Xxx gori chikni chut story

Xxx gori chikni chut story
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Prologue Door Knocker and Traveling Salesman, Rohan, encounters a beautiful curvy single mother on a hot day in a Mumbai suburb. His lust for her doesn't go unanswered as both Rohan and Swati live out their fantasy together.

* * * * * * * Rohan climbed each step of the house making his way carefully to door taking not of the drawn blinds as he approached it. Approaching the front door he gave a loud and assertive knock.

Rohan stood at the door, six foot one with deep black eyes. He had large hands and a muscular build with his chest pushing out of uniform blue polo.

He stood in an at-ease military stance with his hands behind his back and his sales tablet around his neck awaiting his next prospect to answer the door. He could hear footsteps approaching the door. Rohan quickly raised his blue Ray Ban sunglasses snug onto his forehead so that he could meet eyes with his new prospect. As his arms were secured behind his back his muscles shown in a semi-erect fashion, not full flex, but at half flex.

Rohan was a traveling door-to-door salesmen for a major alarm company in Mumbai. He was in the top tier of his company earning a difficult six figures. While his coworker would spend their money on lavish life styles and woman, Rohan preferred to invest and surf the wave of life that is the field of knocking doors.

Each day was a new adventure and he never knew who would answer that door next. Rohan's eyes were affixed on the door as he listened to the knob turn and the door slowly open. He was ready to throw his opening pitch out at the new prospect but he stumbled and lost his words for just a brief moment, a rare occasion for him. In the doorway stood a female homeowner five foot ten with beautiful dirty blond hair that flew down to her shoulders.

Her eyes, however dark, had an inviting sparkle to them as the sun's reflection shown in her corneas. She was wearing a black top with no button but a slit to show off her cleavage. Her large breasts pushed out her shirt and complimented her broad shoulders. Her curves filled out the rest of her top pushing the shirt out at the hips giving Rohan the image of her behind, perfectly round, in his head. Her thighs filled out her black pants also. As unprofessional as it was he broke eye contact with her and glanced down briefly with just his eyes and saw the beautiful outline of her crotch pushed snug against her pants.

His eyes met hers again and he smiled a small smile just in case she noticed him peek at her beautiful full bodied vagina. Hismind flashed as he cracked the smile, this big beautiful woman who looked to be in her early forty's grab him by the head and right there in broad daylight in the entrance to her home, shoved his face between her legs so that his mouth would be up against her beautiful plump vagina.

She would excrete cum adding a lush flavor to the fabric of her pants as he would push in as hard as possible with his tongue to penetrate her vagina through her pants. He would close his lips tight, as to suck hard so that even the smallest drop of cum would seep through her pants onto his tongue so that he could taste this beautiful creature's flavor.

She would moan and with not a care in the world to her neighbors. As he would be on his knees, head held securely between her large thighs, hands holding his head in and up, and her vagina and pelvis pushed out toward the street dripping, soaking her pants, mixing with his saliva and drool he would pleasure her.

Rohan wiped the smile off his face, lowered his threaded eye-brows and spoke in his most serious voice yet to date and began his alarm pitch.

He would gauge her facial expressions. Rohan had become a professional at reading faces in order do his job.

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She was hard to read, but he never stopped talking as her body was yelling at the top of its lungs, "I'm Interested!" Her face and torso were directly square with his military at-ease stance.

Her eyes, affixed on his with a warm welcoming smile, almost saying, "Why are you hear, I want to hear more, keep talking." Behind here eyes and eyebrows was a glimmer of a seductive stare.

This seductive stare was something Rohan learned to spot. It was a way for him to earn their trust and relate to them. Having door after door slammed on your face, you learn to look for those who want something. You present your product and debate like your argument likea professional. Out of one hundred doors a day, Rohan would get different degrees of seductive stares, glares, smirks and more.

This time, she tried to hide it and he had to look very hard as she spoke to see it in her eyes. Even then, he felt that it was more of a gut reaction, a psychic reading, an educated guess that she showed this interest. He quickly adjusted the pitch in order to adapt to the situation. "I can come inside and show you and your husband how our system works, even design a new system for your home full with price quote." He paused and looked at her, she looked at him.

He could see it in her face that she didn't have a husband, "Let me show you what our system looks like." Rohan took a step up to the welcome mat and moved in close to the homeowner, he had to be professional when he worked a seductive cue in order to avoid human resources calls.

