Fat sloppy built thot sucking my wiener

Fat sloppy built thot sucking my wiener
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DISCALIMER: This is a work of fiction and any likeness to any person or persons, real or fictional, is pure coincidence. Feed Back would be great and if you want more I'd like a 85% rating :D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi, my name is Connor and this is a true story, probably the best thing that has ever happened to me.

But before I get too much into that I guess I should give you some background info. I am 18 and about 6 foot even. I'm not like ripped but I have some muscle definition and shaggy brown hair. All in all I look like a skater when I'm really not. I've been dating this girl Tracie for about 3 years now and she is just a few months older than me. Tracie is honestly one of the hottest girls I have ever met.

She is about 5'6", which is good 'cause I like shorter girls, with blonde hair that is down to about the middle of her back. And she has these amber eyes that I could just stare at all day.

She is pretty thin with a 36C bra size and a nice sized ass for her build. Anyway, every summer, in June, Tracie's parents go out of town for about a week for their anniversary, which happens to also be Tracie and ME's anniversary leaving Tracie and he younger sister, Mikayla who is only 14, to take care of themselves. So I usually end up just spending the week at her house and telling my parents I'm at a friend's or something and Mikayla never says anything. We've been having sex for a while now so what we do during that week is nowhere out of the ordinary.

One great thing about her though is that she is very adventurous when it comes to sex. The only thing she would never do is bestiality, and although it's a major turn on for me, I'm cool with it. Anyway, this past anniversary, the best thing ever happened, and well&hellip.here it is.

Chapter 1 I drove up to Tracie's house the day after her parents had left and walked up to the door, using the key in the fake rock to let myself in. As soon as I stepped in I could hear the dog tags on their husky, Bolt, as he ran up to immediately sniffing my leg.

I slipped my shoes off and scratched him behind the ears, "Hey Bolt! Who's a good boy??

Huh?" Bolt let out a small bark as if to answer. "That's right! You are!" I said. "Now be quiet I'm going to try and surprise Tracie." I slowly climbed up the stairs, making sure to skip the one the creaks and went down the hallway up to the door to her room and attempted to open it.

"That's weird, it's never locked" I thought. Right then I heard the door to the bathroom open right behind me and I spun around, startled.

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"When did you get here Connor?" Tracie said to me, trying to hide her excitement. Still trying to catch my breath from the scare she gave me, I said, "I just got here I wanted to surprise you. Happy anniversary, Babe." She jumped the few steps and wrapped her legs around me, with me grabbing her ass to hold her up.

She put her arms behind my head and gave me a deep passionate kiss. "Damn," I said lowering her down, "This is going to be a great week." "You have no idea," she said, subtly touching my touching my crotch, "So what did you get me?" "Your gift is out in the car, I can go get it if you want." "No…it can wait. I think you should un-wrap my gift now." She said with a sly tone.

"It's in my room." She led my over by the hand to her room, pulling the key out of her bra and unlocking the door. "Close your eyes tight or you won't get it." She said. I did as I was told and closed my eyes as tight as possible and allowed her to lead me into her room.

"Keep them closed while I put the final touches on it, no peeking." She teased.


"Of course, Tracie. I promi-" right then I heard a very muffled sound coming from where her bed was, "Umm what was that?" I asked. "Open your eyes and look," she purred in the most seductive voice I had ever heard her use.

I opened my eyes and saw the most amazing thing I had ever seen in my life. Tracie was standing completely nude one leg on her best and a few fingers already in her pussy warming herself for me and next to her laying on the bed was her 14 year old sister Mikayla with her wrists bound together behind her back and something pink in her mouth.


"What is this Tracie?" I asked. "Well last night I heard some weird noises coming from her room so I went to check it out. Turns out that this little whore," and as she said that she shoved a few fingers into Mikayla's pussy, her face lighting up with a look of confused pleasure, " was fingering herself." "And what's the big deal?" I asked "She was moaning your name.

Just saying 'Connor Please!' over and over. She even licked the juices that ran down her hand. So today I waited for her to get out of the shower and surprised her. I tied her up and shoved the panties I saw her wearing last night in her mouth to gag her.

I think she likes it! Happy Anniversary!" "Are you serious right now? This is incest, not to mention rape!" I said. "Yea, maybe but it gets me so wet.

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Besides I can see your boner through your pants right now. Come join us…" Not needing a second invitation I stripped down completely allowing my cock to rise to a full 10 inches.

Tracie pulled her sister up by the hair and made Mikayla stand next to her so I could get a better view. I started to take her all in while Tracie slowly kissed her up and down her back. I had never really taken the time to look at Mikayla since she was so much younger but now that I was seeing…well&hellip.all of her I realized how sexy she really was. She was already the same height as her sister with the same length blonde hair but cat like blue eyes.

Although she was about the same size as her older sister she had much larger breasts, almost double ds, and a tighter, more round ass. She looked panicked as I approached her. I laid a hand on her breast and slowly caressed it, pinching the nipple a little harder than necessary.

Then slowly I moved my hand down to her already soaked pussy and fingered it for a little bit. Slowly I pulled out the finger and brought it up to my mouth, licking the juices off of it. Then I pulled her balled up panties out of her mouth. "P-please no!" she begged but I just ignored her. I laid her across the bed so her ass was hanging off one side and her head was hanging off the other.

"Connor," Tracie asked, "Do you want to fuck her?" Mikayla's eyes widened at the question in a mix of wanting and fear. "No! I'm a virgin!" She said, starting to beg.

"I've been saving myself…" At that Tracie stuck three fingers in Mikayla's ass hole sending a shudder up and down her and shutting her up. "Yea, from the sound of it you were saving yourself for Connor, be grateful." Tracie said.

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"Are you sure this is fine Tracie?" I asked tentatively. "Yea," she said grinning, "It kinda turns me on." At that I slowly walked around Mikayla, letting my hand run down her side.

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When I finally came to her ass I paused, almost hesitant. "This is crazy, but at the same time amazing." I thought. "They're both gorgeous, and I get to do whatever I want…" I shook off my fears and placed one hand on each of Mikayla's ass cheeks, and slowly bent down, getting on my knees. I inhaled deeply through my nose and took in ever scent possible. Tracie walked around to the other side of the bed and grabbed Mikayla's face. "Have you ever thought about eating pussy, little sis?" "N-no, I'm not a lesbian!" Mikayla replied adamantly.

"Well I guess there's going to be a lot of experimenting this week.

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I remember the first time I ate a girl out, it was great. I just hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did." Tracie had this tone that made me think she was sincere, but to Mikayla probably just sounded mocking.

Tracie moved her pussy right into Mikayla's face giving her no choice but eat her out. While Mikayla slowly and reluctantly began to eat her sister out, I squeezed her ass tightly and began to eat her out.

I moved one hand down to begin rubbing her clit and the other hand to her ass hole, sticking a finger inside. I could feel her squirm but I wasn't sure whether it was in pleasure, fear or some combination of the two. "Mikayla, you're going to love what comes next." I said standing up and rubbing my cock along her slit… To be Continued…