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Beautiful Babes Pov Licking Session
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It's seven thirty in the morning, January 1st 2007, New years day and here I am sat in my study typing away on the PC when really, I ought to be where my wife is right now, upstairs in bed, asleep after the celebrations.

Right now though, sleep is the one thing I know my mind won't allow for I am still replaying over and over in my head just what took place last night! So here I am, wide awake and unable to clear my head of what has taken place I thought I would share my thoughts with you.that is.those I can remember.

But before I go into the detail of what happened last night let me first give a little background to events as well as a few details about us. Lin, my wife is 47 years of age while I am a couple of years younger. We've been married for more years than either of us would care to recall but that said, we've been lucky enough to enjoy a strong marriage, especially in this day and age when Divorce seems the norm. Though 47 she's nonetheless a sexy little size ten package at five feet two inches tall with a trim, well looked after figure.

I certainly have no complaints and am more than a little proud when we're out and about and I see or hear others mistaking her for someone much younger.

Anyway, yesterday.New Years Eve and in truth neither Lin nor I had any plans to celebrate the New Year. We'd declined one party, because of the distance involved. We'd also decided not to go to our one and only local nightclub for the previous year we'd gone and like many people there that night, had been sorely disappointed with the music they had played, much of it being impossible to dance to.

So all in all, this year we'd opted to give the New Year thing a miss. Earlier in the day we were both outside hoovering the inside of her car (messy bitch that she is).

One of the presents I had bought her at Xmas was a manufacturers full set of seat covers which I planned to put on for her. With the inside cleaned up I started on the job of fixing the covers. Unlike the "one size fits all" types you can buy from local motor shops and are subsequently easily fitted, I knew these would prove a little more tricky to fit.

I was halfway through fitting the lower part of the drivers seat when Andy our son in law turned up. It seemed he'd been down to the local "Boot Fare", buying some tobacco. The three of us chatted and joked for a few minutes before I decided it was time I got back to fitting the covers. At this point Lin said she was going back inside to make coffee and asked if Andy wanted one? I remember looking up at her from what I was doing as there seemed to be an undue amount of innuendo attached to her question.

I was right for unseen by Andy she winked at me and smiled. I guess I should say I have long been aware of how well Lin gets on with our son in law and him her.

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It's a subject I have discussed with her on occasions and Lin has always been open enough to let me know, despite the age difference, (or maybe because of it) she fancies him. Anyway, there I was yesterday morning, having declined a coffee saying I'd have one later, struggling to fit these bloody seat covers while my wife and our son in law were inside having a coffee.

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About twenty minutes later, with me having fitted both front sets, the two of them came back out. Little was said as Andy got into his car ready to go but his parting comment of "I will see you tonight then" followed by my wife's, "I'll look forward to it!" really pricked at my curiosity. "Oh yes! What was all that about?" I asked when Andy had driven off. "Andy was asking what we're up to tonight and when I said we hadn't planned on anything, he suggested we join him and our daughter at the Rugby club." We'd tried the club a few years previous and though the drinks were inexpensive, the atmosphere for a New Year wasn't all that so I was surprised to hear Lin had agreed.

"And what is it you will look forward to?" I asked her, intrigued by her parting comment towards him. My wife simply laughed that wicked laugh she has saying, "Hmmm! And wouldn't you just like to know?" With that she went back into the house leaving me even more intrigued than I already was. It took me a while before I finished fitting the covers and returned to the house. Lin was in the kitchen.

I moved up behind her and slid my hands onto her waist. "Come on! You've got me bloody curious here. What was all that about with you and Andy?" "I'm not so sure I should tell you!" she said.

Now my curiosity really had peaked and I wanted an answer. I started to tickle her waist knowing if there is one thing she can't handle, it's that. She told me to stop, which I did when she finally agreed to tell me. "While we were having that coffee we were chatting about New Year and I was telling him how in my younger days the girls always used to use New Year as an excuse to see how many guys we could snog. I asked if as a guy he didn't used to do the same. He said he did and that's when I asked him if that meant I would get a snog of him tonight?" At this point Lin turned away and started to put away the crockery that was on the drainer as if she had no plans to tell me anymore.

