Licking dirty public toilet photos and teen boy gay tied up sex

Licking dirty public toilet photos and teen boy gay tied up sex
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This is the follow up to 'Do as I say or he goes to jail'. You might want to read it first. I have had requests to keep it going so here is more.

Hope you enjoy it. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Dennis walked into the house after work Friday. He was carrying a plastic shopping sack as well as his briefcase. He smiled and said hello to his wife, Joan. She was still pissed at him and coldly said Hi.

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Dennis handed her the bag. "Mr. Webber wants you to come to his place tonight. He wants you to wear this and follow the instructions inside." Joan snatched the bag from his hand and reached in to take out the note. "You fucking got us into this and now you expect me to get you out of it.

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If it wasn't that the job market is so bad right now. I'd let you fucking rot in jail." Knowing what type of night was ahead of her, Joan was already feeling a sexual tingle deep between her legs. She was so mad at him, she hadn't let Dennis fuck her all week, even though they had always made love three of four times a week, and although she didn't want to be, she was really horny.

Joan took the bag and went to the bedroom.

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She dumped the contents out onto the bed. It was clothing and a letter. She looked at the clothes. A short plaid skirt, a thin white, front buttoning blouse, white ankle socks and a pair of brown saddle shoes were the outer clothes. It was the stereotype of the sexy Catholic school girl outfit. The underwear was a pair of bright red crotchless lace panties and a matching thin lace bra with the nipple holes open.


Joan felt her cunt moisten as she looked at the outfit. She went to the bathroom and showered. Joan spent a lot of extra time washing her tits and between her legs. She wanted to be really clean and it felt good, she was getting more horny by the minute thinking about what might be in store for her that night. She put on an extra amount of nice smelling body wash. She freshly shaved her pubic hair and underarms and touched up the little bit of makeup that she wore. After drying, although the bedroom was adjacent to the bedroom, she walked naked into the living room just to show Dennis her sexy body that was about to get ravaged by other men.

She wanted him to suffer a little bit when he looked at her 36-D's and her freshly shaved pussy. Then she went back to the bedroom and read the note. The note read: I have two close business associates that have done a good job for me and I feel that they deserve a little reward. Put on these clothes, put your hair in twin ponytails and have two strong drinks. I have told Dennis to bring you to my flat and nine o'clock and not to expect you home till early in the morning.

I told him that when you get here, he is to rub your cunt and get you really hot and wet before letting you out of the car. Do not let him bring you to an orgasm. Joan stood in front of her mirror and dressed.

Looking at herself she almost blushed at how she looked in the red underwear. Her nipples were large and hard and stuck out the openings in the bright red lace bra. Mr. Webber did not have to worry about Dennis getting her wet before she entered the apartment. She was already almost to the point where her juices were running down her legs but she reached down and let two fingers pleasure her clit and encourage her cunt to be ready for anything.

After dipping her fingers deep in her pussy she put them in her mouth and sucked as she though about the cocks that she would shurely be sucking before long. Finally she put on the remaining clothes and did her hair as instructed. The skirt was just long enough to hide her panties. If she were to bend over for any reason, the crotchless panties would be on full display. The blouse was so thin that the red bra was clearly visible thru it and her hard nipples made prominent bumps.

She admired herself in the mirror. She knew that she could turn on any man. Joan went to the kitchen by way of the living room to strut herself in front of her husband.

His eyes were wide and he said, "Wow, that's really hot." She was horny and wanted him, but she was still mad. "Yes it is, and you're not getting any of it, asshole." She went to the kitchen, made herself a rum and coke and took it into the living room. She sat in a chair and spread her legs, allowing her husband to get a good view of her shaved and soaking wet cunt in her crotchless panties.

"Just sit there and think about how well fucked my holes are going to get tonight." She could see how big of a bulge was in his pants. She was enjoying making him suffer. She finished her drink and went to get another, just as she was told to do in the note of instructions. Joan came back to the living room.

"This is a fine mess you got us into. What did Mr. Webber tell you?" "He said he had two friends that he invited over to pleasure themselves by fucking all three of your hot and willing holes.

He said that I was to give you the bag and at nine o'clock I was to drop you at his apartment and that before letting you out of the car, I am to rub your clit till you get hot and wet but that I am not to make you cum.

He said that he will see that you get home and that I should not worry about what time it was." It was just a couple minutes before nine when they pulled up in front of Mr. Webber's apartment. Joan spread her legs. "Do your job and think about how, until about a week ago, this cunt was just yours." Dennis put his fingers on his wife's crotch. It was already dripping wet. At first touch she jumped and moaned. "That's enough.

I'm ready for anything they have in mind for me." Joan got out of the car, walked up to the apartment door and wrang the bell. The door opened and Mr. Webber took her hand and led her into the apartment, smiling at Dennis as he drove away.

