Jugendlich durch den Chef schlug

Jugendlich durch den Chef schlug
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I did not originally write this story, I found it on a free site and enjoyed it. However there were gaps in the original that needed filling and in my opinion places that needed modifying, and of course the original stopped short.

And along with adding chapters of my own, another story or two by the same writer I've changed and combined, I think it's a much better story.

Parts may seem a little overboard, but knowing human nature and how women can be very vindicate, I don't think so. You'll see. I been to the writer's web site and checked for more, he hadn't posted anything in over 5 years. So I began finishing the story. Hope you enjoy my version of "Harry loves You" WPL *************************************************************************************************************** Part one: The Discovery.

The walls resounded with her quiet screams, as Hermione climaxed. Ron, still pounding relentlessly into her body, had a few more minutes before he would join her. Hermione was aching and sore, when Ron finally erupted in his own orgasm. Ron had returned home early that afternoon, from a road trip to Ottawa with the Cannons.

He'd greeted her with a deep, intense, almost savage kiss, tasting strongly of Old Ogden's, pulled her into the bedroom, where he'd stripped off her dress, tossed her onto the bed and plowed right in. The sex had been brutally hard and fast, more than a little painful, and actually, somewhat enjoyable, though.

Ron had enjoyed it more than Hermione had, he does even if she don't, which she hated. As he always did, Ron pulled out of her immediately, and rolled off to lie panting, at her side. He hated the feel of her around him after he came. Says the tip of his cock is too sensitive! Hermione gasped in shock as the cooler air of the room caressed her sweaty skin. She always hated the feeling of loss when he pulled out so abruptly.

Ron didn't seem to care. She hated that, too, but hey, Ron loved her. Surely that was worth putting up with a few inconveniences in their relationship. (Somehow, though, she was the one who usually ceded.) As Ron lay back he closed his eyes and smirked in satisfaction.

Inwardly, he was chanting: 'I get something Harry, doesn't!' over and over. Hermione watched him grinning nastily, as he began the short slide into unconsciousness. She thought she knew why, but wasn't certain. "What's so cool?" She asked, softly slyly, as she absently cast a cleaning charm on both herself and the bed under her.

'No wet spot tonight!' "Hmmm?" Ron answered, sleepily. "Oh, nothin'. I just get something Harry wants!" He murmured in a singsong voice. "Really? What?" Hermione kissed him gently, stroking his brow. Ron wasn't the only one who could be devious. She was rather put out that Ron would say something so boorish, but she suddenly felt he was hiding something she really needed to hear.

"You." He murmured, sleepily. 'Harry wants me?' Hermione was rather surprised. Not what she expected! In sixth year, Ron had told her that Harry was gay. However, she frequently wondered. He'd never been seen with men, except for the occasional, overly-grainy photograph in The Daly Prophet or some of the other 'yellow rags', that could have been any two men. Mmmhmmm. Keep doing that, woman!" 'Woman?' Hermione had to forcibly restrain herself from tearing Ron's throat out.

Fortunately for him, her self-control held. Instead, she continued her probing, she wanted to hear more about Harry. She was an accomplished legilimens, but had long ago shied away from reading the thoughts of her friends.

It just wasn't proper! "How do you know?" She purred, stroking his hair, now. Ron sighed in pleasure. "Mmmmm. He's wanted you for ages." His words were beginning to slow, as his body relaxed from the strenuous activity of moments before and the alcohol.

"He told me, way back in sixth year he wanted you to be his girl. Even gave me a letter to you." 'Really?' "I don't remember a letter." "Eeh! I threw it into the fire. Then I told him you came to me, and said you wanted me and not him!" Ron chuckled nastily in his near-sleep. "Stupid prat bought it, full package!" Hermione stiffened, in outrage. Then immediately forced her body to relax, she needed to hear more, covering her response by shifting a leg over his.

She continued her gentle interrogation. "Why didn't he ever say anything?" "Harry?" He snorted, sleepily. "Harry's too bloody noble! He knows you belong to me! He'd never even consider poaching!" He yawned, and snuggled down into the pillow.

