Nishino Seina Sex in first time trance prestige)

Nishino Seina Sex in first time trance prestige)
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The hogwarts school of witchsex and wizardry Part one(?) Hermoine gets her cherry popped I know it's a bit boring for a while but just read it and you might like the rest.

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this story is mostly of my own creation i used a few ideas from other stories but i cant remember the names so if I used any ideas from stories you read leave a comment and I'll mention them in my next intro :) one of them Is the spellbook of desire though This story in no way reflects on the attitude of the the charecters in j.

K. Rowling's wonderful books. It was warm and sunny at hogwarts and hermoine was sitting by the great lake reading when her two best friends approached.


Hi hermione" said Ron. "oh hi boys" she replied putting down her book.

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" I thought you had quiditch practice" she said. "we did" said Harry " but then those bloody slytherins were on the pitch training their new chaser bloody Pansy Parkinson".

"I think she's just doing it on the off chance malfoy might give her a good shag in the dressing rooms" said Ron.

"Ronald weasley" she shouted wich was accompanied by a good hard slap. "OUCH WHAT THE BLOODY HELL WAS THAT FOR." "you know full well what it was for" Secretly hermione had a crush on Draco but she never told anyone but ginny about it a because she felt sure ginny wouldnt blab as she had confessed that she liked him a bit as well and b because they all hated him but she liked a bad boy.

Secretly she had always hoped he would be the one to pop her cherry. Unknown to her malfoy was always so vile to her because he had a crush on her too and he always wanted himself to be the one totake her virginity.

That pansy slut wasn't hot enough and whenever he would shag her he always did a spell to repair her hymen and would secretly fantizes that it was granger he was with and that he was popping her cherry then shooting extremely fertile semen in her.

He also told someone well two people of his desire and they were crabbe and goyle 9 pm the next night "Alright potter how's mummy." said Draco Ouch Ron had just hit him square in the chest with a hex. How dare you you filthy blood traitor he then stormed off I'll get him back for that and I know just how but first I'll need some pollyjuice potion.

About one month later Hey hermione come here I want to show you something. said harry What is it.

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She asked It's a surprise. He led her to an empty class room.


He then proceeded to lock the door and cast a sound proofing spell Oh my god what a cute little bunny rabbit Then when she looked up harry wasn't there it was Draco Wait where's harry Oh he's unconcius in a broom closet. He smirked Why am I here. She asked Your here so I can have sex with you WHAT. She exclaimed You heard me you see this is revenge for ron and last year my plan is to steal your virginty by raping you over and over all night She put the bunny down Percifixus totalus he thought and aimed at it Secretly I always wanted you to take me Really well I wanted to take you aswell So they started kissing and Draco slid his Tongue into her mouth and explored it then he retreated and she returned the favour.

So hermione are you ready Yes but only if you swear not to tell ron or harry I swear I won't tell them. Ok then what position How aboutto start with you lie on a table and I'll penetrate from the front and then we'll see what happens He then proceeded to begin stripping her, first he pulledoff her jumper, next he went to take of her tie, she stopped him, "leave it on" and gave him a suductive little smile Oh you are naughty what about dirty talk Oh it's always turned me on call me a mudblood bitch again Sure thing but later He then slowly unbuttoned her blouse with his teeth and mouth Oh Draco she moaned feeling his warm breath through her underwear He then tore the light blue bra off and admired the breasts below they were big but not too big but they did look like a fun titty fuck.

Wow hermione your breasts are stunning Thank you. She blushed a little He then moved down to her skirt he pulled it down slowly enjoying the moment. He then saw that she wasn't wearing underwear.


He looked at her sort of asking why and she blushed but said I was hoping you would see my pussy and this would happen Oh you are a little mynx aren't you I am daddy I am Oh I like the daddy bit Really daddy you like it I sure do He then started to suck her nipples almost like he was trying to milk them Oh god that feels good He then moved his way down to her pussy slowly licking kissing and sucking every part of her body he came across on his journey and then he was at his destination his tounge deep in this little mudbloods cunt.

God he thought she's so sweet Mmmmmmmmm. Hermoine moaned He pulled his tongue out Awwwwwwww she said. Why did you stop Because it's my turn now bitch Okay daddy So she pulled his robes over his head, next she stripped his shirt down to reveal his chiseled abs, she admired them for a moment then continued to pull down his trousers to reveal his blue boxers wich now had a nice little tent in them. She pulled them down with her teeth.

And his eriction popped out of them. Mmmmmmmmm can I have some of that. Sure mudblood. She then started kissing his penis from the head to the base as she kissed it got harder then all of a sudden she shoved the whole thing down her throat.

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Wow your good at this. Hmmm hmmm she mumbled. Then she lifted her head off his massive now 7.5 inch cock which hermoine tought was very impressive four a fifteen year old and tried to speak but before she could she was inturrupted. Hey you little whore you want to talk to me then you either take it in the ass, pussy or finish the blowjob then talk. She went back to sucking his dick and plating with his balls she was bobbing up and down slowly at first and then faster and faster I'm gonna cum bitch.

