was in Art class and there she was, wearing short shirts, clearly not following school rules as they just barely covered her ass. I was slowly getting aroused, the next thing I noticed was the tight shirt she was wearing and how they made her tits squeeze together and seem like they were going to explode out of her shirt. The entire class I played it cool and only looked for brief moments, but of course not everything works out, it was almost the end of class and I looked at her again, except this time, she was looking at me, we locked eyes, and it was magic, nothing could come between us at this time, then the bell rang.

Fuck you bell. I quickly grabbed my shit and headed out to the door. Just as I hit the exit door, there she was. "Hey can you give me a ride?" I turned thinking it was the Sidney, I was in for another thing, it was Jessica, but of course not all things are bad, right next to her I saw Sidney smiling at me, let me tell you this, she had a smile that could take you miles.

"Sure, her too?" Jessica answered, "Yeah she lives a little bit from us, but I figured you wouldn't care" Of course I wouldn't care. I told them, "Alright let's blow this shit hole" they both laughed a little. I was just getting started, now Jessica lived just next to me, but how was I going to get Sidney in the car alone with me? Well here is my answer, I'll say I have to run home quick and since Jessica lived right next to me I'd just take her home first then take Sidney home second.

I quickly told them what was going to happen as I started off from home, Jessica had no problem, but I could tell in the rearview mirror that Sidney was a little bit nervous.

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Nothings more attractive than a nervous girl if you ask me. I sped home hoping for more time with Sidney alone, dropped Jessica off then ran into my house to grab my stuff. I came out and there she was, still sitting in the backseat just waiting with her bag on her lap.

I couldn't help but smile, "You know Jess is gone, you can come up front if you want?" I said this with a smile. She turned bright red and replied, "Oh I'm sorry, I was not even thinking, I'm so sorry" I could tell she was still nervous and smiled at her and tried to lighten up the mood.

"Don't worry about the drug and rape charges, they are just allegations", I said with a smile. She laughed and I could tell she was getting more comfortable with me. I started my car and made small talk. "You're in my Art class huh? I hate that class, I'm terrible with art" "Really, I love that class, it just sucks that I know only losers in it!" She said with a smile. "At least you know losers, I know no one, please save me and sit by me" I told her with a grin.

"You're so nice, of course I will!" Conversation went normal from there, she told me about how shitty her boyfriend is, I subconsciously tuned her out and nodded my head.

Girls and their bull shit… The car ride went quick and I dropped her off, "Alright I'll see you later babes" I said confidently. You see this is part of my appeal, I call just about any girl babe, babes, sweetheart, love, it is my secret weapon and I know they can't resist it.

She giggled and smiled, "Alright I'll see you in class good looking" she replied smartly, boy do I love this girl already. The day went by fast and the next thing I knew I was waking up to my Mom yelling for me to get up. I quickly got ready and dragged myself to school. My anticipation for Art class was high, I could not wait, who could've thought that I, the athlete and jock, would want to go to a class in which I had no skill in whatsoever, but I couldn't wait just to see her face.

Just as I walked into class I saw her waiting outside of it with her boyfriend, they were arguing, as I walked by I heard him call her a slut. Boy did that shit piss me off. Just as I walked into class ignoring what he just said I dropped my bag and turned around and walked straight up to him, "What the fuck did you just call her" I said not knowing what had taken hold of me, you see I am a very lax guy and have very few problems of my own with people, but a guy talking to a girl like that is wrong, no matter if it is my dream girl or not.

"I called her a slut, why the fuck do you care, now get out of here" he said, boy did this piss me off. This little piece of shit talking to me like this. I don't know his name nor care, so I'll just call him douche bag. Douche bag is a Mexican kid; he's about 5 foot 7 who wears oversized Hollister clothes. Now if douche bag isn't lucky he might just become my punching bag for the day.

I quickly got into his face and said, "You dumb shit, you better watch your fucking mouth around me, that's no way to talk to this girl, if this girl was smart she'd dump your ass, this girl is way too good looking for you, way too smart for you, way too funny for you, way too nice for you, and just all around too good for you"now the way we were situated it was his girlfriend between me and him, what I had just said did not make douche bag a happy camper, he shoved his girlfriend to the lockers next to us and she banged into them with a loud thud.

This pissed me off to no belief, he looked at her and laughed and quickly pushed me too, I didn't even budge, I grabbed him by his collar of his shirt and said, "Listen and listen good, if I didn't have a great season to look forward too, I'd kick the living hell out of you, now if you even come near her, I will put you in a fucking body bag you dumb spic" all hell was loose and kids quickly gathered in a circle around us. Now I'm not racist at all and only said it because I was so pissed.