"Come on!" I told her. "You can't leave it at that! What did he say?" She finished putting away some plates then turned to face me a broad smile on her face. "It's not so much what he said but what he did." she told me. "Did? What do you mean did?" I asked, really bloody intrigued by now.

"He was stood over there," she replied, nodding to the opposite side of the kitchen. "He came over to where I was standing and put his hands on my waist then told me, 'I will look forward to giving you a New Years snog Lin but how about I give you pre New years snog as a starter?" Even as I am writing this I can remember how aroused I got her telling me that. "Did you let him?" I asked, feeling as jealous as hell.

"I didn't have much choice. He just pulled me towards him and the next thing we were snogging." "Oh Shit!" I groaned as I imagined the two of them like that even as she was telling me.

"And?" "And what?" she asked, knowing damn well what I wanted to know. "What was it like? What was HE like?" Lin's smile widened even further.

"Hmmm! He's one sexy kisser!" "Is that bloody right?" I asked feigning annoyance. She reached down and took my hand and I simply watched as she undid the zip on her jeans and slid my hand inside pushing my fingers onto her knickers. I could immediately feel they were wet. "Jesus Lin! He's got you this aroused from a kiss?" Again she smiled. "Yes! And I made him promise me more of the same tonight!" I have to say by then her deion of what had taken place had gotten me really turned on and with my hand already inside her knickers I started to frig her off.

I don't know what she was thinking about as we kissed and as I fingered her to a climax, all I can say is I couldn't get the vision of her and our son in law out of my head.

The rest of the day passed by as normal.well as normal as it can given what I'd been told by my wife and it wasn't til around eight that evening we started to get ready to go out.

Like I say, the rugby club was no great shakes, certainly not the kind of place you'd get dressed up to go to. Lin settled on a close fitted, yellow top along with a pair of jeans and at just after nine we were pulling into the club car park. We met Andy and our daughter inside, joining them at a table they'd managed to secure.

The music was poor, the lights were full on and those kids that were present loud and noisy but at least the drinks were cheap which was especially pleasing for me given Lin's liking for whisky and cokes.

I was the one driving so the cost of my oranges juices were minimal. We chatted, we drank.we mingled with other friends that were there, we drank.we chatted some more and we drank some more and aside from the kiddies, who treated it like a race track, no-one else had bothered to get up onto the dancefloor. By eleven I had worked out Lin had had nine whisky and cokes and so far as I could see she was barely tipsy.

My daughter on the other hand was looking the worse for wear and had started to complain to Andy she was feeling a little half past she was so feeling so "under the weather" (make of that what you will?) she was telling Andy that she wanted to go home. I looked across at Lin and could almost sense her disappointment when Andy turned to us to say how he had better get her home to bed.

"Look I'm sorry about this you two but I really had better get her back home." I told him how that was ok and as aroused as the idea had gotten me, resigned myself to the fact my wife was not going to be sharing anymore fun with him this night. Lin though had other ideas. "How about we join you at home?" my wife asked adding, "It's not going to be much fun for you seeing the New Year in on your own." "Yes fine!

So long as it's ok with you. I don't want you to think you have to leave early cos of us?" "Don't be silly. We don't mind at all. Do we darling?" she said to me. "No that's fine with me!" I added, suddenly wondering just what it was my wife had in mind. "There's only one thing though!" Andy said as he helped my daughter to her feet.

"We haven't got any whisky in for you to drink." Again my wife was quick with an answer. "That's ok. You go ahead and take Simone off home and get her to bed. We'll go back to ours and pick up some drinks and bring them over. How does that sound?" Just sitting there looking at the two of them, more particularly Andy, I was sure it sounded like music to his ears.

"Ok. I'll see you in a while, " he said. We all left the club with Andy headed back to his place and Lin and I to ours. Once inside Lin told me to grab a few beers from the fridge and a bottle of scotch from the drinks cabinet. She in turn headed off upstairs for what I assumed was to use the bathroom. I waited in the kitchen for her to come back down and when she did I saw straight away she had changed into a white, close knit cardigan and a beige, altogether too short mini skirt beneath which it was clear she was wearing a light coloured pair of stockings.

