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Juega con su pezon con prensa
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Fitness fun Ok this story would have been impossible for me to write if I had not done something wrong from the very beginning, I saved my chat logs from conversations with my sister. My sister and I are both divorced and live near each other.

Our boys are the same age and go to the same school. In my defense (which I know is non existent) I saved the chat logs to prove later on that all this was my sisters fault.

Every time we got in trouble while growing up my sister always blamed me, and I always knew that "it" was really her fault, not mine, so I saved the chat logs as my proof. Well I guess that decision will be in the hands of whoever reads this story now won't it? My name is Janet, my son is Todd, my sister who lives not that far from me is Jennifer and her son is Brandon.

Our sons are friends along with two other boys Jason and Eric. This is how we ended up seducing our sons friends and eventually our own sons as well, gee I forgot everyone's last names, sorry :) Well here's my chat log, I have it pasted from where all this started. Jennifer. Well I guess it's my weekend for the boys at my place, another weekend shot and done before its begun.

Janet. Whys that? I hardly ever notice the boys being here when I have them. They just go in the basement and lift weights that's all. Why what are they doing at your place? Jennifer. Just lifting weights? That's how you describe it? Janet Well that's all they do when they're here and yes I do know what they are up to in my home. I bring them pop. Jennifer. Are you totally BLIND? The next time you bring them pop check out the abs on that Jason. I'm looking at getting myself some work out tights and joining them.

Janet. OMG, shut up, you are not. Jennifer. 6 pack Janet. Shut up, they are not and you are not either, really? 6 pack? Janet. Jen you are such a slut, why did you go and tell me that? You knew That I'd have to look. Jason does have a set of 6 pack abs and Your son Brandon isn't far behind either. Jennifer. Now who's the slut here, I wasn't talking about my son.

You keep your eyes off him. How about I point out the firm behind your Todd has or how his arms look. Janet. Oh my god, you are checking out my sons ass now? You are so in for it. They are still here working out now and I am going to be back in a little bit to better describe your boy to you. Jennifer. You stay right here you horn dog, I know what you're like when you check guys out. Jennifer. Where are you, you better be right by your computer Jennifer.

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Janet get your ass back here you have always had the tact of a fire truck when checking out guys. At least when I do it they don't know that I'm looking. Janet. Tact of a fire truck?

Ok you may have me on that one, but you're still no better than I am at stealing a peek. For starters the boys are still screaming in laughter because I completely threw you under the bus as far as Jason is concerned. I never saw his abs till just now when I asked to see them. Jennifer. You did what? God no say you were joking. Janet. Jason has always worn a shirt around me so I never saw his abs. The boys confessed that they make him take it off at your house because they all know how you like to watch.

Janet. Now they're all shirtless in my basement and competing against Jason in sit ups. They've all just decided that if girls want washboard abs then that's what they're going for.

Plus, I have to judge their progress every other week. Jennifer You are going to totally regret starting this with me. Janet Jennifer I cannot believe you, Todd just came home from their work out this week. He stammered something to me about you joining their little group? He mentioned that you had a workout outfit? He seemed too embarrassed to describe it, he did mention that you wanted him to tell me all about it though, why is that?

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Jennifer I told you that you were going to regret starting this. Its nothing really, just a work out outfit, it might be a little snug up top but the boys really didn't seem to mind me joining them.

In fact they're promising to help me get in shape. The boys may have the idea now of how competitive you are towards me now, that's all Janet A little snug up top? This is how you describe going bra less in front of four teenage boys with a tight fitting top?. Todd is talking about moving all their workout sessions over to your house now. That is not going to happen, I'll show you competitive. Jennifer What did you do yesterday?

Now my Brandon is talking about their group meeting more at your house? Janet Oh nothing dear, I didn't have the budget for a sexy work out fit so I just got new bottoms, I had an old maternity top from years ago. It may be a little baggy on me so I'm afraid that it kind of let the twins wander a bit while I was working out with the boys. Jennifer You are not talking about that old creme color top you used to have, you never would get rid of it.

I know for a fact that it lets your nipples show through. You spent an hour with the boys working out in the basement with your breasts on display? Janet Well the boys were really into their sit up competition at the end of their workout session, I can tell you that much.

I think we spent closer to 2 hours working out in the basement. Well this is really where my story has to begin. My sister had begun another competition with me knowing full well and good that I would not let her out do me. The time I had realized that I was pushing things too far I had begun my second work out session bra less with the boys.

My breasts easily slipped side to side while laying on my back on their weight bench. All 4 boys crowded around me cheering me on with whatever they had me lifting.

