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With big eyes Karen admired the luxurious and detailed décor of the hotel lobby. There was marble and gold and velvet seemingly everywhere. „Gosh, I love it here already", the 25 year old beamed and squeezed Brian's hand out of excitement. "Glad you like it", Brian calmly responded, smirked at Karen and gave her a quick kiss on her forehead as they walked towards the reception desk. A servant was assisting them with their luggage.

Brian was only 27 yet he was quite successful at the London based law firm he was working for. For this trip to Manila he had spared no expenses, made possible by his recent promotion.


The couple had been meaning to get away together for some time now and so Brian spontaneously treated them both to this pre-marital trip. Almost twelve months ago the Australian had met Karen when she was still a waitress at a bar near his office. Quickly after he started dating her, Brian had made Karen his girlfriend.

It simply clicked between them, emotionally and sexually. To Brian, Karen was the perfect girl. She was clever but still impressable. She looked stunning with long legs, big breasts and a pretty face; a girl to show off; yet she was not plastic and had an interesting character.

She was naughty in bed but also a caring girlfriend Brian could present to his parents.


It wasn't a hard decision to make her his fiancée after only 6 months. "We'd like to check in, please" Brian smiled at the Filipina behind the desk and proudly put his arm around Karen's waist. The check-in took a little longer than anticipated but eventually the couple could move up to the 6th floor and into their room. Even more impressed than by the air conditioned lobby, Karen inspected the spacious suite that offered a cosy bedroom with a queen-size bed, a living room with a sofa and huge flat screen TV, a luxurious bathroom with a shower and bathtub and a balcony from where Karen marvelled at the night lights of the city.

"I love it so much!" she cried happily and bit her lower lip before giving Brian a juicy kiss. "I love you so much!" "I love you, too, baby" Brian smirked, put his arms around Karen and kissed her another time while holding her tightly before letting go off her again.

"We're going to have a great time" "Yes, we will." Karen grinned and looked at Brian with bedroom eyes. They both were thinking about having sex right on the spot before even unpacking but they also were exhausted from the long flight and in need of a decent dinner. Instead of jumping into bed, they both quickly changed clothes and let a woman from the hotel staff recommend them a good restaurant in the area.

After the meal, the couple felt a lot better and took a walk through the quarter around the hotel to get to know the area a little bit. They felt a lot better and active by the time they got back to their room about 11 at night. Unexpectedly, they heard a familiar voice as they stepped out of the elevator. "Hey! It's you! Oh my god!" a gorgeous blonde waved at them from a little farther down the hall; standing in front of a door about three rooms away and on the opposite side from their own suite.

"Oh, hey!" Karen immediately called out when she recognized the girl and Brian laughed "What a surprise!" Alerted by the enthusiastic exchange of words in the hall, a man stepped outside the room the blonde was standing in front of. Brian and Karen walked towards them to spark a conversation. They had met the other couple at Heathrow when trying to figure out information about the delay of their flight.

The blonde, who was around Karen's age, possibly a little younger even, and her about 30-year old boyfriend had been travelling from San Francisco and then stayed in London for two days before taking the same flight to Manila as Karen and Brian. They had spoken for some time while waiting for the plane but not realized that they had been heading to the same hotel. Anna was a joyful and sexy college student with rich parents. She was wearing a white dress and looked simply stunning in it. A pearl necklace elegantly drew some attention to her cleavage which wasn't that ample yet quite revealing.

The man she was travelling with and calling her boyfriend was a journalist at a San Franciscan newspaper.

They had met when Anna was doing an internship with his editorial team. His name was Paul. He was an athletic type with clean-shaved, manly face and casual style of dressing suitable for the heat of Manila with short cargo pants and a navy blue T-shirt.

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The two couples exchanged some nice words in the hallway about their further plans for their stay. Since they had already chatted about the same topics half a day ago, their conversation didn't last that long but was still pleasant.

"We should definitely get together for dinner or something, you guys" Paul said invitingly, put his arm around Anna and gently caressed her hip.

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He and Anna were now about to head out. "Oh, yes. Let's arrange something for tomorrow, okay?" Brian replied and Karen smiled brightly. The girls hugged goodbye and Brian gave Paul a firm handshake before they walked to the elevator.

As Brian whipped out the key card to their room, Karen waved to the other couple that was disappearing behind the closing elevator door and whispered through her bright white smile: "She's quite a hottie, don't you think?" … "Hey, Paul" Brian said and friendly grabbed Paul's right shoulder from behind while walking around the booth in the hotel bar he was occupying, before extending his hand for a handshake.