I looked her up and down. "Oh yes?" I said. "And what's the point of all this?" "Nothing! I just thought I might get a little too hot wearing jeans?" "Is that right? Nothing to do with the fact you quite fancy a snog off your son in law then?" She grinned. "Hmmmm! Yes! That as well." She said, adding, "You don't mind do you?" I recalled my thoughts of earlier in the day in our kitchen when she'd told me about what had taken place and could immediately feel a stirring below as I imagined her trying it on with him again.

"You're one dirty cow!" I told her. Again she grinned. "Yes well like I told Andy. If us girls can't use the New Year to get snogged, when can we?" Five very horny minutes later, with any amounts of thoughts running through my head, we arrived over at Andy's.

The door was slightly ajar so we let ourselves in. Andy was already sat on the sofa in the lounge. Lin told me to pour her a whisky, leaving me to go into the kitchen while she joined Andy in the lounge. A glance at the kitchen clock showed the time as five to midnight.

I took the drink through to the lounge to find Lin was sat next to him on the sofa, the two of them discussing my daughter who it seemed was now upstairs in bed fast asleep. I hadn't seen Andy's first reaction to what my wife was now wearing but the fact he could hardly keep his eyes off her body was evidence enough he more than approved.

The TV was on in the corner of the room giving a count down to the new year. I handed Lin her scotch and coke and Andy a beer in readiness for a toast. "Why don't you put on some music Andy?" Lin asked him as the time fast approached midnight.

I watched Andy get up.and move to the stereo. He selected a CD and slipped it into the player just as Big Ben started to strike midnight. Still standing I made my way towards Lin and bending down gave her a sensuous New years kiss.

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"Happy New Year darling!" I said as we pulled apart. "Happy New Year!" she wished in return. She got to her feet just as the CD started to play and made her way to Andy. "And how about you Andy? Are you going to wish Lindy a Happy New Year?" I saw him glance briefly in my direction as if worried how I might react but if he was having second thoughts about what he'd promised earlier in the day Lin quickly took control, giving him no choice.

She slid her arms around his body, pulling his lips to hers. Down below I could feel my cock stirring when I realised straight away this was not going to be one of those New Year pecks but a full bloodied snog, just as she'd said she was going to have with him and one very much longer than she'd given me. After twenty seconds or so Lin eased herself from the embrace where it was clear to me from the darting look his eyes gave me, Andy was as nervous as hell.

But if there is one thing I have learned over the years, it's when Lin wants something badly enough she will go for it and even as Andy was making to pull away Lin was wrapping her arms around him once more, pulling him close. "Hmmmmm! I think I'll have another one of those!" she said as she pressed her lips back over Andy's once more, this time instead of closed lips she started forcing her tongue into his mouth and as she did that so her hand took hold of his to pull his arms from her waist around her body.

I sat there getting more and more turned on with the sight of my wife and son in law snogging noting how Lin was now caressing her hands up and down his body. Finally Lin eased back though even then if Andy thought that was that he was so very wrong.

"Let's dance Andy shall we? Let's see in the New Year with a dance!" Again Lin gave him no choice. She slipped her arms around his neck, her head leaned slightly to one side upon his shoulder as she began to sway to the slow beat of the music, her movements sensual, her body moving against his, encouraging him to do the same. I sat there watching the two of them.While they danced they were no longer kissing yet it was still clear from their body language they both wanted more.

I leaned forward and grabbing my beer, took a swig from the bottle. Just as the song ended and with the next about to start, Lin eased away slightly. "Hmmm! Are you going to make an old woman happy Andy and give me another of those sexy snogs of yours?" she asked. Both Lin and I saw the reaction of his eyes as they quickly darted towards me then back at her. "Don't worry about Mike Andy! It's New Year after all. He won't mind, will you darling? " she asked without so much as turning her head.

I felt my cock stir the fact she was being so bloody blatant about what it was she wanted and decided it was maybe time for me to add an innuendo or two. "No not at all." I said, as the second song started, then directing my reply at Andy added, "If that's what Lin wants, then give her one Andy!" The innuendo was not lost on my wife.

For the first time since she'd been dancing she turned her head to look back at me, smiled then facing Andy once more, slid her hands around his neck, her lips just inches from his. "Mmmm! Did you hear that Andy? You've got Mike's permission to 'Give me one'." she moaned as seconds later she pressed her lips back over his. I heard her moan, once, twice then the sound of wet lips parting. "Do you think that's what he meant?" she gasped having briefly pulled away.

