Vintage couple has a very nice exciting dinner together

Vintage couple has a very nice exciting dinner together
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Walking through the drunken haze I felt the burning in my heart rise and grip hold. My rage at her was consuming me, every person who looked my way, who walked past me and dared enter my reality was daring my bloody vengeance. That guy had the same sent as her lover, that women had dared wear the same shade of rouge.

All of them laughing and scolding me for my stupidity, belittling me as they strode by with smug looks on their hateful faces. How lonely could one man feel left alone in his own mortal prison I mused, fingering the cold unforgiving barrel to the loaded implement of my demise. As much as I wandered the streets at all hours I wandered my own soul, trying to eradicate this searing hot pain.

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As lost in this alien city as I was lost inside, I let my feet take me where they decided the answer would lie. A quiet hollow carved out where no soul would ever find my rotting husk.

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Rounding the corner of an old red brick bridge the sun glared into my sunken eyes making me wince in its disappointment.

The warmth trying to caress the deep set frowns upon my face I shied away from this painful reminder of what good still lingered around. There was a small path leading somewhere dark up ahead and I thought that maybe my true solitude may be hiding there.


Scurrying to be free of this torment I let my feet take control. The dampness of the littered mulch cushioned my every step, the smell of rotting leaves and brisk winter air biting at my throat. 'Dam, is there never a place I can just end this?' I cursed as I cleared the wooded path.

There was no dank cave to hide in, no condemned building to facilitate my demise.

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Instead stood a perfectly tended bed of winter roses, grass dusted with the morning frost and a bench inviting my weary feet to let the burden they carry be sated but for a moment. Too tired to argue with myself any longer I paid heed to my bodies wishes and shuffled my unbalanced body to the embraces of a cold public bench.

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Surveying the park from my perch I permitted my senses to take in what they pleased, there could surly be no harm in indulging them for but a moment. An old man with a stiffened gait walked his trusted dog, a mother and farther laughed and played in each others embraces as they delighted in their precious miracle swaddled before them. I even noticed the working girls hoping to catch the all night drinkers on their way home, cooing and prostrating themselves for their well paying suitors.

Dirty whore I thought as I watched one take a man to the rear of the old glass house. Cheap come these moments of lust around here, those blasted women exploiting men for all they can get. I wondered what they where doing behind there, does he just require a simple gobble in exchange for a tenner or does he want to treat her rough like a dirt that she is?

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Deciding my curiosity needed to be quenched more than my need for a resting place I pushed my worn body to stand, much to its disgust as it creaked and moaned at the demand. I headed up the path that lead to the back of the old building, its towering glass walls easy to spot in the morning light from anywhere in the park. Around the back lay a high brick wall which had three sides to make a quiet working spot for the girls, only the one side open to the gaze of an intrepid voyeur.

It was difficult to navigate the dense bushes that tangled here, a good place it was indeed I thought but these girls had not thought there was someone like me so intent on doing as I pleased.

I fought my way past the brambles, damming them for trying to protect such filthy beasts that hid behind them. As I grew closer to the edge of the foliage I saw her stood there leaning against the wall with her breasts pushed out and legs open wide. A beautiful and pert body this demon possessed her blonde hair flowing down her back as she tempted her punter to use her. I watched as his trembling hand reached for her hard nipple already exposed and bobbing, his other working at his buckle.

The smile on her face was vicious, she belittled him with her experience. She knew he would not last long and this was going to be easy money, just a quick bit of moaning and he would be spewing in no time. As this desperate fellow lent in to kiss her she sank to her knees to avoid any emotional interaction.

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She scooped up his hanging organ with quick agile fingers and aimed it at her mouth. Her tongue swirled his shining helmet, her nails scratching at his hairy purse below. She took his length inside her warm gullet and applied all the suction she could muster. The slurps and wretches I could make out from here, the filthy sounds carried by the sedated breeze. I could not hear his words but his moans said all that I needed to know.

She knew too I assumed because she quickly stood and turned, pulling up her skirt and spreading her cheeks wide to the cool touch of the icy air. He wanted to finish inside her quickly, probably realising the time and needing to get back to his woman.

Gripping her waist he waited for her to reach down and guide his eager meat to her well used hole. As she obliged his stupor he lurched forward to penetrate her velvet embrace.

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He was too drunk to hold a rhythm so his balls slapped her flesh erratically. Harder he thrust at her, urging the end to hurry, her silent acceptance not embellishing his fantasy at all. Without her participation he was not going to find solace in her warm fleshy mound. Frustrated at her he must have instructed her to get back on her knees because she quickly whipped around and enveloped his hairy balls in her mouth.

His grunts grew louder and his body became firmer as it strained to push out its seed. Feverishly assaulting his own rod as he pulled her face hard into his sack he knew he was about to succeed. He moved her back and pushed his tip to her lips forcing her mouth open for him. She did as she was asked and took his hot load as it gushed into her, swallowing all that was given she knew she would get more money for this.

Holding her head let his body spasm a few more times pushing at the back of her throat. Done and well used this piece of meat dressed herself and held out her hand.


The suitor dumping his money into her open palm must be feeling the guilt of what he had just done. Turning he scurried away back past me and onto the path they had used to get to this den of sordid filth. I watched as she straighten her cheap silver dress around her ample behind, covering what was free for anyone to use at a price.

I could feel my own lust grow at the thoughts this trash was provoking in me, would I dare fulfil my life's dream, let out what had been hidden since I married the she devil that bore my dead child? Surly not, not here and now. I wanted to end my life not open a new door, or so I had lead myself to believe.


The pain I could inflict was intriguing, how I could punish this demon to society for the diseases that she spreads. My own body reaping revenge and filling her with the filth her ilk had passed onto me through my wife's secret lover. Yes, I must do this for everyone around me, for all the men who will fall victim to their curse and all the others who suffer their sight.