Dando para o indigena do pau grosso na fronteira

Dando para o indigena do pau grosso na fronteira
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CollegeFuckPartyGirls My friend Ricky was the one who got me into Phi Eta Kappa (that's PHK, or fuck for those of you who don't speak Greek). Even while I was in high school everybody knew that it was the best fraternity to join at the local college, even though nobody seemed to know why. Oh there were rumors about some kind of wild drunken parties, but the stories weren't nearly as much fun as the reality. Ricky was a year ahead of me in high school.

We became fast buddies while we were both on the basketball team. I sometimes wondered if he hung out with me just because he had a crush on my little sister Kiera. She is really cute, but as far as I know he never made a move on her and I finally gave up wondering. Ricky's brother got him into PHK, and Ricky got me in. You see, you had to have a sponsor. After I was sworn to secrecy I found out why it was so popular and why it was so secret.

Have you ever heard of CollegeFuckPartyGirls? It's that website that shows videos of horny college fraternity brothers nailing sorority sisters, usually in front of a drunken crowd cheering them on. Turns out that this is a very popular internet site, and PHK makes an awful lot of money by selling subscriptions online.

For $19.95 a month you can watch drunken college chicks screwing every which way in front of an appreciative crowd. And the money goes to good use booze, books, booze, pizza, booze and even a fraternity van. Oh yeah, and booze. Of course, none of the faculty knows anything about it.

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At least we don't think so. If they did we're pretty sure that we'd be expelled. But there are a couple of teachers who give some of our girls funny looks, like maybe they know something. Like maybe they've visited the site, and they're wondering if that student in front of them was really the girl they saw getting banged silly in front of a crowd.


And my parents have no idea. They think that Phi Theta Kappa is just your basic frat house. You know, a place to make friends and have guys to hang out with and take care of you. I can't even imagine what would happen if my mom found out that I was helping make porn movies every week.

But they never found out, and I knew that for a fact. If they had, they sure as hell wouldn't have sent Kiera to the same school with an admonition to me to 'keep an eye on her.' The way it works is this: your freshman year you weren't even allowed into the parties. You were the lowest of the low, and your participation was limited to standing guard at the door while the fuckparty was going on.

They kept strict lists of who was allowed in, and you had to check IDs at the door. You put green wristbands on the guys who had permission to see the show - the frat brothers who were high up enough in the heirarchy. Of course, any pretty girl was allowed in at any time the more pretty girls watching sex the better. But sometimes dudes from other fraternities tried to crash, and the job of the freshman guards was to only let in the 'right' kids.

Oh, and to sell subscriptions to the other students. Of course in order to sell the website, we had to see the videos. It's hard to sell something if you don't know just what you're selling, right?

So we got to look at them all we wanted, and the day after the filming all of the freshman got together for a 'screening room' party, and we got to see what we'd missed the night before. Your sophomore year you were actually allowed in to watch. Man, I can't tell you how much fun it was to stand there drinking a brewski and watching as some lucky brother got to nail one of the sorority sisters.

It was a real party, man! We'd all be horny as hell, watching some fox getting reamed. Towards the end of the year you got to run the camera. That was considered a plum job because the camera was the most important spectator, and you always got the best view if you were the photographer. One time when I was the cameraman a couple of the girls went at it, and I caught every single lick and kiss.

I was so turned on that I don't know how I held on to the camera. That turned out to be one of our most popular videos. The junior year was the best that was the year that you were finally allowed to be on camera, wildly screwing some sorority sister that you'd probably never even met. We all lived for our turn, watching in person and online as our PHK brothers got the fucking of their lives right there in front of everybody and wishing it was us.

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I never knew just exactly where they got the girls. I knew that they were from one of the sororities, Gamma Nu Tau (that one is C-N-T). My junior year the leader of CNT was a fox named Julie. She was an All-American looking girl, with long straight blond hair and a truly dazzling smile. Everybody called her 'Fluffy," which was short for "Fluffer," a nickname she got because she was always willing to do whatever it took to keep the action going during a video shoot.