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"Pull that quilt up, wouldja?" Hermione bent and pulled up the heavy comforter, to cover Ron. She regretfully recalled it was the one Harry had bought for them, when they'd moved in together. "Thanks. He's like that, y'know. He won't do shit! Stupid prat!" Hermione was fuming! How dare Ron do this to Harry.to her! How could he? Then, another thought struck her. A really nasty one, that she knew would hurt her if she knew the answer was as she expected, but would hurt her far more if she didn't.

She needed to find for sure. She gathered her vaunted Gryffindor courage and asked: "What do your other girls think of it?" "Hmmm." Ron answered almost asleep. "They donnow. ".'d kill me for fucking over the great Harry." He yawned again. ".Potter." He fell silent, and soon began to snore.

Hermione sat up in the bed, stood and rushed into the bathroom. She cast a silencing charm on the room, bent over the toilet, and vomited. Then she sank down onto the cold tiles, and finally gave vent to the tears of betrayal that had demanded release. Now she knew why Ron never ask her to marry, he never loved her, just used her as his shag toy. 'Fowl dirty bastard' She needed a shower she felt dirty and scrubbed and scrubbed as the tears flowed.

The water turned cold, Her body pink almost red from scrubbing, she got out of the shower. And as she dried herself she decided. Ron, oblivious to her pain, rattled on. "I got something Harry wants" She barely heard as she walked out the door.

Harry Potter sat in the lounge, carefully plucking put a tune on the Mandolin he'd found when he'd returned to Godric's Hollow. It had been his father's, bought in an attempt to impress his mother. Needless to say, one cannot be impressed by someone holding a musical instrument unless said person actually knows how to play it.

After the battle that had claimed so many lives, Harry went into seclusion. He'd held himself to blame for the actions of others for so long, it was second nature to him.

Rather than glorying in the accolades of the wizarding populace, he'd made a brief statement, and vanished. Less than a dozen knew where he lived. He'd surveyed the damage done to the cottage, where he lived with his parents, where they died, so long before, and rather than moving into another of his properties to live, decided to rebuild here.

Almost a year of hard work, most done by himself, or with the help of his friends, and the cottage was done. Now, he struck a sour note as someone rang his doorbell. Sighing, he set the mandolin on the sideboard. Stretching, out the kinks in his neck, as he went to the front door. He somehow knew who it would be. Very few were allowed past the wards that protected his home, one especially, the one he longed for. Harry opened his door to find a very wet and very angry Hermione Granger standing on his porch.

"Hermione! What's wrong? You're dripping wet! You must be frozen! You're shivering! Why didn't you apparate? You know the wards are keyed to you!" "I couldn't, Harry. She growled. "I had to think." Harry was stunned. "What's wrong, luv?" He stepped out onto the porch and wrapped her in a loving embrace, then guided her into his home.

Hermione sighed at his touch, as she normally did, but remained silent as usual too. Harry drew her into the entry hall, where he took her coat and hat, hung them on the rack and had her stand while he pulled off her soaked shoes and socks.

He flung them onto the drying grate. Hermione knew Dobby or Winky would take these things and clean them properly, but just now, she was far too angry to care much for the rights of house-elves. "You and Ron had a row?" Harry asked.

He didn't wait for a reply. "That's too bad. Listen, why don't you go in and relax in a hot bath and get into some fresh clothing. I'll make us some dinner, and then we can talk about what's wrong." He hated to see her in pain, if it wouldn't hurt her more he would kick Ron's arse, but she was his, sadly.

Harry escorted her up the stairs and gently pushed her towards the suite he always kept ready for her. He kept one for Ron as well, but Ron had never availed himself of the offer.

Hermione had, more than a few times, when she and Ron had rowed, or for when she was really lonely, as Ron was on the road a lot with the Cannons. Harry had always been a shoulder for her to cry on, never judging, just always being there.

Hermione loved that Harry was always there for her, ready to comfort her, without asking anything in return, now she understood why, not want she had been taking for granted all this time, but something deeper. She had planned to find out if her feelings were right and to rectify the situation if so. She hoped she was right and hadn't waited too long.

She entered her room and stripped off her sopping clothing, tossing them into the basket by the door. Dobby appeared in front of her, his tiny hands covering his enormous green eyes. She smiled as the house-elf tried to protect her modesty. Kneeling before the diminutive creature, she gently but firmly pulled his hands away.