He was just in her personal space, not close enough to meet her lush lips, but close enough, if she was a close friend, to make a move in for a hug.

He stood off to her side a little and she turned and faced her large breasts toward him with her entire body. From the step up to the mat to grabbing his tablet to show the presentation was one fluid motion.


As he looked down at the tablet and as she gazed into his eyes, he let his eyes rake down across her cleavage so that she would notice. He ignored his action and looked at his tablet. He saw her adjust her right foot to move in a little bit closer to him. He could smell her perfume, it was exotic and expensive. He knew he had her with the step in she took. Rohan held up his tablet to show off the presentation as he moved shoulder to shoulder with the homeowner. She again shifted her body close to him in an angle with her breasts slightly toward his chest.

She spoke as he finished his presentation, "Seeing as I don't have a husband to answer to, come inside." She walked into her home holding the door open for Rohan, stepping up into the doorway. As she stood up her hips shifted up to one side pressing her voluptuous ass cheek against her pants. Rohan couldn't help but look down. As she turned her head to see if was following, he caught her head turn in his peripherals and raised his head from her ass and the vision of her sprawled out naked on a bed came to his mind.

Her body was flowing loosely out without the constraints of cloths for her curves to be constricted by. As his eyes met hers again she smiled at him and turned her head forward in confidence looking up high and she lead him upstairs into her living room. There was a large TV on the wall and pictures of her daughter by the side of the couch.

As he walked upstairs, before him was the kitchen, humble, yet up to date and high-tech, suitable for a single mother. To the left was the TV set and couch in an 'L' shape. One side the couch sat flush against the wall with the bay window facing out to the street at the front of house.

The other side was flush against the wall that held the banister leading upstairs. She sat down facing the kitchen with her back to the window. She smiled and moved the pillows to right aside, stroked the seat cushion with both hands and spoke in a soft, welcoming tone, "Please, sit down." Rohan moved in and sat down next to her, she was close to him. He looked at how her stomach folded over her black shirt as she sat with her hands on her legs like an eager child.

He wanted to grab her by the hips and run his hands down her stomach feeling every curve she had. He looked up at her wondering what she tastes like, wondering if she used tongue or not to kiss or if she liked her stomach being held.

He placed the tablet on the table in front of them both with a working digital display model of the alarm system. As he did this he looked up at her as he retracted his lean in from the table and imagined once again that large naked body, only this time her hair was draped over his face and her body was rubbing up tight against him. He could feel her vagina dripping cum onto his legs and she rubbed her 'V' up against him ever so tightly.

He wanted the soft lips of her vagina to hug his penis so badly he imagined that he wouldn't be able to hold back his cum, without penetration he would cum all over her semi-trimmed pubes mixing with her cum all over their bodies. He would feel bad he didn't please her and go down on her spreading her thighs apart, drinking both of their cum until he was hard again. As Rohan sat back into the couch she placed her hand gently on him and gave a firm grip to his arm, "I'm interested in protecting my family Rohan.

By the way, my name's Swati." Rohan spent what seemed to be fifteen minuets explaining the hardware to Swati.

Rohan wanted to stand to do his performance but his semi-erect penis from her gentle touch embarrassed him a little. He thought about grabbing the tablet to hide it, but that would require to many actions and would look weird.

In sales, anything that looks weird may kill a sale, and he didn't want that. He wondered about removing his blue polo shirt from the khaki pants, but that was way to unprofessional. He decided to sit for as long as he could. "Where would you put everything?" She just had to ask, he really didn't want to move, and was always taught not to point, but to show. He stood up gently unable to hide what he had in his pants. She looked down at his big hands as they almost lay momentarily like a square that was just touched on the Jeopardy game show.

He was on display for the entire nation to see. Rohan's semi-erect bulge shown through his pants and he couldn't cover it up. Swati had a stern face on as she pointed around her room asking if the far corner by the steps upstairs would be a good location. Rohan turned his back halfway to her and pointed up to the corner showing off his bulge and ass.

The more Rohan spoke about business the quicker he was able to lose his erection and focus on the task at hand, getting the sale. He looked at the spot on the couch next to her, and her child in the picture again, after he finished his technical talk he spoke, "Beautiful girl you have." "Thank you," she smirked, "She takes after her mother." She spoke with confidence.

"I can sure see that." He smiled too, a genuine smile, "May I sit back down." He wanted to sit next to her again, he wanted to feel her hand grasp his arm again.