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I certainly adored the attention and my son was there to make sure that nothing went "too far". It really was inappropriate for a "mom" to work out the way I had been. I was clearly teasing the boys with my breasts which had relatively free reign in my top. With my C cup size and my dark areola it was obviously going too far. But that was certainly shutting my sister down and the boys were getting me into much better shape than I had been in years. I kept it a secret from my sister that my son was so enamored with his mothers "new" look that he began getting me to work out almost every day during the week as well.

I was "winning" at my competition with my sister and I was going to be in much better shape than she was before long to boot! I figured that letting my son ogle my breasts during the week was a better price to pay then a gym membership. That and it certainly seemed to make Todd a lot more attentive around the house as well.


He had never been so helpful in the past as he was now that we were "work out buddies" We talked more during the week then we had ever before, and through gentle prodding I learned that my sister was still working out with their group as she had started as well.

I did manage to get from my son that Jennifer's nipples were slightly visible, not as much as mine but that she apparently laid on their work out bench with her legs splayed open more than I did. Through gentle prodding I learned that her panties were visible through her workout bottoms. And that the panties were very small. I could not believe how these work out sessions had changed my outlook on life however.

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I was becoming more and more of an exhibitionist then I could ever have imagined. I absolutely adored the attention I was receiving from these fine looking teenage boys in my basement.

They obviously were all sporting hard ons during our work out sessions, my son included. I had kind of hoped that his might go down on the weekends with my weekly workout sessions with him, but teenage hormones won out on that every time.

I was unfortunately getting to enjoy this well more than I should have as well. I had never been any sort of an exhibitionist before but the naughty thrills I was receiving along with the support from the boys, well it became all to easy to just continue. The boys were progressing very nicely as well and this made it very hard for me to quit. Not only was Jason still sporting a sexy set of 6 pack abs but my sisters son was as well. My son wasn't far behind but he clearly did have the market cornered on the sexiest buns, just like my sister had noted.

Very well defined leg muscles as well and his upper chest was fantastic. Oh yes I was really enjoying these work out sessions.

This prodded me into making my mistake. I commented to my Todd that I would consider letting him pick out a new workout outfit for me if he managed to get me to lose a dress size. Due to our daily workout sessions I guess I had gotten perhaps too accustomed to allowing my son to see my nipples.

Knowing that my breasts were almost on display, swaying back and forth during our various work out routines apparently primed his imagination. After making my offer Todd began taking nutrition tips and started changing what he wanted to eat at home.

I really couldn't complain, it did seem like he was just trying to take care of his mom after all. But after a really strenuous workout routine I made another mistake, I commented in my chat sessions with my sister that I was in total body pain.

She asked why and then found out that I had been working out during the week with my son. This led to a testy exchange where I let slip that Todd might be picking out a new workout outfit for me if he got me down a dress size. I pointed out that I knew that my sister was wearing some sort of G string or thong under her workout outfit for the boys pleasure. She let me know that it was small enough that it forced her to shave it, so that nothing would show.

I promised her that I would never slip that low as to shave myself bare for my son like she had.


Maybe that pushed her into what she did next. My son had apparently gone snooping enough to find out what size I was wearing and with my sisters prodding assistance. They went shopping, my sister went along, I am certain, so that she could know what outfit I had, so that she could top it. But to this day she swears that she didn't prod my son into buying the outfit that he did.

It was scandalous! The workout outfit that he bought had a sheer white outer and a purple sporting bra interior (B cup, clearly too small) and some obscene looking thong type bikini bottom for underneath the sheer outer.

I checked and yes, the outer shell went transparent when wet. The boys did love to work me into a full sweat with their workout routines and this was really taking it up a notch.

My son brought it home after his workout session at my sisters. He talked about how my sister was always working out with her legs spread open and how the boys would almost stand between her legs while helping her out.

He insisted that they couldn't "see anything" but I got the impression that this meant they just weren't seeing any hair. All he did was blush and look down when I asked if she was showing off her camel toe. Yes I knew that name and the look on his face said yes all the way. When he pulled out the new outfit I was ready to try it on.

Even so I had to caution my son, the tube top was too small, I couldn't put it on. I told him that his moms breasts were going to be a bit on display.

That I was going to show him so that he could decide if he really wanted me to show off like this for his friends. I was half hoping he would tell me to cover them up, but was silently thrilled when he eagerly approved! This still left a hairy problem down below.

I had my hands folded covering my mons while my son eagerly soaked up my blatantly exposed breasts under this new top.

He was telling me that his friends were going to want to work out here at home every week with me wearing this. That my sister for sure was going to have to change her workout outfit if she was going to try to compete with me. Then he noticed I wasn't talking. I tried to explain to him, I had told my sister that I wasn't going to shave down there just for his group. That his selection of outfits was putting me in a bind. Now Todd's face locked onto my hands covering my crotch, I swallowed my pride and moved my hands.