Fluffy would help make everybody comfortable, fondle both the guys and girls to help them get in the mood, and she'd even get naked sometimes. She was one of the girls in the girl-on-girl video I filmed. And she was instrumental in recruiting our video stars. Near the beginning of my junior year, my name came up to be the stud for that week's video. I'd been waiting for this for two years, and I think that most of that week I walked around in a semi-aroused state.

I didn't want to jack off, because you always wanted as much sperm flying around as you could get. So I saved myself up, getting hornier and hornier as that Friday approached. I was so ready that I didn't even wonder who I was going to get to screw on camera. They were always babes, and that's all that mattered to me. That and not shooting off too soon. A couple my friends came and got me and escorted me over to the frat house in the early evening.

They were both kidding me about how well I was going to perform. You know, things like, "You're gonna be so petrified that you won't be able to get it up." And "I'm volunteering here and now to take your place!" Stuff like that. The freshman guards at the door checked our ID's against the evening's official list, gave us our green wristbands and let us in. When I came in the door, the crowd started cheering, "Ja-son!

Ja-son! Ja-son!" They were all laughing and more than a little drunk. The crush of people reluctantly parted in front of me as I made my way to our 'filming' room, actually the family room of the frat house. People patted me on the back and said things like, "Fuck her hard for me, man!" and "Go get her!" One girl yelled, "Don't shoot off too soon, stud!" which made everybody laugh.

Someone shoved a beer into my hand, and I drained it in one gulp as the eager crowd cheered me on. As usual the filming room was almost wall-to-wall people. The room was kept kind of dark, so that the area where they filmed the screwing was well lit by comparison.

I couldn't see exactly what was going on, but I could tell by how everybody was facing the same way and the lights from the cameras bouncing off the ceiling that the filming had already started without me. This wasn't that uncommon sometimes the girl would play with herself or do a strip on camera before the guy showed up and the real action started. Since I was the evening's stud, the people moved out of the way so that I could get a better look.

As I reached the edge of the crowd, I was able to see what everybody was looking at. Fluffy was turned away from me, her long blond hair cascading down her back. She has the most perfect figure, and I know that I wasn't the first guy to wish that she was on tonight's menu. Her lips were gently kissing the mouth of my 'date' for the night, warming her up for me. I couldn't see the girl's face, but I could tell that she had thick auburn hair, and that she was obviously enjoying Fluffy's attentions.

The two sophomore camera guys were on either side of them, angling for the best shot of the sensuous kissing. Without breaking her kiss, Fluffy reached down to her enthusiastic girl friend's jeans and unsnapped them.

I could tell by the way that she moved her arms and shoulders that she had put her hand inside the girl's pants and begun massaging her pussy. Even over the noise of the 30 or so people watching I could hear her gasp for breath and then moan softly as her most secret place was fondled in a most un-secret manner. I still hadn't gotten a good look at the girl, but I knew that I was going to get to see more of her than anybody there in a few minutes and I was content to just watch Fluffy warm her up for me.

The crowd kept a little away from them to give them and the cameramen room, and I saw a couple of girls in the corner whispering excitedly to each other as they watched.

Fluffy turned the girl around so that she was facing the wall, her pants unbuttoned and about ready to fall down. Still nuzzling her neck, Fluffy had her bend over and put her hands on the wall, leaning against it and making her taut ass poke out into the room. I still hadn't seen her face, but I can tell you now that whoever she was, she had a world-class ass.

Fluffy stood beside her and shimmied her jeans down, exposing her naked butt to two video cameras and about 30 strangers. I heard the guy beside me gasp at the sight of those shimmering white globes, and I knew that he wanted her just as badly as I did. Then Fluffy did something I'd never seen her do. She brought her hand up, and with a smile on her face smacked the girl hard on the ass.

The sound of the slap reverberated throughout the room, and it was hard enough to leave a clear handprint on the girl's white bottom. She moaned softly and stuck her butt out even further, wiggling it teasingly from side to side, asking for more. Fluffy obliged, and gave her about ten good spanks. From her soft moaning in pleasure I thought the girl was coming just from the rough treatment. I suddenly remembered that I was here to screw this girl myself and not just to watch Fluffy have fun.