"Dobby! We're not even of the same species!" She insisted. "You can look at me naked. It doesn't bother me in the slightest." "Dobby thanks Miss Hermyninny Grangers." The tiny elf squeaked. ".but Mister Harry Potter sir, tells Dobby that Dobby must never do anything that will make Miss Hermioninny Grangers uncomt.uncomfert.uncomterf.feel odd!" "Uncomfortable?" Hermione soothed.

"Yes!" Dobby squeaked. "Uncomfterbal! So Dobby hides his eyes! Mistress Narcissa Malfoy would always have Dobby tightly bind his eyes! 'Twas most uncomfterbal!" "I can quite imagine it was." Hermione returned.

"Well, I don't want you to do any such thing, Dobby. I am not Narcissa Malfoy. I assume you have drawn me a bath?" "Yes, indeed, Miss Hermyninny Grangers.

Dobby has drawn a bath, for you's to unlax in. Mister Harry Potter sir, says to tell you, dinner will be along in under an hour. Winky is most put out. Mister Harry Potter sir, is doing the cooking! The master of the house is not supposed to be doing the cooking!

That is what we house elves is for!" Dobby also seemed rather put out by Harry's actions. Much to his surprise, Hermione leaned forward and engulfed him in a warm and tender embrace. He resisted for a second or three, but then relaxed into her arms.

Shortly, he began to.well, purr.is the closest thing she could liken it to. Several minutes later, Hermione relaxed her embrace and kissed the little elf on the top of his head, and then spoke quietly.

"You are so sweet, Dobby. Will you ask Winky to come see me?" When Hermione had released the little elf, he nodded rapidly, his overlarge ears flapping as he did, gathered up her wet clothing and popped away.

Hermione noticed he no longer made the loud and rather distinctive 'crack' he used to. She smiled indulgently and walked into her bathroom.

Harry had gone all-out building her private bath. She never thought about it before, why Harry had. He'd consulted with her closely and had arranged it just to her liking. She loved her bath.

The room was almost as big as her bedroom. One wall was almost entirely glass, and curved inward over the top so the occupant could watch the sunset, or the night sky.

The tub, built in to the wall just below the glass, was large enough for two people to be comfortable, yet not extravagant. At the foot of the tub, there was a much smaller tub, only a foot deep and about one and a half square.

It was set below a nicely made seat, and equipped with many small jets so the user could soak and soothe tired feet.

The separate shower stood just to one side of the center of the room, and was rather larger than she was used to, but its shape, a large glassed-in circle with one sliding glass door covering the entrance, required its size. She found it to be quite large enough for three people to shower together. Four, if they were friendly.more if they were very friendly.

The shower, and to a slightly lesser extent, the tub, were the main focal points of the room. The toilet and bidet were off to the side, on a raised shelf, partially shielded by a shoulder-high rock wall.

On the exposed side of the wall, a wide countertop with a large oval sink waited. Three fold out mirrors, hung over a separate vanity table, next to it. Behind the mirrors, hid cupboards for medicines or cosmetics.

Hermione had her essentials there. Hidden speakers in the four corners of the room provided gentle music. Just then, they were playing a selection of Andean reed-flutes and accompanied by some sort of shaken rhythm instruments. It sounded like nature herself was singing to her.

Harry built this Bath, Her Bath, Just for Her. Hermione sighed blissfully as she eased herself slowly into the steaming bath. Just as the fragrant water reached her nipples, causing them to pucker tightly, Winky popped into the room, bearing a fine silver-chased crystal goblet, of her favorite red wine. Like Dobby, she appeared without sound.

Hermione wondered if they had been able to do so previously. She would imagine that it was a tiny bit of rebellion against cruel or uncaring masters.

Winky handed the glass to Hermione who sipped, savoring the wine with delight. This was truly a wonderful wine, rich, slightly sweet, and flavorful. Just the way she liked it. Harry kept a cellar stocked with wines meant to be drunk, not hoarded.

"Winky greets Miss Hermione Granger. Dobby tells Winky, Miss Hermione Granger wishes to see Winky." "Hello, Winky." She greeted. "That is a lovely dress." Winky wore a sarong, made from a wrapped length of subtly patterned cloth. Hermione had long grown used to seeing Dobby wearing clothing, but it was only when Harry had formally taken Winky into his household that she wore them without protest.