He knew that there was only fifteen minuets left in the sale to close, and he was one of the fastest closer's in the company. He wanted more time, but knew he shouldn't stall for time talking to her until the sale was done, it was simply how he was trained. He sat back down and spoke, "I'll only need your driver's license and form of payment." He looked dead into her eyes wishing that one of his visions would materialize. "You know, I'm only forty-two." she walked away to get her wallet as she kept talking from the kitchen.

Rohan watched as she walked gracefully away from the couch, "I'm worried about my ex breaking in at night, you came at the right time. We've been divorced for eight years now and he's just getting out of prison." "You defiantly don't need someone like that in your life." "Not at all Mr. Rohan, I'll just be a moment." She said in a cute voice, "I've got my daughter at sleep away camp because of him, it's nice having the house to myself, but your mind starts to wander and wonder about the what-if's.

I don't like the what-if's. You know what I mean?" "I can relate, you want to be safe and secure." "Exactly." she walks back into the room with a larger portion of her left breast showing, larger than before, maybe even two inches of skin showing, "You're young, you can defend yourself, I need help. Are you single by the way Mr. Rohan?" "Unfortunately, I am." He said with a frown on his face. She sat back down next to him, a little closer this time and handed him the license and credit card.

As he went to grab the ID and credit card she placed her hand, nor firmly gripping this time, but gently touching Rohan's upper left arm. "Thank you." The words left her mouth in the most sincerest of tones ever. In two words she thanked him for securing herself and her child, but with one gentle touch combined with the lean into him and revealing cleavage, she thanked him for his presence.

The same kind of 'Thank You' he's given to customer's in swimsuits and bikini's before. The same 'Thank You' that went home with Rohan countless times before into his shower.

The same 'Thank You' that he said again as he stroked his cock hard, repeatedly, again and again to the image of woman he said thank you to earlier in that day. It was a 'Thank You' he knew all to well and knew what she was going to be doing the second his left. He could envision her sliding her soft, gentle hands down her black pants, slipping underneath her panties as they surfed the waves of her curves landing her index and middle fingers gently above her tight vagina.

To Rohan it was eight years tight, even though he knew this wasn't a reality, he liked to think it. She would slider her fingers over her lips softly allowing the combination of her pants and underwear to press her knuckles in as they pressed her fingers just firmly enough on her outer lips.

The idea of him and his bulge would be ingrained into her mind as she caressed her lips, feeling their outline. His naked body would be painted across her mind next, as he stripped off that deep blue polo revealing his muscular chest.

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He would face her from where he was standing, from where he was pointing at the corner on the wall by the stairs leading up into the living room where they sat just moments earlier. His hand would come down from its angle and unlatch his belt as his hard cock would push the zipper open as he unbuttoned his khaki's.

She would slide down her black pants, kicking them off in a rush as he slid off his boxers removing them and his pants from his body, standing there only in his g-shock watch and no-show socks.

With her pant's removed her panties would be thrown off her left leg and lay dangling on her right. She would reach down with her left hand now, to meet her right. First her hard would stop at her left breast to pinch her nipple from inside her shirt.

She would gently remove her DD breast letting it hang out for him to see. Her hand would lift up her shirt just a little and then it would glide down over her curves like her right hand did, down into her pants. Her left hand would spread open her juicy plump lips as her right played with her clit in small circular motions as she imagined him stroking his throbbing hard cock the size of his hands to her beautiful wet vagina.

He raised his right hand, with a fully erect penis only hidden because he was sitting down and she was looking at her hand, and he placed it over hers on his left shoulder with the warmest and gentlest of holds. He looked at her deep into her eyes and down at her lips, "You're welcome Swati." The least he could do was to give her a touch to remember for when he finished the sale and left her alone to remember him by. On the off chance, if she did touch herself, she would have that much more sensuality to recall and remember him by.

It was also just the right amount for a professional conversation as many people do speak with their hands.

She looked at him with anger this time, no he was wrong, frustration was the proper word. She look frustrated at him. With almost a sixth sense she could feel him loosening his touch on her hand, as he was about to move his right hand from hers and finish the sale, she tightened the grip on his arm with her manicured nails. He felt something wonderful in his stomach, as a torrent of emotions began to fire off in a storm that he didn't know and couldn't control. He grabbed her hand tightly and looked down at both hands and then he felt something shift.