My pubic hair was more than just peeking out from behind the crotch area of the thong. It surrounded the center patch of cloth, I have dark hair and this was more than just obscene, it was pornographic. I told him that really didn't want to let my sister force me to shave down there but that I was obviously going to have to trim up a bit. I could tell that my sons mouth had gone dry, I guess that I really had gone too far with this but he seemed to recover a bit and almost whispered out.

"You could shave a landing strip" I feigned ignorance, just trying to buy time I guess, while thrilling to the obscene nature of this. My sister had started this, my son had picked the outfit. I was just the innocent parent stuck in between who was now showing off her breasts and pubic hair to her son. My son, apparently emboldened by my sister allowing the boys between her legs walked forward and with his fingers drew a line up while touching the upper portion of my pubes.

He told me to leave that hair if I wanted and that it would make me the sexiest mom in the world. I went back to the bathroom, my son must have thought that I was done so I found him in his room. I walked in with this obscene outfit still on with my "landing strip" in place. His jaw dropped and he just stared at me open mouthed. I had to prompt him by asking if this was what he liked.

Did he want me to wear this with his friends this coming weekend.

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He dumbly nodded his head yes. I told him that this could lead to things "getting out of hand" but that I was also enjoying all the attention that I was receiving from him and his friends.

He stressed to me that this was all ok with him. Still I had my concerns, the boys were getting a lot more bold during the work out sessions. They were standing closer to me already, before this outfit. I could see the bulges in their shorts only inches away from my face when I had my turn on the weight bench. Their hands were lingering longer on my arms when positioning me for the weight lifting, I was loving every minute of it.

I got online with my sister, I told her that she was pushing this too far. That this was going to get carried away if we continued and she openly agreed with me. She was plainly experiencing some of the same things was.

She was enjoying the attention of the young men. They were apparently stroking her arms and legs while she was lifting weights. Something they had never done with me only until just recently. I said how I knew that she was letting them stand between her legs while she lifted and all she said was "So?" I had to come out and tell her that I didn't want my son stigmatized by incest with his friends present, if things went too far and he participated when things got out of hand.

She agreed with me and said that she would come over and pick my Todd up when the boys came over this weekend and "keep him busy" while I worked things out.

But that I was going to have to return the favor on the next weekend when it was her turn to entertain the boys. I just blocked from my mind what she might be planning on doing with my son while I had the boys. Nor did I want to think of what I might be doing with the other three with him gone. On Thursday I explained to my Todd that I was really nervous about this weekend. That I might be able to handle our daily work out sessions dressed the way he had seen me, but for this first time on the weekend.

Well I came out and said that my sister was going to pick him up and he was going to work out with her or something while his friends were over.

Oddly enough he didn't seem to object too much. On our appointed day and time the boys arrived, so did my sister. I was upstairs wearing my workout outfit with a towel wrapped around my bottom half.


The boys seemed to eagerly accept my sons leaving and headed straight for the basement. My sister smirked at me while leaving with my son and asked if I had given up and shaved it.

I pulled the towel off and flipped her the finger. Her jaw dropped as she saw my dark haired landing strip clearly poking up from my tiny thong underneath the sheer white workout outfit. I shut and locked the door before re wrapping myself.

I had the boys do their work out first and I kept the towel on, they kept looking and none had the courage to ask me to take it off. They were lifting, doing squats and sit ups, every type of exercise till each of them glistened with sweat from their efforts. God they had me hot, I was finally ready. I walked towards their group and they stopped. Jason was the one who asked if I was going to work out wearing the towel. I started to explain that my son, I stopped, couldn't blame him for this now could I?.

Well I had to take responsibility for my outfit so I told them that I had a new outfit and was afraid to wear it around my son. Then I closed my eyes and took off the towel. I laid down on the weight bench as I heard a collective gasp from the boys.

I tried to stay focused on lifting and asked for my weights. Someone got them, I started to explain that my sister had been trying to force me to shave it for them and I had promised her that she would never make that happen.

That she had a hand in picking out this outfit and that I figured that next week they might be treated to more of the same from her at her house. I then tried to start lifting. The boys were crowding too close, they were all breathing hard, their cocks were visibly tented in their shorts. I felt a hand on my upturned elbow, it started sliding down my arm. I decided that this was where it was headed anyway so I extended my arms up and sighed. The hand continued down my arm, past my arm pit and covered the base of my breast.

I looked up, this was Jason who had started this. I said "Mmmm I like that" and he began kneading my arm muscle. I looked over to the other side and saw my sisters son Brandon by my other side, I told him "you could rub too" and he began on my other arm. Eric was the odd man out at this time but I figured that he might just have to wait, I would be getting to all of them.

Jason took the lead again and began openly rubbing my breast through my sheer top. I only groaned in pleasure and he began tugging at my nipple which would only slide through his hands because of the material. I reached over and pulled at Jason's shorts and he sucked in his rock hard gut allowing my fingers to grab the waste band and pull down.