I stepped forward and Fluffy noticed me about the same time that the cameraman did. He swung his camera around and pointed it at me. The guys picked up their chant again, "Ja-son! Ja-son!" and a couple of them shoved me towards the action. With the light from the camera in my face, I still couldn't see the girl very well. But that taut little ass was beckoning me, and with the other camera and light pointed at it, I could see it just fine. As I got close to them Fluffy stopped caressing the girl's warm bottom and stood up next to her.

She gave me that glittering smile of hers and said, "I was just warming her up for you. Do you like her?" I felt like so much sperm had built up inside of me that if I opened my mouth it would just come spilling out. All I could manage was a weak nod. "She has a nice ass, doesn't she?" Fluffy smiled at me with her eyes she new just what effect all of this was having on me. She didn't wait for an answer, but put her hand on the girl's neck and said, "Now you stay right there, honey." Then Fluffy stepped close to me and started to unzip my jeans.

"You don't mind if I get you started, do you?" The crowd cheered and Fluffy dropped my pants down over my ass, exposing my erection. She started sliding her hand up and down my shaft, occasionally dropping her hand down further to caress my balls.


She smiled up at me as I enjoyed every stroke and tried not to come. She knew just what she was doing to me, but she also knew that she couldn't really get me off I was here for the other girl. After what seemed like forever but was really only a few seconds (I've seen the video!), Fluffy stood up on her tiptoes and gave me the most erotic kiss of my life.

Warm and wet, sensual and filled with longing, it left me dizzy enough to actually wobble on my feet. "I think he's ready now," she whispered to me but said to the crowd. They responded with a couple of catcalls and I heard a wolf whistle. Fluffy stepped out of the way as she gently guided my dick towards that firm little butt.

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Fluffy let go of me as I stepped close to the girl. Her bare ass was still pink from its spanking, but had she waited obediently leaning against the wall. I stepped up to her, my erect rod leading the way. I laid it between the cheeks of that delectable ass and a little spurt of pre-cum squirted out of me, lubricating her butt and my rod.

She moaned softly as she felt the wetness. Then she stood up straight, rubbing my bare dick with her bare ass as she tried to make as much contact with my body as she could.

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Almost of their own volition my arms slipped around her and grabbed onto her firm titties through her shirt. After caressing them for a moment and sliding my dripping tool up and down her ass, I reached one hand up under her t-shirt so that I could fondle her bare breast. One of the camera guys focused his camera on my dick sliding up and down her ass and the other guy was filming my hand caressing her breast under the shirt. The lights from the cameras were hot, and cast a kind of surreal glow over our coupling.

As I gently kneaded her tits I could almost feel the urge come over her. She had too many clothes on - way too many. In one fluid move she slipped her t-shirt off over her head, and the guys in the crowd all cheered her on as they got to see her perky nipples being teased by my fingers.

I nuzzled her soft brown hair as her hands closed over mine, urging me to knead her erect nipples. We moved sensuously together, forgetting the crowd and the cameras as we tenderly rubbed against each other.

I was oozing pre-cum in an unceasing stream, her wet ass clutching my rod and teasing it faster and faster towards a massive orgasm. I was engrossed in the pleasures of her taut warm butt, almost lost in a dreamland of lust. But I still noticed when Fluffy kneeled again down beside the girl's legs. She slid her pants and panties down and helped her step out of them. I glanced down and saw that she was totally naked now except for a pair of lacy white socks that came up to her calves.

She had a glorious figure and I wanted to touch and caress every single inch of it. She was definitely the hottest girl ever to grace Phi Eta Kappa's video shoots. All the while I kept up a steady rhythm, riding the outside of her slippery ass just like I wanted to ride the inside of her pussy. Sensuously she began to turn around, her arms encircling my head and her breasts pushing into my chest. My bare cock left a slimy trail of sperm on her tight stomach as she came to face me.

