Slut lovita fate gets her cunt licked and fingered

Slut lovita fate gets her cunt licked and fingered
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I did feel bad because we were such good of friends, and she had tears in her eyes when she was running home. As the days passed, which turned into months, which turned into years, we grew more distant because of that incident, and eventually, didn't even talk much anymore.

Every time we saw each other, it was just a simple "hello" or "hi" or once in awhile a "how are you doing today". I never knew something that felt so right could be so wrong. I knew she was feeling it, I knew she wanted me to continue; I knew she wanted me to be the one to share the first special moment with her. Why didn't it happen? WHY? As time kept passing us by, I missed the way she smiled at me, I missed the way she used to give me hugs when I was down or wiped my tears away if I ever cried.

I fell for this girl, she was no longer a friend, I was in love with her. We grew older now, and I was 25, and she was still 24, her birthday was coming up in a few months though. I had moved on since then, and I met a girl named Christine. She moved in the neighborhood 5 years back when I was 20 or so, and we hit if off the bat. She was a charming girl, very cute smile and a personality to die for. She was witty and funny and had the most dashing style of dressing. Guys would praise her and made her a goddess everywhere she walked.

She was a princess in my eyes. We soon fell for each other, and eventually I proposed and we were going to get married. I never lusted for Christine though, even though we made love before, it was nothing compared to the feelings I had when I was with Annie.

So out of the sakes for old times, I invited Annie to our wedding and she gladly accepted. Our wedding was held at a private park outside in the meadows next to a lake by our house. Willow trees swayed in the wind, and doves and swans flew by the summer sun. The skies were once again orange and yellowish, signaling the coming of the evening. As me and Christine held hands and were about to get married, I looked into the sky and the setting sun, and how it brought back the memories of the days when me and Annie were up on our tree house.

The day I almost made love to her, how the memories of her naked body had revived itself in my mind. How wet her panties were; that little spot where her pussy had been, a haunting fantasy, a haunting memory that should have died.

I thought back, I should have pulled her panties to the side of her legs, and slowly use my tongue and gently lick it across her dripping wet lips, slowly dipping it into her pussy, parting her opening, and tasting the juices that came within.

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I felt awful, lusting after my long lost love, on my wedding day. I decided not to think of it anymore, even thought my cock didn't agree with me. Christine and I were now married, and I was happy too.

She was such a great gal, filled a part of me I never thought I'd complete. We'd make love in our backyard, under the stars like how I wanted to do with Annie.


We watched the sunset together from our bedroom window, like how I wanted to do with Annie. We came back to my old house and when our parents were gone, we screwed each other like there was no tomorrow in my tree house, like with ANNIE!

Why couldn't I get her out of my mind? ANNIE ANNIE ANNIE! I knew I had to fuck Annie, I wanted to make love with her so madly, I just wanted to ram my hard long cock in her, slide it in and out, make her moan, bring her to life with passion, to finger her, to lick her, to tease her, to rub her cunt, to live out the fantasy I knew her and I wanted but could have never finished!

I have decided, this was a time to end this fantasy once and for all. I decided to finally live out the dream that I wanted for soooo long!

I knew Annie's work schedule, and I knew she gets off on Fridays so one Friday I also took a day off, using it from my vacation days. Christine was off to work early in the morning, she kissed me goodbye like she always does. She's not around any more though, she wont be back till around 7 p.m and that was plenty of time to get accomplished what I wanted to do.

So for old times sake, I called up Annie since she still lived close by and asked her to hang out with me in our tree house again; something the both of us hasn't done in a long time. "Oh, come on Annie, it would be fun hanging up there again right? We always did it when we were kids, why not now? ," I asked as I was calling her. What she didn't know was, when I meant we did it when we were kids, I was referring to that day when we almost made passionate love to each other!

"Well alright, I got nothing to do for the rest of the day anyways, I can't see how it'll hurt", she replied to me.

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Great, everything was going as planned. I always knew me and Annie had chemistry for each other, but we were too shy to ever admit anything, so today would be the day. I saw her walking towards my backyard and towards the tree; she was a beautiful girl as always. She was wearing a sky blue summer dress; I could see her slim curvy body beneath her dress. Her hair was still fine, and she still had those magic looks in her eyes, her body was still hot and rocking, and tonight I'll take it to its limits.

I was again hanging out at the entrance of the tree house looking look on her as she was climbing up. She was oblivious to the fact that once again, I was looking down her dress. I still remember those full soft breasts of hers. They were more developed now; I'd say probably a 34C. She was a full-grown woman and I was going to find that out for myself.

We sat there talking and eating snacks for about an hour, reminding of the old times and how fun it used to be. We were flirty like we always were, but no one ever took the initiative to take things a step further. We brushed each other arms and had smiles we couldn't control or hold back. It was going great! We conversed about the things we did up here and how great it was to be a kid again. Then…that day came up!

