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Teen blows old pervs dick
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JC Spangler arrived for the 3:00 pm appointment about 5 minutes early. He was there to repair the printer copier. JC worked for a company that services office equipment for the past 26 years.

At 49, he was in good shape, about six foot one and 195 lbs. He had blue eyes and his hair was just starting to show some gray. Several women friends told him it was sexy. He had considered trying to color it but decided against it because it was too much of a hassle.

He had a moustache and goatee which were neatly trimmed and also showing a little gray. He had been told he was ruggedly handsome which he never really thought too much about. He entered the office and was greeted by Carla the receptionist.

Carla was in her early 30's. She had brown hair with highlights cut in a bob. It was cute, but JC preferred longer hair styles. She had big brown eyes and a warm smile. She had nice sized tits and a cute ass which he rarely got to see since she was usually seated at the receptionist desk. "Hi JC, I see your back to fix our printer," she said stating the obvious.

"I'll call and get someone to walk you back." "Thanks," he replied. The office was in the accounting department for a small bank in town. It's not like they kept money there so he didn't really understand the need for the escort, but it was their rules and he played along.

JC took a seat in one of the chairs in the lobby as he waited for his escort. The office was staffed by women so he wasn't surprised when Betty stuck her head out of the inner door and said "Hey JC, come on back." Betty was in her late thirty's with brunette hair.

She was married with 3 kids which probably explained why she was a BBW. For a big girl she didn't have much in the chest, maybe a B cup. She was pear shaped with large hips and ass. She walked him to the printer area and said "There you go. I hope it won't take long we really need that thing fixed." "Should only take an hour or so I hope," he answered as he set his tools and parts down.

He got to work by removing the outer covers so he could get to the parts that needed to be replaced. All of the women worked at desks in an open area except Laura, the supervisor. She had an office to herself. Laura was in her mid-50's but could easily pass for 40. She must have worked out because she was in great shape. At 5 feet 5 inches tall her measurements were 38-26-38. She had blonde hair about shoulder length that she had pulled into a ponytail. She usually dressed conservatively wearing a knee length skirt and blouse with a jacket.

The other women also dressed in business attire of pant suits, dresses or skirts and blouses. Banks still think their employees should dress up for work. Today her pleated skirt was less conservative stopping just below mid-thigh showing off her very shapely legs. She was wearing 3 inch heels adding to the sexiness of her appearance. She had on a short sleeve white blouse that was open at the top showing a hint of cleavage from her ample chest.

He estimated her tits to be double D's. The blouse was not tight fitting, but her large tits caused the fabric to be pulled taught and on occasion he could see her nipples poking out. A sight he had noticed before and it usually made his cock twitch. This time was no different. JC was removing a part from the printer when Laura approached.

"Hey JC, glad to see you. We really need this thing fixed," she said.

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He looked up and replied, "Hi Laura. Yes I know, sorry it took so long to get the parts." "It's not your fault. You always do your best for us and I really appreciate it," she said smiling. "Any idea on how long it will take?" "Hopefully about an hour and it should be good as new," he replied. "Perfect. I'll let you get back to it." She turned and headed for her office. He watched her ass as she walked away thinking how hot she was. JC and Laura had known each other for years.

They would occasionally flirt with each other and he asked her on a date once but she politely declined saying she already had plans. He took that to mean she was seeing someone else and dropped the idea. The flirting continued, but he just figured it was innocent playfulness on her part. He continued his task trying to concentrate but was interrupted by his thoughts of Laura.

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From where he was sitting on the floor and with the covers removed he could see through the machines frame and had a perfect view of her office. He was between the wall and the printer and none of the women could see him from this spot. Since he was on the opposite side of the printer he was almost completely hidden from Laura's view.

If she was seated at her desk he could see her from the side. There had been many previous occasions that he took this position just to be a pervert and enjoy the sights. When she pushed her chair away from the desk and pivoted to stand he could get a quick shot up her skirt. Most of the time he could barely see up her skirt or dress and often wondered what kind of panties she wore or if she even wore them.

Since she was wearing a shorter skirt today, things were looking up. It suddenly struck him that she knew he would be there today and wondered if she wore that short skirt on purpose. The repair took longer that he thought.

In fact, he was still working on it at 5 o'clock. Laura came out of her office to check on him as the other ladies were leaving for the night. He saw her approaching.

"Hey I'm really sorry it took so long," he said. "It's no big deal. How much longer do you think it will be?" she asked. "I just have to put the covers back on and test it. Probably 15 or 20 minutes," he replied. "OK, I'll be in my office," she said as she turned around.

