Vollbusige Masseuse gibt dem Schwanz ihre besondere reiben

Vollbusige Masseuse gibt dem Schwanz ihre besondere reiben
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i> From the last story Cindy and I helped Louise back up and got her dressed. She was still in a fog. Finally, we were presentable and we left the booth.

We headed for the door and the cashier came over and handed me a card with her phone number on it. I took it, thanked her, and we left. I was not sure we would ever call either of these women. We returned home and I told the ladies to take a nap. I wanted them rested for the evening. I had big plans for that night and it was already almost 7pm.

I wanted to play late into the night, especially with Jackie coming over. Recurring Cast Dennis, 41 years old, 5' 11", 175 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, Cindy's husband. Cindy, 41 years old, 5' 4", 105 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes, Dennis' wife.

Diane, 41 years old, 5' 7", 140 lbs, auburn hair, green eyes, recently divorced friend of Cindy's. Becky, 38 years old, 5' 9", 155 lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes, Cindy's friend, widow. Jack, 42 years old, 6', 185 lbs, black hair, brown eyes, Louise's husband. Louise, 38 years old, 5' 4", 130 lbs, blonde hair, brown eyes, Jack's wife. Jackie, 19 years old, 5'6", 125 pounds, dark brown hair, blue eyes, neighbor girl. Katy, 19 years old, 5'6", 115 pounds, blonde hair, blue eyes, Jackie's friend.

</i> Still Black Friday Day Five It was approaching midnight on Friday and Cindy, Louise, and I had watched a little TV and napped. I wanted to be ready for my time with Jackie starting at 12:01am. I had some nice plans in store for that little minx and I wanted to be able to enjoy it tonight as well as most of tomorrow.

I had undressed and was wearing only a robe. The ladies were naked, as required. When midnight came, I went into the living room to watch out the front door. If she was late, her first minute as a slave would be to be punished. I called to Cindy and Louise and they came into the living room. "Go upstairs and get the cuffs and a belt. We are going to have to discipline this slut if she is late." The two naked beauties scampered upstairs and I waited.

They came back down a minute later with the items and sat on the couch to wait with me. Time crawled. Finally, at 12:15, a car pulled into the driveway. I watched as Jackie leapt from the car to rush to the door. As Jackie approached the door, I opened it, so that she knew we were waiting. I then saw another young woman get out of the driver's seat of the car and hustle towards the house. She caught up to Jackie and walked up to me. I decided to take a hard line and see how my dominance worked with these two.

"Hello, slave. You are late!" Jackie and the other woman stopped and looked at me, standing there in my robe. Finally, Jackie looked down and said "Yes, sir. I am late." She was going to play the game. I stared at the other woman. "And who are you?" "I'm Katherine, Katy to my friends. I just wanted to come and apologize." I cut her off. "I'm not in the mood to hear excuses and neither of you will speak unless spoken to.

Are you the reason Jackie is late, yes or no." "Yes." I could tell she wanted to say more, but she bit her tongue and held it. "You may go." I turned to Jackie. "This bitch will receive her punishment for being late." Jackie's eyes widened a little at the way I addressed her and Katy started to protest.

"Wait, that's not fair." "Stop!" They both stared at me. "It was Jackie's responsibility to ensure that she got here on time. She should have made sure you did what she asked. The only way Jackie does not get punished is if you accept it as your responsibility and take the punishment for her." Katy stared at me for a second and she and Jackie exchanged looks.

They were still a little in shock, I could tell, but eventually Jackie shrugged her shoulders and Katy turned back to me."It's not fair that she get punished since she tried to get me to leave on time, but I didn't. I'll take the punishment." I smiled to myself, but didn't give any indication of how thrilled I was.

Katy was the same height as Jackie and looked like your typical cheerleader. She was blonde, tan, nicely built, great smile, blue eyes, had on a tight white blouse that showed she was wearing a blue bra, and a tight short jeans skirt. The part about the white shirt and colored bra never failed to amaze me. I just didn't get that. "Okay, my little slaves, you may enter the house." I turned and led them inside.

Cindy and Louise were standing there, naked. Jackie knew this, but Katy just stared. "Jackie, as one of my slaves for the next 24 hours, you must remain naked in my house just like my other slaves. Please remove all your clothes and put them in the Slut box right here." I pointed down to where the small cardboard boxes were that contained the clothes of Cindy and Louise.

Jackie looked up at me briefly, over at Cindy and Louise, and started to remove her clothes. I turned to Katy. "You do not have to undress, but Cindy and Louise will prepare you for your punishment. Cindy, Louise get her ready." Cindy and Louise came forward and took her by her two arms to lead her into the den.

She looked at them, unsure about what was going to happen, but let them lead her into the den. Jackie was undressed by this point and I looked her up and down. She looked fantastic. It had been a long time since I had seen a beautiful naked 19-year-old. Her skin had no blemishes, her tits, probably at least B-cup, were firm with nice nipples that were already standing up, and her pussy appeared to be shaved except for a portion over the top.

"Very nice. I'm going to like having your hot young ass around." She grinned and blushed, still slightly covering her crotch with her hands and by crossing her legs. I moved close to her and her eyes got big, not knowing what I was going to do to her so quickly.

I just leaned in so that I could ask about Katy quietly. "What's the deal with Katy? Will she put up with this? Is she going to play along?" Jackie smiled and seemed to relax a little. "Katy will do whatever you say. She likes to be ordered around. When I told her that I was to be your slave for a day, she wanted to know if I would request that she take my place.