"Well my dear slut, you followed instructions very well. You look very hot and ready to fuck. I have sent my wife to her mother's house for the weekend so we are free to do anything that we feel we will enjoy. These are my friends. You have no need to know their names. You may just call either of them Sir and you may still call me Vic." Joan looked at the men. One of them was much like Vic, a little on the short and chubby side and in his late 40's or so.

The other was a very tall and slim black man, probably about thirty. Joan had never been with a black man although she had often thought about what it would be like. In the back of her mind she thought that maybe she recognized him as one of the players on the city's professional basketball team, but she wasn't sure. You seem very much more relaxed and agreeable than you were the first time we got together. I am sure that we would all enjoy it if you were to give us a really hot hello kiss to show us how much you are looking forward to tonight's fun.

Joan walked up to Vic first, put one hand behind his head, kissed him deeply with her tongue deep in his open mouth rubbing on his tongue. She rubbed his cock thru his slacks with her other hand as she kissed him. Then she moved to the other white man and did the same. Last, she stood on her tiptoes and put her arms around the black man's neck. He tipped his head down and they kissed deeply. His hand reached out and gave her tits a firm squeeze as they kissed.

It was the longest kiss and Joan could feel his hard cock pressing against her stomach as they embraced. After they separated, Vic spoke to his guests. "Like I told you, this young lady is one of the most attractive and talented sluts I have ever had the pleasure to get to know and she is yours to do with as you please tonight. Enjoy yourselves. I know I will." Vic reached down next to his chair and handed Joan a big black dildo. It was about eight inches long and maybe two inches thick.

It had balls and the bottom was a suction cup. "Show us what a good cocksucker you are, Joan." Joan took the realistic looking black plastic cock from his hand. It was firm but not stiff. Other than not being warm, it looked and felt very much like the real thing.

She licked around the tip as she looked them in the eyes and then slipped the head into her mouth. Joan started moving her lips up and down on it, taking a little more each time.

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Then she paused, tipped her head back a little and shoved it down her throat till the balls touched her lips. Several times she ran it full length in and out of her throat. They could see the head expand her throat each time it pushed its way down. Joan kissed the end and handed it back to Mr. Webber. There was a small wooden chair in the room. Vic stuck the suction cup to the seat bottom.

Joan walked over and straddled the chair, facing the back of it. Her tits rested on the top of the chair back. She lowered herself to the head of the dildo. Her crotchless panty covered shaved cunt came in contact with it. Joan reached down and adjusted the position of the dildo to the right spot and then quickly dropped down, taking the whole plastic cock deeply into her already wet and ready cunt in one motion.

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She started lifting and dropping her ass on the fake prick, giving herself a good fucking with it. Joan moaned. "Ummmmm, that feels nice but I can't wait for the real thing. Why don't you guys get those clothes off." Joan rapidly fucked herself on the dildo as the three men undressed. She had seen and had Vic's nearly seven inches before.


She saw that the other man that looked a lot like Vic was just a little smaller in length but thicker. She looked at the black guy, expecting to see a monster.

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It was a little bigger than Vic but not a lot. It was extremely firm and pointed straight up at his chin. Vic stepped up first. Joan slowed the fucking of herself on the dildo to just little movements with it fully buried in her, and concentrated on the real cocks that were being presented to her. First she licked the pre-cum off the end of Vic's cock and then slid it into her mouth.

Five or six bobs of her head and Vic's prick slid fully into Joan's throat. She deepthroated him for about a minute and then pulled off. "Next", she said and the other white guy took Vic's place. This time he grabbed her head and pushed himself down her throat on the first push.

After Vic, Joan's throat was ready and it was not a problem. His thicker cock stretched her jaw and throat. It was hot, feeling the head of his thick cock rubbing the sides of her throat each time it slammed into her. He was rough and he firmly throat fucked her and his balls bounced off her chin till she pulled off and repeated, "Next." Joan had to reach up and pull the black cock down to get it to her mouth. He was content to let her do the work as he just stood there.

She worked harder and longer on his meat. Finally, he was the one to pull out saying that he didn't want to cum yet. Vic said that it was time to go to his bed. He led the way and Joan followed. She had a cock in each hand, leading Vic's two guests like their cocks were leashes. The bedroom was large and had a California king bed.

The men sat on the edges of the bed and watched as Joan did a sexy strip for them. Then she walked around to each of them and presented her large tits to their mouths to be sucked and played with. Joan then jumped onto the bed, lifted her legs into the air and spread them wide.

"Who is going to be first to put a hard cock in my cunt. I'm ready to get fucked till you are all worn out, so let's go." All three moved to get between her legs but the man who reminded her of Vic got there first. He slammed himself into her wet but tight cunt and pistoned like a jack hammer. Vic moved up to her head and took his first turn by face fucking her.

