Flashing my pussy in public in Cassis

Flashing my pussy in public in Cassis
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This story was originally written by scotsmitch2001 for me and I took his base idea and modified and expanded it into this story here.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Panties Chapter 2: Jaclyn's Discovery (Jaclyn comes home and finds out) Jaclyn drove up to the house and pulled in the driveway.

She was a little tired and felt grungy after having just come straight home from basketball practice.


She hopped out of her car and lazily made her way up to the front door. Right as she opened the door she was startled as Monica was standing directly in front of her; her friend Nick right behind her. "Hey sis," Monica greeted as she stepped past her little sister. "Hey Mon," Jaclyn retorted as she entered the house.

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She took a look at Nick as he made his way past her; he had his head down and wouldn't look up at her. She found his behavior a bit peculiar, despite his tendency to be shy around her, he usually would at least say hi or give her a shy smile. "We're headed out to get something to eat, we'll be back later," Monica shouted at her sister from the walkway.

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"Okay, see ya then," Jac replied. With that Monica and Nick climbed into Monica's car and she drove off down the street. Jaclyn stood and watched her sister's car drive off, walked into the house, closing the door behind her.

She thought about Nick's avoidant behavior towards her for a moment, shrugged to herself and made her way to her room. After making it into her room, Jaclyn dropped her bag on the floor and fell back on the bed, giving herself a moment to relax. She sat up and pushed herself off her bed, making her way to the bathroom for a nice relaxing hot shower, which she felt she desperately needed after working hard during practice. She flipped on the water and tested the temperature until it was relatively hot, just how she enjoys it.

She quickly shucked off her practice jersey followed by her sports bra, taking a look at her youthful perky breasts in the mirror momentarily, and then she hooked her thumbs under the waistband of both her gym shorts and compression shorts and pushed them down around her ankles, stepping out of them.

Jaclyn flipped on the water and when the temperature was to her liking she stepped into the shower and let the hot water pour over her back, letting out a sigh and closing her eyes, she allowed the heat of the water relax her muscles. She finally turned around and raised her head up, water cascading against her neck, over her chest and down her body. Leaning her head back, she stood there for a moment, enjoying the feel of the water on her body, hot enough to redden her skin.

She swept her hand through her long blonde hair, pulling it back over her shoulder as she relished in the warmth of the water flowing over her bare skin. As she closed her eyes, her mind wandered around a bit. She imagined herself back on a beach in Hawaii, relaxing under the sun in her bikini like she always does on their family vacations.

Her mind suddenly drifted to her run in with Nick as he and her sister were leaving; "Why was he so shy and distant with me this time?" Jaclyn thought to herself. Her hands caressed her body, cupping her perky breasts, thumbs slipping over her partially stiff nipples as she enjoyed the heat of the water heating up her body.

She slowly turned around leaning away from the water letting it roll over her shoulders and down her back.

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As the water glided down her skin, she moved her hands from her breasts and traced them down her flat stomach, following the flow of the water along the v below her tummy. She ran her hands over her upper thighs and let out a soft moan as they slid closer to one another towards the center of her slightly parted thighs.

Jaclyn softly cupped her baby soft mound and squeezed, letting out another soft moan as it caused a chill to radiate throughout her body from the center of her crotch. She slipped her hands around and squeezed her butt cheeks, letting out a soft moan as she did; enjoying her round cheeks being touched.

"I can't do this right now," she thought to herself. She released her butt cheeks and grabbed her body wash, lathered up her hands and continued to wash her toned body, followed by washing her long blonde hair. Knowing that she was home by herself, she didn't bother to dress herself after drying off and made her way across the hall to her room in the nude.

Taking a deep breath, she felt a chill run through her body at the feel of the cool air on her exposed skin as she stood just in the doorway of her room without a stitch on. Jaclyn moved over in front of her dresser, opened the top drawer and begun looking for a clean pair of panties to put on. Rummaging through all her undies she noticed some that were out of place.

"Did Monica 'borrow' my panties again?" she questioned to herself as she moved the delicate garments around. She found a pair of her bikini panties stuffed underneath her neatly organized boyshort panties and figured Monica had just put them back in the wrong place. Grabbing ahold of the pink panties to move them back into place she noticed they felt abnormally cold to the touch. She pulled them up and now felt they were somewhat damp where they felt cold. "Damnit Monica, were you having sex while wearing my panties again?" Jaclyn wondered as she remembered her sister and Nick leaving together.

She brought the silky fabric up just below her nose and inhaled, trying to figure out what had happened to her panties this time. As the salty aroma filled her senses she suddenly realized something, "That's not the scent of sex, there's no musty smell to them, there's no scent of a woman on these. NICK!" It all hit her at once. She threw the underwear violently onto her bed, her face becoming red with anger.

Jaclyn had many thoughts running through her head, "Who the hell does he think he is? How could he be so perverted, so disgusting?" His behavior as they were leaving, his inability to look at her, she now knew exactly why. "He was embarrassed" she thought to herself. "Why would he do such a thing?

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He could have Monica whenever he wanted, he didn't need to relieve himself in my bedroom, with my underwear" her mind continued. Jaclyn turned around and stepped to the bed, taking ahold of the defiled panties. Holding them away from her body, ready to take them and drop them into the hamper, when her mind turned completely around. "He wants to be dirty, I can be dirty too" her thoughts progressed.

She brought the pair of pink underwear closer and grabbed ahold of them with her other hand, wickedly grinning to herself. She bent down and held them open, stepping into the unclean pair of panties, pulling them slowly up her legs and over her hips, wiggling into them firmly.