She wants to be dominated. She reads stories about it and I order her to do humiliating things when we are not around her friends. She will do whatever you say if you are strong and forceful." She looked down. "I will, too, because of the bet." I smiled again at her honesty. "Don't worry. I will definitely take advantage of this opportunity." I reached out and put my hand on her back to direct her into the den. She started toward it and I ran my hand over her ass. "Very nice." She trembled.

I went into the den to find that Cindy and Louise had done just what I had planned. While they had control of her arms, they had handcuffed Katy's hands and were holding her in place, waiting for me. I walked in and led Jackie over to the couch. "Sit down here." I turned to Katy and glared at her. She looked at the floor. She was definitely ready for some punishment. "Okay, ladies, bring her over here and bend her over the arm of the couch." Katy didn't say a word and let herself be led over to the arm of the couch and bent over it.

Once she was bent over she was looking almost directly at Jackie and Cindy held her arms over her head and handed them to Jackie to hold. Jackie and Katy looked at each other and then Katy averted her eyes from Jackie's body. I walked around behind her and could see some of her ass peeking out from under the skirt.

I ran my hands over her ass and down to the bottom of the skirt, pulling it up to her waist. Katy groaned. She was wearing bikini cut black panties that showed off her firm ass.

I ran my hands over her ass and she moaned again. "I will try not to leave marks on this beautiful ass." Katy's head came up quickly when I said that, but I didn't let her say anything. "Don't speak. You are not allowed to talk. You can moan and you can scream when I spank you, but you will not talk, understand?" Katy nodded her head and stared again at Jackie. Jackie smiled in a reassuring manner, trying to comfort Katy. I reached up and put my fingers into the waist band of Katy's panties.

I could see her tense up and her eyes go wide as she stared at Jackie. She tried not to move. I then yanked hard on the panties and got them halfway down her thighs. Oh. my. God! I was looking at one of the most delectable asses I had ever seen. It was well rounded, firm, very pale, with tan lines halfway up her cheeks where her bathing suit obviously went.

Her nice, very pink pussy lips were peeking out and I got an instant erection. I ran my hands over the bare skin and this elicted a gasp from Katy.

She was still not struggling and was taking this so much better than I expected. "Are you ready to receive your punishment?" Katy nodded in response and I looked down at her ass. I really wanted to line my dick up and pound her pussy, but I needed to administer the punishment first. I turned to Cindy.

"Belt please." I held out my hand and Cindy put the belt into my right hand. I looked down and Katy had buried her face into the couch. Jackie was still holding her cuffed hands and looking at me wide-eyed as I hefted the belt in my hands. I looked down at the delectable piece of flesh in front of me and thought about how I was going to control the belt so as to cause some pain, but not really hurt her.

I had not had much practice with this. I brought the belt back and gave her a quick whack. Her body jerked, she let out a muffled yelp into the couch and Jackie watched with increased interest as I did this.

I hit her again, a little harder and the stripes started appearing. It brought back the same satisfaction that I felt when I did Cindy and Louise.


I found that I loved spanking women and leaving stripes on their asses. I hit her again, and again, and again, bringing the total to only five.

But it was hard enough to make her start crying against the couch and leave nice red stripes on her ass. I put my hand on her ass and the stripes were hot and inviting. I ran my hand down her crack, over her asshole and onto her pussy. Her head came up and she groaned. She was looking at Jackie and when Jackie leaned toward her she said something too softly for me to hear.

"What did she say?" Jackie looked up at me and smiled. "She said she is so close to cumming, please don't stop." I stopped my ministrations on her pussy and leaned over toward her. "If you want something, my red-assed little bitch, you must ask me for it directly." She turned her face toward me. It was wet with her tears and they had been smeared all over her face.

Her mascara was running and she was sobbing lightly. She looked directly at me. "Please make me cum, I need it so bad. I… I… I loved the spanking!" She seemed embarrassed by this and buried her head back into the couch. Jackie smiled up at me and nodded. I moved back around behind Katy and kneeled down. I stared at the little pink star of her ass and her swollen and very wet pussy. I pushed her striped cheeks apart, opening up her ass and pussy so that I could see her inner lips.

I reached down and rubbed her clit that was appearing and she jerked. I decided I needed to taste her so I leaned over and rapidly sucked her clit into my mouth. She lifted her head, yelled, and had an orgasm. Her body jerked under me and she kept cumming for a long time. I finally relented and pulled back and she collapsed forward onto the couch.

I moved around to kneel next to the couch and looked at her face where she was resting on the left cheek and looking out at the room. I pulled her head up and kissed her, making her taste herself on me. She kissed back hard. I pulled back and looked up to see Cindy standing there with some lotion.

I motioned for her to put it on Katy's ass and she took some and started rubbing it in. Katy moaned as Cindy attended to her sore ass. I stood up and removed my robe, revealing my very hard and leaking dick.

It had turned me on to see Jackie's body, but then seeing Katy's ass and spanking it meant that I was hard as a rock. "Look what you've done to me Katy. You've made my cock very, very hard. What do you think I should do about that?" Both Katy and Jackie stared at it.

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Cindy smiled and Louise, who had not participated at all yet, was sitting in the easy chair, legs spread and slowly running her hands over her pussy, masturbating.

Katy looked up at me. "Fuck me?" "Listen up my little submissive slut, when you address me, you must use Master or Sir. Understand?" "Yes, Master." She licked her lips as she didn't take her eyes off my dick. "I don't think you deserve to have my dick right now. I think I'll fuck Jackie first." Katy groaned at that.

Jackie looked up at me and around the room. She slowly parted her legs for me to see her beautiful pussy. It was definitely that. It was shaved to a small landing strip, with the lips already a little swollen with arousal.