"Or do you think he meant something else?" She was playing with him, teasing him for again there was no time for him to answer before she was working on his lips once more.

Sat here in my study it's difficult to describe quite how I was feeling right then. Earlier in the day she'd teased me how this was going to happen and now here it I was, sat there on the sofa watching the two of them getting it on. Up until this point they had shared the two kisses, both of them intimate and yes, both extremely arousing for me but my added innuendo together with Lin's questioning Andy as to what I meant appeared to have spurred them both on.

They were still dancing.still moving their bodies against one another except now, their movements were more erotic, far more pronounced and the more my wife pressed herself against his body the more Andy now seemed to press back against hers.

I took several more swigs of my beer as I looked on growing more and more aroused at how urgent their kisses had become. In fact I remember thinking at the time how the two of them seemed to be 'eating' one another more than kissing and unlike the previous two embraces this time they held nothing back, both using their hands to caress one another's bodies.

In all it must have been a full two minutes before Lin eventually pulled back from the embrace. "Mmmmm! You do know you're supposed to wish for something with a New years kiss don't you Andy?" Again he showed his uncertainty by looking quickly in my direction before back at my wife.

"Yes!" he answered, his voice almost a whisper and though I couldn't see her face I guessed Lin was now smiling. "So what is it you wished for?" she asked. "That would be telling, wouldn't it?" "That's ok! I don't mind." "Ah but if I tell doesn't it mean the wish won't come true?" Lin turned to look back at me then faced Andy once more. "Hmmm! We'll just have to see about that won't we?" she said. "So come on.tell me?" "I don't know about that. Maybe you should tell me yours first so we can see if yours comes true?" I watched almost mesmerised as Lin put her hands on his waist.

"That's fine by me Andy cos mine has already come true." "Oh! Really? So what was it you wished for?" he asked and I could sense like me he was holding his breath in anticipation. Again Lin turned to look at me. She smiled before turning back to Andy. "I made my wish when giving Mike his New Year kiss." "Hmmm!

And you say it's already come true?" he asked. "Yes! Would you like to know what it was?" "Yes!" "I wished for Mike to say it was ok for you to give me one!" At this both Andy and I looked at one another. "Oh Shit!" he finally managed to groan. "Now are you going to tell me what it was you wished for Andy or would you like me to try and guess?" "Guess." he replied.

I watched as she ran her fingers up along his body til her hands both rested on his chest. "Well it could have been you wished for a new car," she said, tracing her fingers over his chest. "Or.maybe a new job.more money? But somehow I think your wish was closer to home wasn't it Andy? In fact I think it's more to do with someone in this room.Am I getting warm?" "Maybe!" he answered unable to conceal a smile. Again Lin turned to look at me before turning her attention back to Andy.

"Shall I tell you what I think Andy?" she teased. "I think your wish was to Fuck me! Wasn't it?" I groaned out loud at hearing her talking so dirty. I knew then the New Years kiss was only the start. I saw Andy's eyes dart towards mine then back to Lin's. Lin too had seen his reaction. "Don't you go worrying about him Andy. I'll tell you now, Mike already knows what we got up to in the kitchen this morning.

He also knows just how much I fancy you. I've told him as much on any number of occasions. So you see, he's perfectly fine with it all. Why else do you think he's sat here now without so much as putting up a single objection.

It turns him on knowing other guys fancy me" Andy looked over her shoulder directly at me. I merely nodded to confirm what Lin was saying was right.

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I saw Lin lower her hand from his chest. She slid it all the way down to his crotch and began stroking him. "So what's it to be Andy? Do you want Mike to take me home?" she purred. "Or do you want to fulfil your New Years wish?" "Oh Christ Lin! You're going nowhere!" he said. In one quick motion he grabbed her hair at the back of her head and spun her around. Letting go, he then took a firm hold of her wrists and pinned them above her head as he pressed her back against the wall where he immediately started to kiss her.

Unlike the laid back, sensual, New Years kisses they had recently shared, this time his kiss was far more urgent. He held her wrists tightly as his tongue probed deep into her mouth, his lips crushing hard against hers.