She was already leaning into me and I was holding her close to my chest, and those words came out of my mouth. "Do you remember that day, when we were up here and something happened", I asked.

I was feeling her up more now and she seemed to like it. She squiggled around a bit in delight and she had her hands close on my lap nearing my thigh. "What day John," she replied back. I knew she knew what I was talking about, I could hear her heart beat faster now, and she began to cross her legs nervously; that thing between her legs was aching now, wanting to be touched, she crossed her legs in order to get some pleasure out of it, I knew what she was thinking.

Being so close to me began to remind her of that time, it sent thoughts through her mind, thoughts she was so sure she had forgotten. "The day we never finished what we started my dear", I told her in excitement. "Started what," she gulped and now I could see she was getting more tense in the moment. I took her in my arms, and I kissed her.

I locked lips with her and I stuck my tongue deep into her mouth. She kissed back and we began to fondle and suck on each other's tongue. Her tongue was wet and it was versatile, it moved like it had a mind of its own, and it was soon pleasuring mine. Next, I laid her down, and I ripped open her dress.

Her dress was buttoned from the back and I tore it apart easily. I threw it to the side, and her near naked body was there revealed before me. She had on her traditional white laced bra and her white cotton panties. I looked down at her panties and I saw a little wet spot already.

I took one finger and rubbed it very lightly against her outer labia, it tingled her a bit and I could see the chill I sent up her spine. Her legs were moving wildly when she felt the sensation, it was a tingle she couldn't help but like. I gently went over her pussy softly again with my finger, and again she shivered. I was touching her through her panties and she liked it. "Nah uh uh, you're not getting it so soon yet Annie, I'm gonna make you beg for more today!" I told her in a commanding voice.

"Oh John, you're married, I can't do this, what would Christine think? We're good friends John, please, stop touching me in that way, I don't like it", she yelled back in response.

She tried to grab for her dress but I stopped her hand, I held her down and looked deep in her eyes and I kissed her again. I then moved down her stomach and was licking every section of her stomach. It was so soft, her skin was so white, and it was lustful. I slowly kissed my way up to her breasts and undid her bra. I threw it to the side and I sat there for a second looking at how developed her breasts were.

I kissed and licked them, and teased her around her nipple. I saw her nipples were becoming very hard. Her breathing got deeper as I got closer and closer to her nipple, I finally gave it a little lick and sucked on it for a few seconds, while my other hand was massaging her other tit.

"OoOo John, that feels so good, but stop, I'm serious, I'm going to scream!" she yelled out again in retaliation. "Then scream, you know you want to be here with me, you like it when I fiddle around with your tits like this, you like me sucking on them", I replied. She grew silent and laid there just offering her body to me. I sucked on her nipple and gently took my tongue and played with her nipples inside my mouth. Her nipple got harder and harder.

"OoOouHhHhhh, John, John! It feels so good, but please stop". I just continued. With my other hand I took her other nipple between my two fingers and pinched it a little and I realized, her tits were hard and they were now mines, I had control over them! She didn't want me to stop; she was only saying those words to make her feel better about herself that she "resisted". Riiiight. I worked my other hand down now to her stomach and I felt across it.

I slowly moved it down until I could feel her panties. I cupped my hand over her panties where her pussy was and I could feel her little mound being so wet and fuckable. I could now feel the dampness seeping through so rapidly. Finally, I took one finger, and I put it inside of her panties, and I rubbed her cunt opening just a little. I teased her with it; I massaged her outer lips with my finger.

My finger got soaked in her juices. I licked it off my finger and now was slowly playing with her panties, taking it off little by little. I took my mouth off her right breast and now I was kissing her inner thighs. I was rubbing her inner thighs as well, as I got closer, I could smell her. I could smell her hot sex waiting and begging for me. I had her in control, and she knew it, there was nothing now that she could do to stop me from fucking her.

I placed my tongue over her panties where her wetness was, and I licked it, slowly going up and down. I rubbed her pussy softly from the outside while licking her simultaneously. "Oh John, lick my pussy already, it's getting so wet from your finger and from your tongue, STOP TEASING ME you little bitch! EAT ME OUT NOWWWW!" I never felt or remembered her being that demanding but now, that was my only intention anyways.

Her hips started bucking and she shoved her crotch towards my mouth, she was rocking back and fourth and smearing her juices all over my face. All this and her panties weren't even off yet. I held her legs down and with my finger gently rubbed her soft wet lips. Finally, I slowly took off her panties, and threw them to the side. I saw her wet little opening, it was so soaked with her feminine juice, I knew it was my job to lick it all off. "My my my, aren't we a wet little girl?