Her inner lips didn't show at all yet. "Slide down a little. I want Katy to watch this." Jackie obediently slid down until her ass was at the end of the couch and I pushed her legs apart.

She looked a little apprehensive. I heard a moan from Katy and looked over to see that Cindy was not just rubbing the lotion into her ass, but had now started finger fucking her. I looked at Katy's face and there was a light sheen of sweat on her forehead and her tears had mostly dried up. She was focused on my cock and where it was headed. Jackie was looking up at me expectantly as I had stopped to survey the scene.

I reached down and put my fingers into her pussy and she was very wet. She had obviously been turned on for a while. I pulled my fingers up to my mouth and tasted them. "Mmmm. Sweet!" Jackie smiled and I noticed that Katy had also watched. Jackie's pussy was now opening up, showing the inner lips and the wetness inside. I inserted my fingers again and got them nice and wet.

I pulled them out and put my hand in front of Katy's face. She looked at me only briefly before obediently taking my fingers into her mouth and sucking Jackie's juices off them. Jackie just stared. I then leaned down and lined my dick up with her pussy. I rubbed my cockhead around her opening and picked up some wetness before inserting it into her cunt.

I slowly pushed and my dick started sliding in. After each inch I had to pull back and push some more to get well lubricated. By the time I was buried in her, she was moaning and grabbing at the cushions. I really wanted to taste her tits, so I leaned over and suckled the left and then the right nipple. She moaned and grabbed my head. I pushed her hands away and kept slowly fucking her. She was getting very close, very fast.

I was holding off. I turned toward Katy and could see the look of concentration on her face as Cindy continued to play with her. "Katy." She looked up at me.

"I hope you like the taste of cum." She stared for a second, biting her lip. "When I am ready to cum, you shall be blessed with receiving it. Aren't you lucky?" She smiled just a little, but then spoke between deep breaths as Cindy worked her over. "Yes, Master. Whatever you say." I patted her on the head in a condescending manner. "That's a good slut." Jackie was staring at me during this exchange. I don't know what she expected, but she appeared a little shocked at all this.

I smiled at her, pinched a nipple, and started pounding her. She suddenly went rigid and then started cumming. She thrashed under me, her eyes closed, her fists clenched and pushed hard against the cushions. I looked at Katy and she was watching closely. I slowed down but kept fucking Jackie.

I felt like I could last longer, but at this point I really wanted to cum in Katy's mouth, who appeared to be very submissive. I pulled out of Jackie and pushed her away from where Katy was.

"Move over, slut, I have to feed Katy." Jackie looked to be a little in shock at all that was going on around her and the way I was treating her. I loved it. I turned and sat next to Jackie, right in front of Katy's face. I slid under her head so that my dick was directly under her face. She stared at it and I pushed on the back of her head. She got the message and took my cock into her mouth to start sucking.

I sat there and looked over at Louise. I put my hand into Jackie's crotch and ran my fingers over her pussy, eliciting another moan. I looked over at Louise. "Louise, come eat this young teenage pussy." Jackie's eyes flew open and she started to get up. But I put my arm over her chest, holding her back and grabbing her tits.


"Don't move slave." She stared at me and didn't have time to object too much because Louise was there in a flash. She was between Jackie's legs by the time Jackie could think about protesting to me. I didn't know if she had had any experience with women, but she was about to. Louise, so my wife told me, could really eat pussy. Katy was licking and sucking my cock and I wanted to cum in her mouth, but I also wanted to last longer and enjoy the sights and sounds of Louise eating Jackie's pussy.

I watched as Jackie stared at Louise. Louise looked up at Jackie and smiled as she parted Jackie's lips with her fingers. She slowly leaned over as they locked eyes and took a quick swipe up between the lips. Jackie jerked and uttered a small gasp of surprise. Louise smiled again and then spread Jackie open to expose her clit. She leaned over and gave it a nice sucking kiss. Jackie threw her head back and groaned.

Louise chuckled in her throat and then went to work on Jackie. She started licking around the outer lips, sucking on them. She ran her tongue deep into the gash and sucked up the juices that were gathering there. Jackie just kept her head back and decided not to watch.

Louise kept sucking and licking and Katy kept sucking and licking and I knew I was going to blow my load soon. I looked over at Cindy and it appeared that she was no longer fingering Katy, but just enjoying the sights of the four of us in front of her. Suddenly, Jackie got there. "Oh, fuck, I'm cumming!" She jerked and moaned and her legs locked around Louise's head.

That set me off, too. I didn't announce mine. I just held Katy's head in place as I fucked her mouth a couple more times and then started spurting.

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On the first spurt, I could feel Katy jerk back a little in surprise, but I didn't let her pull off. I just kept her there, relishing the feeling of this 19 year old mouth around my dick as I came.

I let out three or four good spurts and I could feel Katy swallowing. I finally finished and looked over at Louise, who was sitting there, still between Jackie's legs, lightly kissing and rubbing her thighs.

Jackie was still laying there with her head back, tits wobbling as she took deep breaths. I finally felt like I was done and started to pull Katy off.

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She kept sucking all the way thru my releasing her and made sure to get all my cum. She may have been young and possibly a novice at sucking cock, but she made sure to not spill a drop of mine. As she rose to stand up she groaned at the stiffness of her back.

Jackie looked up at her and I could see the two of them stare at each other, both blushed a little and appeared to be surprised at the other. I stood up and held out my hand to Katy. "Katy, here, sit down for a minute." She let me put her on the couch where I had been sitting. She made no effort to rearrange her skirt or panties, which had now dropped to the ground and were hanging off one ankle, and tried not to flinch at sitting on her sore ass. Jackie sat up.