He quickly retorted, "You are a pussy ass bitch for not wanting to fight me" he pushed me harder this time and got away from my grip, now I'm not one to back away from a fight, but I knew one thing, if I threw the first punch I was going to get kicked off the team and expelled.

So I said, "Fair is fair, you throw the first punch you faggot" I stood right in front of him and stuck out my jaw, he reared back and fired one straight into my stomach, just like a fucking no balls douche bag, the wind was knocked out of me but I was not going to back down now. I drew away from him to gain some distance and made sure everyone had seen that he had started the fight, then went at him tackling him into some lockers. Now I am pretty strong and it is fair to say that I could beat up my fair share of people, but I did not care if he was a professional kick boxer at this point, he had hurt my dream girl, not only emotionally, but physically, and I was going to beat the living hell out of him.

I shoved his face into the ground and quickly put my knees on to his chest and punched him three times in the face before I felt someone pulling me off of him, it was Tyler, worst timing or best timing, you be the judge.

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I quickly decided on the latter of the two as I just seen two teachers breaking through the human wall that was formed. I did not care now, the damage was done, he was on the ground bleeding from his nose and crying. I felt amazing. "Everyone to class come with us" I was just cooling down when I saw the douche bag get up off the ground and briskly walking towards me, I was defenseless, both teachers had me by the hands, I was gonna get a cheap shot for the ages, just as he was rearing up, Tyler turned around and quickly threw a punch that sent him rolling, " Thanks bro" I said.

"No fucking problem", now there were many teachers who had just seen the event, my favorite teacher, Mr. Smith stepped up and said, "Okay everyone to class and I mean it, Tyler that wasn't very smart, now all three of you come with us, oh make that four missy, I know you have something to do with us" he said towards Sidney, shit I got her into this and now I had to get her out. She was such a sweet girl. We all headed towards the office, as soon as we got there we were all taken into the Dean's office.

He was sitting behind his desk and looked at all three of us and said, "Now what the hell happened?" We all gave him our stories and each of us was dismissed to our parents, we were going to be told what the consequences would be.

As soon as I got home I called my coach and explained what happened, he said whatever happens is up to the Dean, it's out of my hands, just get your rest and come back prepared to run if you even come back. It was now the waiting game. It was around six o'clock when I got the call from the Dean, "Now Kyle, what you did can't go unpunished, but due to the circumstances, you will be suspended from school for three days and not kicked off the team, next mess up your done" I thanked him and told him nothing would ever happened again.

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Shortly after getting off the phone I got a call from my friend. He told me he had only gotten detention after school since he was just protecting me. I told him what I got and then we got off the phone, any girls reading this? News flash, guys hate talking on the phone!!! The rest of the night I was going to watch some TV and do homework as I was now grounded, oh well I thought, it was definitely worth it.

It was then I felt my phone vibrating on my leg, I got it out and to my surprise it was a text from an unknown number. It read, Hey Kyle, it's Sid, first off I am so done with that douche bag, and second off, that was the nicest thing anyone has done for me, oh and by the way you are not so bad yourself: ) I was so excited reading this, I quickly replied, hey no problem, just sticking up for someone who was defenseless: ) Sidney: Well thanks again: ), what did you get?

Me: 3 days, no big deal, what are you up too? Sidney: 3 days: ( what am I gonna do without my art buddy! Me: just give up now, you won't make it now: ) Sidney: I know well I'm going to bed goodnight good looking ;) Me: Goodnight babes ;) It was definitely worth it, I went to sleep thinking about her.

The next three days were nothing but boring, my parents made me do yard work while I was home, I was able to attend practice but that was it. Everyone on the team threw up their fists when they saw me, even my coaches did it.

My coach turned and looked at me and said, "Hey merryweather, you got 3 miles and 100 pushups and crunches for the next three days before you get to practice, so get going" Those three days were hell but the next thing I knew it was the weekend and I convinced my parents to let me go to Tyler's house, little did they know that he was having a party! I had been texting Sidney all week and much to my dismay, I was even talking to her on the phone, she was really opening up to me and flirting with me constantly.

The night before I was set to go to Tyler's, I asked her "hey babes, Tyler is having a party, wanna join me: ) Sidney: Anything for you, but we have to get his bed at the end : ) Me: Why, girls are icky; ) Sidney: Shut up hot stuff, whether you like it or not were cuddling : ) Me: If you say so; ) The time came for me to leave, I was on my way to pick up Sidney when I realized I did not have a condom, I was fucked, or was I?