Harry, as master, could dictate to her the uniform of the house. He'd given her several choices as to the types of clothing before accepting her, insisting a household uniform be worn. Together, as a group, they'd hammered out the uniform variations for each season, for both her and Dobby. Any new elves taken in, would also be required to wear the same things. This way, it would be required uniforms, rather than clothing, per se.

Winky lowered her face, flushing brightly and shrugged her shoulders in pleasure at the complement. Now it was time, "Can you tell me anything about Harry's girlfriend?" Hermione asked, carefully. "I know so little about her. I'd really like to know what kind of girl she is, if I'm to meet her.

I'd like to know what her likes and dislikes are, where she prefers to go to eat, what kind of wine she enjoys, that sort of thing." "Miss Hermione Granger." Winky seemed more than a bit surprised at the request. "Master Harry Potter does not has a lady-friend. Master is all alone." Winky continued in a softer voice: "Winky wishes master did have a special friend, for then, master would not be so very, very lonesome and inside sad." "No girlfriend?" Hermione was shocked.

Despite what Ron had told her as to Harry's sexual orientation, she knew there were thousands of witches, and wizards, out there who would be proud to call Harry their boyfriend, gay or not. Also, he'd assured them many times, that he was dating this witch or that, even thought Ron always said after Harry left "it was a sham". The scandal sheets had him picked out as the world's biggest Casanova, leaving broken hearts behind him in a long trail of tears.

Which she never really believed. Ron laughed "Casanova was a raving fairy" . huh… 'inside sad??' "What about the girls Harry bring home?" she ask, not sure she wants an answer. "Master Harry Potter never bring any girl, you only one who comes here" Harry never brings any girl here, humm interesting. Just me&hellip. She continues "I always thought he was rather popular with the ladies.

Especially after he killed Voldemort." Winky interrupted Hermione by yelping in terror and dashing across the room to hide, trembling, behind the rock wall shielding the bidet. "I'm terribly sorry, Winky." Hermione stammered an apology for her blunder.

"I forget there are those who still don't say his name. Please come out." Winky anxiously peered around the wall, and seeing no identifiable dark lord, sidled out from her hiding place and across the room to Hermione's side. She looked around, as if seeking the dark lord. Hermione smiled gently. Hermione knelt in the tub, leaned out and gathered Winky to her in a warm, comforting hug.

After a few moments of resistance, the little elf relaxed and cuddled into her, almost purring, much as Dobby had done. When she felt Winky had relaxed enough, Hermione sat back and continued her gentle interrogation. "Surely there must be a special girl for Harry." She prompted gently. "Someone he thinks of?

Maybe one whose picture is on his bed table?" "Oh, no, Miss Hermione Granger!" Winky answered, shaking her head sadly. "They is only pitchurs of you's, at Master Harry Potter's bedside!" "Me?" In a way, Hermione was shocked, pleasantly surprised, but shocked, however also felt a slow warming flow thru her.

Had Harry denied himself the pleasure of a woman, because he wanted her, and only her, and would not compromise. She was also extremely pleased, for the same reason. Smiling, she raised the glass to her lips. Maybe there's still time.

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"Yes, Miss Hermione Granger. Winky thinks Master Harry Potter loves miss, but Master Harry Potter is afraid master will ruin you's love with mister Ronald Wheezy if he…" she stopped then continued "Winky once heard Master Harry Potter say: "He would cut it off, before he would hurt you two!" Hermione choked at this. The wine, so smooth a second before, now bit harshly into her unprotected airway.

Hermione dropped the crystal goblet into the tub as she coughed violently. Winky immediately began to pound firmly on Hermione's naked back.

When she insisted she would recover, the tiny creature desisted. Hermione sifted around under the foam, until she found the crystal wine glass. She placed it on the edge of the tub, sighing regretfully at its loss. It had been a very nice wine! "Is that a bad thing?" Winky questioned, innocently. If Hermione had been drinking again, she would have choked once more. Turning her head sharply to stare at the elf, she sputtered: "Hell, yes, that would be a bad thing!

