Slutty Teen Gets Pimped And Used Brooke Lynn

Slutty Teen Gets Pimped And Used Brooke Lynn
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Sitting at the breakfast table reading the saturday morning paper Katie looked up when her father sat down. "Morning dad".Katie said and went back to the paper. "Morning so what,s your plans for to-day?".he asked then looked up at his wife and smiled and took his coffee. 'Hmm not much during the day just relaxing going out to-night though should be a big night.".Katie said. "Good well you have a good time going out myself damn business meetings on week-ends but what can you do have to make a appearance at these things.'.he said and took a drink of his coffee.

Katie laughed."Poor dad'.She said and looked at him for a 45 years old man he looked good and looked after himself Katies mum by now had joined them she was also 45 and looked damn good for her age.

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'How is your job going Katie i really wish you would let your father and help know we have the money to do so.".She said and sipped her coffee. Katie worked a part time job three afternoons a week it was her cover for the money she made attending these men,s parties."Its good mum and i love working there if i need help i will ask.".Katie said and excused herself from the table. 5pm rolled around and Katie woke from her nap and showered and got herself ready to go to work it was 6.30 when she walked downstairs and seen her older brother sitting at the table.

"Hello stranger".Katie smiled and sat beside him. "Hey sis.".Troy said. "So got plans to-night?".Katie asked.

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"yeah i have to go with dad to this meeting.".he said and Katie swore she seen his smile.he was so much like their father it was scary. They chatted for a while then Katie looked up when Tara walked in.

"hey ready to go?".Katie asked.

Tara nodded.'ready when you are".She said and headed back to front door. They arrived at the hotel and went to room 210 and knocked.The door was opened by a man wearing a mask."Ahhh your arrived here please put these on some men not want to be seen you know how people can talk.".he grinned looked them over.

Both girls shrugged and put on their masks that truly were beautiful with the feathers and entered the room they were shown to a small room where they could change and leave their belongs.The man had followed them in and watched them undress. "So Vincent informed you that is a full service party to whoever wants it?'.he asked.

Tara nodded."We have been instructed on what we are to do.'.She said then man held the door open for Tara and Katie to come back out wearing the white panties as requested and high heels.the man stopped and looked at the girls.

"And there will be more the twenty men the figure went to thirty and Vincent has been paid handsomely for it too so you four girls should be very busy to-night.".he said and ran a hand over Katie,s tits, both the girls nodded and walked out into the men Tara went one way Katie went the other. Katie could see every man was masked and she spotted one of the other girls on her knee,s sucking on some guys cock.Just then the light went down low at the same time a guy pulled Katie down onto his lap.


"Hmmm very nice going to enjoy you on the end of my cock but first i want to feel your pussy.".He said and put his hand down between Katie,s legs and rubbed her panties which made Katies get wet really fast.

He pushed aside the panties a bit and stuck his finger in rubbing Katie softly then took it out and put it in his mouth. "Take my cock out ".he ordered and Katie stood back up and opened the man,s zipper and let his member out.

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"Now just bent over and suck me leave your ass in the air so other,s can do what they want with it.".He ordered again. Katie took the man in her mouth and teased him a little before taking him in her mouth he really was not that big. "Come on suck it you little whore harder.".he said and groaned as Katie sucked him harder.

Katie sucked her breath in as she felt her panties again begining pushed to the side a little and a finger slipped into her pussy Katie moaned a little and wriggled her ass as the finger picked up pace.Katie was now getting really wet and horny and decided she was going to get fucked by as many of these men as she could.A second finger slipped into her pussy and now he was working her pussy alot harder.

The cock in her mouth exploded the man letting out a yell."Oh my god".He said and slumped back into the seat Katie still bent over looking at him the guy behind her still fingering her much to her pleasure. the man pulled his fingers out and turned Katie around."get on your knee,s".he ordered and shoved his cock into Katies mouth he was bigger then the last one.Katie held onto his legs and took him and sucked then licked the whole shaft then devoured him again."take me all in i want to blow down your throat.".he said and shoved his cock all the way in and seconds later blew his load.

Katie swallowed and smiled."I will be back for you to fuck me later" she smiled sweetly and walked off.

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A hour later all four girls had lost their panties Tara was now bent over a seat and a guy was fucking her ass.Kaie felt her arm being grabbed and being pulled over to one side of the room.

Two men stood there plus the third one that had her arm he let her go and grabbed her hand and put it on his cock Katie could tell straight away he was big."So what is that you want me to do suck you all off.?".She asked the pussy getting tingly she wanted this guy to fuck her in the worst way.

the man nodded."Yeah that would be great but we want to all fuck you at the same time Dp and fuck your mouth.".he said.katie smiled. "Sure as long as that cock in your pants fucks me hard though.".the man grinned."Its 8 inches so you like them big.".he said undoing his pants and letting it out. Katie nodded."Yeah i do but i love fucking anything so its all good.".She purred and dropped to her knee,s and started sucking his rod.