They both then suddenly became self-conscious of where they were and rearranged themselves to be sitting more demurely, even in their current state. I smiled. "That was excellent, Jackie. You will make an excellent slave for the rest of the day. Katy, what's the status of things at your house? It's very late. Do you need to get home?" Katy glanced at Jackie and then up at me.

She spoke very softly. "There's nobody there." "What? You're home alone on Thanksgiving weekend?" She looked around at the gathering as Cindy and Louise sat on the coffee table in front of the couch. "It's just my mom and me. We were together for Thanksgiving, but she went away earlier today for the weekend with her new boyfriend and won't return until Sunday night." Yes!

Oh, yes! I was going to work this one over this weekend! "Good. You will stay here for the rest of the weekend." She looked up at me quickly when I said that. "I want you and Jackie to go back to your house and get whatever you need for you to spend the weekend until your mother returns." I looked at my watch. It was 1:30am. "Jackie is my slave until midnight tonight.

You will be my slave until it's time to go home and be there when your mother returns." She started to say something and I put my index finger up to her mouth and she stopped. "No arguing. Now go. Oh, and you must strip before you leave and the two of you have to do this while naked." They both looked up at me. "But…" "No buts. Just do it!" I said it in my most commanding tone. They looked at each other and then stood up to head toward the door.

We all followed them. Katy took off her clothes and added them to the box with Jackie's. When I saw her body, I was amazed at how firm and tight it was.

The other ladies were in good shape and kept themselves trim, but Katy was obviously very athletic. Her waist was very small, accentuating her nice tits, capped with very pink areolas and nipples. Her hips were perfectly proportioned to the rest of her body and giving way to that perfect little bubble butt. Her skin was pale and she had some light freckles in some places.

She was a great naked vision for all men (and some women). I couldn't wait to work on her some more. After they left I turned to Cindy and Louise and they both grinned.

Cindy put an arm around my waist. "That was a great show, Master. I think I will love having some young meat around." I looked down at Cindy. "You, too, huh?" "Yes, sir.

Now that I like pussy, I can't wait to sample those young cunts." Ah, Cindy. She was always the dirty talker when she wanted to get me going. I smiled. This was turning out in an amazing way.

"You two head up to bed in one of the guest rooms. I will wait for the youngsters and send them up after they get back. Cindy, do you have any problem with me sleeping only with Katy for tonight? I want to comfort her, but I will do it with you there if you have any objections." Cindy came up and gave me a kiss.

"You are the master for now." I smiled. "Then get your pretty little asses upstairs!" I smacked Cindy on the ass and she giggled. "Yes, sir." Both answered me and wiggled their nice asses up the stairs while I watched. About 20 minutes later the two teenagers returned with a bag.

They jumped from the car and ran to the door, even though it was almost 2am. I let them in. "It's late and time for bed now, so let's go upstairs." They followed me up the stairs to where the three upstairs bedrooms were located. The first guest bedroom on the left was vacant. The second guest bedroom, also on the left, had Cindy and Louise curled up on the king sized bed. They looked like they were about to fall asleep, but looked up as we checked on them.

I turned to Jackie. "Jackie, you get to sleep here." Jackie looked up at me and nodded. She padded her way over to the bed and Cindy and Louise parted so that she knew she was to crawl into the middle. She did so and they all lay down. I wasn't sure how much sleep they would get because they both put their hands on Jackie. I led Katy into the master bedroom. She put her bag down and looked around. "I'm sleeping with you?" She seemed a little hesitant.

"Yes, my little submissive, you are going to sleep with Master tonight." She bowed her head. "Yes, sir." I led her over to the bed and had her sit with me on the edge. She flinched a little at the tenderness of her ass, but sat there. "Katy, do you know much about domination and submission?" She stared at me for a second, looking so small and childlike.

In that moment she looked so young I had to remind myself that she was 19. "A little, sir. I have… you know… read about it on line." "It appears to me that you harbor some feelings toward being dominated. You liked it when I ordered you around downstairs." She blushed a little. "Yes, sir. I… I kind of… I kind of like the idea." I smiled. "Well, then you shall be my submissive. I will teach you how to serve Cindy and I." I pointed toward the bathroom.

"There's the bathroom. Get ready for bed and then come back here and lie down on your stomach so I can check out your tender ass." She blinked a few times at my command. Then she went into the bathroom and was surprised that I followed her. It had a double sink so I brushed my teeth and went back to bed, turning it down for her to join me.

She took a little longer to clean up her face of the makeup streaks and then came to bed. She crawled up on the bed and lay down on her stomach as I had commanded. I could see the stripes on her ass. They were not bad and at her age she would recover quickly.

I rubbed my hand over them lightly and she flinched at the touch. I retrieved some more lotion and slowly rubbed it in. She groaned a little at the sensitivity, but didn't move. She relaxed as I also applied some lotion to her back and rubbed that a little. After she was well relaxed, I crawled up next to her, pulled the covers over us, and snuggled with her. "Katy, you are a very pretty young woman and I will take very good care of you as my slave.

I will treat you well as long as you act properly, okay?" She snuggled up against me and murmured a quiet "Yes, sir." Saturday Day Six Since we had all gone to bed so late after quite a workout, nobody woke up very early.

I was the first up at about 9am. I looked over at the vision lying next to me. She was covered up and curled up away from me, her blonde hair covering most of the pillow. I decided not to wake her. I crawled out of bed, put on my robe, and headed downstairs, passing the guest bedroom. I figured I'd let everyone sleep a little longer. I pulled out the Bisquick and started making pancakes.

I wanted everyone to have a nice breakfast before we started our little games again. I had just finished making the batter and heating the griddle when Louise came in, still naked.