Jaclyn inhaled sharply as the cool fluid in the gusset of her underwear made contact with her overheated lips. "You thought nobody would find out, didn't you?" she thought as she reached between her legs with her right hand and pressed firmly on her crotch, "I know what you've done, you dirty boy" grinning wickedly to herself as the devious part of her mind took control of the forefront of her thoughts.

Squeezing her hand against her crotch she felt the coldness of the fluid disappear and become replaced by a growing heat. She closed her eyes and tried to picture what had happened in her room just a short time ago. She began visualizing Nicholas lying back on her bed, seeing his pants down around his ankles, his hard, throbbing cock sticking straight up, concealed and hidden by the shiny pink fabric of her panties.

The panties that were covering her hot slit right now. She groaned loudly and squeezed her panty clad crotch again, this time harder, trying to push Nick's private deposit between her lips. Jaclyn felt the crotch of her panties heat up more and become more saturated. The palm of her hand pressing up against her slit, she felt herself pulse, a slightly throbbing deep in her heated crotch.

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She now knew she was becoming aroused at being so naughty, so deviant. She absolutely loved it. She was surprised at these feelings coursing through her.

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As she stood there squeezing herself through the panties, picturing Monica's friend cumming into her panties, on her bed, just a very short time ago, she moaned. Opening her eyes again and releasing her crotch, she was suddenly filled with a hot energy. She moved back over to the dressed and whipped the second drawer open, grapping a pair of spandex shorts and tossing them to the bed after slamming the drawer shut.

She hurried over to her closet and quickly slid open the door, flipping through her tops and grabbing a tight tank top meant for working out, without the need for a bra underneath. Jaclyn pulled on the tight top, adjusting it so her breasts settled in comfortably. Grabbing her shorts and yanking them up her legs, positioning them at the right height up her hips.

"This is new" she thought about the feeling of panties between her skin and the tight spandex shorts. She never wore panties under spandex in her life, it was uncomfortable, but today was different.

Quickly she got her socks and tennis shoes on, pulling her hair back into a ponytail and securing it, she flew down the stairs and made a quick stop in the kitchen, grabbing a bottle of water before heading out the front door and turned, jogging towards the park down the street.

Jaclyn couldn't stop her mind from drifting back to how her panties became saturated in the first place. She continued to try and shake these thoughts but they refused to go away.

Her mind filled with the image of Nick on her bed stimulating himself with her undies. She could see it as though it was right in front of her; his head back on her pillows, his hand compressing the soft material of her panties around his stiff penis.


She started running faster, trying to run away from her perverted thoughts about one of her sister's best friends. Unable to rid herself of the thoughts and images running through her head, she slows down and carefully makes her way over to a more secluded part of the park where there are numerous trees to hide amongst.

Jaclyn found the perfect place hidden within the leafy trees. Catching her breath she sat down at the base of one of the thicker trees, leaning back against it and trying to relax her body and mind. Breathing heavily, her chest rising and falling rapidly, she placed a hand on her left breast, feeling her rapid heartbeat.

She felt her nipple stiffen under her hand and she gasped. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes, moving her fingertips over the nipple poking through her top and she let out a soft moan. Jaclyn closed her thumb and index finger over her distended nipple and gave it a light pinch and tug, feeling her pussy tremble at the stimulation of her nipple.

Knowing what she stopped to do, she moved her right hand from at her side and slowly slide it down her taught tummy, slipping her fingers under the waistband of her shorts but keeping them on the outside of the tight panties. She pressed two fingers down hard at the top of her slit against her clit hidden underneath her panties and pinching her sensitive nipple harder, feeling the rush surge through her body.

"Fuck it" she thought and just starting rubbing her slit through her panties, leaning back against the tree, spreading her legs further and letting herself go.

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Jaclyn's mind focused on what happened in her room earlier. She could see Nick there; she concentrated on his hard cock encased in her delicate panties. She could see it pulsing as he ejaculated into her panties. At that moment she could feel his cum between her wet lips and she couldn't take it anymore.

Her body tensed and her legs stiffened, her orgasm overtook her and she saturated her already cummy panties even more. As the aftershocks of her intense climax coursed through her body, Jaclyn let out little moans and grunts and squeaks that she couldn't control. Her mind was spinning and she felt very light headed. Suddenly she realized she was still in a public park and opened her eyes but the light startled her and she squinted.

"Thank God" she thought relieved that no one and ventured into the thicket of trees she was hidden in.

She pulled her hand from under her shorts and dipped it under her panties, getting her pointer and index fingers wet and sticky with the substances mulling around between her swollen pussy lips. She brought her saturated fingers to her mouth and sucked on them sensually, enjoying the flavor of her own cum and the hint of what was left from Nick's deposit into her panties, which had now been engulfed by her copious secretions of cum during her orgasm. Jaclyn held her fingers in her mouth, letting her breathing slow and regaining her sense.

Her body was still tingling all over and she felt like she was floating on a cloud. Opening her mouth she took a deep breath of the fresh cool air that surrounded her, smiling to herself, satisfied with herself.

Adjusting herself so she was comfortably leaning against the tree, she let her mind wander a little and softly whispered, "Oh Nick" to herself as she let her body relax.

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Meanwhile back at their house Monica and Nick had returned. Monica spotted a pink sticky note that had been left on the fridge, "Tell Nick I said thanks for the gift he left in my room.