Sultry schoolgirl was seduced and fucked by her older teacher

Sultry schoolgirl was seduced and fucked by her older teacher
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A continuation of the previous story New Neighbors? (obviously). As before, constructive criticism is more than welcome! If you haven't read the first one, I'd suggest going to that first as you may be a tiny bit lost if you don't start there. ___________________ The night passed restlessly for me. I tossed and turned, hardly able to tear my mind away from the beautiful blonde who haunted my thoughts.

Something about the way her face had been lit up by the smoldering tip of the cigarette that had hung from those seductive lips just stuck in my head.

But wait. This was ridiculous. I hardly knew the girl. In fact, I did not know her at all. She was remarkably ready to just let me be on top of her.

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I could not tell whether that was bad or not. On the one hand I wanted her very badly, but on the other, what if she just threw herself at guys? "Aw, fuck it." I muttered.

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All this thinking was not helping me one bit. Throwing the covers off of myself, I lumbered out of bed half asleep, and into the bathroom. The cupboard behind the mirror held what I was seeking. A nice bottle of ZzQuil. Shutting the cupboard I looked at myself in the mirror.

This was something I did fairly often, from a mixture of vanity and genuine fascination with the human body. My hair was short, but not crew cut. It was a brown so dark that people generally confused it for black. In reality, it was the same shade as my eyes, which were dark pools in the dim light of the fading bulbs. I was not ripped, in any sense of the word. I had just quit a local swim team though, so the muscles I had were there to stay, at least for a little while.

A flat stomach and well muscled arms left me in good standing with the girls I knew. Shrugging, and watching the muscles move in my shoulders, I opened the bottle of ZzQuil and downed what was left. Then, most thoughts of Spenser driven from my head by the thickness that now inhabited it, I collapsed onto the mattress, asleep. # It seemed as if Father Time, being a spiteful old bastard, had decided that my use of outside help to assist in my quest for peaceful slumber was unacceptable.

Thus, he saw no problem in speeding up time, so that a mere second after my head hit the pillow, my alarm was going off.

Disgruntled with the frightening rate at which time had passed, I once more pulled myself from bed, down the hall and into the bathroom. After a refreshing cold shower, I decided that breakfast today should consist of more than the regular cup of black hazelnut coffee.

Given that the time was now 9:30, and my father had left for work two hours previously, I now had the house to myself. As such I saw no problem with getting my coffee wearing nothing but a towel. It was a regular occurrence for me. I did not even make it to the stairs. Whistling a tune, (the theme from Guillermo del Toro's "Pan's Labyrinth") I turned left immediately, not thinking that my singing in the shower ("If Ever I Would Leave You" from 'Camelot,' Act II as sung by Robert Goulet) might have masked the creak and slam of the back door to the yard.

I should have remembered my mother's advice and looked twice before crossing. As it happened, my shower concert had indeed served a more sinister purpose. It masked the noises made by a subtle intruder into my home. I was not inclined to complain about this sneaky intruder, however. That is, not until she ripped the towel away from my bare waist from behind me. I jumped so high I nearly brushed the ceiling! "You have a cute butt," Spenser giggled.

"Hey!" I exclaimed, turning to face her. I realized what a horrible idea this was as soon as I was facing her. I watched her eyes travel down my body to my dick, which began stirring under the pressure of her brilliantly green eyes. "And that's not all that's cute!" She said, as her eyes widened a little and she bit her lower lip again. "Cute?!" I nearly shouted. "No way, man, it is NOT cute!" "Yeah? Then what is it? Burly? Or maybe it's manly?" I blushed furiously.

"L-look." I stuttered, nervous all of the sudden. "Just give me back my towel." "Aww, but I'm having so much fun!" She pouted, pulling her arms together and bending over slightly.

From this angle, I got a nice look at her tits which were pressed together, sending a shockwave down my spine and further encouraging my slumped soldier to stand at attention. "Give it." I said in what I thought might be a commanding voice. It sounded nothing like a command. More along the lines of a plea, or a whimper.

Sure enough though, she handed it over. "You know what this means, don't you?" She said, still pouting. "Uh. you snuck into my house while I was showering and ripped my towel off?" I said, bemused. "No, silly! I gave it back when I didn't have to so now you owe me one." "One what?" I queried, but she gave no answer. "What's for breakfast? I'm starving." She said, and walked over to the full downstairs kitchen.

