Die kenne ich doch meine nachbarin

Die kenne ich doch  meine nachbarin
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Debbie 3 By Greybeard Well the combination of the weekend when she turned my discipline almost completely over to my younger brothers and the time when she brought some lady friends to see how I was punished seemed together to have worked in some strange way on my stepmother.

I think it excited her in a way that had never before occurred to her, but I can tell you the immediate effects were horrendous to me. It became a matter of course that whenever I was to be spanked or given a punishment enema or humiliated in one way or another, Mom now not only invited her lady friends over to watch, she asked them to bring their own daughters along to share in the fun. I could tell it was fun for them since everybody laughed a lot at what was being done to me, but I can assure you it was no fun at all for me.

Both when my brothers were around and when her friends were around, mother had gotten in the habit of saying, "Debbie, show us your target. What this meant was just awful for me.

Under the threat of even worse punishment if I didn't obey, "show me your target" meant I had to take off everything I was wearing below my waste, panties or shoes and socks or half slips or whatever, and I had to hold up anything else, like a dress, that might block anyone's view. Then when my bottom was totally on display, I had to go to what had become known as "the punishment corner" in the living room, bend over as far as I could while leaning against the wall, and reach back and pull my bottom cheeks apart so everybody could see everything.

The boys had now had enough experience playing with my poor tushy that they never wanted to miss an opportunity to stick their fingers up my bottom, and they were always allowed to do so on these occasions. It had now reached a point where the boys had been told they had complete control over me every single weekend except for messing with my pussy.

This meant some weekends that I was naked from the moment I got up Saturday morning until I went to bed Sunday night.

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Other weekends they were allowed to think up other things to do. They went out and bought some children's diapers and diapered me some times. When they did this, they warned me that I absolutely had to pee in my diaper or they would take turns spanking me and making me drink glasses of water until I peed all over the floor while they watched.


Another awful game they dreamed up was called "doggie." They would say that I was a doggie, make me strip completely naked, and then walk around only on my hands and knees. I also had to assume a begging position if they told me to beg, which they did more and more frequently.

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The worst thing about the doggie game was that I was said to be "housebroken." That meant that if I had to make pee or poo poo, I couldn't do it in the toilet or even in the house. I had to let them know by pointing to my private parts and then begging to be taken out doors. Of course I was at first terrified that the neighbors would see me making poo poo while crouched over in our yard, but my brothers did this so often I could only assume that every one in the neighborhood had seen me that way at one time or another.

So at this point I felt I had been degraded to the role of slave or animal. And there was no one I could ask for help.

As I said, my father was almost always away in those days and when he was home, some strange noises would come out of their bedroom. My brothers said it had reached the point where Daddy was spanked and humiliated just like I was, but they couldn't be sure because they had never seen it happen.

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All that changed though, one weekend when Mom had invited her friends and their daughters over to our house for a "target party" which meant I had to stand in the corner with my bottom cheeks spread for hours on end. So everyone could finger me or just laugh at me.

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But Daddy was put in a strange position too. He was dressed as a female maid and had to serve drinks and food to everyone. Mom suggested that her girlfriends bring their husbands over some time and they would get all of the them to wear ladies panties and put on a show.

To give them an idea of what she had in mind, she made daddy strip naked and spanked him over her knee, while the boys were pinching and spanking me at the same time.

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So that's the way it was for most of my 15th year. Except from that time on, my Mom said she was going to let me in on some of the excitement.

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What that meant was that whenever she felt like giving Daddy a spanking, she would invite me up to their bedroom to watch. And it wasn't just spanking either. She would stick a thing that looked like a vibrator but had feathers on the end of it up his ass and make him crawl around on the floor while we both watched him do it.

Or she would order him to do the "duck walk," which meant he had to crouch on his haunches completely naked and walk around the the room like that. She also would invite me up to see him clean their bathroom floor, which he also had to do naked, using his tongue to lick the whole floor clean. Once she eve made me pee on the floor before he did this, and when he was finished she spanked us both.

But that's enough about Daddy and I might save the rest of that for a completely separate story.

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But getting back to me, next time I'll let you know what happened when I reached the age of l6. The only thing I will tell you about it in advance was that my mom seemed to want to make sure that I would be spanked and fingered and put on display and humiliated for the rest of my life.


And the way to do that, she figured was to let everyone in the family and the school and the neighborhood know just what was going on.