That would be horrible!" Winky started, and took a step back fearing Hermione's reaction. Although the crouch was not nearly as bad as for the Malfoy's, she'd also been struck in the service of her Dobby's former master. Noticing her fear, Hermione spoke softly. "Please, Winky, I'm sorry. Don't be afraid. I would never hurt you. I hope you know that. You surprised me" "Winky knows. Miss was rather odd, until you's learned the reason for house- elves bondment.

Now that you's understands, you's is a kind and lovey human." "Thank you, Winky. I appreciate that. I also thank both you and Dobby for finally setting me right on that issue. I still don't think humans were meant to own others, but as you said, if a house elf is not bonded to a person or household, the elf will eventually die of magical depletion." "No we doesn't.

We dies 'cause we loses our magic." Winky corrected. "I understand, Winky." Hermione laughed softly. "I said the same thing, but I said it a different way." "Oh.

Thank you's for explaining to me, Miss Hermione Granger. "You are quite welcome. Now, back to what we were discussing. Yes, it would be a terrible thing for Harry to 'cut it off', rather than cause me, or Ron unhappyness.

You do know what the 'it' he was referring to, is, don't you?" "Winky is not sure." She seemed embarrassed, she did notice the cold way miss Hermione said Ron. "Winky, you and Dobby are mates, right?" "Oh, yes! We is!" Winky positively glowed with happiness.

Hermione grinned at the house elf's visible happiness. "Winky if it's not too personal a question, when you and Dobby make love." Hermione hesitated at the questioning stare she was getting.

"Erm.When you and Dobby mate." She smiled at the sudden understanding that flashed across Winky's face. ".well, does he have a 'something' that goes inside you?" "Oh, yes, but 'tis only when we is in season. We is not like you's. Witches and wizards is in season all the time. Elves is in season only twice in a year. That is when mates is joined, where new elves comes from." "OK. When you are in season, Dobby has something he puts into you and that is how elf babies are begun." "Yes." Winky answered.

She rocked from one foot to the other. Thinking her tired, Hermione invited her to sit on the edge of the tub. Winky politely refused, but the rocking stopped. "Well, Winky." Hermione explained.

".for humans, because we are in season all the time, so you said, the act itself, is quite pleasurable. We enjoy it a great deal. If Harry were to cut his penis off, he would not only be in considerable pain, but he would also deny himself sexual pleasure for the rest of his life. We cannot regrow body parts, I'm afraid." Winky got it. "So, Master Harry Potter would instead cause he forever pain before he hurt you's and mister Ronald Wheezy." "That's about it, I'm afraid.

What he doesn't know, is that tonight, Ron let slip something, without meaning to. Something I hadn't known. Something he's hidden from me for several years." "That he throwed Master Harry Potter's letter to you's into the fire?" "Yes!

How did you know?" Hermione looked at the elf surprisely, "Dobby saw Master Harry Potter and mister Ronald Wheezy talking that night." Winky explained. "Dobby saw Master Harry Potter give a letter to mister Ronald Wheezy, and ask him to give it to you's.

Then he saw mister Ronald Wheezy throw it into the fire as soon as Master Harry Potter left, to go to the come and go room. Dobby cast a protecting charm and a make-look charm, on the letter, and as soon as mister Ronald Wheezy left the room, Dobby pulled the letter from the fire. Dobby burned his hands most grievously. Master Headmaster Professor Dumbledore had to give Dobby the whole day off to heal them!" 'I'm gonna kill Ron!' She thought angrily.

To Winky, she smiled tenderly. "I just found that out, today. Ron was/is jealous of Harry, and so, he began dating me, just to have something Harry didn't. He's only ever seen the money Harry has.

He never really understood what Harry's wealth actually cost him." "What did Master Harry Potter want?" "Me" Winky nodded. Nothing more needed be said. Hermione was furious. Reaching a decision, and with a little change in her plans, she stood in the still hot water, ready to get out of the tub.

She had to make this right to Harry. She continued their painful conversation as Winky held out a robe. "Winky, Ron let something else slip. girl. fiends. Do you know how many girlfriends does he have?" "Mister Ronald Wheezy has only one girlfriend." Winky answered.