His cock was hard as a rock with a large purple head, he was already leaking precum out his piss hole and I knew that at his age he wouldn't be lasting long no matter what so I figured that I would give him a warm up shot so that the real fun could begin all that much sooner. I leaned my head towards his cock and he lurched forward. No sooner than I got the head of it in my mouth and he groaned.

I had started to slide my hand down his shaft to feel his balls but he pretty much started unloading in my mouth as soon as I had closed my lips around his cock head. I pulled him out and pointed his shaft at my right breast and his second shot of sperm hit my breast square on. I counted a total of 8 throbbing shots of sperm as they launched out of his cock covering my breast. While this was going on I said "rub lower guys" and immediately felt two hands searching out my slit.

I shrugged my left shoulder down while Brandon continued to massage my left breast, I could feel that he was winning the grope fest going on at my crotch and was trying to nestle his fingers under my outfit to finger me directly. I put my right hand to my right breast and began massaging Jason's sperm load into my breast and in the process turned the sheer material almost transparent making my brown nipple all the more visible, as well as the rest of my breast which I was able to completely cover with his load of cum.

With my other hand I began to pull my shoulder strap down and Brandon immediately took over. He pulled it down low enough to free up my left breast and then began directly fondling my tit while clumsily trying to push his fingers up inside my sopping wet slit.

I reached over with my right hand now and began working on freeing his cock next. It also came out with an enraged purple head covered in precum.

I now used both hands to guide his young cock towards my now naked breast. My left hand I reached down to his ball sack and with my right I pointed and stroked his cock. I twisted my hand so that I could try to use my 4 fingers on the underside of his cock and was rewarded with feeling his balls pull up tight in their sack.

He then began pumping off his load directly onto my naked breast. I now looked down at Eric who had up till this point been left out. I said "Eric honey? Could you suck on this?" while reaching down and pulling my suit aside to expose my wet slit to this horny sweaty 16 year old fuck toy.

He launched himself face first into my slit and began licking and sucking. I tried to give him directions and began to wonder why he seemed to be so stiffly sucking at my slit, then I realized that he had started grunting and was dry humping the air above the weight bench.

There was a dark stain forming in his workout shorts, I had him coming in his pants while he was sucking on my slit! I looked at that and said "oh good, I wanted to get each of you off once before we went to the main course" they looked at me so I told them that I was on the pill. That I wanted each of them to come inside of me as long as at least one of them got me off with their cock inside of me.

I then told them that I realized that all of them had just gotten off but that I was on fire and needed some hose, then I told them to get naked. I sat up on the weight bench as they all stripped in record time.

I pulled my things off, one side of my suit already soaking wet with fresh sperm so it was going to get cold and sticky anyway. I then laid down on a rubber floor mat that they used for their sit ups.

I motioned for Jason to come over, he had finished first so I figured he'd be ready first. Hell he hadn't even gone totally soft from the first time. I gave his cock a couple of strokes and he was ready to go.

I laid back on the mat and he mounted me between my legs. Sure it was wild thrusting and even though he had shot off once he almost lasted long enough to make me come.

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I was really close and couldn't wait. I almost screamed at Brandon to get his cock in me while Jason was just finishing off with squirting his load inside of me. Shortly after Brandon began thrusting in me I came, I mean I really came! I felt it down in my toes. I couldn't think to say anything I just moaned and gasped. After I came down Brandon was still thrusting in me, I had to wonder if maybe he had more experience than I had first thought, but then he started unloading inside of me. Eric bless him didn't hesitate, I could feel loads of sperm just glopping out of my well fucked hole and Eric just thrust right on in.

Eric was thrusting and grunting and I started reaching around trying to feel his firm young ass and his back. My mind wandered to what my sister might be doing right now with my son and the thought of him thrusting into my sister rolled me up to the edge.

I started gasping that he was going to make me come but now I realized that he was going to go off first. I started gasping "oh god no, a little longer" and Jason, bless his heart was ready. They all seemed to be making it a team effort. They were cheering Eric along telling him to make me come. Well not Jason, he was telling him to hurry up and finish so he could get me next.

That is what ended up happening, I was on the verge of coming again and Eric rolled off with his load spilling out of my wide open hole while Jason drove his cock back into me.

This time Jason was able to get me off and moving along having fun with being fucked by multiple partners. Brandon who had gotten me off first now had a chance to go for a second row.

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He certainly did his best but now I was slowing down and when Brandon finished inside of me it became Eric's job to get me off with his cock. In the end each boy emptied his cock a total of three times to my own three orgasms.

I emptied out 9 loads to my own three orgasms and felt like a well fucked queen in the process. This was all my sisters fault, you agree with me don't you?