She looked bleary eyed and sat down. I looked over at her, smiled and said playfully. "Don't get too comfortable, slut." She smiled at my remark and stood up. She gave me a mock salute. "Yes, sir. Shall I work on the pancakes sir?" "Is anyone else awake?" "I think Cindy was waking up, but the youngsters were both sleeping heavy." "Well, I think they are used to sleeping late." "True. Shall I take over making the pancakes?" "Yes. I have a plate in the oven on warm so you can start stacking them in there as they finish until I roust everyone and get them down here." "Yes, Master." Louise gave me a peck on the cheek as she came over and I squeezed her right tit.

"Mmmm. Maybe I'll change my mind about breakfast." Louise looked at me. "I really should shower before you do anything to me. I smell like a… like a… well, like a whore!" I laughed and kissed her. "You are a whore, my dear, my own personal little whore." About that time Cindy came in. "Who's a whore?" I turned to her. "You are, slut." She smiled and came over to me.

She hugged me and put her head on my chest. "Yes, sir, for you I am whatever you want me to be." "Any movement from the youngsters?" Cindy looked up at me with those big blue eyes and I remembered why I fell in love with this woman. "No, sir.

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Jackie didn't even move when I got up and I didn't hear anything from our bedroom." "Okay, you two get breakfast ready and I'll roust them." I went back upstairs and saw that Jackie was partially uncovered. She was sleeping on her right side and that left her ass sticking out from under the covers at the door. It was a gorgeous view so I walked over, kneeled down, and stared. I reached up, ran my hands over it and then parted the cheeks.

I could see her asshole and pussy. I leaned in, pushed my face into her ass and licked her asshole. She jerked a little and woke up. She turned over and looked at me. "Oh, Mr. Johnson, I… ummm… I mean Master, I… uh… forgot where I was." She sat up and the sheet fell away from her upper body. Those gorgeous tits were on display. I was getting hard, but didn't want to fuck her. I leaned over and started sucking on her left tit and she jerked a little.

I looked up and she smiled and then leaned back on her arms, letting me have free reign over them. "Ummm. That feels good, Master. I have wanted you to suck my tits for a long time." I pulled away and sat up. "So tell me, my little dark-haired slut, how long have you and your friends been talking about me?" She looked at me and hesitated.

She could talk about sex openly, but was a little reticent to tell me this. Finally, she blinked and told me while she stared at the sheet she was twisting and wringing with her hands.

"Well, it started a couple of years ago when there was that charity event at the high school and you were there helping Mrs. Smith and her daughter Janie raise money. You were in that dunking machine where they throw the softballs at the target to get the seat to drop and dunk you. We all saw you and how much fun you were having, how good you looked all wet, and how you were teasing Mrs.

Smith. You just made us all wish it was us you were teasing and playing with. Then later, we saw you in your bike shorts, out doing your exercise, and we loved the way you looked in those bike shorts and shirt.

There were three of us who got a crush on you and Katy and I have had it ever since." She looked up at me. "We used to go out of our way to see you ride by my house. Don't you ever remember us being out there in our bikinis washing cars and waving to you?" "Yes, I seem to remember that, but I don't think I knew who you were for a while and then I just thought you were being nice and were too young to care about an old guy like me." She grinned and looked down.

"Guess you were wrong, huh?" I grinned back. "Yes." I yanked the covers back, displaying her entire body to me. It was all I could do not to jump her right there. "Now get your horny little ass downstairs and get some breakfast!" She scooted to the edge of the bed and scampered downstairs. I headed into the master bedroom. Once in there, I could see that Katy was in almost the same position as when I left. I decided to get into bed and push my now hard dick up against her.

I took off my robe, crawled in, and spooned up against her back, making sure to push my dick down so that it slid up against the crack of her ass and where her legs came together. She stirred a little.

I put my right arm over the top of her and started fondling her tits. She woke up and felt what was going on. "Mmmm. Good morning." I gave her a little tweak of her left nipple. "Good morning, what?" "Good morning, Master." "That's better, my beautiful little slave girl.

You are mine now. You know that right?" She turned her head. "Yes, Master." "I don't just mean today and tomorrow. I mean until such time as I release you, you will be a slave to me and Cindy. Understand?" She continued to stare up at me and then turned her head back to the pillow. "Yes, Master, I know." "You know?" "Yes, sir. I loved it when you spanked me yesterday.

I loved it when Mrs. Johnson played with my pussy, and I loved it when you made me suck you off. I think there's something wrong with me, but I loved being ordered to do stuff." I pulled her closer to me.

"There's nothing wrong with you. Many people have the desire to dominate or be dominated. You should know that from the stories you are reading.

There are more people out there like that then you realize. You are a beautiful, desirable woman, who just happens to love being dominated. Nothing wrong with that. I think you are perfect." She turned to me with some tears in her eyes. "You do, sir?" I kissed her lightly on the lips. "Yes, Katy, I do." I decided to leave her alone at this point and rolled away.

I stood up and put my robe back on. She watched me closely, especially noticing my hard dick. "You don't want me, Master?" "I want you very much, my little slut, but it's time you had some breakfast and got your strength up again." "Yes, sir." She got up and looked around, then realized that her clothes were downstairs. "Don't worry about clothes. None of the women wear clothes in this house." I gave her a leering grin.

"Yes, sir." I turned and went downstairs and she followed a couple of minutes later after visiting the bathroom. In the kitchen it looked like just another breakfast with a bunch of friends… except for the fact that the four women were all naked and I had a tent in my robe that wouldn't go down.