Hermione wondered if the elf would lie to her, but her thoughts were stilled by Winky's next words. "Winky heard mister Ronald Wheezy tell mister Dean Thomas he has only one girlfriend, but he has seventeen other birds on the side, he likes to shag from time to time." "WHAT!?!" Hermione shrieked, absolutely enraged! Winky vanished immediately. Seconds later, a pounding of feet on the stairs sounded, and Harry crashed through the door, wand out and ready!

"Hermione!" Harry instantly turned his head left, then right, searching for the threat to his friend. Seeing nothing, he slowly lowered his wand and turned to find a livid Hermione standing in the tub, clad only in suds, and not many of them. Instantly, he turned his head. "I heard you scream. Are you all right?" "Yes, Harry, my love. I'm fine." Still keeping his eyes averted, he stammered: "Um.erm.OK. I'll just go, then." He turned to the doorway, only to be brought up short by Hermione's voice.


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Don't you like seeing me this way?" Harry sighed, his head dropped. She could see his shoulders sag "Hermione, have you been drinking? Maybe it's a good idea for you to go to bed." "Harry, I'm stone sober.

I've just had an epiphany, tonight. Please look at me." Harry shook his head. "I can't, 'Mione. You know why." "It's because Ron is shagging me, isn't it?" Harry sort of twitch at Hermione's uncharacteristic profanity. "Yes." He whispered sadly and fled the doorway. Hermione smiled a pleased smile. 'oh Harry my love are you in for a surprise' She stepped out of the tub, pulled on the terry robe Winky had dropped, toweled her long brown locks free of water, and then cast a drying charm on her hair.

Once done, she called out: "Winky?" A fearful Winky appeared. "Yes, Miss Hermione Granger? How may Winky serve you?" Hermione sat on the edge of the tub and leaned forward to bring her eyes close to those of the frightened house-elf.

"Winky, I'm ever so sorry I startled you. I found out tonight Ron is sleeping with other girls. That was bad enough, but now.well I suspected off and on, over the years, that he had other girls, but I never realized just how many. To a human, it hurts to find the man who says he loves you is having sex with another secretly, but it is insulting in the extreme; to discover that you are only one of a group of women your lover is having sex with.

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Especially after he's told you that you are the only one he loves. We call this cheating. It is particularly deceitful. Do you understand?" "Oh, yes, Miss Hermione Granger. Winky understands. Winky would be most angry if Dobby was to take a mate without Winky allowing." "You'd allow this?" Hermione asked. With all the research she'd done on house elves, and all she'd learned, she'd never even considered the mating aspects of her diminutive friends' lives.

"Oh yes. This is proper for house elves. Dobby may take other mates if Winky, as first mate, allows. As first, Winky has the say as who others, Dobby takes as mate." "Hmmm." Hermione hummed, then changed the topic, slightly.

"Winky, some humans tend toward polygamous relationships as well," "What's pol-ig-um.?" Winky trailed off. Polygamous?


Well, that means many mates, like you described with elves. But mostly we just pair off in twos." "Oh. Thank you's for explaining to Winky, Miss Hermione Granger." "My pleasure. Winky, if Dobby was to tell you that you were the only mate he has, and then you were to find out he has many, how would you feel?" "Winky would be miserable-sorry, and very angry. Winky might even do Dobby a harm!" "So, you can see how I feel.

Ron has hidden from me, the fact that he has many mates. Likely, he's also told each of them that she is the only one he loves, as well.

I will have nothing more to do with him any further. I don't particularly enjoy being lied to. Now, I need to talk to Harry. Do you have another robe? This one is wet." Winky snapped her fingers and a new robe appeared. Hermione shimmied out of the wet terry, and then donned the dry one.

She knelt before the diminutive elf, and spoke quietly. "I'm going to go downstairs, and try to ease Harry's mind and try to make up to him. When we leave the kitchen, will you take over cooking whatever he's making?" "Winky will do." Winky nodded her head sharply as if to put paid to that line.

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Then she added, smiling slyly: "Winky knows Missus Molly Wheezy would not like to hear her Ronald Wheezy would hurt his miss in such a fashion." With a nasty grin, Winky shifted her eyes to the fireplace In Hermione's room. "They is floo powder on the mantle." She gathered up the wet robe and popped away. Hermione gaped in shock at the devious elf, then grinned wickedly. 'Note to self: Never hack off a house elf!' Pointing her wand at the fireplace in her room, Hermione muttered "Incendio!" The flames immediately burst from the grate.