After several minutes of getting both ends pounded, Vic was the first to give Joan a hole full of cum. He held her head tight to his groin as he shot his load straight into he belly. He held himself there so long that she started to panic about not being able to breath. Joan pushed at his hips and he backed away.

Joan had all but forgotten about the guy between her legs till he quickly followed Vic. He slammed into her one last time and held himself deep in her. His cock pulsed several times as it filled her womb with his spunk. Joan had been willingly having her cunt and mouth fucked and filled, but her thoughts kept going back to the black cock that she was waiting to have in her.

As the man who had just cum in her came up to have his prick sucked clean, Joan saw, for the first time, a black cock approaching her pussy and she was excited by the thought.

He had the biggest cock she had ever had but it was not huge. It was as hard as a steel rod and had an upward curve. The length and curve allowed him to reach places in Joan's cunt that had never been touched before; places that she found loved being touched. He had not fucked her for more than a couple minutes when she had her first orgasm of the night. Joan thrust back at his manhood as hard as she could and cried out as he exploded.

Joan was on the pill so getting pregnant was not a worry but her thoughts were only about the load of black sperm that was filling her belly. His prick pulsed firmly and repeatedly, blasting more cum into her than three normal men would have. With this being her second load of the night and being so large, she couldn't hold it all and some leaked out around his still hard shaft and dripped onto the bed.

He pulled out and rolled her over, wiped some of his cum onto her ass hole and pushed his still hard, cum covered cock against her anal opening. Joan relaxed her muscles as best she could and with a firm but not hard push, the big black weapon entered her ass.

He fucked her anally with long slow strokes and Joan started moaning. "Oh yes. Fuck my ass with that big black fuck stick. Give it to me harder and deeper. Fuck me." He picked up the pace and power. It seemed like forever as he lasted a long time. While Joan got her ass fucked to her first anal orgasm, the other two men each got themselves sucked to completion.

The fucking and sucking continued till about 2 AM and at that point there were three limp cocks that could not get up again. Joan had lost count but she had had each of her holes filled with cum at least three times, maybe more.

Any time that Vic was not fucking one of her holes, he was busy with his digital camera taking pictures of the action. When his guests than finally left, Vic sat at the computer and downloaded the pictures to his hard drive and to a DVD. He handed the DVD to Joan and told het to give it to Dennis as a souvenir. Vic picked up his phone and called a cab driver friend of his to come take Joan home. Joan reached for the clothes she had worn when she arrived but Vic told her that they were his and he was keeping them.

She would be going home without them. He also told her that she would have to pay the cab driver and that the only payment he would take was a cock sucking. Joan understood her situation. A few minutes later the cab arrived. Joan put her arms around Vic's neck, pressing her tits firmly against him and gave him a big kiss.

"I hope you won't wait a whole week again before you need my services." Joan walked, naked, to the cab and got into the front seat. The cab driver pushed his seat all the way back and pulled his cock and balls out of his pants. "OK bitch, pay for your ride." Joan promptly blew him till he filled her mouth with one more load of cum.

She never spilled a drop. The cab stopped two blocks away from Joan's house. "Vic told me that I was to let you out here." Joan got out and walked the rest of the way home with nothing but her small hand purse. There was a chill in the air that caused her nipples to harden. Or was it the thoughts of what she had done and what she was doing right then that made them harden? She was pretty sure that at 2:30 in the morning, no one would see her. Joan let herself in and went to her bed.

Dennis was already in bed. "Is everything OK?" They were both naked. They always slept naked. They didn't even own PJ's. Joan didn'tt answer him.

Joan climbed in and her hand touched his erect cock. She thought for a minute and then said, "What the fuck. I've got room for one more load of cum in my stomach." She moved down and sucked Dennis into her throat. Dennis didn't last long before dumping a load in her mouth. "Thank you Joan." "Don't thank me yet. I want you to go down and eat me out now." "But you've been out getting fucked" he replied.

"Yes I have and I'm full to overflowing with cum from three men, but if you ever think you are going to get to fuck me again, you will do what I say." Dennis started to slide down between her legs but she rolled him over and got on top. She sat on his face and pushed all the cum that would come out of her cunt and her ass into his mouth while he lapped at her abused but happy bottom. Then she rolled over and went to sleep.

During the rest of the time that Vic required, Joan was with him and many other men of his choosing at least twice a week and each time she would drag herself home, she would insist that Dennis clean out her well fucked holes.

Dennis never admitted it but he came to look forward to doing it. She was also fucking her husband on a regular basis again. At last the final night came and Vic announced that after closing there was going to be a big party at the bar and that just about everyone that Joan had fucked was going to be there. He also said that there would be several more women and that Dennis was invited.

The party lasted till dawn and nobody went home wanting more, at least not that day. 1211