We all sat at the table and ate and everyone seemed to ignore the state we were in until it came time to clean up the dishes. I told all the ladies to get ready for some fun. I was going to get dressed and then they had to dress in a light blouse and skirt without bras or underwear. I told Katy and Jackie that if they didn't have a skirt, they could borrow one from Cindy. I figured that this would make it interesting since they were both taller than Cindy.

We all went upstairs, went thru the shower/bathroom routine and then got dressed. I waited in the den for my little personal fashion show. I was not disappointed when they came in. Cindy was dressed in a white button down shirt and short leather mini-skirt.

It was a skirt that I hadn't seen in several years. It was tight and very sexy. Her nipples were not very visible thru the shirt because it was just a little thicker than her light pink areola could make it thru. She pulled up the skirt to flash me her bare pussy. Louise, the shorter, more voluptuous of the ladies, was wearing a silky blouse and small pencil skirt. The blouse was not transparent, but the silkiness seemed to stimulate her nipples and they were visibly erect and obvious. The skirt seemed to be black and made of wool.

It was getting cooler outside, so this was probably hers. It was not real tight, but it definitely showed her womanly hips and great ass. She, too, flashed me her pussy. Jackie came next in a one-piece black dress that showed a little cleavage and came to her mid-thigh.

It was probably made of some spandex/cotton blend. It was a common enough sight to see the young ladies wearing them as a kind of business casual today. She turned and lifted the skirt to show me her naked butt.

Finally, the cheerleader clone, Katy, came into view. She was wearing the same clothes as yesterday. The blouse was a white blouse that yesterday showed her blue bra, but today gave a hint at the beautiful pink nipples and areola that hid underneath. The jeans skirt was very short for wearing with no panties, but she lifted the front to show me her pretty little pussy to prove that she was naked underneath. I smiled and herded all of them into the car. I headed for the bar a couple of miles away that doubled as a billiards place.

It had an eating area and allowed individuals under 21. They would stamp the hands of the underage individuals so that they could eat and play pool without drinking. I didn't know if they would be busy early in the day on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but I was going to have some fun there no matter how many people were there. We entered and I could see that it was lightly populated. There were probably only another 10 people in the entire place. A few were eating at the tables on the left hand side of the bar, a few were sitting at the bar, which was an oval shape in the middle of the room, zoned out on the large screen TVs up on the wall, and one couple was playing pool.

I led my ladies over to the pool table. Nobody really paid us any mind except for the couple playing pool. The woman stared at me with the four skirted ladies and said something to her date/partner. He just chuckled and I could vaguely overhear him saying something about me being a lucky man. I could only think to myself that he had absolutely no idea how lucky. They were probably in their thirties, both thin and wearing jeans and t-shirts, an average looking couple.

We put some money into one of the pool tables and I told the ladies that I would get some drinks while they played pool. I went to the bar and ordered beer for the three adults and Shirley Temples for the two teenagers. When I came back they were laughing and giggling and playing pool.

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I wasn't sure how much they had been bending over to shoot, or if they were flashing the couple there or not, but they were in good spirits and the couple was trying to look as if they weren't looking. They were bad at it. As I gave each woman her drink from the tray, I made sure they each gave me a good kiss on the mouth.

Each one was long enough to see that we were more than friends. I looked over at the couple and the guy was smiling and chuckling to himself while his friend couldn't stop staring at what was going on.

When I finished, I held up my beer for a toast and said, "To the best and sexiest ladies in the world!" We all toasted and then I let them get back to the game of pool. They were playing 8-ball with the partners being Cindy and Louise against the two teenagers, Katy and Jackie.

They were doing okay, putting the easy ones away and I asked Cindy if they were playing for anything. She leaned over and whispered in my ear. "Oh, yes. The losers have to flash their pussies at the couple next to us." I smiled and shook my head.

No matter who lost, that couple won. They would get to see two gorgeous pussies. I was also amazed at how exhibitionistic Cindy and Louise were becoming. I don't think either of them would have even considered this just a few months ago. I watched as Jackie put the eight ball away and the two older ladies had to pay up. They got together next to our pool table and put one arm around each other and the other on the front hem of their skirts, facing the couple.

The other couple was looking, but trying to not stare. Finally, Cindy spoke to get their undivided attention. "Excuse me." They stopped and looked directly at the two women. The guy was about 10 feet away and the woman about 8. They even turned slightly. Cindy and Louise both pulled up their skirts and flashed their uncovered pussies. The two strangers both had slightly shocked looks on their faces.

The woman looked both Cindy and Louise up and down and then over at the rest of us, taking in the entire scene. The man just stared at the two naked pussies, probably trying to burn the image into his brain. After about 10 seconds, they dropped their skirts, giggled and came back over to me. They both kissed me and I was still facing the couple.

I watched as they continued to stare at the two women. Finally, the woman snapped out of her trance and turned to the guy. He was still gaping a little and she gave him a punch in the arm. He smiled sheepishly and there was some murmuring between the two until they finally left. As they left, the guy turned from behind her and mouthed "Thank you!" I waved. "Well, you managed to drive off half the bar!" The ladies all laughed. "I was going to have more fun with them, but I guess you took care of that.

There are not many people here. Do you want to keep playing pool, or should we go somewhere else?" The all looked around. "What else do you have in mind?" I thought about it.

I had planned on them flashing themselves around the bar, but there were not many people there. Oh, hell! Did it really matter?

No, I would just make them do it anyway. "Let's stay here. I have some chores for my four beautiful wenches." I looked around. "First, we'll play two games of pool over here. Cindy versus Louise and Jackie versus Katy.

The two losers strip off their shirts and do a walk over around the bar and back." The four ladies stared at each other and then looked over at the bar. Then they looked back at me. Cindy and Louise headed for the pool table and Jackie and Katy hesitated in front of me.