The other two by now were naked one went and laid on the floor."Get on my cock.'.He said katie took her mouth off the cock she was sucking and straddled the man then loweredherself down on his cock he pumped a few times then pulled Katie forward a little. the other man put fingers in katies ass and and fingered her a little before pulling them out and replacing them with his cock.both men began fucking her Katie groaned then felt her hair being pulled and a cock shoved down her throat he rammed it in making her gag.'iam going to fuck you so hard this whole 8 inches in your cunt.'.He said and keep pumping into her mouth Katie yelled out as they got harder and faster "Ohh god".she said the man fucking her ass let out a yell as he came he pulled out and walked around to katie,s mouth the big guy pulled out and let the man put it in katie,s mouth."the man looked at the big guy."Fuck her ass".he said the big guy laughed."Will later i want her cunt".he said.

the guy on the floor lifted katie off and got behind her and filled her ass with his cock.katie yelled out as he rammed her ass hard about two minutes later he released his load inside her. the big guy grabbed katie and pushed her to lean over the seat and didnt say anything just kick her legs apart and pushed the eight inch cock straight into her pussy.Katie gripped the seat as this huge cock pounding into her."Oh god.fuck me iam going to cum.".She said and the guy actually went harder Katie exploded with so much force cum went over the man,s belly.


"the whore likes it hard and slut iam not even close to cumming yet.".he laughed Katie smiled."Fuck me as long as you like you feel great inside me.".She said and lifted her head Tara was standing right in front of her. "Hey hun having fun?".She asked,Katie smiled."Ohh yeah and alot more cocks to ride yet.".She said Tara turned around. "Here taste this five different cum shots in this cunt.".She smiled and groaned as Katie,s tougne went to work on her pussy.that didnt last long as Tara was pulled away but a young guy and taking over to a seat where two guys were sitting on the arm rests.Tara was bent over to take a cock in her mouth and one of the other,s started to fuck her ass.Suddenly katie felt her inside ready to explode again."Oh fuck your making cum again".She said in short breaths.

"Yeah licking that pussy really did it for me.".he said and tighten his grip on her waist.Katie came again the man grinned and followed suit and then pulled out and turned Katie around to face him. "You dont leave until i can fuck that cunt again but some time to-night i want to fuck your ass as well.'.He said and walked away.Katie watched him walk away her pussy and her belly still tingling she had not come like that in a long time.

About a hour later the man kept his promise and fucked her ass with the eight inch monster once he blew his seed again he turned her around."See you soon slut your cunt is mine again".he grinned and walked off.

Katie let out a deep breath and went back to work Katie lowered herself onto a cock and began moving up and down going slowly as the man had asked her to do as she did she looked around the room and stopped moving as she heard a laugh."Fuck i know that laugh'.she said and started moving slowly on the cock inside her she heard the laugh again and then it hit her.It was her father.'Ohhh shit".she said to herself then another thing hit her her brother was here also.

Katie heard the man under her groan Katie quicken her pace she wanted this over with so she could get closer to the man who she was pretty sure was her father. Finally the man blew his load and Katie got off and walked away and got closer to the man that sounded like her father. "So you be pleasured by one of the girls yet?.some man asked as soon as the man spoke Katie knew it was her father. 'Nah not yet just waiting for the blonde one my son and i want to double team her you know a bonding thing between father and son.".He said and laughed.katie sucked her breath in he was talking about her the other three were dark haired.

Katie,s pussy went instantly wet the thought of her father and brother fucking her excited her and them not knowing it was her. Katie walked over towards the group."Well well looky here the blonde one you wanted.".One of the man said.

Her father pulled her to him.'My son and i want to fuck up for anything?".He asked.Katie just nodded she nearly came right there and then. Her brother walked over."So she has finally fucked her way over to us sweet.".He said and started undoing his pants and letting them drop to the floor her father also dropped his Katie eyes opened wide her father cock was huge and thick her brother not to far behind.

Her father took her hand and lead her over to the corner where there was a table and chairs.Her brother sat and grabbed Katie and pulled her down putting his cock in her mouth Katie began to suck and take him further in.'Ohh god dad she is good".He said as his father took the seat beside him and pulled Katie by the hair over to his cock."Mine is bigger.'.he said as Katie took her father in her mouth.