She slid her entire body close to him, her right leg and thigh close, flush up against left leg and thigh. "Sorry, am I too close?" "Not at all Swati, I like it." He said in a lower tone voice, not yet a whisper but close enough to one. "Good, I like how you checked me out when you knocked on my door." She spoke in a beckoning tone, a tone that was pulling him into her body.

He still wanted to be professional and deny that he checked her out, but he could feel the warmth of her leg up against his. "I enjoyed looking over every inch of you." Rohan's blood was pumping fast and his penis was erect. He watched as she moved her hand holding the ID and credit card to the table, placing them both down, and then gently retreat between her legs.

She grabbed his hand and moved it onto her leg as her left index finger made a gentle motion over her vagina. She placed her hand on top of his locking it place on her right thigh and she played with herself. Swati let out a gentle moan and shifted her left leg over splitting her legs into a perfect 'V' shape. Rohan watched as she pressed down harder on the outline of her lush lips, he looked at her face as she made another seductive moan and bit her lip.

He grabbed her thigh harder this time and pushed closer into her as he watched her pants turn shiny black from her ejactulation.


He wanted his mouth on that spot more than she knew, he want his nose right on top it, he wanted her to cum into his mouth right then and there. "Rohan." she paused as she whispered his name, "I want you." Swati commanded. He looked up at her and slid his right hand up underneath her shirt climbing the curves of her stomach, letting his fingers briefly get stuck between her skin, then moving on up gently to her right breast.

It filled his large hand perfectly, he squeezed it tight and then moved to place her nipple between his index finger and thumb. He gave a gentle squeeze and her pelvis shifted down on the couch. He watched as she struggled to get her clit from outside her pants.

"I need these pants to come off now, I'll make it easier for you." He said as he slid his right hand back down her beautiful figure along her side to her right hip. He moved his left hand to her left hip and slid his index finger inside of her pants along the brim of the elastic seam holding them in place. He slid his right index finger around her whole front teasing her just the right amount just before grasping the right side firmly and then the left.

As he stood up. Swati, with her left leg, pushed the table away along the carpet. With both sides of her pants grasped firmly in his hands he positioned himself on his knees between her legs right in the middle of the 'V' they both made. Rohan pulled down and then slid his hands around the rear of Swati, leaning into her to get his arms fully around her, his head close to her belly button.

He slid her pants down from the back, below her soft ass cheeks.

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He could almost feel some pre-cum gathering on his hard cock. She lifted her hips up and knees in the air allowing him the room to finish sliding off her black pants. He pulled them down leaning back toward the table in a limbo motion and then came catapulting back, sliding underneath her pants and inside of the small space between her legs with his head.

He pushed them down with his right hand and turned around facing the kitchen to finish the job. As his head faced away from her and she sat there in her panties, she stroked his head with her hands. Rohan removed one slipper and then the other. He pulled the cuff of her pants down on the left, and placed her foot gently on the side of table she had thrust forward.

He moved to the right side next, and did the same. With both feet gently on the edge of the table, he kissed the left one and then moved his lips kissing up her left calf muscle to behind her knees. As he moved up to kiss her inner thighs she moved her right hand from the side of his face to her vagina again. He glanced forward as he slowly inched up her leg kissing his way up.

Looking all the while to see how wet he was making her. As he got to her inner thigh, right where her panties met her skin he grabbed his cock hard and slide his tongue underneath her underwear. He moved his hands up both thighs together reaching around and grabbing her ass hard he pushed her panties away with the side of his nose and his tongue exposing her moist, wet lips to open cool air. He quickly place his tongue over them to keep them warm, soaking his tongue with her cum.

He cupped his tongue and moved upward licking her vagina in its entirety. He closed his lips and swallowed all that he could gather in one lick. He looked up to Swati as he swallowed and she pushed his head between her legs back onto her panties that snapped back into place. He could feel the wet stain of her cum on his lips, he could taste it and wanted more. She pushed his head back quickly yet gently, and removed her panties so fast he thought that she was going to rip them off. She lifted her right leg over his head and slid them off both legs.

She sat back into the couch with her legs wide open, vagina glistening wet, and Rohan in place between her legs. Swati grabbed Rohan's polo shirt as a signal to get him to remove it.

He sat erect in his position between her and threw it off onto the table, on top of her pants and underwear. "Stand up, now!" She commanded him to do.

Rohan stood up and watched as she pointed to his pants and slide her hand down, "All of it!" He slide off his pants right in place, balanced on one leg and then removed them and his boxers fully.