"Is there a problem?" They shrugged their shoulders and went to the table. I watched them play pool and they didn't try to hide anything.

Every once in a while, one of them would have to bend over pretty far and some bare butt cheeks were visible, but nobody seemed to be paying attention to them from the other side of the room. Finally, Louise lost to Cindy and the first victim was identified. She came over to me and asked if she was supposed to wait for the other loser and I said yes.

Finally, after several missed chances, Jackie beat Katy. I called the four women over and looked at the losers. "Here's the deal. I am going to have Cindy and Jackie put up a cheer and give each other a high five to draw attention to the fact that there was a game over here for something.


Then you two will strip off your shirts and hand them to me. At that point, Cindy and Jackie will keep shouting 'Loser's walk' as you two take your time and stroll around the bar and back.

Once you get back here I'll let you put your shirts on. Ready?" I could see that Louise was actually starting to look forward to it, but Katy was trembling. "Are you okay, Katy? Ready to do as Master demands?" She looked at me and I could see her steady her resolve. "Yes, sir." "Okay, Cindy and Jackie, let's get started!" Cindy and Jackie both yelled 'Woo-hoo' and jumped up to high five each other.

A couple of heads turned, but nobody was too interested. Then Louise and Katy started unbuttoning their shirts. I could see one of the guys at the bar elbow the other and they turned to see what was happening. The bartender was facing our way as well. There were two couples on the other side eating and they couldn't see what was happening yet. Once Louise and Katy were naked from the waist up, Louise took Katy's hand and started leading her toward the bar.

Cindy and Jackie started chanting as I had ordered. "Loser's walk! Loser's walk!" Louise led Katy very deliberating around the left side of the bar and now I could see everyone staring at Louise's beautiful big tits and Katy's delightful small perky tits. The two men at the bar picked up the chant and soon all the guys in the place were chanting 'Loser's walk'.

As Louise and Katy got back to me and I handed them their shirts, Louise put the shirt on and before buttoning it, turned her back to the crowd and mooned them. They cheered heartily. I could see that the two men at the bar were staring in our direction. I wanted to play some more and was thinking of what else we could do, when another couple came in to play pool. They were both young and average looking. I decided that we had to have more fun with another couple. I told my wenches to play doubles against each other, young against the old.

I smiled and they grinned when I told them the losers had to kiss both ass cheeks of the winners… in full sight of all the patrons. I also told them that just after they finished their turn, they were to come and stand next to me, on my right. I was sitting against a column and with them on my right, they would not be very visible from the bar. They decided that Cindy would break, followed by Jackie, Louise, and then Katy.

I told Katy to come stand next to me. She did.

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I watched the other couple and they were both dressed in jeans and t-shirts. The woman was pretty skinny, so her small tits appeared to be unfettered. The man was also fairly skinny, with a tattoo on his right arm. While I was checking them out, I ran my hand up the back of Katy's legs to her ass and then pushed my hand between her legs. She spread them a little wider and I began to rub her clit.

I didn't waste any time with preliminaries. She was already wet and I wanted to work on her orgasm. I was going to do the same to each of them. She was trying not to hump my hand while Cindy broke and sunk one ball. She had another shot, but it wasn't a good one and missed. Cindy came over to stand next to me and Katy groaned at giving up her position before reaching her climax. Cindy could see what was going on and she took Katy's place and I started to massage her clit. Jackie missed her shot and came over and Cindy groaned and gave up her place.

Jackie stood there and I started working on her clit. She was apparently much more turned on then the others and was very wet and very sensitive. Louise made her first shot and I was rubbing Jackie's clit pretty good. She was close and I could tell. Louise made her second shot and Jackie then came on my hand.

She moaned and trembled and tried not to make too much noise, but the woman at the other table noticed. She looked over at me and stared at us. She looked down and could make out my hand administering to Jackie under her skirt. She couldn't stop looking and when Louise missed her shot to come over to me, she was trying to watch without staring, but she was having a hard time doing so. I dropped my hand and Jackie moved aside. As Louise stepped into place I held up my soaking wet hand and Louise sucked my fingers clean one at a time.

Now the woman was almost staring agape. Her friend/partner looked at her and then over at us and appeared a little perplexed at Louise sucking my fingers. He said something to her and she turned and whispered in his ear. He turned back and stared at us and grinned. I looked straight at him and he nodded a hello. I nodded and then while they both watched, took my hand from Louise's mouth and put it under her skirt. I went directly to her also very wet pussy and worked my fingers in.

She had to spread her legs a little more and it was obvious what was going on. The game continued and they kept not too furtively watching our little game. When I got Louise to have her orgasm it appeared that the man could take no more. He leaned over to the woman and whispered something in her ear. She stared at him and shook her head no. He insisted and she looked over at us and then back at him. He took her hand and led her toward the back hall and the restrooms. I was not going to let this opportunity pass and wanted to see what was going to happen.

I grabbed Katy's hand and told the other three to continue playing. I led her toward the restrooms as well. Just as we turned into the hallway, I could see that the men's room door was just closing on its automatic closer. They were in there. I put my finger up to my mouth to shush Katy and then walked her quietly to the door.

I listened for a second and could hear him talking lightly. I couldn't make it out, but I wanted to know what they were going to do. I waited another few seconds and then holding Katy's hand tightly, pushed open the door and pulled her in behind me.

