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Slutty blonde blowjob riding big dong interracial
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Scott walked into the captain quarters and went to captain Morse's door and knocked. He could hear the shower shut off as the footsteps neared the door, unlocking it and suddenly Tyler appeared in a towel.

"Can I help you cadet?" Morse would say. Scott was speechless for a min before Tyler cleared his throat and then Scott spoke "oh…umm Jax sent me here". Tyler spoke sternly "I didn't realize you two were on terms that allowed you to call him by his first name".

Scott stumbled at his next few words "I'm sorry sir" he would say as Tyler moved from the doorway allowing Scott into his apartment type dorm. Sam and James from the seniors had just finished a long running session and everyone else went to the bunk, but Casey gave James and Sam permission to go to the lake to swim and work out there. Casey forgot Chris was there with Santiago. "Umm wait guys, why don't you go to the pool. The juniors are there and besides I think there are currently lessons at the lake." So the boys made their way jogging up the trails to the pool.

Captain Morse's dorm was very nice and very modern; he made his way into his bedroom as he continued to talk to Scott. "So why did my fellow captain send you here anyway?" he spoke as he dried his hair and it was still wet and spiky when he tossed the extra towel into a hamper.

Scott was suddenly behind him as he spoke "umm he said you going to be training and having a competition for something, so I was to come over and take care of your strained muscles and suchsir." Tyler turned to face him "oh and how would you do that?" Scott spoke again "well sir, I want to study sport medicine and therapy if I go to college, so I know a little bit about massage, therapy, and relaxation.

Sir" Tyler shrugged he thought perhaps it would be good, but at the same time her smirked wondering about how Jax may have found out about Scott's gifts.

James and Sam trotted onto the sand of the lake front. Chris and Santiago were getting out of the water and drying off. "Gentleman?" Chris would say asking them basically what they were doing.

Both Sam and James responded "sir, we have permission from the other lieutenant sir". Chris would look at Santiago "well the juniors are all at the pool, but if ya wanted to stay here and practice I'm sure James and Sam would keep an eye on you. You don't mind right boys?" Chris would now look at them and they would both shake their heads "not a problem sir." Chris left and the two older boys and one younger boy made their way back into the waters of the calm lake.

Tyler told Scott there isn't a chance they could do it in his bedroom, even if Scott kept suggesting it. So the living room of the dorm was set up. They used a long clothed bench type seat as the table in which Tyler would lie on and covered it with a blanket for extra cushioning.

Tyler laid down on his stomach as his tighten his towel before he did. He jumped a little when he felt Scott's greasy hands touch him, he was applying oil, and pressure between Tyler's shoulder blades and he could instantly hear and feel the cracking of the tense back.

This went on for close to a half hour and Tyler was practically melting; he was in-between heaven and a sleepy place, and it felt so damn good. Scott would slide down and sit on the back of Tyler's knees and begin to work his lower back, deep into the tissues he kneaded.

Tyler would sigh, it felt great as Scott's hands dragged down over his towel sliding it off as he rubbed Tyler smooth round bubble butt.

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Tyler felt his ass cheeks spreading as he felt Scott deliver a long, wet, warm lick up his entire ass.

His body tensed "Scott…listen this cannot happ." He was cut short as he felt Scotts tongue begin encircling his asshole. Tyler knew at once that Jax put him up to this but at the same time there was no way he was going to stop Scott now. Scott spread him farther and began poking at his ass as he flexed his tongue to make it hard straight.

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The three boys were treading water in the deeper part of the lake. "So how are the lessons going Santiago?" James would ask. The young cadet would just nod his head up and down. Santiago was just trying to keep his head above water. Sam said something about a race and all three took off for the shore.


Tyler closed his eyes as he mellowed back into his sleepy state of mind, the pleasure was mind blowing as Scott ate out his ass. Tyler climbed up onto his knees, but remained on his chest and the pillow with his arms crossed under it. He simply lifted his ass up to give Scott more room. Scott took the hint and reached between Tyler's legs as he licked and sucked on Tyler's ass.

He grasped onto Tyler's colossal cock and almost froze. He stopped working on Tyler's ass and moved to look at the hanging piece of meat. "Umm…uh&hellip.holy shit" was all Scott could say he never saw anyone so large.