She brought her lips up towards mine, ready for a kiss. And for the first time, I got to look at my new lover's face. It was Kiera!

My little sister!

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I couldn't have been more surprised if I'd suddenly been caught holding my naked mother. Kiera languidly opened her eyes to see who she was about to kiss. The shock in her eyes reflected mine, and we both froze for what seemed like an eternity. I know just what she was thinking, because I was having the exact same thoughts. Watching the video later, you couldn't tell at all that we were stunned by finding ourselves naked and in each other's arms.

There was a moment while we stared into each other's eyes, but it looked like a gaze of longing and lust and not one of surprise and astonishment. I was more excited than I'd ever been in my life. Kiera may have been my little sister, but she'd always been a living doll. She'd grown into a young woman with dark skin, a curvy figure and thick auburn hair.

Her smile could inspire armies, and I'd always had a little crush on her. Suddenly finding her naked in my arms was so exciting that I thought that my dick was just going to explode from desire.

As we stared into each other's eyes, I could see the question in mine reflected in hers. Should we? Did we dare? Did we want to? Obviously nobody knew that we were brother and sister even Phi Eta Kappa wouldn't try something like that. But everybody there was expecting us to fuck, and if we stopped now, we'd go down in history as the first ones to back away from the filming.

Besides, our desire for each other was apparent to everyone, even us. Kiera told me later that her pussy decided for her. It was so drenched that she felt like she had no choice. She closed her eyes again and submissively raised her lips to mine. She was mine if I wanted her. Our secret would be safe, and I just knew that neither of us would ever tell anyone. My dick made my decision for me, and I slowly lowered my lips to Kiera's. As we kissed for the first time she reached down between us and took my rod in her hand and rubbed it against her belly, smearing wet pre-cum all around her tummy.

The crowd went, "Oooooh," as we started kissing, but we barely noticed. Our passion overtook us, and we began mauling each other, our tongues searching and licking.

Her lips were firm and delicious, and I felt a moment of regret that I hadn't ever kissed her like this before. But egged on by the crowd and our ardor we rapidly made up for lost time. I was so busy kissing my sister that I barely noticed as Fluffy slid my pants down, freeing my legs and my cock. When I reluctantly came up for air from our passionate kissing I realized that I was free.

And I was so horny that I knew I was going to have to take her soon, and making it look good for the video be damned.

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I gave Kiera a little push and she fell back on the sofa. She spread her legs wide as I stepped between them. I don't know if it was because we'd just become lovers or because we were brother and sister, but we both knew what the other wanted. I tangled my fingers in Kiera's hair as she took my dick in her hand and leaned close. She stuck her tongue out and licked the pre-cum off of the purple head, and I could feel her trembling under me as the taste sent little pre-orgasmic shivers through her.

After a half-dozen licks she took me deep into her mouth. I couldn't believe the sensation as my little sister slid her mouth up and down my shaft, sucking gently and swallowing over and over as the pre-cum leaked onto her waiting tongue. Who would have guessed? My little sister was a master cocksucker. When I felt the cum bubbling perilously close to shooting out of me, I gently pushed her back on the sofa.

She slouched there with her legs spread wide and her eyes twinkling up at me. Her disheveled hair fell fetchingly over her face, and somehow she was the most naked looking girl I'd ever seen. She had a little smile on her face, but her breathing was hot and heavy as she waited to be skewered with my hot steel rod. I kneeled between her legs and she drew her knees up, exposing her cute little pussy to my hungry tongue.

There was a camera on either side of us angling for a shot of my sister's naked pussy, and I remembered the rule to not get in the way of the picture. I put my hands on her ankles, and even the lace of her socks felt sexy at that point. I pushed her legs wider apart so that the cameras could get an unobstructed view of Kiera's pink slit.

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They focused on her pussy as I gently licked it long teasing strokes. First I licked the right side, and then the left. Over and over I caressed her with my tongue, carefully avoiding touching her slippery inner lips.

Finally, unable to take my teasing any longer Kiera grabbed my hair and pulled my face closer, grinding herself against my lips and forcing her wet hole to join with my mouth. I reached my hand around her leg so that I could get my finger on her clit, and I flicked it wildly as I continued sucking.