Paul's lips were glued to a glass of whiskey and Brian could hear that it wasn't Paul's first when he greeted with a loud "Hey!" after putting down the glass to the table. They shook hands and Paul invited Brian to sit down which he did. "What have you been up to today?" Paul asked and Brian went through how he and Karen had been visiting some sights in the city and made use of the hotel's spa. "And how about you?" Brian inquired while signalling the waitress that he didn't need a drink when she approached.

"To be honest, Anna and I have spent half of the day in our room" Paul suggestively grinned and Brian mirrored his facial expression.

"Lucky you" he smirked. "Lucky me" Paul nodded "I mean, it's a nice city but I've been here five times already and Anna is happy with just taking some Instagram pictures and doesn't really need the whole tour. So, I guess you could say it's not rocket science what my plans for the week are…" he continuously grinned with a quick wink and finally added "I'm sure you can relate.

Any plans for tonight?" "Yes" Brian said "we are about to leave to check out some clubs and bars, enjoy the nightlife. In fact, there's Karen" Brian raised his head to make eye contact with his fiancée who was gazing through the room to find him. When she saw Brian, he waved her over and Karen approached the two with a big smile.

Paul turned around and made big eyes when he saw Karen. His eyes lingered on her and he could barely prevent his mouth from falling open. Karen looked quite different from how she looked the night before. The 25 year old had straightened her brunette hair and highlighted her eyes with black mascara which was an intriguing look. She was wearing a skin tight, pink dress that ended way north of her knees. It was apparent that her soft pillow tits were squeezed into a push-up bra that was at least one size too small which made the boobs seem even bigger than they already were and almost pop out of the cleavage.

The dress clung so tightly to her curves that the outlines of a black thong were visible underneath the pink fabric. On her feet, the young Brit was wearing plateau pumps that increased her height from 1.70 to almost 1.80. Paul turned back to Brian with slight disbelief in his glance. Brian replied with a confident smirk and got up from his seat. When Karen reached them, she waved a quick hello at Paul and then clung herself to her fiancé.

Brian put his arm around Karen and gently let his hand drive from her hip over her butt. "Well, we're heading out" Brian announced and Paul raised his glass with a nod. "Have fun you two" he said and eagerly watched how Karen's round ass swayed from side to side as she walked away in Brian's arm. "How do I look?" Karen grinned at Brian. They passed through the hotel lobby and Karen's heels audibly clicked on the ground, dragging even more attention to her than the pink dress did already.

"Like a cheap whore" Brian laughed with low voice and quickly kissed Karen's neck. She smelled fresh and fruity. "Oh, that's so nice. That's the look I was going for" Karen laughed back and they grabbed a cab to dive into Manila's nightlife.

… The first club Karen and Brian checked out was just to get their drink on; the second was where their fun began. Soon after making their way into the main room which was located in the basement, Karen started to dance in the middle of the floor while Brian stayed back to observe her from some distance. The dancefloor was stuffed with people but the strong air conditioning made a cool breeze fondle Karen's plenty exposed skin.

Brian watched how Karen quickly drew the attention of many guys. She wasn't the only flimsily dressed girl in the club but Karen was shaking her body most invitingly and threw hot glances at guys who noticed her.

Brian enjoyed that she was also seeking the proximity of other girls while dancing but he had no false hopes. He knew what was going to happen he loved the prospect of it.

After some time Karen took a break to get a drink and Brian moved closer to her again. He talked to her but Karen was completely in her role. With distant looks and posture she listened to the naughty thoughts Brian whispered into her ear but treated him as though he was a stranger.

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She let him touch her thigh but didn't react to it. With a straight face she said "come dance" and dragged Brian to the dancefloor after emptying her glass. For a few minutes Karen worked Brian intensively. She faced him while dancing and rubbed her tits against him, then turned around and pushed her butt against his crotch rhythmically to the beat.

The dry humping got Brian hard but soon enough his fiancée turned her attention away from him and instead gave another guy who had approached the same, hot dance treatment. The guy was older than Karen and western looking. He was probably also a tourist who had been in Manila for some time, judging by his tan. He wasn't as attractive as Brian but still had a decent body paired with an average face.

Karen swung her hips near his dick, eventually made him put his hands on her ass and gave Brian, who still danced near, a stern look. Brian grew an erection and when Karen then simply turned around and started making out with the random dude, his cock was pulsating as if it was about to burst. Brian kept dancing but moved away from Karen and the guy. A girl approached Brian and he danced with her but only had eyes for his fiancée sticking her tongue into the mouth of a stranger while being touched all over her body.

Then after a few minutes, Karen took this guy's hand and walked off the dancefloor. Outside on the street, the guy had his hands still all over Karen and she let him touch her and drag her close to him.

Only now they exchanged names the guy was Steven from Norway and he continuously told Karen how hot she was and that he liked her accent. "What now?" he asked at some point with a sure grin and Karen was about to blow his mind.