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I hastily wrapped myself in the towel and contemplated putting more clothes on. I decided that since she had seen me without the towel already, it would not matter much if that was all I wore.

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"We don't use this kitchen too much." I said. "Let's go upstairs." "Ooh," she marveled sarcastically.

"You're gonna let me into your house?" "No, you already let yourself in," I teased, "I'm just gonna show you the rest." I led the way up the stairs to the entryway, then up the second flight to the next floor and down the hall to the spacious kitchen. It was really too big for just me and my father, but he did not want to move before I went off to college.

Spenser then demanded that I make her breakfast. I'm reasonably sure I would have thrown myself off a cliff if she'd looked at me with those big eyes and chewed on her lip like she did.

As it was, I went about making the greatest breakfast she would ever have.

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My limited experience with cooking, however, proved to be a problem. After burning the scrambled eggs and forgetting the toast in the toaster, I decided that maybe simplicity was key. "Hey, so cards on the table," I said, "I can't cook for shit. Are Cheerios ok with you?" "Of course they are. I wasn't expecting a continental breakfast, you loser!" She giggled. I noticed that she giggled a lot. I was okay with that. As I poured the cereal into two bowls, I said, "You know, I've been thinking." "Oh no," she exclaimed, pushing her chair back from the kitchen table.

"This could be dangerous!" I gave a sarcastic laugh, and followed with "No seriously. You said I owe you one, but the way I figure it you're the one who owes me!" "Yeah?" She said.

"Now how do you figure that?" "Well, you have very obviously seen me totally naked. Which is totally fine by me. Except I believe in equality, which means in order to be fair I have to see you naked too." I held my breath, hoping that this would not crash and burn. I had a very clear image in my head of her calling me a pervert, throwing cheerios in my face, and storming out of the house.

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Instead, she bit her lip again. "Well," she said. "I don't think that's quite fair. See, you were heading out of the shower. So you were already most of the way there. I'm not most of the way there." "So take a shower!" I said. "I am so not just taking a shower in your house! That would be totally weird!" She cried. "I'll only do it if you take one with me." "But I just got out of one," I said, like an idiot. As soon as the words left my mouth I wished I could have them back. "Oh, so you're all clean." She said, sipping a tall glass of orange juice.

"Hey, come here for a sec." I got up, and came around the table. "Drop the towel." She told me. I obeyed. Then, she raised her glass and shot her hand out in one fluid motion. Cold juice splashed on my chest, the cool temperature causing my nipples to stand on their own. "There," she said, very obviously pleased with herself. "Now you're not clean. C'mon, dirty boy. Let's take a shower." What else could I do but follow her down the stairs? # She grabbed my hand as we descended the stairs towards my part of the house.

Closing the door to the entry way, she went around pulling curtains on all the windows.

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I, for one, was shocked to see that there were still curtains on the windows. I thought my mom had taken all of the curtains when she left. Wait. Why was I thinking of my mom at a time like this?? Leading me to the bathroom, Spenser reached into the shower and turned the knob. Water sprayed from the nozzle. She made me turn around while she undressed, which I did not understand. But I did it anyways. "Ok," she said, actually sounding nervous. I turned and the sight that greeted me was beyond my wildest dreams.

Her strawberry blonde hair fell in flowing waves just below her shoulders, the tips of it brushing against the tops of her breasts. The breasts themselves were round and perky, just a perfect handful with areolae just slightly larger than a quarter, and stiff nipples that pointed directly at me. Her body curved inward from there, reaching its slimmest point at her thin waist and curving outwards again to form generous hips.

My eyes were drawn straight to the prize. Just at the point where her beautifully toned legs met was a small patch of blonde hair and the folds of her womanhood. I felt my dick shoot straight out at the sight of this lovely vixen. When my gaze returned to her face, she had this look of nervous apprehension that was just the most adorable thing I had ever seen.

Her lower lip was once more clenched between her teeth, and her eyebrows scrunched together. Stepping towards my gorgeous next door neighbor, I took her face in my hands.