As his boxers came down his throbbing cock jumped up like a spring. She reached for it and he moved into her hands placing his cock in her hands. Rohan got down low again allowing her hand to slide away for a moment as he slide both hands up her shirt again. He went up to her armpits and pushed both arms up.

Swati lifted them both and he slid off her sexy black shirt. She was wearing a black bra now. He jumped onto her naked lap and stretched his arms around her body grabbing either side of her bra, quickly unlatching it. As he sat back into her legs she removed her bra and threw it on the table with the rest of the cloths.

The room was getting darker as the sun was setting. Swati had never turned on the lights. He looked into her eyes, the two of them naked, her body loosely open on the couch and his, his legs around her waist and arms grasping the curves of her sides tightly.

He kissed her on the lips and then let his hands move to her breasts. He held her left nipple as he lowered his head to it slowly and began sucking away. He loved how soft her skin was. As he nibbled down on her nipple he slid his right hand down her stomach and graced over her belly button. Then he slid gently down her 'V' to her vagina.

He parted her wet lips with his index finger and felt around carefully and slowly for her vein. It was so wet it allowed his finger glide with ease into place. It was as if he was gracefully gliding his finger over the thinnest fishing line you could find. She let out a load moan, "That's it!! More!" He moved across it multiple times and felt her body jerk him around. He slid his body down and moved his head between her legs replacing his tongue with his finger.

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He tongue slid up and down her vein as her vagina lips snugly kissed his warmly. He placed both hands around her thighs and held on tightly as she squeezed his head between her legs. He ate her out moving his tongue around until she screamed. He paused to fill his mouth with more cum and to tease her a little. She tasted so good. He held her cum in his mouth and swished it around before swallowing.

She grabbed his arm tightly as he swallowed and pulled him up onto her beautiful curvy body. He grabbed her tightly and then slid his left arm on the inside of her left thigh moving it up into the couch.

Her leg was in the air. She grabbed his throbbing cock with her right hand and angled into her warm wet vagina. As he felt his head slide into her lips, inside of her wet, lubricated vagina, he gently thrust his hips forward feeling the tip of his cock push back up against her wall. Her hand moved into his mouth for some saliva and she moaned as she threw her back backwards.

Her fingers rushed down to her clit and she began to stroke herself. He slid forward and back again pushing her whole body into the couch. Her breasts moved forward and backwards with a seductive hypnotizing motion. With her free hand she held the small of his back tightly and moved down to grab his ass as his cock thrust inside her allowing for his pelvis to move flush up against hers.

He heard a loud clap and she moaned up to the ceiling. Her vagina tightened around his cock and he looked down as she began to drip wet onto he couch. All he could think about was licking it up when they were done. He knew she was having an organism and didn't want to stop the flow. He kept thrusting into her, and her vagina held onto his cock like a tight glove.

He didn't stop. He didn't want to stop. He wanted to make her cum so hard. She moaned louder this time and screamed his name, "Rohannn!" "Swati! Cum for me!" He kept thrusting into her, together they kept the loud clap sounding through the whole house, he could hear her wet pussy as she came even harder. He started to moan loud and call out her name, "Swati!

Yess!" He could feel his cum building as his cock got even harder inside of her. He kept his motion going, thrusting her large beautiful body into the couch, watching her breasts fly around. He didn't stop, he wanted her to cum. He thrust into her again, this time as their body's met she began to fling her finger across her clit furiously.

Her body shook as he retracted. He thrust back into her soaking wet vagina feeling her knuckles run across his body at the same time as she furiously pleasured herself. He felt her vagina tighten up once more sucking the cum out of his cock.

As his hips met her he pushed her back into the couch with his whole body, lead by by hips, filling her vagina with cum.

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He pulled back and came in again as he kept ejaculating into her warm vagina. Once more he thrust into her and held his position, as he let go of her leg and grabbed her body tight, he filled her with every once of cum he had left in him.

She slowed down her strokes on her clit as she had cum too. Letting out a moan so loud that the neighbor's dog began to bark. They both looked at each other and then down between their bodies on the couch. Her legs were dripping with both his and her cum. The couch was soaked through, as if an entire water bottle had been emptied on it. They both smiled at each other and said, "Thank you." The words left her mouth gently.

She pulled him up, "Lay down on my lap and rest Mr. Rohan." He gazed up from her lap, at her, watching the moon peek out from behind her head through the drawn blinds, it was a perfect eclipse