The woman was on her knees, sucking the man's cock while he leaned back against the sink counter. "Now that looks good." It was the first they were aware of our presence and they both almost jumped out of their skin. "Oh, fuck!" The woman covered her face and cowered. His erect, but pretty small cock stood out, wet with her saliva. The man just grinned at us. "It was." He turned back to the woman. "C'mon Christy, finish me off." He pointed to his dick. The woman looked over at us and back up at his face.

Her eyes were wide and her face was turning as red as I had ever seen for a pale woman. I stepped over and stood next to him. She stared and he flinched a little, maybe somewhat uncomfortable at how close I was. "Katy!" I said her name and pointed at my crotch. She scrambled over and unbuckled my belt, unzipped me, and then tugged my Dockers and boxers to my knees. My hard dick was now in the open as well. It was at least two inches longer than his. I am only about 7", so his was a little smaller than what I thought was average.

I watched the two next to me stare at it as Katy leaned forward and started blowing me. I grabbed her by her hair and started fucking her face. Katy moaned and reached down to play with herself. The woman looked down to see that Katy's skirt had now ridden up enough for her to look over and see Katy's bare ass. I looked straight at the guy and he looked up at me.

"My bitch gives pretty good blowjobs, how about yours?" He was still a little stunned, but finally managed to speak. "Uh, yeah. She gives excellent head." "You wanna switch?" He stared at me and the woman went pale and stared up at me.

"Switch?" He looked down at Katy. "Yeah." I reached down and caressed Katy's face and she smiled at me with my cock still in her mouth. "You take my little bitch here for a test drive, and I see if your little honey can really suck a cock.

Whadda you say?" He looked down at his girlfriend/wife/whatever and smiled. "Sure!" The woman blanched again and started to say something. He leaned over quickly and said quietly, but I could hear it. "You know the rules, whatever I say today." I grinned.

"Katy, show this guy how today's teenagers can suck cock." "Yes, sir!" She moved around to the other side of the woman still sitting there in shock and started pushing her over toward me. The woman scooted on her knees over in front of me and stared alternately at my cock, my face, his cock, and his face. She couldn't speak or move except to respond to Katy's push. Katy reached up and held the man's cock and then looked at the woman. With a smile, she leaned in and took a big slurp on it.

She pulled it out of her mouth and grinned at the woman. "My master has a nice cock. Go ahead, suck it." The woman continued to stare at Katy like she had three heads. Then she looked up at me, finally registering Katy's words. "Master?" I grinned back. "Yes, I am her Master. Now are you going to suck my cock, or do I have to just fuck your face." Her eyes widened at she looked at her male friend.

He nodded and then moaned as Katy continued to do good work on him. She then looked directly at my dick. She stared for a second and then reached up and grabbed it by the base. Fuck! The first touch of a new woman on my dick sent jolts of anticipation to my balls. She leaned forward and gave it a tentative lick. She looked up at her friend again and he was smiling at her.

She then took the head into her mouth and swirled her tongue around the head. She put her eyes back on my dick and went to work. She licked down to my balls and then back up over the head. She took the head in and licked all around before bobbing up and down on it. I was really enjoying it and loved watching her work intently on me at the same time as watching the nubile Katy work on the guy next to me.

I leaned over and stuck out my hand. "Dennis." The guy looked at me and grinned. He reached across and shook my hand.

"Roger." He looked back down at Katy and then back up at me. "This young thing is beautiful and she certainly does know how to suck dick." I smiled. "Yes, Katy does. Your little bitch here is pretty good, too." He looked down at her and grinned.

"Her name… is Juliet." His hesitation was caused by the wonderful things Katy was doing to him. I looked down at Juliet and was about to say something when I heard him start to grunt. "Oh, fuck, I'm cumming." Katy didn't flinch, she just kept sucking him thru his orgasm, swallowing down his seed. I looked down at Juliet. "Ah, Juliet. You look great on your knees with my cock in your mouth. You will soon look even better swallowing it." Her eyes just stared up at mine then flicked over to her friend and back.

Katy stood up, her skirt up to her waist and her shaved pussy on display except for the two fingers she had buried in it. She looked at me. "Master, may I cum?" "Yes, you may cum." As soon as I said the words, Katy came all over her hand with gusto. She had to reach out and hold onto the sink with her other hand as the one in her pussy rubbed her clit to milk every spasm out of her orgasm.

And it put me in overload. "Okay, baby, here I cum!" I announced it to Juliet and I also grabbed her head with both hands to prevent her from pulling away. She seemed to be resigned to swallowing, so she kept bobbing and sucking and I exploded, spurting into her hot mouth. She swallowed and swallowed.

I didn't think I could build up that much cum after all the activity I had previously had. Juliet swallowed every drop and then pulled back from me after I loosened my grip. She gave a half-hearted grin to her friend and said sarcastically.

"There, is that what you wanted? You wanted to see your wife suck another man's cock?" He looked at her sheepishly. "Yeah." "Well, you got your wish, now can we go?" She was standing up and brushing off her knees, but kept looking at my still somewhat swollen member. He finished putting himself back together and walked toward the door.

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She looked at him. "Just a second, I need to fix my makeup. I'll meet you out at the pool table." He shrugged and left. She turned to me and gave me a quick peck on the mouth. "Thank you. I always wanted a big dick." I smiled. "Honey, mine is barely above what they say the average is. You haven't really seen a big dick yet." She stared at me. "Really?

Wow! Roger is the only man I've ever had until now." She looked back down at my crotch where I was tucking it back in. Then she reached over and handed me a small card. "Thanks again." She turned on her heels and left. I looked over at Katy, who was also straightened up and ready to go back out. I looked at the card and it said 'Conyards Rare Books' with her name and a phone number. Interesting. "C'mon. Let's see what the others are up to and head home." "Yes, Master." She smiled and giggled.