It was as if an electric shock passed through her.


My sister spasmed and came into my mouth, riding the waves of pleasure that passed through her. As she came her pussy became even wetter and her girl liquids oozed onto my lapping tongue.

I slurped every delicious drop, wondering if I would ever taste anything this good again. She tried hard to keep breathing but she was having a hard time of it between her gasping for air and her whispering "I'm cumming - I'm cumming!" over and over. She clasped her thighs tightly around my ears as her pussy lips gave their nectar up to me, and I could barely hear as the crowd cheered, "Yeah, man!" and "You Go Girl!" and stuff like that Still gasping for air but through with her orgasm, Kiera finally relaxed her legs and let go of my hair.

I stood up straight on my knees and scooted in closer, my throbbing dick only inches from my sister's cute little slit. Kiera spread her legs even wider and slid her ass towards me, her pussy pleading for my penetration. She put her legs up in the air, holding them apart with her hands on her ankles so that the cameras could get a clear view of her slit. I guess she had received some instructions about how the filming was supposed to look too. I grabbed my cock and guided it into my little sister.

As I rapidly slid myself in and out of Kiera's velvety warmth, I knew that there was no way that I was going to give her a really good fucking for the cameras.

She knew it too, and began gasping as another orgasm began to overtake her. The cum which had been building up inside of me began boiling out of my balls. She grabbed my hand, and our fingers twined together. I leaned away from her crotch so that the cameras could see as I kept drilling myself into her, touching her only with my dick and our tightly clasped hands.

I couldn't help myself. I knew that I was supposed to pull out and let the crowd see me shoot my sperm all over her. The money shot was everything. But there was no way that that was going to happen. Suddenly it was essential to my very being that I spurt hot seed into my sister, and so I did. I rammed myself into Kiera as far as I possibly could and froze.

After a second or two my dick injected load after load of hot white sperm deep into her. I emptied myself into the vessel that was my little sister. She came too, looking into my eyes and squeezing my hand in a death grip as her body squirmed and spasmed around our joining. The cameras caught it all her cumming pussy straining to contain my cumming cock as the hot fluid filled her and we wiggled our orgasm together.

I never felt so drained in my entire life. Exhausted by my orgasm I let go of her hand and fell away from her. Both of the camera guys swung around to get a good look between her legs at her dripping pussy. Kiera obliged them by rubbing her pussy gently, causing my white cum to drip from her slit. As the sperm oozed out of her, the crowd went wacky. They'd never seen anything like this before. They cheered and applauded, and I could hear them saying things like, "Man, that's the sexiest thing I've ever seen," and "Jeeeesus!!!!" The cameramen had to move back a little as Fluffy came close again.

She quickly got down on her hands and knees and crawled to Kiera's dripping pussy. Fluffy gave the camera a quick and knowing smile before she dropped her mouth to the sperm trickling from Kiera's hot pink slit. My sister moaned as Julie's lips touched hers. Fluffy licked my warm seed from my sister's trembling lips, savoring each drop and then swallowing Kiera's juices mixed with my cum. Man, I thought that the crowd was wild before.

Now they went bonkers, screaming and cheering loud enough to be heard at the frat house on the next block. Through the licking Kiera laid there on her back, using her hands on her ankles to hold her legs wide apart so that the cameras could watch. She had her eyes closed and a little smile on her face as she enjoyed Fluffy's ministrations.

It wasn't long before all of my cum had been licked up, and Kiera lowered her lacy socks and feet to the floor. Fluffy wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and stood up. She helped Kiera stand up, and the two of them posed arm in arm for the camera Fluffy blond and dressed, and Kiera auburn and naked.

They gave each other a kiss, and then together blew one to the camera. The crowd went wild. Kiera and I began sleeping together every chance we could, beginning later that very night.

She and Fluffy developed a relationship too, and every once in a while she joins us. Nobody knows that Kiera and I are brother and sister, and we're not about to tell them.