Captain Morse almost laughed. "Wow. everyone says Sam is the biggest…" "They will keep thinking that too, because no one will know about this cadet…ever!" The three were drying off and Sam would give an unnoticed wink to James who smirked.

"Hey junior cadet come in the boat house I want to show you something." The two older boys lead the young cadet into the boat house which was really more of a storage shed. It didn't take long before Santiago was on all fours being pounded from behind by James, as he was face fucked by the monster of Sam. "Oh god Sam… this kid is loose as hell, I bet Chris just got done banging the fuck out of him." Santiago would try to nod but his face was being jammed into roughly by Sam who held the sides of his head.

Scott walked a few feet, before getting down and crawling toward Tyler on the couch.

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Scott got between his legs and then took hold of that monster, with both hands and still couldn't really handle it. Scott began spitting on and lubing up that massive rod and as he jerked, pulled, and stroked with both hands and sucked on the enormous cock tip. Captain Morse sighed and moaned slightly, it's been to long since he had this kind of attention "oh god yeah… that feels great max… keep going cadet".

Scott slowed for a second hearing captain Morse say the wrong name, but then shrugged it off, he wasn't going to let Tyler little obsession ruin his chance with that beast of a cock.

Same was now laying on the floor on his back and Santiago was beginning to get used to that big dick in his little ass, he was definitely bigger then Chris, but that didn't stop him from bouncing his tiny boy body up and down on it as he felt Sam pull him down so that they were chest to chest. Santiago realized that Sam stopped moving his hips and was resting with his thickness buried deep, but he also noticed that Sam now held him tightly.

Those muscular arms held him tightly to Sam's chest as he felt James kneel behind him and both of his hands rubbing gently on his ass; Santiago knew at once what they were planning and tried to struggle some. Tyler's cock went off like an erupting volcano as it sprayed into the air and ran down the side of his member into the waiting mouth of Scott, who licked and slurped at it.

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Tyler let out a huge sigh and watched as the young boy cleaned off his now softening cock. Scott licked his lips in a seductive manner and Tyler noticed he was looking off and turned to see what he was looking at.

Max stood in the door way and then bit his lower lip, he nodded his head and turned walking away and out of the building. Sam looked at Santiago and his nervous eyes "shhh baby it'll be fine." Santiago still struggled as he felt James dick begin to push alongside of Sam's huge cock.

James leaned down onto the little cadets back as he worked his cock roughly into him.

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The feel of the two cocks rubbing together as they both were buried deep in that tight boy ass was like nothing else. It was heaven as they glided on each other. Santiago was digging into Sam's chest.

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The cadet was crying as the double fucking was taking place. This was a lot different than the times he asked for someone to stop but then began enjoying it, he wasn't enjoying this. The pain was unbearable as he cried and the two only seemed to press deeper and become more forceful and more violent. James would grab him by his hair and press his face down as Sam took hold o the sides of the boys wet, tear soaked cheeks and began to aggressively kiss the boy.

It's a shame this had to be Santiago's first kiss.


But the boys tongue was caressed as he whimpered into Sam's mouth. James came first; making the two gliding cocks feel even better as they rubbed together in that warm stickiness. James pulled out and gave Sam fucking room as he went t town now kissing and fucking the boy.

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James knelt down and began licking on Santiago's ass and Sam's cock as it entered and exited his now stretched hole. Sam's began releasing a huge load into that worn ass. Tyler just finished dressing and was making his way out the door and saw Jax.

"Hey Jax can we talk". Jax nodded his head and they walked and talked.

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"Umm first thanks for the present I guess…but listen max kind of interrupted and I think I should talk to him". Jax totally ignored him and spoke "so are ya ready for your fight or what, its tonight… against spike… on his turf".

Tyler spoke "sir… I'm ready… but what about ma…" He was cut short as Jax stopped walking and held his shoulders, sighing as he spoke "listen Tyler… max was already in with the major… I tried to talk to him, but apparently some things changed…someone spoke on his behalf and along with the major they made a decision… Tyler…max is leaving GRAY ROCK ACADEMY…"