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He watched her walk away. She seemed to be swinging her hips seductively as she walked. He got behind the machine again and was about to put the cover on when he looked up through the machine. He froze and stared in disbelief. Laura was seated in her chair facing him. Her legs spread wide and she was rubbing her pussy with one hand.

She held her skirt up with the other. She was smiling at him. He popped the cover in place and stood up. She walked over to where he was standing. She put her hands on his cheeks and pulled him into a kiss. Their lips met softly. She released his face. "Come with me," she said looking into his eyes. She led him by the hand to the small conference room. They kissed again lips parting as their tongues met. She moaned when he cupped her breast with his right hand. He squeezed and massaged it through her blouse.

She leaned back against the conference table as he kissed her neck and ear lobe. "God you're hot. I've wanted you for so long" he whispered in her ear.


She inhaled deeply as he kissed her neck again and moved his lips down across her collar bone. He moved his hand to the buttons on her blouse and managed to get two unbuttoned. He was struggling with the next one as she pushed him back. He watched her unbutton her blouse and untuck it from her skirt. She grabbed his polo shirt and began to pull it up.

He knew what she wanted and pulled the shirt over his head and tossed it aside. She kissed his chest sliding her hands around his back. He moved his right hand around her while kneading her breast through her bra with the other.

Slipping his other hand around her back he unclasped her bra and slid the straps off her shoulders. She let it drop to the floor. He gazed briefly at her magnificent tits. The areolas were dark pink and the nipples stood out almost an inch.

Lowering his head he sucked a nipple into his mouth swirling his tongue around. She moved her head back and let out a low moan.

She reached down and unbuckled his belt, button and lowered the zipper on his trousers enough for them to fall around his ankles. His stiff 8 inch cock pointing straight out against his boxers. She slid her right hand under the waist band down to his throbbing member and wrapped her fingers around the taught shaft.

He moaned as she slid her hand along the shaft stroking it. He pulled away from her breast leaving it shiny with his saliva. He reached behind her and in a matter of seconds he unhooked the clasp on her skirt and lowered the zipper. Placing his thumbs overthe waist band he pushed the skirt to the floor. His left hand on her hip he placed the right on her bare pussy. She was completely shaved. She spread her legs as he pushed his hand between her thighs.

She was seated on the edge of the table and lifted her feet off the ground. He pressed his middle finger against her wet slit circling her pussy lips. She closed her eyes and shivered at his touch. He kissed her again deeply then dropped to his knees between her legs. She lay back on her elbows. Kneeling on the floor he breathed in her sexual aroma.

He moved his mouth to her clit and licked the top of her slit. She sucked in a breath in a hissing noise. "Yessss…Oh God that feels good" she moaned. Pressing his tongue on her clit he sucked it in and swirled his tongue around it. She moaned louder. "Don't stop." Her juices covered his lips and chin as he switched between licking and sucking.

He inserted one finger into her pussy. She pulled her knees up spreading wider. He inserted another finger shoving them all the way in. "Oh God I'm going to cum!" she cried out. She reached down and holdingthe sides his head pulled it against her cunt. Her head dropped to her chest, she closed her eyes and tensed up as he started to cum.

"MMMMMM!" She breathed out through clenched teeth. "Don't stop……I'm cummmming…………!!" She cried out. She didn't squirt but her juices gushed out covering his face and hand. She shook as her orgasm took over. He continued his oral onslaught on her pussy and clit. She released his head and lay back on the table panting. She twitched and jerked as the wave of pleasure subsided.

He licked her clit one more time and she twitched again. He backed away looking like a glazed donut. She opened her eyes and laid her forearm across her brow. Still breathing hard she said, "I haven't cum like that in a long time." He stood up, slipped out of his shoes and trousers and dropped his boxers kicking them aside. His rock hard cock pointed at her pussy. He stepped forward pressing the tip against her slick hole. As he pushed it into her she squeezed her legs against him stopping his thrust.


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I want to suck it." She said. She sat up as he backed away. She slid off the table and knelt in front of him. She opened her mouth while pulling his hips forward. His cock slid between her lips as she took it deep.

She pulled her head back grasping it in her hand. She licked the tip tasting his precum. Her lips parted as it slid in again. She looked into his eyes as she pulled his hips taking his cock all the way.

She didn't gag as she held him with his cock in her throat. She cupped his balls with her left hand and pulled back half way.