"Hmm she is her gag reflex is excellent.wish your mother could suck us like this.'.he said Katie nearly stopped damn her brother was fucking their mother. Katie,s father lifted her head.'bend over the table".He said and got onto his knee,s and spread her legs then spread the flaps of her pussy and began licking her. Katie moaned it felt so good but exciting too. Troy laughed 'come on old man let me taste her".he said and his father growled and got up. Troy went straight to work pushing his tongue deep inside her.Katie bit her lip.she felt her father rub her back."i wish Katie would let us fuck her like this.".he said then lent down to Katie,s ear.

"you answer to Katie while my son and i are fucking you alright.".he said Katie just nodded.

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Troy lifted his head."Damn never thought of that.'.he said and rubbed his sister,s back and went back to fucking her with his tongue. Troy got back to his feet her father walked behind her and pulled her back a bit.

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"Now my sweet katie feel your father,s cock".he said and went inside Katie. troy spread her ass cheeks apart and bent down and started licking her hole and pushing his tongue in.then lent down to her ear."Katie want me to finger your ass?".he said Katie just nodded that she did.

Troy went straight in with two fingers pulling then out then ramming them back in.Katie,s body shuttered and she let out a groan when she came."Look little Katie just cum all over my cock.'.her father said and pulled out and dragged Katie of the table to her knee,s roughly and shoved his cock into her mouth and began ramming her mouth over and over.

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Katie lifted her hand and grabbed her father balls and squeezed them making him groan and push further into her throat.Katie took all she could then flinched when suddenly fingers were being pushed inside her katie spread her knee,s more as her brother pushed more fingers inside her until finally he was fist fucking her Katie closed her eyes and groaned. Her felt her face being held.'tell you our little secret.we both fuck my wife my son and me and our biggest wish is to fuck Katie my daughter his sister.but for to-night you can be our Katie until we can get the real one.".he said with a look off pure lust.

Katie came again as she bounced on her brother fist."Thats it Katie fuck my fist.'.Troy said and lent down and bit one of her tits hard Katie let out a yell Troy bit her again. Her father pulled out of her mouth and sat down on the seat."get her to her feet but keep your fist inside her".Her father said katie got to her feet her father took her by the waist and pulled her back and then just slammed his cock into her ass.Katie yelled out loud as her father bounced her hard on his thick cock and her brother was ramming her pussy with his fist.

A few other men had started to gather around to watch but Katie was not really paying attention to them she was to excited about her father and brother fucking her.


troy pulled his fist out and Katie sucked in a breath just then one of the other girls walked passed Troy grabbed her and pushed her to her knee,s. "Lick her out for us.'.troy said and the girl started licking Katie,s pussy Katie wriggled and let out a sharp breath.the girl looked up."she just about ready to cum want me to keep going?".She asked Troy pushed the girl away and dropped to his knee,s and sucked Katie until she came again.

'Fuck i wish you really my sister.".He said and rammed his fist into again.'Yeah i like to hurt you.mum not to keen on it maybe you could teach her".troy laughed. Katie noticed the more they spoke of her mother the harder they fucked her.'Fuck me dad".Katie said changing her voice just a little.

Those three words sent her father into a frenzy and he stood up pulling himself out of her quickly. "troy stop".her father said and pushed katie back over the table and enterd her pussy and drove his cock into her so hard Katie thought he was going to split her in two.

For nearly ten minutes her fucked her pussy Katie came again he just kept going his balls slapped against her with every thrust until finally her came and filled her pussy with his seed. Troy didnt give her time to caught her breath as he rolled her over and slammed his cock into her ass her brother went longer then her father did he slumped onto her back once her had released his seed in her ass.Katie just laid there she had no strength to get to her feet.

Katie turned her head and seen both her father and brother had walked away and were dressing again Katie smiled to herself then heard a familiar voice in her ear. "Now they have finished playing with you its time for me to fuck you again slut.'.the big guy from before said then she felt him inside her he dug his fingers into her waist and drove his eight cock into her pussy Katie was so sore but he felt so good inside her she forgot about that and enjoyed the fucking she was getting.

"Come you can fuck me harder then that you bragged enough about it."Katie said then smiled as he stepped up the pace and grabbed her hair and pulled her hair back and slammed into her pussy over and over until again Katie explode cum again and he came about two minutes later. He pulled out and lent down to katie.'iam going to call Vincent tomorrow and book you for a whole night slut you will be bleeding by the time iam finIshed".he said and walked away.

Katie got fucked by at least another five men after him and one Dp before the men were told that the girls were finshed for the night.

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the next morning Katie got woken up by a call from Vincent. "you sweetheart have a few bookings after last night.your first one is a father and son and the mother with be there too but to watch she needs lessons from what the husband is saying and your to wear the mask from last night your to play his daughter.".Vincent said.

"Alright when and where?".Katie asked. Vincent gave her the details katie penciled them in her book then hung up and laid back and grinned.