My wife responded, returning his advances with equal force and passion. This was exactly what my wife had been scheming for all day and now she had what she wanted. "Oh yes! That's more like it baby!

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Kiss me! Snog your dirty little tramp of a Mum in law!" she gasped in between his lips devouring hers.


I strongly suspected, as it was me, her vocal encouragement was adding to Andy's arousal and this together with the sight of my wife enjoying his advances had me reaching for my crotch. I began to stroke at my erection as I saw him let go one of her wrists and slide his hand down her body, first, over her breasts where he mauled at them for some moments before moving down further still until he was sliding his hand up along her thigh beneath her short skirt.

"Ohh Yes Andy! Feel my honeypot! That's what you want isn't it? Go on feel it? Feel how wet you've got me!" By now Andy no longer felt the need to look back at me. Egged on by my wife's encouragement his confidence had grown tenfold and his actions were now clearly being controlled by what he had between his legs. He wanted my wife and here she was offering herself to him on a plate.

I looked on and reached into my trousers to release my straining dick as Andy tugged the hem of her short skirt upwards to reveal her stocking tops, followed quickly by her lacy black panties.I could only sit and watch and groan as he quite literally plunged his hand down inside the front of her knickers. "Ohhh Yes! That's it baby! Make me cum!" He didn't need telling a second time. With his hand already inside her panties and his fingers almost certainly inserted in her cunt he started to jerk her off to the point where it was all my wife could do was to stand on tiptoes, hold onto his shoulders with both hands and mewl her pleasure into his neck like a wounded animal til finally with cries of, "I'm cumming.

Oh Shit I'm cumming!" she let out a low guttural groan and slumped forward into his body as her climax finally took hold.


Satisfied with how he had bought her to a climax Andy eased her back against the wall and stepped back as if to admire his handiwork. She smiled and looked up at him when she'd finally regained some of her composure though not enough that her skirt was still hitched up above her stocking tops. I can't tell you how much of a slut my wife looked at that moment, my cock certainly thought so. She took a step forward towards Andy. "If you're that good with your fingers just what are you going to be able to do to me with this?" she said as she reached for his trousers where her fingers began the task of releasing his cock.

I sat and looked on with my cock in my hand as she unzipped his trousers and eased the waistband down I heard my wife groan and when he turned sideways I saw why. He was wearing a pair of white briefs the front of which were tented like a circus marquee and it was this had caused my wife to voice her excitement. "Oh Andy! What has Lindy got here?!" she said as she dropped down onto her knees in front of him. She knelt there for a few moments admiring the sight of his tented briefs where already I could see a damp patch of precum had formed at the point where his knob was straining to be let out.

She reached out to tease the fingers of her right hand up along the white cotton holding his erection in check, her fingers moving up and down as she fondled his thick, hidden erection. "Oh Andy! I always guessed you'd be a "big boy" but never did I think you'd be this big!" she purred, then using both hands, reached for his waistband where she began to pull it downwards.

I watched as she slipped his briefs lower, dragging his erection down with them until unable to take the strain any further his cock sprang forward, bouncing back and forth like a flagpole in a high wind. I think both Lin and I gasped at the sheer enormity of what was stood before her. It was thick, slightly curved, had to be a good nine inches in length but most of all, attached to the end was the biggest knob I had ever seen.

"Oh Fuck Andy! It's magnificent!" she moaned. She licked her lips, reached out and closing her fingers as far around his shaft as she could began stroking her hand up and down his massive length. I saw Andy close his eyes and heard him start to groan as she continued to slowly slide her hand up and down his meat, then with her fingers just below his helmet she drew back the foreskin to expose one very purple looking, mushroom shaped knob.

My wife moaned leant forward .and began swirling the tip of her tongue around his glans. It was all Andy could do was stand there and moan. Lin pulled back and looked up at him. "You've been a naughty boy Andy haven't you?

Keeping this cock all to my daughter for all these years! How could you? It needs to be shared Andy! It needs to find out how much better it can be Fucking a hot, mature pussy! And don't tell me you haven't wondered Andy? Wondered what it would feel like to shove this nice big prick of yours up your old Mum in law's cunt?" she said as she took a firm grip of his shaft once more. "Oh God! Yes!" he groaned as her fingers set to work, moving up and down his shaft. Lin bent forward and for the first time took the head of his cock into her mouth where she bobbed once, twice, three times up and down his length before releasing him.