Then pulled him forward again taking it all again. She continued this for a few minutes. He wanted to grab her head and fuck her mouth, but resisted letting her seduce his cock. She withdrew his cock as a drop of saliva fell to the floor. She circled her tongue around the head as more precum exited the slit. He could feel his orgasm building. She must have sensed it too. She stood up and stroked the full length of his cock. Staring deep in his eyes she said in a low throaty voice, "I want you to cum in me." She lay down on the floor spreading her legs wide.

He dropped to his knees between her legs. Leaning forward he supported his weight on his outstretched arms. Thrusting his hips forward, his cock rubbed the top of her pussy.

She reached down between them and positioned the head against her wetness. He thrusted forward again. His swollen member slipped into her tight entrance. He pushed until half its length was inside her velvety cavity. She let out a short gasp. "Oh my god that feels so good," she whispered.

He paused to fully absorb the sensation of his cock surrounded by the warm softness of her pussy. Rotating his hips, he pushed his cock to its full depth. She moaned again.

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They stared into each other's eyes. He began pumping back and forth. She grabbed her knees and pulled them further apart. He thrust harder causing a slapping noise as their bodies came together. His balls spanked against her ass. She moaned again as a wave of pleasure washed over her body.

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Her juices flowed freely. Leaking from her pussy and running down her ass making the slapping sounds turn into slopping. He felt the wetness too.

She closed her eyes as her orgasm approached. He felt her pussy muscles convulsing as she began to pant. His balls were churning with his own orgasm building. She went first. "Ungh!!" she moaned. Her head thrashed back and forth. Every muscle in her body contracted. The electric feeling raced through her veins.She felt a wave of warmth rise up from her clit, up her belly, to her chest and then turning into a whole-body experience that included shaking for a few seconds.

Unknowingly she curled her toes. Thrusting his body down, he drove his cock as hard as he could. His cock muscles contracted and convulsed shooting his semen into her cunt. His only desire was to deliver his seed. His blood turned to butter and his conscience was swept away with pleasure. His cock spewing ropes of cum deep within her silky wetness.


His hips inched back and crashed forward again. She let out a little grunt with each thrust. As the primal desire subsided he collapsed on her chest and began to slowly pump his cock back and forth. Another wave of pulsating desire consumed her when she felt his cock explode in her pussy. She gasped and moaned.She feltthe intense ticklish heat starting deep in her abdomen.

It spread quickly outward through her whole body overcoming every muscle asher entire body contracted. Her mind went blank for a second and she felt the greatest relief she ever had, mixed with a dreamy high. She wrapped her arms around him as they both continued to breathe heavily. He rose up on his arms and their eyes met again. They kissed deeply. He was still pumping his semi hard cock back and forth.

She smiled, "I can't remember ever cumming that hard before." "I'vewanted you for so long, I'm glad it finally happened and you liked it," he said. "MMMMM&hellip.Yes I did," she replied. "As much as I want to keep going, I think we better get cleaned up." Just then they heard the front door open as the cleaning lady entered the office. They scrambled to gather their clothes and rush to the restrooms just around the corner from the conference room.

After dressing Laura grabbed some paper towels and headed back to the conference room. As she suspected there was a large wet spot on the floor where she had been laying.

She attempted to wipe up the mess, but it was no use. Quickly she scanned the room and spotted the remains of a pot of coffee. She grabbed the carafe and poured some on the spot. She blotted some with the paper towels and tossed them in the trash as she left. She made her way back to her office passing the cleaning lady on the way. "I'm sorry but I spilled some coffee in the conference room. I think it might have stained the carpet," she said to her. The cleaning lady replied with her Hispanic accent, "Is okay.

I weel clean it up." JC had quickly dressed and returned to the printer and was putting away his tools as the cleaning lady approached.

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They nodded and traded smiles. He heard what Laura told her and almost laughed out loud. Laura pulled on her suit jacket and picked up her purse. JC was also ready to go. He noticed she had not put her bra on and her nipples were sticking out.

"Do you think that coffee stain will ever come out of the carpet?" he asked smiling. "I hope not. It will remind me every time I go in there," she said laughing. As they walked to the exit, he said, "Thank you!

I hope we can do this again sometime. Maybe someplace a little more private next time." She paused and looked him in the eye, "Oh were not done. I have something at home I need you to look at tonight. You can follow me home." "And just what do you need me to look at?" he asked teasingly. The stain in the carpet didn't come out as she hoped. Every time Laura saw it she got a little wet thinking about it.