What happened Annie? What made you so wet my dear", I commented sarcastically. "Oh shut up and fuck me John, you're the little whore that made me this wet, you know my weakness, when you tease me with your tongue and finger like that.

You'd knew you'd make me so wet! I hate you, you little bitch! NOW FUCK ME, HURRYYY". I obeyed… Her pussy was in full view, her cunt was shaved and it was such a turn on! Every guy loves a girl who shaves her pussy, for some reason, it just turns us on like 10x more.

I slowly parted her outer lips, and I took my tongue and licked it solidly from bottom to top. She moaned "OoOoo John, your tongue is so soft and wet, lick me again". I then licked her again, right in the middle of her little slit; I licked her slowly and gently from top to bottom this time. Her hips moved violently with the motion of my tongue, it followed my tongues every movement. She was getting wetter by the moment and it was turning me on even more.

I then parted her inner lips, I pulled her pussy slight apart and nudged it with my tongue, and I gave it one good slow lick.

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Her clit was clearly visible now, like a little pearl in the ocean of her wetness. I licked my fingers so they were wet, and I gently rubbed her clit with my forefinger, she gasped and moaned, and couldn't breathe; it felt so good to her.

"John, rub my clit harder, faster, faster, faster, suck my pussy John, eat it OUT NOW! John, rub my pussy hurry, I'm aching for you John", she screamed out! Now I licked her pussy even more furiously, I groped that thing and brought it towards my face, I parted her cunt and I stuck my tongue inside of her, licking her pussy walls from left to right, up and down, smoothly, gently, caressing her female sex that I had waited so long for.

I took my forefinger and slow inserted it into her wet opening. Juices were gushing out now; they weren't stopping for me at all. I slid my forefinger in and out in a rhythmic pattern with my tongue. They were in sync with the movements and that drove her nuts. "OooOo, aHhHhh, finger me you little bitch!


Don't stop sucking my clit, lick it hard John, harder! HARDER! FASTER!" she yelled again! I gradually increased my pace and I was eating her pussy out faster now. My licks became more aggressive and faster, just like the way she wanted it. I fingered her with my forefinger and soon inserted another.

I curved my fingers up and I found her g-spot, that mysterious little area inside her vagina that made her went crazy! I slid my fingers in and out, and each time I went in, I made sure I'd rub her g-spot and each time I did I got a response.

"uHHhhh OoOooo Ahhhh Ooo, that feels so good, finger fuck me harder dear!" I liked what I was doing to her. "John, baby, I'm gonna cum SOON, ahhhhh! I'm going to cum, DON'T STOP JOHN"… I stopped…I was evil and she hated me for it, she was on the edge of her seat but I wouldn't let her orgasm. "It's my turn Annie, you had your fun, if you want more, you'd have to prove that you're worthy of it", I told her. She was pissed at me, but furiously kissed me for being her best sex toy ever, her only and first sex toy.

She went right after my cock, she pulled down my boxers and grasps her hands on it, and stroked it with all the energy she had. I was so wet from the pre-cum, and she took that and lubricated my whole cock with it. She was sliding her hands up and down my cock, and with her mouth, she was sucking on to my balls. She licked the sensitive head of my cock as she was stroking up and down. Then she took her tongued and licked my whole shaft, sloooowly! My breathing got heavier, it felt great and I was ecstatic!

Then, she took my whole cock in her mouth. Whoever said that Asians had small dicks? I was a full-grown man and Annie took all 8 inches of it, she wasn't Annie anymore, she was a monster now, and I liked it!

"OH MY GOD ANNIE, where did you learn how to do that", I asked in shocked. "Teehehe, I had fantasies about sucking your cock ever since that day you fingered and teased me you asshole. I'd make sure you're gonna be my sex slave tonight! I'm gonna make you cum you little slut, for teasing me like that John", she replied with an evil grin. Oh was she right, she sure had me, I stood there motionless, my body not responding to my commands, I was frozen in unearthly pleasures I never knew existed.

She moved her head back and fourth and was sucking the very life out of my cock, I knew at this rate, I'd cum all over her and it would be all over.

I forcefully took my cock out of her mouth but she still went after it, she wanted some more! I had to move back a bit, she was advancing so aggressively towards me that I was scared by the look on her face!

I finally gained composure of myself and then I grabbed her arms and threw her on the mattress. I held her down and then I spread her legs apart.

Then again, I had another full view of the pussy I wanted so much! Her cunt was a virgin, I saw the wet opening and how all her juices covered the inside and outside of it. She shaved her cunt and it was hairless!

"oOoOo, take me now John, FUCK THIS PUSSY like you would back then, the day when we should have fucked each other, all those years ago, only a 100x harder! NOW, take me!" then she whined, "PLEASE JOHN, fuck me alreadyyyyyy, I can't take this any more, my cunt is aching for your cock." I took my solid hard cock and began to massage it against her outer pussy lips.