Malfoy screamed And he grabbed her head and shoved it his guge throbbing manhood as far as he could get it in and he exploded his semen down her throat and he pulled out a little so she could taste it. Swallow. He ordered She swallowed it all in one gulp and pulled her head off his cock with a loud pop.

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Hey mudblood for a virgin you sure are a slut at blowjobs Hey is my cherry in my mouth and anyway I've done blowjobs analand titty fucks actualy my first of the first two were with my dad this summer they both hurt a little espiacily my ass but my mom helped me get used to the cock in my ass and she held my head down with my dads dick in my mouth so I could learn how to control my breathing properly and my ass mouth and tits are the talk of our close friends and family and my mom even tought me how to eat out so my she my aunts and our neighbours wives could have fun while I got it in the ass and boobs but I've never had it in my vagina so you could take me.

Oh and I love male domination but sometimes I like control, but today is not one of those days. She gave him her sexy smile again Great cos I love control my little mudblood fuck toy, are you ready Yes master Good I'll pop your cherry while your lying down and after a while you'll do all the work while I relax ok slave Yes sir but it looks like your soldier needs some pep If you don't mind me saying so how should I get it back up Give me a hand job till I have a full erection bitch Yes master may I use some magic lube it never runs out You may She performed the spell onto his cock and began running her hand up and down and it wasn't long before he was hard again with this sexy teen witch being his sex slave who he could do whatever he wanted to her Ok I'm hard stop Yes sir Now lie down She did as was ordered Okay he said this will hurt at first but then you'll start to enjoy it He then prooceeded to slowly but his manhood into her mudblood pussy he pushed his cock In slowly a few times then he met the barrier her hymen.

Oh how many rimes he dreamt of this.

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She said. It's okay do it however hard you want master He smiled and pulled out almost fully and then slammed into her as hard as he could and much to his suprise she only let out a tiny little yelp Are you okay Yes master He pulled out and sat down on the ground Come here whore Yes sir She went over to where he was Sit on my cock he ordered now She went over to him and In one move impailed herself on him She then started bouncing up and down on his lap Oh my god that's amazing he groaned She kept going up and down until she reached her climax it ran through her body like an electric current and she collapsed onto his chest Get up bitch I can't master I'm too tired im really sorry but I've never experienced this many orgasms Oh alright He lifted Hermoine of his still rock hard prick covered in her juices Clen your mess quickly slut and don't make me cum if I say I'm close pinch my sac here He then indicated a spot on his balls Yes master she replied.

She then did as was ordered Pinch it now wuick She pinched his sac and pulled her mouth of his head with a loud pop while I cool down for another go pleasure crabbe and Goyle What are they doing here There just outside and they were reiinforcment in case you refused.

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They would have held you down so I could fuck you Why not just cast percificus totalus So I could watch the girl who hated me squirm as I stole her virginity What you would do that to me Yes it was punishment for humiliating me last year by punching me What size are crabbe and goyle anyway 5 inches each according to Pansy I never really checked being straight and all Wow you have two and a half inches over both of them. Okay I'll pleasure them for you but on one condition and this is final What is it before I agree That you will fuck me every day this year and that we spend a weekend away having constant sex Fine I was planning on the first one anyway I was wondering do you have anyone else you wouldn't mind me fucking I can do 6-8 guys at once if I use my feet and suck two at once or I can do girls and boys if there is girls the most I can do is three girls and four boys so would yo like to invite anyone else I don't mind people watching if no one blabs until I'm ready Sure I'll invite Pansy Millicent crabbe goyle Blaise who else Ginny hermoine said Oh shell be brilliant I used to like her a bit but I then I caught a glimpse of your pussy and I liked that more.

Whatdoyouthinkaboutinviting snaps Pansy always orgasms about six times before him and he has a huge supply of morning after potions for all his slytherin bitches I'm not sure but if you want Draco I'll do it for you Ok oh and Ill invite all the other boys in my year and the top ten hot girls But Draco I'll never pleasure them all I'll faint with the power of all those orgasms Do all girls not have pussies and besides I'm going to ask proffesor snape to bring his special homebrew potion it let's you keep all stamina after multiple orgasms the only problem is our cocks still go soft each time I might be able to help with that you see mcgonnagal gave me special privalages to do magic outside hogwarts as I'm so responsible as Long as the only muggles present were previously aware I'm a witch and the only people who know are my parents and I heard of this book of sex in knockturn ally so I found some polyjuice potion in my trunk and I took some of my neighbours hair and I went to diagonal ally and drank it and bought the book and it had two great spells one keeps the penis rock hard until a countercurse is spoken and the second makes the penis much bigger For example she waved her wand and pointed it at dracos cock and said "palus durus" and his cock sprung to attention and then she said "palus grandis 2" and his cock was suddenly 2 inches longer then she said "palus archetypus" and his penis suddenly shrunk back to it's normal size then she said "palus lenis" and his dick deflated again Wow those will be helpful tonight but with all those people well need a bigger room what about the room of requirement Perfect hermoine Thanks so I'll go get Ginny and you get the others she then put on her invisibility cloak.

I saved up dor this for ages and this way no chlothes to put on to slow me down so I'll have time to write copies of the spells for everyone see you in the room of requirement take my chlothes please

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