Then for the first time in some minutes she turned to acknowledge my presence. "Look darling! Take a look at what's going to be giving me my first Fuck of 2007!" I didn't need to be told. I had done nothing else but look these last few minutes and could already imagine the sight of that nine inch cock of his impaled in my wife's cunt. She turned her attention back to Andy once more, pressing his shaft up against his body. She leaned forward and begun running her tongue indolently, up the underside of his shaft from his balls to the tip of his knob then all the way back down to his balls where she teased one into her mouth, all the while looking up at him.

"Mmmmm!" she murmured, delicately sucking first one, then the other in between her lips. "Is that nice Andy? Are they filling up for Lindy?" she teased. "Oh Shit! Yes!" he moaned back. "Good! Cos if it's one thing Lindy likes, it's fully loaded balls!" She licked up the underside of his shaft once more, this time swallowing the head of his cock into her mouth where again she took time to bob up and down on his cock.

"But you know what Lindy like's best of all Andy?" she asked as she pulled back and looked up into his eyes. "It's that moment when, having Fucked me to a climax you get to empty your balls into my hot, horny cunt!" I watched as Lin got to her feet. "There's nothing your Lindy likes better than the feel of a nice big prick emptying it's spunk into her cunt. So come on Andy! Where do you want me for your New Years Fuck? Would you like to shag me up against the wall, my legs wrapped around your body?

Or would you prefer I bend over the arm of the sofa so you can take me doggy style? Would that be best Andy? So that while you are shagging me hubby can see the pleasure on my face?" If either Andy or I thought he was being given a choice.

we were both wrong. Having said what she'd said, she reach down for his cock and using it like a lead, she made him follow her over to the sofa. She looked at me, smiled and winked as she bent down over the arm. "Come on big boy do me! Do your New Year tart!" Now as I sit here in my study, my sexy wife upstairs asleep, much of what followed still appears dreamlike in my mind, though I vividly remember the look on her face as Andy stepped up behind her, lifted her skirt, pulled her panties to one side and mounted her.

It struck me then, from the look on her face, a kind of pained torture as he'd started to feed it in, his size was hurting her but having come this far I knew my wife was never going to concede defeat. She'd made it abundantly clear she wanted what he had to offer and I knew she'd persist until she had taken every inch. As I remember, having mounted her from behind, it took a good few minutes of Andy gently sawing back and forth with his cock, of her face contorted with the mix of pleasure and pain, before my wife had accustomed herself to his size, at which point, opening her eyes and smiling at me once more the two of them set themselves into a rhythm of rocking too and fro, bringing together a culmination of the days entire events.

My cock was as hard as I can ever remember it being and I continued to lavish attention on it as I watched my son in law screwing my horny wife. There was no love there.this was not love making in any shape or form It was simply sex for the sake of satisfying their mutual lust for one another and at times I remember it bordering on animal, such was their need to quench their fire.

At one point I remember him grabbing at her hair, pulling her head back and calling her a filthy, cock loving slut as he drove his cock home, but this in turn only drew the response."Yeah!

Come on then you bastard! Shove that big Fucking cock up your filthy slut!" Like I say, at times it was almost animal and as I try it's not possible to recall all that was said between the two of them as they Fucked one another in front of me. Much of what was said was lost against the sheer carnal background of the sight of their Fucking. All I will say is I have never heard my wife talk so dirty before. She was calling him every name under the sun.

A Bastard.A mother fucker.A dirty Fucking stud.She was telling him to Fuck it up Fuck her cunt good and shove his cock in all the way up to his balls. and for his part, Andy too was not slow in responding, telling her what a dirty Fucking bitch she was.How he was going to shag her brains out.How he was going to make sure she wouldn't walk for a fucking week.

It finally ended with her screaming out his name as he unloaded the contents of his balls deep into her already sopping wet cunt. She's upstairs now, so far as I know still asleep in pretty much the same position she collapsed into last night. I don't know what she might be dreaming of, nor do I know what she will feel like when she awakes.

It could be last night was simply a one off for them both but I reckon I know my wife better than that and, if I am right, the chances are she is going to carry out her threat of wanting her fair share of her son in laws cock.