I moved it up and down and her folds followed the movement of my cock wherever it went. She pushed her hips violently against my cock, and it slid in a bit. "Bad girl, you're not suppose to that!" Then I spanked her on the ass. I continued for another 10 mins just gently rubbing my cock against her pussy, she loved it, I could tell, I rubbed it on her clit and she moaned with pleasure. Finally, I took my cock and slowly slide it in her cunt. Her vaginal muscles contracted right away and it engulfed my cock within her.

I could feel her pussy juice and wetness all around me. There was no need for lubrication, the ones she made was all we needed. I slid my cock slowly in and out of her, in and out, and each time I went in, I could feel the tightness of her virgin slit. Faster and faster I went, gradually I pounded my cock deep within her. I got all 8 inches of me inside her and she squirmed with delight!

Each time I'd ram it in her, she'd moan out loud, and would in turn, thrust her hips harder against mine, so my cock would be ALL the way inside her. She grabbed onto the sheets HARD and never let go, she ripped the bed sheets to pieces each time I slid my cock further into her. I fucked her harder and harder, and the louder she would moan and scream in pleasure. I rocked her body so hard, my cock was barely able to take on her pussy.

She couldn't resist at all. I switched positions now. I was fucking her hard missionary style and she loved it. I laid down, and I told her to get on top of me. She quickly obeyed and slowly sat on top of me, her pussy was right over my face.

I licked and sucked on her pussy for around 10 seconds then she moved away, she was just teasing me. I took my hand and then rubbed her cunt for being such a naughty girl. I rubbed her clit furiously and her hips were bucking madly, she couldn't handle all the pleasure.

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I stuck my tongue in her again, and began eating her cunt, the animal inside me was out, and her pussy felt it. Finally after giving her another oral session, I fingered her a bit and laid down again. I told her to get on top of my cock and ride me, do what she always wanted to do. She obeyed and got on top of me, and slowly slid her body down on my cock.

I saw her lovely breasts again and her whole naked body. OoOo she was so tight, my cock finally penetrated inside of her and she was moving up and down slowly.

She was so energetic; she gradually increased the pace and pretty soon was riding me like a cowboy. Her lips parted every time she moved down on my cock, and closed again a little bit when she got off for a breather. She sat on my cock again, and was riding up and down. "FASTER FASTER FASTER", I screamed.


She moved faster and we were both pretty close to cumming. I felt the tensions in my balls that I was going to cum pretty soon.

I took one hand and massaged her tits rapidly, and with the other hand, I was rubbing her cunt while she was riding me. I rubbed her clit and she responded "OoO, uHhh, OoO, AaAahh, I'm going to cum". I kept rubbing her clit as her pussy was fucking the life out of me; I rubbed it as though this would be the last time we fucked! Faster and faster I rubbed her pussy, and wetter and wetter she got.

Her cunt took my whole cock in and out, in and out, sliding in and out with ease. "AHHHhHH John, I'm cumming&hellip. OoOo, ahhh" I continued rubbing her clit and I felt the rush of her pussy juice coming from the inside. It felt like a waterfall, she came so much even with my cock inside her!

Her vaginal muscles were contracting and relaxing with violent tensions now, it ate my cock alive! "uHhH, oooOoO ANNIE, I'm gonna cum in you babe, right about NOW", I yelled in pleasure! With a sudden burst, I unloaded all my cum into her sweet 24 year old pussy.

I cam into her, and she loved it, it felt like magic! Loads after loads of cum went into her, it was the most intense orgasm I have ever had in my life.

Nothing with Christine was remotely close to this! We both gasped for air after we came, her pussy was still wet and my cock was still hard. This evening had taken the life out of us, we were no longer humans, the animal instincts took over! "That was the most amazing thing I've ever felt John, I came about three times when you were in me", she giggled at me.

"Yea, we should have done this years ago, who'd knew you are this good", I replied with a smile. I told her how beautiful she was and then I kissed her softly on the lips and we laid there naked, and fell asleep together under the setting sun. I fell in love with this girl here and then, everything was perfect. We woke up to the voice of a door inside my house slamming.

My wife had gotten home! "Oh my god JOHN, wake up wake up! I think Christine's HOME", she yelled out in distress. "Oh NOOOOOOO, she can't find out about us," I yelled in response.

There was no place to go, nowhere to hide, there was only one-way up to the tree house.

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"Honey, where are you John, I brought us home some dinner. The pasta you always loved from the restaurant, honey?" my wife yelled out as she searched for me. Then I heard the door leading to our backyard opening, my wife was going for the tree house! "John, are you up there?

Come down this moment if you are honey, give me a kiss", she said as she made her way up… -if you want part 3, please input you're comments if you want it or not :]