Gorgeous bombshell is flaunting her stretched yummy snatch in close up

Gorgeous bombshell is flaunting her stretched yummy snatch in close up
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Hi! This is Jimmy & you can meet me at [email protected] I am an old fan of desibaba, desi fantasy, & now doodhwali.com. I have always read the stories & enjoyed all the experiences shared on the net by fellow surfers.


I wud also like to thank all the entries to this site. You all had made me satisfied. Now coming to the point&hellip. I am 28 Married and am enjoying a very good sex life with my wife Pooja. My wife… she's beautiful & sexy like many of you girls there. We were living alone in a flat in new Mumbai, India and were enjoying each other's company. My sister in law Deepti, who is a twin sister of my wife was working in some company & got transferred to Mumbai.

As we were the only relatives in town we offered her to stay with us till she finds some accommodation for herself.

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She was not married yet & she came to stay with us. Ever since my marriage I had my eyes on my saali & now I had her staying in my house. I was very excited to fuck her but was waiting for some opportunity to click. One night while I was sex with Pooja, she got very depressed and was sad. I ask her " Pooja, what happened? Why are you so sad?

Are u not happy with me? Am I not satisfying you? Please tell me what is the matter with u……". She said " Jimmy don't ever speak like this. U have given me all the pleasure in life a girl can ever expect. But I am worried about Deepti. Being my sister I think that even she shud get all the happiness that I am getting. When will she be as happy as I am? I am always thinking about her whenever u fuck me." I said " can I do something to make her happy?

But what will she think? I wud like to offer my help to her if u wud do as I say." We started to think about some plan so that I can get her into bed & now even Pooja wanted the same. Now my tension was over.

I sent Pooja to my parents house on pretext of some illness so that I wud be alone with Deepti. I woke up in the morning to find Deepti doing all the house hold activities and getting ready for office.

We had breakfast together & left for office together. I offered to drop her as I was leaving early today. On our way I told her that u take good care of the house when Pooja is not at home. I also offered her to pick her back from office. In the evening on our way home I said, why don't we eat outside so that u won't have to cook again in the evening.

After dinner we went home. All this time I was constantly telling her that u have taken good care of the house and not let me feel as if Pooja was not there. To which she replied that Pooja had ordered her to take good care of Jimmy and to not let him feel as if she was out of town.

We went to bed but I could not sleep alone so I went outside.

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I saw that Deepti's rooms door was ajar. I peeped in to see that she was asleep. I got encouraged by the fact that she was alone & also that she was looking just like Pooja. I kept watching her & slowly started to remove the sheet which was covering her. I was astonished to see that she lay naked under the sheets.

I had an immediate hardon. Her boobs were firm 36 C. Pooja's were a bit loose but her's were TIGHT and with erect nipples. Then I further removed her sheets to find her pussy exposed to me.

She had her pussy shaved ( for me I guessed as I loved shaved pussy). Now the beast had taken over me. I wanted to be in her at that movement. Wow what a sight that was. I went on the bed & started caressing her pussy. She was feeling & responding to my touches.

I bent down & planted a small kiss on her pussy lips. She was hot down there. Just then she got up. Stunned to see me there she asked me what I was doing here at that time. I said " pooja is not there & I was remembering her. I cud not sleep & I came to see U. As Pooja has told to take good care of me U will have to do that otherwise I will tell her about your bad intentions for me. I will remove you from the house.

This is my house & you will have to do as I say. I am the one who will decide what will be done here & not U" She started crying & I held her in my arms and planted a kiss on her juicy lips. I was caressing her hair & was kissing her all over. I kissed her ears & she shivered in pleasure.

Now even she started to respond & started kissing me all over. I put her on the bed & sucked her boobs. Now she started moaning. " I like it Jimmy do more. I love u jimmy… AAAA give me moreeee" I was wildly sucking her nipples & now her nipples were ½ inch erect. I went further down & sucked her navel and went straight to her pussy.

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Wow what a beautiful pussy she had. I put a kiss on her pussy lips & again she quivered. I parted her outer lips & started licking her clit. She was now mad with pleasure and was pressing my head deep into her pussy. Just then she had her first ever orgasm.

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I was licking & sucking her clit and she was mad with pleasure. She lifted her pussy & came with a gushing stream. She came & came & came.

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I kept on licking her. I was in no mood to stop. She was shouting in pleasure. I put my tongue deep inside her pussy & again paid attention on her clit. She had 3-4 orgasms with my tongue and she collapsed as if unconscious.

Till she regained her conscience I quickly remove all my clothes & placed my 8" long & thick dick at the entrance of her pussy my love hole.


She told me that she was a virgin & it was not right for me to do such a thing to her. I told her " see deepti, its nothing wrong. I have made you cum 4 times and now I want to give you more pleasure. No one will ever know about it other than both of us.

And a little bit of experience b4 marriage will surely help you further." While talking to her I had slid half of my dick inside. She was very very wet & dripping to notice it at that time.

But when my cock touch her hymen she shouted. I asked her to relax. "It will pain a little bit at first but I assure you that I will be slow & not hurt you.

I also assure U that U will like it in the end. See for yourself." I started pumping to get proper rhythm & then with a strong blow I broke open her hymen & took her virginity. She screamed & collapsed on the bed. I lay there in her motionless till she regained conscience. She was very very tight & reminded me about how I had taken Pooja's cherry. I started taking long & slow strokes but she was screaming in pain.

Then slowly pain overtook pleasure and now even she started responding to my motion. Now I started to take longer strokes & increased my speed. She came and came. I kept on fucking her till my climax was building. I told her that I was about to come. She asked me to hold a bit as even she was about to come. I held back but could not hold for long.

With a strong jerk I came inside her. At the same time even she came. I lay on her for a few minutes. Then we got up and cleaned ourselves. There was blood on the bed sheet & I removed it. She cleaned herself & we lay there in each other's arms & then started talking. She told me that even she had liked me since long. She had even spied on us and seen me & Pooja having sex. On hearing this I again had an hardon.

I asked her to give me a blowjob. She was reluctant at first but then agreed. We went into 69 & she started to take my dick in her mouth. It was small at first but by her touch it started to become erect. Within minutes she had my cock in full length. She was exposing her pussy in front of me & I started licking it.

I put my tongue deep inside her a few times & started licking her clit. She was enjoying it all. Even my balls were full & I was about to cum. I told her that I was about to come. Even she had her orgasm & I drank all her juices. I was about to cum & told her to take her mouth away. She stopped just in time & moved away to see a stream of sperms coming out.

She had my seeds all over her face. I took it in my hands put it on her boobs. I kissed her and played with her boobs & pussy with my hands till her pussy was sore. She had to apply cream on her nipples as well as I had made them sore by sucking hard.

The next day both of us took leave from office & the whole day we tried different positions. Later when Pooja came back, we had a nice three some but that will come later. I hope you guys & gals have liked my experience & my first attempt to share it with you. If anyone of you wants to contact me plz mail me at [email protected] Anyone wants to have any personal pleasure, or any suggestions, or any other favour, plz feel free to come fwd.

Privacy guranteed.