I planted one passionate kiss on her full lips and whispered, "You are by far the most beautiful girl I have ever seen." Then I put a hand on her waist and pulled her close to me, kissing her with all the lust and passion I could muster. After a couple minutes of this, the room had become quite steamy.

I pulled away, and looked her up and down once. "Hey," I said, looking her in the eyes once more. "You've got some OJ on you. We should probably clean that up." "I think you're right," She said, with a smile, "But wherever would we go to get clean?" "I have just the place." I told her, and taking her hand I stepped into the shower.

The water was hot, but not scalding. Just right, really. I half suspected she had been here in the wee hours of the morning, testing the shower handle for just the right temperature. Water streaming down our bodies, we just stood and looked each other in the eye.

She broke the contact, peering down at where my swollen penis was poking her in the stomach. I hastily apologized but she insisted it was fine and turned her body away from me, allowing me to admire her tight bubble butt. She began humming tunelessly, and grabbed some soap. As she ran her hands across her body, she wiggled around for my benefit.

I stepped up against her back, forcing my dick upwards between us like a broom handle. My hands explored her body from behind, and she turned her head to lock lips once again.

My hands explored her firm breasts, kneading the soft, wonderful flesh pillows and tweaking the nipples. On the underside of her breasts I traced a nail around their curvature, with just enough pressure to leave a small red line behind.

She mewed and purred beneath my strong hands. I slowly made my way down her stomach to her pussy, teasing at her bellybutton and drawing circles on her inner thighs until she thrust her hips at my hand desperately.


Obliging her, I drew one finger down her slit, sampling her moistness. Then, in one swift movement, I buried my middle finger up to the knuckle in her pussy, and began a long, fast stroke in and out. Angling my hand, I use the knuckle of my pointer finger to draw slow circles around her clit, while my other hand rubbed and pinched her left breast.

Spenser's left hand had a fist full of my short hair, and the right caressed the side of my face as I pleasured her with my hands. Throughout this all, she gyrated her hips in time with my hand, stimulating my hard cock at the same time that I finger fucked her dripping cunt.

After about ten minutes, when my wrist was starting to ache from the constant fucking movement of my fingers, she turned slowly, and kissed her way down my chest and stomach to the shaft of my erect member. Stroking my dick lightly, she placed her tongue at the base of my shaft and moved her way slowly up before circling my head and planting a wet kiss on the tip.


Spenser looked up at me, right hand on my dick, left frantically shooting in and out of her pussy, and carefully took my head into the warm embrace of her waiting lips. A moan escaped my lips as she worked her head up and down on my dick.

I watched as one by one the nearly seven inches of solid cock that I possessed disappeared behind those pouting lips. This continued for several minutes, with her mouth and throat bobbing up and down on my member, when i felt that I was ready to blow.



" I moaned. "I'm gonna…" She moaned in return, forcing my thick cock further down her throat so I could feel her nose bury itself in my pubic hair. The combination of the deep throat and vibrations from her moan sent me over the edge. I shot load after load of hot jizz straight down her throat. When she pulled herself off my cock, a stray strand flew up to land across her cheek.

She opened her mouth to show me a nice big mouthful of my seed before swallowing it and sweeping up the cum on her cheek, which soon disappeared into her mouth as well. Rising, she kissed me again and I could taste my jizz in her mouth. It was not unpleasant, but not really the kind of thing I would choose to do again either. Rinsing the sweat off her body, Spenser stepped out of the shower. After a quick rinse I turned the water off and followed her. My neighbor had toweled off and was pulling her bra and shirt on, having already stepped into her shorts.

I pulled a second towel around myself, and followed her as she stepped out of the bathroom. "Are you leaving?" I said, disappointed.

"Yeah, I have things to do!" She said. "I can't just waste the day away messing around with you, no matter how cute you are." "Well," I protested. "You got me off, at least let me take care of you!" She was stepping out the door by now. "Next time," She called from the yard. "Now you owe me one!" And she was gone. I sighed, and headed back to the bathroom to slip into some sweatpants.

On the floor of my bathroom was a pair of lacy black panties, with a folded piece of paper inside. The paper read "Enjoy, xoxo ;) " and scrawled below that was a telephone number. Looking again at the lacy panties, I felt my dick stirring once more. She said enjoy, I thought, so I would make the most of it.

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And with a phone number, there was a guarantee that more was to come.