She's a virgin so I doubt she'll wanna anyway, but you never know so I made a turn and went to the store and bought some for the hell of it.

I made my way to her house and turned off my headlights, you see she said she was going to Jessica's that night and had to come out 20 minutes early than sneak inside and back out just so her parents wouldn't see my car.

She hopped in breathing heavy, "sorry, I had to run around my house so my parents wouldn't see" she explained. "It's all good sweetheart, don't worry about it" I answered her. The next thing took me off guard, as I was about to pull away she looked at me and leaned in and grabbed my head and gave me a long passionate kiss.

It probably lasted about 3 seconds but who knows, it felt like minutes. As our lips departed from one another I turned and asked her, "Where'd that come from?" She answered, "Just a thank you and a warm up" "Okay?" I replied confusingly.

I started my car and then we were off, man she really didn't hold back tonight, she was wearing a short white skirt that came up to about mid-thigh, and a purplish shirt, wait what's this, no bra? Was I in heaven? With every bump I saw her tits wiggle a little bit, and I felt my dick slowly come to life, now I'm not one to lie and tell you I have a huge dick, its average size I suppose, just about 6 and a half inches maybe seven on a good day, but the shorts I was wearing was not helping one bit.

About 10 minutes away from Tyler's she looked at me and said, "Kyle, I just want you to know I really like you, you are such a funny and cute guy, you have no idea." I replied, "Sidney, I've liked you since I don't know when, so thank you." I was grinning from ear to ear. My dick was now rock hard as she leaned over to change the radio station, showing me a large amount of cleavage, I could nearly see her nipple.

She answered back "I know, trust me, you are just a little bit obvious about it hahahaha, but anyway, can I tell you something?" "Sure" "You have been watching me more than you have the road, and this is not safe now pull over and let play with your friend down there" was I hearing right. I looked at her puzzled wondering whether or not I was dreaming. "Pull over now!" I told her hold on and quickly drove towards a more secluded spot, you see where I live there's a small lake with an old dirt road that has some secret spots I know from experience, I quickly found the first spot and turned into it and turned my car off.

It was on, she quickly climbed into the back seat, as she was doing so I took in the view and saw her skirt lift up past her waist and show me that she was wearing a light purple thong, it rode just up her ass and gave that perfect ass cleavage look, I'm surprised I didn't just cum right then and there.

She looked at me and said, "you gonna join me or what?" I hurriedly climbed into the backseat and got comfortable, she took no time and jumped on top of me, we started making out and through moans she told me how naughty we were being.

"You're so sexy Sidney, God I need you so bad right now" "You are going to get more than you have ever expected" We made out some more and the next thing I know she was taking her shirt off, she was going slow so I quickly grabbed it and tore it off of her, it made a small ripping sound as she got it off.

They were now into my view, her perfect tits, they were even better than I imagined, she had light brown areoles about the size of a quarter, I quickly pulled her in and started sucking on them, I swirled my tongue around them, it made her moan. "ohhhhh shit, Kyle, that feels so damn good" this good girl who I had never heard cuss before had turned bad, talk about a lady in the street and a freak in the bed.

I kept sucking and she kept moaning.

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She pulled herself off of me, both nipples were now as hard as my dick was, I could tell she could feel it bumping against her pussy. " now it's my turn" she said. She tore my shorts off of me quicker than anything I had ever seen, the sweet eyes I had always dreamed of were now filled with lust looking at my dick through my boxers, she quickly tore those off too.

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She then went to work, she kissed me one last time and made her way down to my dick, she slowly licked it from my balls all the way up to the tip, I was in utter ecstasy. She kept teasing me, slowly licking up and down my shaft.

"you like that baby?" "yeah, but how about you suck my dick already?" "hold your horses, this is my rodeo, now some ground rules, call me a slut, whore, bitch, anything, I love it, pull my hair, twist my nipples, slap my ass, I like it all, douche bag could never figure that stuff out that's why I never gave it up to him" "fine by me, now suck my dick you whore" I grabbed a handful of her hair, she moaned loudly.

"you like sucking my dick don't you? You are such a whore, yeah baby just like that, swirl your tongue around my dick like a bad bitch" I was in utter pleasure, my hands made their way down her back onto her ass, God it was perfect, better than anything I had ever felt before, I kneaded both cheeks.

