Festinha da Galera da Facul

Festinha da Galera da Facul
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The world hasn't changed as much as some people would like to believe. There's always been war, there's always been disease and there's always been taboos that people wanted to break. Club Taboo, or Taboo as the regulars call it, was 'founded,' for lack of a better word, on January 1, 1800.

It was built in a tiny brothel in Paris, France, where it was visited by some of the more. experimental Frenchmen of the time, most notably the Marquis de Sade.

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The clientele has always been known for its willingness to break the rules, to crush the taboos of society. A second club was opened in London's Soho District in 1873 when John Roberts, a visiting Englishman, returned with news of the great place. London's Club Taboo was a little different from Paris'.

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Where Paris was light and airy (it still is, I've been there), London's was built beneath a burned out old building. The building above has been revamped twice since then once in 1890 and then again after World War II, when the place was bombed by the Germans. It's still a dark place (I've been there, too). But neither of them is quite like New York's incarnation of Taboo. Taboo New York was put together in 1968. It was a drug parlor for the most part, but quickly gained a reputation as being willing to accept any kind of perversion.

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And I mean anything. Taboo in New York is like a club, built on two levels; on the first level is dancing and other less illegal things sex shows, drug sales, whatever.


On the lower level, that only the regulars know how to reach, is the real excitement: torture, gang bang, rape, bestiality, whatever. I found this web site and figured I'd try to put together some of the stories I'd either been a part of or heard about. I'm a college student, so I know how to do my research.

I hope you enjoy the stories. I'm writing them, but most of them I've just been told. I'm just the messenger. If they disgust you, I'm sorry. If they turn you on, I'm glad. I can't tell you where Taboo is.

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If you want to know, you'll have to find it yourself. The cops would shut the place down if they ever found it. Besides, if you're interested in it, odds are you already know how to find it. Names are also changed to protect the guilty, but I'll never use the same name twice, so you can know when I'm talking about the same person, even if it's in two different stories. Enjoy the story. Little Boy Blue(balls) This is the story about the first time I ever visited Club Taboo in New York.

Sorry if it's heavy on scenery detail, but I am majoring in Creative Writing.


Besides, this way I won't have to do it for other, later stories. The first time I visited Club Taboo was in 2001. I was about twenty at the time, and I'd just recently broken up with my girlfriend. I wasn't big into sex or anything (I can hear you all gasping now I guy not interested in sex!

Oh my!), but that would change later. I guess my big problem was that I've always been a little perverted, interested in things most people find disgusting. I heard about Club Taboo and decided I'd check the place out. After all, what did I have to lose? If it was true, then great; if not, no loss. It seemed like an ordinary club when I first got there.

There were all kinds of people dancing.

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A few naked women were suspended from the ceiling in cages, which was kinda cool (I'd never seen that before), and some people were having sex on the dance floor mostly surreptitiously, though a few were really going at it. I remember this one black guy was banging the shit out of some girl right at the edge of the dance floor in front of a table with a few other black guys who were watching the show and laughing and drinking some beers.

This guy was fucking huge, at least six feet tall, and probably a few inches taller, and built like a truck. The girl, meanwhile, was a really small, mocha-skinned black lady with gorgeous tits (maybe B-size, if you're interested) that bounced up and down as she did the same on his cock. I couldn't hear her because the music was so loud, but I could tell she was wailing her head off.

I don't know how big the guy's cock must have been, but she was certainly enjoying herself. I went over to the bar, which stretches along one corner of the place, and got myself a Bacardi O3 (and some odd looks; what the fuck, I hate beer, it tastes like piss).

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I'm a people watcher, so I decided to watch the dance floor for a little while to see what happened. That was about 10pm. By 11pm the place was busy as hell. There were people packing the dance floor, and I don't think anyone really cared if they were seen or not by that time. I couldn't see the black guy anymore (I think they stopped fucking around 10:30 anyway), but I had plenty of show to watch still. Right in front of me a blonde got on her knees and started to suck on some guy I know she had just met, because I heard them talking at the bar.

Her head was bobbing back and forth, and he just let her do it while he danced, pants around his ankles. Another two girls started to strip each other not too far away. They kissed and touched one another. It was the hotting fucking thing I'd ever seen, I think.

I would have kept watching them, except I felt a drip from the ceiling. I thought maybe the place had a leak but no. One of the girls in the cages near the ceiling was squatting in her cage and pissing onto everyone below her. I wasn't in the direct stream of it (that was another pair of girls, actually), but I was catching some.

At first I was disgusted, but the more I thought about it the harder it made me. It seemed like she pissed forever on the dance floor, and I watched the entire golden stream fall from ceiling to floor.

When she was finished the girl, a hot brunette with long legs and huge tits, just stood up and started dancing to the music again. I think that's when I finally realized just how unique Taboo is.

The blonde who had been sucking the guy off in front of me appeared next to me, startling my attention back to the floor. I didn't see any sign of her 'friend,' but at that moment I didn't really care. She just sorta reached out for my crotch and started to massage my cock through my pants. "You need to relax," she said. I don't think she was drunk. "New here, huh?" I nodded stupidly.

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What else could I do? Here was this young-twenty-something girl sitting on a bar stool next to me, rubbing my hard-on through my pants asking me questions like it was the most normal thing in the world.


"Welcome to Taboo," she said. She didn't bother to ask my name, and I didn't even think to ask hers.

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She unzipped my pants, unbuttoned them and yanked them down nearly pulled me off my seat. When she had done that she leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth. I don't think I've ever felt a mouth like that, before or since.

If you find Taboo I'm sure you'll know what I mean, if you meet her. She hummed, and I felt it straight up my cock and into my balls. I swear to God I was ready to come almost instantly. She grabbed the shaft of my cock so hard it hurt, but the sensations coming from the tip were incredible. She didn't look up, which I usually like, but I didn't care. If there are master blowjob artists the girl was probably Michaelangelo's equivalent.

Like I said, she used her hand to keep me from coming, and I could feel myself aching to blast into her mouth. Finally she let go and pushed all the way to the base of my cock, burying her nose into my groin, and I just let go. I must have unloaded a gallon of cum down her throat. She swallowed every drop, letting me cum until I was done, then sucking some more just to be sure she got it all. When I was done she just looked up at my, grinned happily, and walked off. Probably to the next guy.

That's when I decided Club Taboo was the most magical place on earth. Fuck Disney.