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Casting a pinch of floo powder into the flames, she called out: "Molly Weasley!" A few seconds passed, and Molly's head appeared in the fireplace. "Oh, Hello, Hermione, dear! How are you this evening?" "I need to talk to you, Molly." Hermione replied without preamble.

"Can you come here for a few minutes?" "Of course, dear. I see you're not at home. Are you at Harry's, then?" "Yes." Hermione nodded sadly. 'what home' "Very well, dear. Just stand to the side, and I'll join you straight away." Molly came through the floo, in a rush of green flames. Winky instantly appeared to brush her off.

"Hello Winky. Thank you." Winky curtseyed and vanished. Molly turned to Hermione and seeing the sadness in her face, asked gently: "Did you two have another row?" Hermione shrugged and said: "Sort of.

Would you have a seat, please?" Molly sat. Hermione was about to call for Winky when she reappeared with a tea service and a plate of biscuits. She set them on the small table, and departed before Hermione could thank her.

"Well, dear, shall I be mother?" "Please." "What seems to be the trouble?" Molly asked kindly as she poured. "I found out something awful, today." Hermione began. Even now, her lip was trembling and tears were forming. Molly was instantly concerned. Hermione never cried unless it was particularly serious. If she was weeping, there must be real trouble! Hermione went on. "Ron and I were making love.or rather I should say, he was shagging me quite thoroughly.

When he finished, he fell asleep, smirking and mumble something without realizing it. Just before he drifted off, I asked him what was he smiling about, and he said: "Oh, nothing. I just get something Harry wants!" Molly gasped that her son would say something so crude to Hermione, but she had been Ron's mother for far too long to think that he couldn't.

She had also been a mother for long enough to know that that was not the worst of this. And had no idea what Ron had that Harry wanted. Hermione went on: "I didn't particularly care for that remark, so I.well, I kind of wormed something out of him.

Oh, Molly! He told me that the only reason he asked me to be his girlfriend was because Harry wanted to. In sixth year, Harry had given Ron a note to bring to me, asking me to meet him in the room of requirement, so he could ask me to be his girlfriend, and Ron had thrown it into the fire!

He told me that he'd told Harry, that I wanted him and not Harry. He told me, when he asked me to be his girl, that Harry was gay!" "Gay?" Molly was confused. "I've never known Harry to be particularly gay.

In fact, he's usually quite the opposite. Especially when he has time to think about his life. He can actually be rather." "Homosexual, Molly. Gay is a current euphemism for someone who is homosexual." Hermione cleared that up. Molly's eyes narrowed. "I didn't know Harry is homosexual. Well, he never showed any signs. To think, as long as I've known him, I should have seen this." "Molly, Harry is not gay." Hermione interrupted with a bit of asperity. "Ron just said he was to get me to be his girlfriend!" "Oh, I hardly think Ron would do something like that." Molly tutted.

"Are you sure you're not just a little bit angry with." Winky and Dobby both appeared. Dobby held a folded cloth napkin. He addressed Molly. "Dobby saved this from the fire, Missus Molly Wheezy. Dobby burned his hands badly!" He handed the serviette to Molly, and then they both vanished. Molly unfolded the napkin to reveal a badly singed envelope with 'Hermione' written on it in Harry's distinctive handwriting.

The parchment cracked and flaked as she opened it. She placed it onto the table and carefully extracted the page, and unfolded it. Dearest Hermione, Will you please meet me in the Room of Requirement?

I have to ask you a rather serious question about us.


If you agree, I will be waiting for you tonight, at nine o'clock. All my love, Harry Hermione finally seeing the letter choked back a sob. 'Oh Harry' "Oh, my!" Molly sighed. Then she looked up sadly at Hermione. "I didn't know, dear.

Truly, I didn't." "How could you know?" Hermione temporized. "He kept it under his belt very well. It was only by chance that I learned today." Hermione replied, thankful that Molly believed. She'd need her support. "I take it, then, that this is not the worst of it?" "I'm afraid not." Hermione shook her head, sadly. "I also discovered Ron has a number of other girlfriends." "No!" Molly protested vehemently.