"I bet you wanna swallow my cum huh? You are such a naughty girl." She took her mouth off of my dick and looked up at me and said "yeah you bet I wanna swallow, you know me so well" "yes I do you bitch now keep sucking before I spank you" she went at my dick like a porn star, she attacked my dick with lust, pure lust.

How could this get any better, then I remembered, she likes being spanked, that wasn't a threat towards her, so I wound up and slapped her ass softly, she moaned on my dick sending shivers up my spine, I could get used to this. I quickly wound up again and slapped her as harder this time, she moaned even more, I kept spanking her and with each time she would deep throat my dick. "I'm about to come Sidneyyyyyyyyyy" I yelled. Much to my surprise she held up to her word and kept sucking, only this time harder and with each movement down onto my dick she would push it all the way until she gagged, only a few seconds later was I cumming in to her mouth, my dream girls mouth, she swallowed every with every spurt, drinking it up as if it was gold.

I think I love this girl.


I soon ran out of cum, but she didn't stop sucking, she kept on going until I was hard again, holy shit I didn't think this was possible, was she about to suck my dick to two orgasms, I was about to find out. She looked up as soon as I was completely hard again and said, "Ready for round two?" with a huge smile on my face. I told her "yes but now it's my turn" I grabbed her hips threw her to the opposite side of the backseat.

She smiled and said, "your damn right it is", she then turned so her beautiful ass was now looking at me, and seductively took her skirt off, maybe not seductively because we were in the backseat but who knows I was horny and anything would have been sexy, after her skirt came off nothing was showing but her ass covered in the small material of her purple thong, I wish I had a picture to show you guys.

I wound up and spanked her ass as hard as I could, she moaned and stuck it out further, she was expecting another spanking, I did not oblige to her wishes, instead I was going to eat her out until she came.

I stuck my face into her ass and took a big whiff, it smelled delicious. "Kyle your making me so wet", indeed she was wet, her pussy juices were already seeping through the small material, " now eat me out" "you are such a slut, and don't worry I will" I took her thong off of her lovely ass and flipped her over, although it was a small compact space, I made due and went after her small slit.

Her pussy was perfect, freshly trimmed leaving just a little mound of hair, light brown lips that were swollen with lust.

I could eat her any day of the week, if only this had happened sooner. I quickly went to work and stuck my tongue into her pussy, eating her.

She moaned pulling my head closer to her pussy, my fingers were now also at work slowly moving in and out of her. I am a pro when it comes to eating out a girl, remember, the nice guys eat the best pussy.

"kylllllllleeeeeeeeee, that feeeeeeeeeeeeeels so good, oh my god, you are amazing, I love you so much", not one bit of the words she uttered could be considered normal, but the last phrase was the one that caught me off guard, I tried my best to ignore and instead of saying anything back, I ate her out even better, swirling my tongue over her clit working my fingers in and out of her. "kyleeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

I am about to cummmmmmmm" Oh yes you are, I had been waiting for those magic words since the beginning of the night, as soon as she said that I suck my pinky finger in her pussy to lube it up, then stuck it her ass, she moaned loudly, and screamed, "holy shit kyleeeeeeee! I'm cumming" and without further ado she ripped my head from her pussy and started cumming. Confused as to why she ripped my head from her pussy I sat back and watched. "uuuugggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh Kyleeeeeeee!" her body tensed up as her first orgasm reached her, she started cumming, no way, she's a squirter, oh my Tim Tebow that is fucking hot, now I know why she did what she had done, instead of simply watching her, I moved my face towards her steaming hot pussy as the first shot of her juices hit my face, I quickly moved my face down to her pussy and took each shot of her cum directly into my mouth, she tasted so good and she kept moaning.

"kyllllllleeeeeeeeee, no get off" she tried pushing me away, but she was to weak and just to be safe I wrapped my arms around her waist and pushed my mouth deeper into her pussy. She had multiple orgasms as I kept eating her out, god she was so hot, but as quickly as it came, it was gone.

I fell on top of her breathing heavy, she turned the opposite way towards the front of the car and I was now behind her, not that I was complaining, both of us being naked I had no objections, my dream girl was now my girl and I was happy with that.

"Hey Kyle, I told you that we would be cuddling tonight" she said with a smirk. "Yeah yeah, whatever" To be continued? Comments are greatly appreciated, will go back and edit later, sorry for any and all mistakes, too lazy to proofread, so either enjoy with the mistakes or don't read. Any and all comments are appreciated. Remember I am still a beginner, so be easy on me.