"Would you like to take me back to your hotel room and fuck me?" she asked, salaciously clinking her eyelashes and biting her lower lip. Steven tried to act calm but his words were overeager: "Oh yeah, baby. I do!" "Alright" Karen smirked and took his hand. He already signalled a cab to stop when Karen naughtily smiled: "There's just one condition" … "Looks like someone's excited" Karen sing sang with a grin and Steven, the dark blond haired Norwegian, grinned back at her without breaking eye contact as he stepped towards the bed.

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Karen was lying on her belly across the mattress and playfully kicked the air with her feet. Her dress was peeled off, her tits freed from the push-up bra and Karen had kicked off her heels so that she was only wearing her tiny black thong which was swallowed by her round ass cheeks.

"Of course I'm excited" Steven smirked "You are so hot". He couldn't articulate himself in English much beyond phrases like these. Karen kept on grinning and now reached forward. With her hand she grasped Steven by his hips and gently pulled him a little closer.

He stood there, confidently looking down to the almost naked girl. She moved her head towards the massive bulge in his white briefs that clearly outlined the guy's erection. Gently she brushed over the tip of his cock with her cheek and then playfully bit it through the fabric while looking up to Steven who was extremely aroused.

With her slender fingers Karen peeled away the briefs and immediately the musky scent of the Norwegian's cock rose into her nose. From a thick bush of blond-brown pubes, his erection towered right in front of her. Karen took his dick into her mouth and bobbed her head along the shaft several times while cupping the guy's balls with her hand.

She exhaled with enjoyment and Steven started moaning. He moved his hips forward to push his cock into Karen's mouth so that it poked against the inside of her cheek. The young Brit laughed happily and let Steven slowly fuck her mouth.

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Steven clearly enjoyed this a lot but Karen withdrew after a bit and got on all four. "Come on, fuck me now" she grinned and Steven eagerly slipped out of his briefs, put on a rubber and climbed into bed to kneel behind Karen. He pulled down her thong, helped her to get if off and then pulled Karen closer to himself by her ankles.

"Oh, you're so wet" he groaned when he rubbed her shaved pussy with three fingers. Lustfully he inspected her smooth opening for a few seconds and spread Karen's pussy lips to expose the pink inside of her cunt.

Karen was rubbing her clit lightly and encouragingly moaned that she wanted Steven to fuck her. He followed her horny requests, let his dick slide into her and started banging her. He grasped her ass cheeks tightly and grunted as his motions got faster. "Yes! Fuck me!" Karen begged "I'm your dirty whore!" "Oooh!" Steven moaned and fucked Karen even faster. Her British accent was really doing it for him. Her tits were swinging back and forth now, yet Karen wanted even more.

She called out that Steven should bang her harder and he did with deep lust. He slapped Karen's ass and she reacted immediately: "OH yes!

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Fuck me! Slap my ass! Come on!" Steven gave her another two quick smacks on both cheeks, eliciting Karen to scream "Yes! Yes! Treat me like a slut!" For minutes Steven gave Karen his hard cock, spanked her ass and made her scream loudly. Eventually he pulled out of her though, so he wouldn't cum yet.


Swiftly Karen turned around on her back, spread her legs and rubbed her pussy in a presenting way with an inviting, naughty smile on her pretty face. Steven took a short break during which he fingered the 25 year old girl but then he crawled on top of her and fucked her pussy again until Karen would quiver and moan uncontrollably.

As Karen was cumming, Steven slowed down but left his stiff prick inside her wet pussy. He mumbled something in Norwegian that Karen couldn't understand; the way a fire was burning in his eyes and how his voice sounded, it must have been one of the smuttiest things imaginable. Karen laughed lustfully but it turned into a wild scream when Steven started to hammer her cunt once more. The Norwegian stranger brought himself close to the climax, then quickly pulled his dick out of Karen, ripped the condom off and shot his hot sperm all over her voluptuous body all within just a moment.

Most of the white, sticky stream landed on Karen's big, soft tits. She just watched herself being tainted while experiencing a feeling of ecstasy. Her body was slightly shaking and Karen couldn't tell whether it was a second orgasm or just the extension of the first in any case it felt tremendous.

Steven looked down to Karen with a proud grin. He slapped his cock against her thigh and smeared some cum on it, then he got up from the bed, grabbed a towel, wiped his cock with it and then tossed the towel to Karen.

"Hah…you want some more in a little bit?" Steven asked with a naughty smile and went to grab something to drink as he had gotten thirsty. "Oh…you can fuck me all night…" Karen purred. Instead of cleaning herself up immediately, she grasped her cell phone which was positioned on the nightstand, capturing a clear picture of what was happening on the bed. The camera was still filming and Karen smiled into it. Then she showed off her cum stained body, waved at the camera and puckered her lips, before turning the video off and putting the phone away.