"No, Ron may be devious." She shook her head and wagged a finger. "He may even be a bit underhanded, but he's not like that! He wouldn't just." Molly broke off realizing she was trying to convince herself. "Winky?" Hermione spoke quietly. Winky appeared. "Would you tell us exactly what you said you overheard Ron say to Dean Thomas?" "Winky will." The little elf replied, nervously, as if fearing Molly's inevitable upset. "Winky heard mister Ronald Wheezy tell mister Dean Thomas: "Hermione is a love sick bint.

She can't get enough of the Ron-meister! She wants it all the time, she does!" "Mister Dean Thomas said 'What about, well you know, when she's flying the flag? Does she still want to shag?" Molly flushed at the ungracious words. "Mister Ronald Wheezy said: "Who cares?

When she's flying the bloody flag, I just go and shag one of the others. Hell, I even get some touch on the side, even when she is giving it up! I could shag a new girl every night for half a month without repeats." Now, Molly was beginning to boil. Her face was turning red, in both anger and embarrassment, both for herself, and for Hermione. Winky saw the anger in her face, and stammered to a halt, backing a step or two. Molly noticed and immediately tried to set the house-elf at her ease.

"Never mind, Winky. I'm not upset with you, dear. I'm angry with my son. Go on, now, finish it up." Molly encouraged her, smiling sadly to reassure the house-elf. Winky did. "Mister Dean Thomas, asked Mister Ronald Wheezy: "You has fifteen girls on the side?" And Mister Ronald Wheezy answered: "Seventeen!

Plus Hermione. You see, it's perfect. You can ask me how many girlfriends I have and I'd be telling the truth. Hermione is my only 'girlfriend'! The others are just birds I have on the side that I like to shag from time to time! Since I'm on the road all the time, she never finds out!" Winky took a breath, then went on. "Mister Dean Thomas told Mister Ronald Wheezy; "I don't know Ron, it doesn't seem right, you know, having all those birds in the bushes.

Hermione deserves better." Mister Ronald Wheezy got's angry then and said: "Shut it, Dean. You got no place to talk. You got Angela and Ramona!" Mister Dean Thomas got's angry too, and he said: "They know about each other! Hell, we all live together!" Mister Ronald Wheezy told him: "That's your problem", then he popped away!

After he left, Mister Dean Thomas shook his head and said: "Stupid arse! He doesn't know what he's playing at." Winky took a few breaths as if reciting her tale had been exhausting.

It probably had been. Hermione thanked her and asked her to bring two glasses of the wine she'd spilt before. Winky nodded her head rapidly and popped away, taking the tea service with her. Moments later, she returned, placed two goblets on the table and vanished once more. Molly sighed. She was furious, but realized Hermione would want to settle this on her own.

They sipped the wine for a time. "Molly, can I count on you to not interfere?" Hermione asked quietly. "I intend to do two things.

First, I am going to make it up to Harry for all the years he's wanted me, and denied himself, so as not to bruise Ron's ego. The second thing I'm going for, is revenge!" She grinned unpleasantly as she said the word. Molly nodded. "Yes, dear. I'll stay clear, as much as I can. I'll have a word with Arthur as well. I'm afraid I'm going to have to convince him not to drown that fool boy, straight away!

I promise you this, though, we won't help him. Son or not, Ron has gone too far this time. I'm afraid my boy needs some taking down. Please let me know if you need anything, Hermione. Oh, by the bye, if revenge is your goal, I'd recommend you speak to Ginny. She's the one to turn to!" Molly smiled, stood and hugged Hermione warmly. "You are always welcome at the Burrow, dear.Harry too!" She turned and threw a pinch of floo-powder into the fireplace, calling out: "The Burrow!" Seconds later, she vanished in a swirl of green flames.

Happy that she had some allies, or potential allies, at any rate, Hermione smiled.

She walked to the bureau and opened her underwear drawer. The first thing she saw was a cute pair of knickers that Harry had bought her as a gag gift. It was meant for a wedding night joke for Ron. She smiled wickedly and put them on. Now to make up with Harry.